reflection paper Writing Assignment Help

reflection paper Writing Assignment Help. reflection paper Writing Assignment Help.

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Students should demonstrate that they can distinguish the relevant points that form a logically coherent argument. They should also be able to construct criticisms which effectively undermine, through the use of appropriate counter-examples, some premise of that argument.Then, FOR THE ARTICLE YOU CHOOSE TO WRITE ON, you will type a 1000-1500 word response in which you address EACH of the following points IN YOUR OWN WORDS: 1) What is the author’s main argument? 2) How does he support his main argument (evidence, ancillary arguments, etc.)? 3) Do you agree or disagree with him? 4) Why or why not? 5) Apply the insights of at least two of the readings we have studied in this course (in chapters 1-9) to your analysis. Make sure to give a substantive explanation of how the philosophers’ insights are relevant to the topic you are discussing.DO NOT USE ANY SOURCES OTHER THAN THE DALRYMPLE ARTICLE AND YOUR TEXTBOOK.

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Select a service-based company to research (most likely a public one for ease of research), marketing homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Paper length: 6-8 (approx) double-spaced pages

Presentation: TBA

Format: Select a service-based company to research (most likely a public one for ease of research).

  • Basic company overview (half a page, main locations, employee #’s, net sales, etc.)
  • What “market” are they competing?
  • Who are their main competitors (think inside and outside the box/marketing myopia)?
  • Who are their main customers (B2B, retail consumers, end-users, etc.)?
  • Describe their main customers? Describe their competitor’s customer (if different).
  • Describe their primary employees (or at least the ones that typically interact w/ customers).
  • What services do they provide? What is the overall service experience (be descriptive)?
  • Is their service standard explicit or implicit?
  • Illustrate somehow/draw/show the service MAP (like the hotel or dry cleaner in book), don’t freak out, even arrows with words will suffice.
  • Where are there gaps (if any and most likely there are)?
  • How do they promote their company? Is it integrated (is it consistent across the board)?
  • Do they overpromise/underpromise?
  • How do the consumers/customers interact with the service experience?
  • How might the service expectations change in the coming years?
  • How can their business/company evolve to meet the expectation changes on the horizon?
  • Is this service experience a marketing differentiation and if so, is it sustainable? Why?
  • Anything we’ve covered in class/textbook that you’ve discovered via your research that the class and I will find interesting.


HRM 531, HR Consultant Proposal, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

The purpose of this assignment is to give learners an opportunity to summarize lessons learned about Human Resources Management with emphasis on employee relations. Please refer to the resources below to assist with the assignment.

Assignment Steps

Resources: Human Resource Management; Supplemental Resources.

Imagine that you have been hired as an HR consultant for your chosen company. (The chosen company is Walmart)

Make a recommendation about ways to grow the company’s workforce inclusive of managerial roles, employment relationships, and implications for change in a global environment, with emphasis on HR’s role.

Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation including the following:

  • Explain the need to grow the company’s workforce based on organizational and personal values.
  • Summarize current environment to include workforce diversity and needs analysis.
  • Recommend ways to grow the company’s workforce that aligns with organizational values.
  • Discuss how leader and manager skills will foster innovation and lead change.
  • Identify employee relationship problems and pertinent details.
  • Establish strategies to resolve the problems; include a table format representation of pros and cons of labor unions.
  • Summarize a potential employee relations training plan.
  • Evaluate the implications of the changes on internal, external, and global environments.

Create a 1,050-word summary report of your findings to the CEO of the organization including a cover letter.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines

Please all works must be citied, no plagiarism and include enough references. I need the paper before 6pm Monday, which is the 24th. Thanks


Course Project: Visually Persuading Your Viewer and Using Ethics in Visual Communication, writing homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Competency 1 : Visually Persuading Your Viewer

Prepare and evaluate the use of media visuals to improve persuasive and marketing communication.


You are a visual communication expert for a company that creates and maintains websites for large businesses and organizations. They called a meeting a few days ago to bring various departments together for a “think tank” session. The goal of this session was to update the images and visual elements on the website of your newest client: a large medical facility’s website. Currently, they are using the same website images across all websites in the following American locations: New York City, Miami, Phoenix, and Denver.

As the meeting progressed, several people posed several situational conversations. You took careful notes during the meeting, and as you review them at home, you decide to create a video to address all the issues discussed.

In less than seven minutes, your video will outline the importance of using cultural familiarity, perspective framing, and emotional appeal in order to visually persuade viewers in all of these different locations. For clarity, you decide to include specific visual images and examples that could replace current website images for each situation. During the video, you plan to include audio explanations to prove your points to the other “think tank” members. You will upload your video to YouTube and submit the link so all the members of the team can take the time to review the video before the next meeting.

You review the situational conversation notes:

  1. Carol asks: “Why can’t we just use the same images that are already being used for all the different locations? All the images of the medical staff look American enough.”
  2. Daniel states: “Let’s use images of families in all of the images that scroll through the main website page. That will catch everyone’s eye-everyone has a family somewhere.”
  3. Caleb questions: “The pictures we use should all be outdoors and of people having fun. Isn’t that what all patients want to see when they visit the medical facilities website?”
  4. Heather states: “Maybe we should think like the potential patients that might visit this website. What would those patients want to see regarding this facility?”
  5. Samuel asks: “How can we use images to get people to feel like they will get better, or experience a miracle, or receive better treatment here than at some other facility?”


****CRUCIAL****: Accurately discusses the importance of cultural familiarity and includes improved website image examples. Thoroughly discusses the importance of framing viewer perspective and includes improved website image examples. Accurately discusses the importance of visual emotional appeal and includes improved website image example.

Competency 2: Using Ethics in Visual Communication

Evaluate and revise ethical issues in visual media communication to improve awareness of social perceptions.


You are the campaign manager for a well known environmental outreach organization. The current campaign is to bring awareness to the organization’s Ohio River Clean-Up Project. As the manager, one of your tasks is to review all content and visuals used by the campaign. You actively evaluate and revise any ethical issues that may be detrimental to the project, your organization, or society in general.

As you meet with one of the campaign designers, you identify several ethical problems with the new poster he has created. His poster includes the following elements:

  1. The poster image shows a group of poor, urban, African-American children playing alongside the Ohio River.
  2. The poster text states: “Let’s help them clean up.”
  3. The poster has several overlaid images in the corner of a few celebrities, which gives the impression of celebrity endorsement.
  4. There are no sources acknowledged anywhere on the poster.
  5. The poster has been digitally altered to make the African-American children appear thinner, darker, and dirtier.

Since you are flying out to a campaign meeting in one hour, you ask this campaign designer to hold this poster and wait for your video review.

You plan to take time tomorrow to create a seven minute or less video analysis. Using screen share, you can present the poster image visually and verbally instruct this designer how to correct several ethical visual issues. You realize you will not only have to identify the ethical visual issues and explain how to revise and change them, but you will also need to clearly describe to him the effect these unethical media issues will have on society.


****CRUCIAL****: Accurately analyzes the visual stereotypes presented in poster and discusses a revision option. Thoroughly analyzes how the ethical issues will affect social perception. accurately analyzes the ethical problems of digital alteration in poster. thoroughly analyzes the ethical problems of using improperly acknowledged images sources in poster.



Computer-Mediated Communication and Family Interaction Business Finance Assignment Help

For each resource, write a short statement outlining the connection between the resource with both your chosen topic( Computer-Mediated Communication and Family Interaction) area AND communication research.

Collect links to 8 resources that inform all aspects of the specific topic.

Accessible to a broad audience. They should not be difficult-to-use things like original research articles published in academic journals or sources that are pay walled.

Credible and high-quality. They should be from sources whose information are broadly respected and trusted (e.g., from reputable news outlets, study reports produced by reputable outlets like the Pew Research Center, etc.).

Varied across authors and formats. You must use diverse types of resources (e.g., videos, Wiki entries, blog posts, online databases), and they must have diverse sources (i.e., not all produced by the same entity or published or listed on the same site). For example, you could use online databases, youtube videos, online databases, etc. from all different writers, speakers, or organizations. You wouldn’t, for example, want 5 videos from CNN.

Each source link must be accompanied by a statement of no more than 150 words. We will stop reading after 150 words, so DON’T GO OVER.

(1) briefly summarize the content and main argument of the source

The summary should also include a description to identify the type of source (e.g., video, blog, etc.) and who published it (e.g., in your source title as “News article: CNN discusses….” or in your discussion as “This resource, which is a news article from CNN…”).

(2) clearly outline its relevant contribution to your topic area

When outlining the relevance of your source to the topic area, consider the unique contribution/angle of that source compared to other sources.

(3) discuss the source in terms of its relevance to topic-related course concepts.

How does your source directly connect to theories, models, or concepts discussed in course materials?

( please fill out the Docx that i post , Collect links to 8 resources that inform all aspects of the specific topic.)




presentation on microbiome Science Assignment Help

I have 2 records about the microbiome conference that I need you to make a presentation for me no more than 15 minutes. Also, write a speaker note for the presentation.


The first record: from the beginning until 40 minutes for two speakers, Mollie Roth, JD, Managing Partner, PGx Consulting and Jack Gilbert, Ph.D., Faculty Director, The Microbiome Center, Professor, Department of Surgery, The University of Chicago, Senior Scientist (Adjunct), The Marine Biological Laboratory, Group Leader in Microbial Ecology, Argonne National Laboratory.

The second record: from the beginning until 25 minutes for one speaker, Randi Lundberg, DVM, Application Scientist, Taconic Biosciences.

Start with an introduction about the microbiome.

For more information go to this link

presentation on microbiome Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Administrative Systems, assignment help Health Medical Assignment Help

Healthcare computerized systems can provide administrative functions in the areas of scheduling, admissions, billing, accounting, and human resource management. These systems are used to support the management functions and general operations of the health care organization. Central to the implementation of any administrative computerized system is the readiness of the healthcare organization to address training requirements to ensure patient confidentiality as required by the HIPAA privacy and security standards. In this assignment you will create an action plan to implement training to ensure compliance with these HIPAA standards. Your training action plan will be specific to one of the administrative healthcare systems noted below.

  • Review the article “How to Create an Effective Action Plan”.
  • Choose one of the administrative healthcare systems below and research the basic functions and purposes of the system.
  • Chargemaster
  • Revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions from GE Healthcare
  • NextGen Practice Management
  • NextGen EDI Services
  • TeleTracking
  • API Healthcare
  • Arcadia Health Care Solutions
  • RGIS

In your Action Plan:

  • Describe the function and purpose of the administrative system selected.
  • Review the HIMSS Security risk assessment guide/data collection matrix.
  • Identify the HIPAA privacy and security concerns specific to your selected system.
  • Address at least five HIPAA privacy and security concerns specific to your selected system.
  • Describe your plan for archiving and retrieving health information in case of a natural disaster.
  • Describe how you will address the information security training requirements for the product you selected.

I would like the topic to be on API Healthcare. Must be two to three pages with sources.


Comparison Price, assignment help Other Assignment Help

Assignment: Price Comparison Study

To count with a document that will provide us with an efficient way to
analyze what the Home Inspection Software offer, for what price, and in
which terms. We would like to find out things like range of pricing,
median price, and common or popular bundled packs or services that they
offer. Likewise, and in the course of gathering this information, I have provided a few websites but I am looking for the most used softwares in the USA and which one is the best on the market.

Expected Outcome:We expect
the outcome will be a 7 to 10 pages document in which the main software
actors are presented in a clear, concise, and readable way with detailed
pricing/packs information tables, as well as additional pages
containing range and median pricing, as well as popular packs and terms.
Document can be created in MS Word or Publisher. In addition and
separately, the current Comparison Table should be updated or improved
to reflect changes.

Suggested Content/Sections: Observed
Trends; Popular Bundles/Services; Pricing Ranges/Median; Details on
what is offered for the money; Common Terms; Pricing of: Updates,
Required Purchases, Subscriptions, Templates, Tech Support, Add-on
Services, etc.
Feel free to add sections or content as you see fit.

List of companies

3D Inspection System (3D) Since 1987 Based in Fort Myers, Florida

Rapport Express Based in Montreal, Quebec

Home Gauge (HG) Since 2002 Based in Asheville, NC

Inspect Faster Since 2007 Based in Los Osos, California

Home Inspector Pro (HIP) Since 2005 Based in Claremont, CA

Inspection Report Creator Since 2004 Based in Madison, SD

Whisper ReporterSince 1995 Based in San Antonio, TX

Interspect Since 2009 Based in Cypress, TX

Palm-Tech Since 1998 Based in Cincinnati, OH

Inspector FX Since 1992 Based in Corinth, TX

ReportHost (RH) Since 2003 Based in Poulsbo, WA

EZ Home Inspection Software Since 2012 Based in Columbia, MO

HomInspect Since 2009 Based in Riverside, CA

Identify & Report Since 1999 Based in Oceanside, CA

Horizon Software Since 2005 Based in Des Plaines, IL & Toronto, ON

HI-Spec Pro Since 2004 Based in Ottawa, ON

InspectMate Since 2006 Based in Hudson, WI

InspectVue Residential Since 2004 Based in Palm Springs, CA

NoticeWare Reporter Since 1997 Based in Munster, ON

Nspector Since 1998 Based in Albany, NY

Swift Software Since 2014 Based in Northridge, CA

Spectacular Home Inspection System Since 2001 Based in Moorpark, CA

Agile Inspections since 2013 Based in Carrollton, TX

Inspect It Based in Waukesha, WI *requires phone contact prior to demo download

InspectExpress Since 2001 Based in Vancouver, BC

Inspection Support Network Since 2000 Based in Las Vegas, NV

Heritage Since 2000 Based in Toledo, OH

HomeTrex Since 2000 Based in Toledo, OH

Titanium Since 2000 Based in Toledo, OH

Vanguard Since 2000Based in Toledo, OH

Capstone Since 2000 Based in Toledo, OH

XL Pro Legacy Since 2000 Based in Toledo, OH

Inspector Logic Since 2000Based in Toledo, OH

WindSurance Since 2000 Based in Toledo, OH


erik erickson stages of life, autobiography assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

This paper is to be your Autobiography. You are to detail your life events, in a narrative style, as it relates to the text for the course. You will take the events you have personally experienced and use the theories and concepts discussed in the text to provide some insight into these events. How did your early development influence your childhood, adolescence and beyond? Of course, you are only able to discuss the stages in which you have experienced (Please use the age ranges that Eric Erickson uses for each stage – but do be sure it is only for the age ranges – and you do include as many relevant theories and concepts in your paper and do not only address Erickson), however, I am also wanting you to project into your next stage and provide some possibilities as you enter into the next stage of your life. You may use a diary/journal format, or a true narrative, to complete this assignment. Be sure that you do not only cover your life events. This needs to be an academic paper, where you are giving some educated background for what you are detailing, and be sure that you keep it at a college level of writing.


Course Project: Using Business Visuals, and Using Visual Communication to Deliver a Global Message, communications homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Competency 1: Using Business Visuals

Examine and design visual media communication to produce effective business materials.


You are a website designer and are currently being considered as the designer for a complete redesign of a medical facility’s website page. They have not updated their website in over 15 years due to the lack of staff. The website needs the redesign to target the specific visual preferences of patients and medical clients. They have several other designers that they are interviewing, and you decide to create a video presentation to impress them to choose you as their website designer.

As you begin your presentation, you decide that your design will include the following visual concepts and elements:

  1. Visual Organization
  2. Visual Simplicity
  3. Visual Interactivity
  4. Charts and Graphs
  5. Images

In designing these visual elements, you keep the target audience of patients and medical clients as the main focus. You carefully consider what these types of people wish to see at a medical facility. You also consider what visual elements will attract the eye, and yet enhance a specific mood and emotional response for viewers. After creating the website, write the explanation of your visual design choices.

***Crucial***: thoroughly analyzes effects of visual organization and simplicity on a patient target audience. accurately analyzes effects of visual interactive elements on a patient target audience.thoroughly analyzes effects of graphs/charts elements on a patient target audience. accurately analyzes effects of visual images on the moods and emotions of a patient target audience.

Competency 2: Using Visual Communication to Deliver a Global Message

This project allows you to demonstrate your mastery of visual communication concepts discussed in this course.


You are newly appointed to the communication team for a reputable philanthropic organization. The current task is for your team to create a global campaign that visually conveys a social message both here in the United States, as well as globally. This visual campaign message will use strategic visual communication to appeal to these differing audiences to reduce and potentially eliminate racial prejudice. Your visual communication campaign will be directed toward audiences from both the United States and another country of your choice.

The board of directors has asked you to assemble four video presentations and one instructional document to submit for their review. They have asked that the total video presentations’ length be under three minutes, and that you present visual examples while verbally explaining the main points of the analysis.

Visual Campaign Elements:

  1. Create two ideas for promotional documents (flyers, pamphlets, etc.) to appeal to both your targeted U.S. viewers and to your targeted viewers from the other global country of your choice.
    Both of these documents should strategically utilize the following visual communication elements:
    1. color
    2. lines
    3. balance
    4. contrast

    Create your video presentation for the board members clearly explaining how the visual communication elements on each of the two promotional documents strategically convey the message and meaning to viewers. Be sure to compare and contrast how the viewers from the U.S. and the other country might interpret these differing visuals elements, and how you used them strategically to please each targeted audience.

  1. Find two different images to be used on the organization’s website page. One will be for the U.S. website, and one for the website in the country of your choice. Be sure that each of these images visually appeals to these two targeted audience viewers, and that the visual enhances the message to help eliminate racial prejudice. In your video presentation for the board of directors, identify and analyze the visual elements of cultural familiarity, semiotics, and emotional appeal (cognitive). Additionally, explain how each of those visual elements visually persuades the U.S. and global viewers in different ways.
  1. Design two logos for this anti-racism campaign. One logo should be designed for U.S. audiences, and the other should be designed for the other country of your choice. Design your video presentation to explain how each of these logos can clearly be seen on both small and large settings (example: cell phone app size and billboard size), as well as a comparison of how the color, lines, and visual elements are specifically designed to visually appeal to each of these different countries.
  1. Create two social media posts, one for the United States and one for the other country of your choice. The posts should include text, images, and the logo matching the country where the social media post will appear. In your video presentation to the board members, compare and analyze how these visual elements (the images and the logo) emotionally engage and persuade each specified target audience (the United States and the country of your choice) to reduce and eliminate racial prejudice.
  2. Create a one-page instructional document for your communication team members outlining the ethical concepts regarding finding and using visuals in communication. Within your instructional document, use images and/or clip art to enhance each of your points in the document, and address the following items:
    1. How might the organization properly obtain and use images from outside sources?
    2. What are the dangers and problems that arise when altering and digitally enhancing images?


***CRUCIAL***: accurately analyzes effects of color, lines, balance, and contrast on differing audiences. thoroughly analyzes effects of visual cultural familiarity, semiotics, and emotional appeal on differing audiences. accurately analyzes effects of visual size, color, lines, and visuals on differing audiences. thoroughly compares and analyzes persuasive effects of images and logos on specific targeted audiences. accurately explains ethical use of images and dangers of digital visual enhancements.


reflection paper Writing Assignment Help

reflection paper Writing Assignment Help

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