reflection journal

reflection journal. reflection journal.

I’m stuck on a English question and need an explanation.

Write about a situation where you persuaded someone or someone persuaded you with words. It doesn’t have to be something life changing, but it shouldn’t be too small. Given enough background that I can understand the situation, then explain how you persuaded or were persuaded and why you think it happened.

Do your best to think about this rhetorically, especially in terms of ethos, pathos, and logos.

250-300 words (but more if needed to completely show the situation)

reflection journal

reflection journal

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Reflection Journal

Reflection Journal. Reflection Journal.
I will give you my weekly reflection from week 6 to week 9 so that you have an idea about the events that happened during the second half (but font copy it)Also I will give you the guide lines for this task and the assessment rubric.[supanova_question]



With reference to the literature and available evidence, you are required to write a 1500-word essay. This piece of work will identify and critically discuss one determinant of health which has an impact on Croydon geographical area covered by the NHS Community Service provider.

Additional Guidance for completion of the pre-course work Presentation of the written work is important. It is therefore essential that you adhere to the following guidance: Work should be:

· Word processed

· Size 12 plain font e.g. Time New Roman or Arial

· Double line spaced

· Page numbered from first page of text at bottom of page

· Reference list – single line spacing (this should only include resources you have made      reference to within your written work).

The following resources are not definitive but may be useful for completing your assignment.

Kings Fund, Broader Determinants of Health, available at: last accessed 16.10.17

NHS Digital, available at: last accessed 16.10.17

NICE, Nice guideline (NG44), Community engagement: improving health and wellbeing and reducing health inequalities, available at: last accessed 16.10.17

NOMIS National Labour Market Statistics available at: last accessed 16.10.17

Public Health England, Health Profiles, available at: last accessed 16.10.17

Public Health England Data and Analysis Tools available at: last accessed 16.10.17

World Health Organisation, Health Impact Assessment: The Determinants of Health, available at: last accessed 16.10.17

Please note that Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNA) for different local authorities and boroughs can be accessed by putting the name of the area followed by JSNA in the search engine. Many of these are now interactive and frequently updated websites providing a range of information at locality level.


Reflection Journal

Reflection Journal