Read chapter 11 to the end of the novel and discuss the basis describing a structural solution to some

Read chapter 11 to the end of the novel and discuss the basis describing a structural solution to some. Read chapter 11 to the end of the novel and discuss the basis describing a structural solution to some.

Read chapter 11 to the end of the novel and discuss the basis describing a structural solution to some of the challenges that the Banes family, and those like them, face. All in-text citations should use the ASA format – (Abraham 1993: 25) or (Abraham 2019: 25) depending on your edition of the book. You do not need a heading or title page since you are submitting it online. However, page numbers should be provided.
There is no PDF or file for the book so if you are willing and able, you can access the book from my iBook account.[supanova_question]

The company that I have been writing on is FedEx. include background

The company that I have been writing on is FedEx.

include background information about the company

include details about the following:

IT strategy used to gain market share and retention

Recommendations on the types of technology the company could benefit from (think of different Information Systems that may be helpful)

Suggestions on improving the company’s standing. Focus on IS/IT-based suggestions, but anything that would be beneficial can be listed if evidence is provided.

include a bibliography

At least 3 peer-reviewed sources[supanova_question]

Regarding Schedule, MS Project was not submitted. Keep in mind that MS

Read chapter 11 to the end of the novel and discuss the basis describing a structural solution to some Regarding Schedule, MS Project was not submitted. Keep in mind that MS Project is provided at no additional cost; refer to assessment requirements regarding downloading MS Project. Evaluate the following and consider updating prior to submitting next assessment:

1.     Update the Table of Contents to reflect correct section page numbers.

2.   Per previous comments, reconsider evaluating each stakeholder (Roles and Responsibilities) and determine if individual is internal or external to the organization; will facilitate identifying project risks as well as developing communications plans; consider completing Contact Information column (make assumptions).

3.   Keep in mind that the project Charter is the basis for creating project Scope; include what the project will cost, start, and end dates follow with Scope Details. Further, one of the key aspects for creating project Scope is to reaffirms project Charter in terms of project feasibility, projected costs, start and end date.

4.   Regarding WBS, reconsider previous feedback provided and complete a more detailed WBS; once WBS is evaluated and updated revising Schedule to ensure both matches.

5.   Consider that using bottom-up costing method (use Schedule milestones and milestone task to create a more accurate project budget. Using each task to determine direct and indirect costs then create subtotal for the milestone level then sum-up all milestones cost to derive to the project budget. Yes, it takes more time to create project budget but tends to be more accurate plus blends nicely with the Schedule during project execution.

6.   Regarding Schedule, use detail WBS (refer to example provided document page 11) and Microsoft Project. Take a moment to review Updates and Handouts for further information and explanation.

Consider above feedback and update project plans accordingly prior to approaching next assessment.[supanova_question]

Information Technology (IT) and the NHIN Please complete all parts in a

Information Technology (IT) and the NHIN

Please complete all parts in a Microsoft Word document. 


Assignment Requirements

The body of your document should be at least 1,000 words in length.

Quoting should be less than 10% of the entire paper. Paraphrasing is necessary.

You must cite and reference at least four credible sources from the Library.

Please be sure to visit the Academic Success Center for assistance with meeting APA expectations for written Assignments.



Imagine that you are the Director of Health Information for a large hospital. As Director, you sit on various institution-wide committees that govern the organization’s policies. In collaboration with interdepartmental committees, you have made recommendations regarding the improvement of policies, procedures, and operations across the institution. The CEO and Board of Directors have approved funding for several initiatives but have asked you to narrow changes to just a few. Therefore, you will develop an action plan for the hospital. 


Please follow the instructions below in completion of this Assignment.





Appraise at least two (2) policies that cover data security (i.e., audits, control data recovery, e-security, data recovery planning, and business continuity planning). Make at least two (2) recommendations for improvements to the elements included in the design of audit trails and data quality monitoring programs within the hospital.


Critique the systems capabilities to meet regulatory requirements by judging the technologies that relate to electronic signatures, data correction, and audit logs.


Critique at least two (2) human factors and user interface design of health information technologies by making at least two (2) recommendations for device selection based on workflow, ergonomics, and human factors.


Evaluate a health information system’s architecture in terms of database design and data warehousing. Critique issues with systems implementation related to systems testing, interface management, and data relationships.


Participate in the development of information management plans that support the organization’s current and future strategy and goals by comparing and contrasting at least two (2) issues related to a corporate strategic plan, operation improvement planning, information management plans, and/or disaster and recovery planning.


Analyze at least two (2) challenges that exist in each phase of the systems development life cycle. Distinguish issues related to EHRs, HIEs, and RECs within your analysis.


Analyze at least two (2) challenges that exist in each phase of the systems development life cycle. Distinguish issues related to EHRs, HIEs, and RECs within your analysis.


Minimum Submission Requirements

This Assessment should be a Microsoft Word document (at least 1200 words), and include title and reference pages. 

Respond to the questions in a thorough manner, providing specific examples of concepts, topics, definitions, and other elements asked for in the questions. Your submission should be highly organized, logical, and focused.

Your submission must be written in Standard English and demonstrate exceptional content, organization, style, and grammar and mechanics.

Your submission should provide a clearly established and sustained viewpoint and purpose.

Your writing should be well ordered, logical and unified, as well as original and insightful.

A separate page at the end of your submission should contain a list of references, in APA format. Use your textbook, the Library, and the internet for research.

Be sure to cite both in-text and reference list citations where appropriate and reference all sources.  Your sources and content should follow proper APA citation style. Review the writing resources for APA formatting and citation found in Academic Tools. Additional writing resources can be found within the Academic Success Center.

Your submission should:

include a title page;

be double-spaced;

be typed in Times New Roman, 12-point font;

include correct citations;

be written in Standard English with no spelling or punctuation errors; and

include correct references at the bottom of the last page.


If work submitted for this competency assessment does not meet the minimum submission requirements, it will be returned without being scored.[supanova_question]

FEASIBILITY STUDY 5 Running head: FEASIBILITY STUDY 1 Feasibility Study on Viagra



Feasibility Study on Viagra

Nigeria Cunningham

Engl 2311



HealthCo. Company seeks to provide exclusive Viagra products. We tailor the products to clients’ needs, especially those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. The sales of these products are conducted online and delivered to customers. Also, it plans to take advantage of the online market by capturing the market through online advertisement.


After extensive research and thorough consideration, HealthCo. is considering a venture into the sale of Viagra products throughout the United States. We only developed this product to assist men who experience erectile dysfunction or men who experience premature ejaculation. Viagra relaxes muscles of blood vessels and significantly increases the blood flow to penile glands hence boosting sexual performance. Still, another brand Viagra known as Sildenafil, can remedy pulmonary arterial hypertension and subsequently increase the exercise capacity in men and women. To reach a good number of customers within a wide area, HealthCo will sell the products online. With the recent business trends showing how the internet is revolutionizing business, the company considers using an online platform because it’s cheap and because it reaches a broad market.


Technology is undoubtedly a significant factor in business today. HealthCo. intends to incorporate the use of technology in conducting business. First, it will create a website where potential customers can order the product. Second, the company plans to advertise the product in collaboration will adult content sites to reach an optimum number of customers. Last, since advancement in technology has also led to faster delivery services, the company plans to incorporate delivery services for esteemed customers. So, after ordering from our website, the customer will have the product delivered to their doorstep.


While other competing firms who sell Viagra mostly do it for sexual satisfaction. HealthCo is taking a whole novel approach to the sale of Viagra. Besides offering sexual pleasure, our company also aims to provide medical solutions to individuals who have erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Several competitors in the market have brick-and-mortar stores. However, HealthCo. Will sell the products online to reduce production costs and further reach a broad market. In addition, we will liaise with adult content websites to advertise our products to reach the target market. Last, an advantage that we have over our competitors is that HealthCo. delivers products to the doorstep within three days after ordering from our website.


The first marketing strategy is that HealthCo. will sell products online since brick-and-mortar stores are expensive to start. Still, it also reaches a few clients. Second, our products take a health perspective. Our team of health experts will engage the clients about the details of the problem and consequently offer a matching product. Most Viagra companies dish out their products without considering the needs of the client, giving HealthCo. an upper hand.


Since the company operates online, we will hire website designers and managers who monitor traffic on our websites and correct any impending issues. We will also have a team of marketers who ensure the target market knows about the product. Last, we will have a department of storage and delivery that ensures each ordered product reaches our clients.


HealthCo. targets to reach 20,000 customers annually. Also, within the first year, the company intends to increase the number of esteemed customers by 15%. Last, within five years, be the leading provider of Viagra solutions in America.


From the information in the feasibility study, HealthCo. should approve this initiative and subsequently launch the sale of its products. Challenges include stiff competition from existing companies.


1 D’Antonio Erika D’Antonio Yann Geoffroy SATIRE, RHETORIC AND THE CRITICAL LENS



Erika D’Antonio

Yann Geoffroy


July 22, 2021

Feature Article Proposal

Today, we can see more and more cases of special needs throughout children. Whether it is through genetics or due to environmental factors, a topic that was seen as taboo ten years ago is highlighted in society today. Seeing as this is a topic most individuals are not familiar with, this topic, podcast, and interview all can tie into creating a feature article to raise awareness on children with special needs. In more detailed terms, all throughout the school system, children are in dire need of shadows, CCW’s, behaviour and speech technicians at school. Most educational centers don’t have the resources that children with special needs need. With this field interview conducted, it showed what an ABA therapist main goal is and how it is brought out. The feature article topic of the importance of ABA therapists with children with special needs, will integrate all the important factors on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) community and how important seeking therapy is. To reiterate, this topic matters not only because special needs hold a special place in my heart, but the countless cases of children who don’t get the proper therapy at home or school to excel in their development is alarming.[supanova_question]

MANAGEMENT 1 MANAGEMENT 13 Feasibility Study Anthony Nafso SafeMeal 1111 Crooks Rd





Feasibility Study

Anthony Nafso


1111 Crooks Rd

Troy, MI 48007

July 26, 2021

Executive Summary

The meal planning company named “SafeMeal” will be providing customers with high-quality meal planning services. The company will ensure the fact that all customers are provided with the desired information regarding their meals. The company will also use different equipment based on advanced technology to test the quality of the food. SafeMeal will also provide customers with high-quality and hygienic meals by considering all the necessary aspects relevant to a healthy meal. The provision of meals from the company itself will add value to the overall product/service portfolio of the company. The company will focus on customers who are health conscious as the major target. Our goal is to ensure the best prices in town for meal services. SafeMeal also aims to accomplish the desired profitability and customer satisfaction within the first couple of years of the business all the factors regarding the feasibility of the business.

Table Of Contents

Description of Products and Services 5

Technology Considerations 6

Industry Information 7

Competitive Analysis Section 8

Financial Projections 8

Findings and Recommendations 8

References 10

Feasibility Study

The feasibility study is one of the important parts of effective analysis to test the efficacy of a new business venture. It is of great significance that the stakeholders must know the factors that are important in making a business feasible. In the current scenario, the feasibility analysis will be conducted for a new business venture known as SafeMeal. A new business that will be run by two partners who have a background of working as nutritionists and food experts in some reputable organizations. The business will be based on the provision of high-quality meals, meal planning services, and quality testing services to the customers. The business will be in the commercial area of Troy due to which a lot of customers will be attracted towards the business. Furthermore, the desire to accomplish maximum profits will help ensure the fact all the processes within the organization are carried out with great proficiency and the company is attaining the desired competitive advantage within the industry. Today’s world is a world of health-conscious people, and the adaptation of healthy and safe practices has immensely increased for the past few years (Soliah, 2003). This has increased the opportunity for businesses like SafeMeal to enter the market in an efficacious manner because the desire for healthy food products has immensely increased among consumers. Considering the increase in demand for hygienic food, it is evident that the food industry has taken such steps that have proved to be quite beneficial to ensure the fact all the products are developed following the demands of customers. SafeMeal will consider all the necessary aspects that are important for customer satisfaction and will take essential steps to attain the desired customer satisfaction and profitability. The business will use effective marketing and promotion techniques to attract maximum customers towards the products and services offered by the company and the provision of quality products will help make them the permanent customers of the organization. The company will also use advanced techniques to test and preserve the meal due to which it would be convenient for the company to maintain the quality of the products. This paper will provide the audience with a chance to comprehend the basic protocols of the feasibility analysis of the new business venture. Moreover, the readers will also be exploring the overall business model of SafeMeal and the strategies that are to be adopted by the business in the future.

Introduction of Products or Services

The business aims to offer the customers high-quality products and services to acquire their attention and satisfaction. The most prominent products and services that are going to be offered by the business are meal planning, food products, and quality testing services. According to “Hanson” article these services will be quite fascinating for the customers because they can get the desired hygienic and even, test their food. These things will contribute towards making the services package of the company more efficacious and therefore, the customers will be attracted towards the company. The company will hire experts who evaluate each customer’s health and will provide them with a meal plan that is following their health. Moreover, each meal will be tested by the company before providing it to the customers due to which SafeMeal will be able to ensure its mission of providing the customers with the best possible products. The company has conducted thorough research before finalizing the services set of the company. Several customers were interviewed by the company to get an in-depth insight regarding their liking and disliking and more specifically their allergies. The company has developed an effective mechanism to address the demands of the customers which has further helped the company to develop a perfect set of products and services for the customers. The major ingredients that the company will be used to prepare high-quality meals are chicken, beef, mutton, pork, vegetables, oils, and fish. All these materials will be procured from organic farms and other credible sources due to which the complied meal will be of the best quality in the market. Moreover, the spices will be procured from the producers who prepare them at home due to which the chance of the presence of chemicals and toxic materials will be nullified that will make the food healthier and more organic. The customers will be able to get the products for the maintenance of their cholesterol level, diabetes, and to gain or lose the desired amount of weight.

Technology Considerations

The era of advanced technology has made it easier for organizations to execute the processes more proficiently as compared to the past. As previously discussed, that the business will also focus on the provision of food testing facilities to the customers. Therefore, it will be using high-quality machinery such as spectrometer, refractometers, and moisture analyzers in this regard. Moreover, some medical equipment such as BP apparatus, oxygen cylinder, Glucometer will also be used by the company to check diabetes, cholesterol, and blood pressure level of the customers to develop a perfect meal plan for them. SafeMeal will consider all the necessary aspects that are interlinked with the provision of the hygienic meal so that is why the food will also be processed with the help of machinery instead of using hands. These processes include the cleaning of meat, vegetable cutting, and the inclusion of spices in the dishes. All these procedures are usually done by hand, but SafeMeal will take an extra step and invest additional money in this regard to attain the desired advantage over the competitors within the market. Effective marketing plays a vital role in making any business successful. The efficacy of the business depends upon the kind of promotional strategies that are implemented by the company. Considering the importance of marketing strategy, it is obvious that SafeMeal will ensure fact that all the promotional activities are carried out efficaciously and a maximum number of customers are aware of the services offered by the company. The company will use the social media marketing strategy as its core tool in this regard. This technique will help the company to expand its marketing up to a broader band of customers due to which more customers will be attracted to the products and services offered by the company (Tuten, 2020). The company will also distribute promotional brochures in different areas of the city to make sure that the promotion reaches the desired number of customers. Moreover, the company will also form a website that will contain all the information regarding the services of the company and the customers will also have the liberty of booking their meals and the meal plans at the website. This will provide them with great ease and convenience because they would not have to physically move to the market, and they can avail fascinating packages while staying at their homes. However, it is recommended that the owners must have to be on their toes while implementation these strategies because if any of the strategies do not turn out to be successful then it can prove to be quite detrimental to the success of the organization.

Market Environment – Demographic Data







Racial Makeup


Household Income



White, Native American, African American, Hispanic, and Asian

Industry Information

The company will be mostly focusing on the athletes and the people who are more health conscious as compared to the other people. The company will be in the commercial area of Troy due to which it will also attract maximum customers. The product and services offered by the company will attract customers and most commonly the athletes, sportspersons, and the people who are vigilant towards adapting healthier measures. The official employees usually have busier routines and do not have much time to care for themselves. The business will help them to maintain a healthier diet by providing them with a suitable diet plan. Troy is not overly populated and has a total population of around 90,000. The people of the city are observed as health conscious so there is a major possibility that they will be fascinated towards the services offered by the company. The city is in Oakland County and the estimated population density is 2,514.34 per square mile. These kinds of cities are usually favorable for new businesses as the markets are not massive and it is easier for a new business venture to sustain within the market.

Competitive Analysis

The food market of Troy has a vast competition among the organizations. The most prominent competitors of SafeMeal present in the market are Clean Eatz , The Michigan Meal Prep Company, and continental restaurants. All these ensure the provision of high-quality meal to the customers. However, they do not safe meal plans as they are offered by the new business venture. Moreover, the business is also based on nutrition counselling so there are some competitors in this regard too. The company must be able to sustain among all the competitors and it has got all the basics covered and it would be convenient to attract the desired number of customers. To thoroughly analyze the competition that can be faced by the business, the concept of porter’s five forces will be utilized. This analysis will be based on the evaluation of the suppliers, buyers, competitors, substitutes, and the possible new entries. To ensure our customers, we are providing a list of our organic products to show the customers where our product is being bought from to show that nothing is being processed, we prove healthy meals for our customers.

The most important materials that is required to be procured are the ingredients. The main suppliers are the farmers and the local producers who manufacture homemade spices. The supplier has immense power in this regard as the quality of the products depends upon the materials that are provided from the suppliers. The suppliers have the liberty to raise the prices of the materials, so they possess a lot of power in this scenario. The business will have to take care of the concerns of the suppliers, so there is a firm bonding between the stakeholders and the employers. The next thing that has to be considered while analyzing the competitive analysis is the buyer’ power. The buyer of the market has a lot of power as all the productivity of the business depends upon the sales rate. The market is favorable for the business as a lot of people are vigilant towards buying the food products that are good for their health so it can be considered as a plus point of the business.

Considering the importance of competitive rivalry, it is quite evident that the business has developed effective strategies as it offers the customers with different products as compared to the competitors so the business will be able to accomplish the desired competitive advantage.

The threat of substitute is one of the core aspects that must be considered by a business. It is the most prominent factor that can affect the productivity of SafeMeal as there is always a chance of the presence product within the market. Therefore, SafeMeal must take care of this aspect and should make its product unique as compared to the others to avoid the issues relevant to the substitution. Moreover, the threat of new entrant can always be faced by any organization but the provision of quality products to the customers will maintain the customer satisfaction due to which it would not be possible for a new entrant to impact the competitive advantage of SafeMeal.

Financial Projections

Financial Projections for the first 12 months of the business are as follows. These values will keep on increasing in the same manner for the first three years.

The business will be started with a savings capital of $ 25000 which is shown as the beginning cash balance of the first year. The owners will also put in some cash in the business monthly, so that the business can operate profitably. SafeMeal is expecting to receive profits within the six months of business.

Go/No-Go (Feasibility) Recommendations

The findings have revealed that the business will be feasible, and it has got all the potential to accomplish the targeted aims. The adaptation of social media marketing facilities and the purchasing of advanced machinery for the sake of the provision of hygienic food would play a massive role in ensuring that the business achieves the desired advantage over the competitors. Troy’s market is nor massive but still it has a lot of food organizations which have already submitted their mark within the market. SafeMeal must cater all the challenges presented by the competitors with great aptitude and proficiency. The competitors are not providing customers with such packages that are provided by the new business venture so the company will be having an upper hand while entering the market. Moreover, the pieces of machinery must be selected with care and proficiency because a lot of costs will be invested in the purchase of the machines. Concluding the feasibility analysis, it can be said that SafeMeal has got all the basics covered to be a success story within the overall business sector.


Hanson, A. J., Kattelmann, K. K., McCormack, L. A., Zhou, W., Brown, O. N., Horacek, T. M., … & Colby, S. E. (2019). Cooking and meal planning as predictors of fruit and vegetable intake and BMI in first-year college students. International journal of environmental research and public health, 16(14), 2462.

Soliah, L., Walter, J., & Barnes, S. (2003). Meal planning in the 21st century home. Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences, 95(1), 68.

Tuten, T. L. (2020). Social media marketing. Sage.[supanova_question]

Read chapter 11 to the end of the novel and discuss the basis describing a structural solution to some

Read chapter 11 to the end of the novel and discuss the basis describing a structural solution to some