reading reflection

reading reflection. reading reflection.

Need help with my Sociology question – I’m studying for my class.

you will be expected to write a journal response that is based on the reading ,You may include your own reflections on the material, but you must make direct reference to the readings (and other texts, if applicable) in your response journal.

Here is the format:

1.Use 12 point Times New Roman font. 2.Journals have to be no less 270 words

Here are question you have to answer;

I want you to pick one of the modern theoretical approaches discussed in chapter 1 (with the exception of rational choice theory) and explain why you think that particular approach best explains society in which we live today. So, your choices are: Symbolic Interactionism, Functionalism, Marxism, Feminism and Postmodernism. Be specific and explain your answer using an example.

the chapter 1 is in the file I upload

reading reflection

reading reflection

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reading reflection

reading reflection. reading reflection.

What is the problem/questionbeing addressed by the authors?(2pts)2.What is the rationale for the study? (2pts)3.What did they do about it? (i.e., what methods?)(2pts)4.What did they learn? (i.e., key results)(2pts)5.Why should we care? (i.e., why is this topic and the author’s findings important?) (2pts)6.What is the study’s main conclusion? What evidence do the authors provide to support this conclusion?You are welcome to refer to specific figures/tables if it helps. (5pts)7.Does the article make any claims that are not supported by evidence?What evidence would be needed to support/refute those claims?(5pts)8.Reflect on the assigned reading and briefly describe any connections you can draw between it and other things you’ve read (in this class or elsewhere), observations you’ve made, or current events. (Note: there is not a single correct answer to this, but your response will be graded based on its thoroughness and depth of thought.) (10pt[supanova_question]

Module 4,5, and 6 discussion post.

Module 4,5, and 6 discussion post..

Can you help me understand this Biology question?

BIO Modules 4,5,6 discussion post

Instructions- Discussion post is must be 250 words long and please list all references. There are 3 discussion post below please keep them separate.

1st discussion post

Part I: Autism Spectrum Disorder and Williams Syndrome are similar, but they are also opposites in several ways. Thus, the study of their neural mechanisms can be complimentary. Discuss and use an example from your life to illustrate your writing. As part of your writing, be sure to describe your understanding of neurotransmission (how do nerve cells transmit signals?)

Part II: Total dementia often creates less suffering than partial dementia (for the individual with the dementia). Why do you think that this is the case? As part of your response, describe the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and evaluate the amyloid hypothesis. Use research evidence and a personal example as appropriate to support your conclusions.

2nd discussion post

People who are overweight or obese are at a disadvantage in several respects. For example, they have an increased risk of a variety of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease and diabetes. But there is also a fair amount of prejudice against those who are overweight or obese. This psychological bias may contribute to negative evaluations by others and low self-esteem on the part of the person who is overweight. The negative attitudes may exist because the culture seems to place a great deal of responsibility on the individual for his or her weight.

Just how much control do you have over your own weight? For Part I of this discussion, you’ll describe the various factors that influence how much we eat, focusing on the set-point theory.

Part I: Briefly summarize the evidence for and against the set-point theory of hunger and eating. In your summary, explain why you think set-point theories of hunger and eating are so popular and give an example from your own life.

Part II: Given all problems associated with the long-term use of benzodiazepines, why do you think they are so commonly prescribed for the treatment of insomnia? For maximum points, you must identify at least one ethical problem with prescribing this drug for treating insomnia and propose at least one reasonable solution. In your explanation, describe the different classes of hypnotic drugs and compare/contrast their efficacy and side effects.

3rd discussion post

Part I: Given what you have learned about hormones, how would you respond if someone told you the following: “Ray gets angry easily because he has high testosterone levels”? In your response, describe the different types of signals that regulate hormone release and how they are released over time (what effect does this have on levels of circulating hormones?).

Part II: Do you or somebody you love use a drug like alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, heroin, or cocaine? Write a letter to your loved one (or yourself). In your letter, persuade the individual to stop using substances by clearly summarizing relevant research data. Describe and compare the direct health hazards associated with the use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, heroin, and cocaine. Use examples from your life and scientific evidence (properly cited and referenced) to support your writing.