Reflective Writing 2 Other Assignment Help

Reflective Writing 2 Other Assignment Help. Reflective Writing 2 Other Assignment Help.

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Reflective Writing 2

Formatting, Length and Citation Requirements:

When completing your essay, you must provide in-text citations for any work that is directly quoted or paraphrased. If you have questions about citations, ask! If unsure, always cite! Failure to cite information that is not considered to be “common knowledge”, which you either reference through direct quotes or paraphrase IS CONSIDERED PLAGIARISM. Students will receive an automatic zero, and the issue will be taken up with the department chair. When writing your essay, respond to the prompt thoroughly, and completely. Essays must be a minimum of 1 1/2- 2 pages in length, double spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 point font, and written in Times New Roman.

Your response should be your own thoughts and analysis. Citations may be formatted in APA, MLA or Chicago style, as long as they are consistent throughout. Research and resources should be incorporated with scholarly application. I.e. used as examples or evidence to support your analysis. Make sure to use complete sentences, and proper grammar. Your response to the prompt should focus on analyzing the information you gather, apply it by using it as examples to support your assessment. Incorporate the information you gathered by using it to provide examples and support for your response.


This is a guided investigation activity.

Use the links below to find out who your representatives are, in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate.

House of Representatives:

In the top right hand corner, locate the Find your representative search box. Enter your zip code to find out who your House member is.

Senate: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

In the top right hand corner, use the drop down menu to find the two senators that represent the state of Texas, in the U.S. Senate.

(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.Essay Response Instructions:

When writing your essay, you will need to identify and include the following information, for each of these three representatives. Do not simply copy and paste what is on the website. Gather the information and compile it to write a thorough essay. Submissions that simply list answers, using numeric or bullet points will automatically receive a 0.

The most efficient way to organize this information into complete sentences, would be to do the research first. Gather the information required for each of the 3 elected representatives you are being asked about. To get started, I would suggest perhaps making a chart to list the different characteristics you are required to find out about each of your 3 representatives. Then, when writing your essay, dedicate a separate paragraph (should be 3-5 sentences) to each of the individuals. It will help you keep your information organized and structured; as well as meet the length requirements of this paper, faster.

IMPORTANT- make sure to cite and source everything that you use to retrieve information about these 3 individuals. Even the Who Represents Me website link, I have directed you to, should be included. Cite this both parenthetically, where necessary, and bibliographically.

  1. What is your House district number?
  2. Identify the three individuals, currently serving to represent you in the U.S. House and Senate.
  3. Make sure to include information for each of the following items, below, for each of the 3 representatives that you identified, in step 2. Do not list your responses, with bullets or numbers. You must construct complete sentences, using the information your found, to address each of the following items. A suggestion: use the information you have gathered to write sentences that draw and discuss comparisons between each of the three individuals. For this part, you may have to do some Sherlock Holmes investigative research (aka level up your Google Fu).
  • Age
  • Race
  • Tenure (length of years served in their current position. Do not provide the date in years that they have served. I want an actual number. Do the math)
  • Educational attainment level (highest grade level or post secondary degree obtained)
  • Gender
  • Career/profession/employment (what to do they do to earn income)
  • Partisanship (political party affiliation)
  • Marital status
  • Religion
  • Committee membership
  • Political service and achievements ( if applicable)

4.In your own words, based on your personal opinion and assessment, discuss what you feel each of these individuals has, or has not, contributed, to your district and state?

5. Assess and critique the nature of these individual’s representation, as it personally applies to you. Do this by grading them on a scale of 1-10. Explain why you scored them in this manner. Be thorough and detailed in your explanation. Again, comparisons between these individuals, based on the information you researched, for number 3, is a good way to accomplish this.

6. What did you learn or take away from this activity.

Reflective Writing 2 Other Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Information Programming Assignment Help

1-Create a detail report that will display all SCR courses in alphabetical order, with the course name and the instructor name in a group header; the Social Security number, name, and telephone number of each current student in the detail section; and the student counting group footer.

– Create a switchboard design with control buttons that lead to students, instructors, courses,
course schedules, and course rosters. Allow a user to add, update, or delete records in each
area. Jesse wants to see storyboards that show the proposed screens.

it will be in Access

i attach a data that i want to ues


ASSIGNMENT Business Finance Assignment Help

.Present the exercise using Word, single spaced, and with page numbering.You may include presentation graphics/tables/charts/pictures as you deem appropriate.Canvas will automatically record a “0” for this exercise as a default as it cannot do extra credit; I will manually override the Canvas score with your score.

Choose any of the concepts from this course and explain how you could use the concept to make a substantial improvement to either your management style or one of your organization’s standard operating practices.If you are not currently employed, you may refer to a previous work organization, or you may choose an organization from your personal life.You do not need to be currently employed to be able to improve a personal management practice so if you are not currently employed you may make that choice.Use the following format.

Situation/Background.15 points.Explain either your current management practice or your organization’s standard operating practice that you want to improve.Explain what is not going as well as possible, and how your choice of concept will make things better.Provide a context for the need for a change.This will likely require about a page.

Goal.5 points.Specifically describe what aspect of either your current management style or your organization’s standard practices needs to get better.An example of an appropriate sentence might be “The purpose of this intervention will be to …” or something like that.This will likely require a single paragraph.

Implementation Procedure.20 points.Explain how you intend to introduce the change, and how you intend to implement it.Describe any objections you may encounter and how you intend to handle those objections. Describe how will you measure the effect of the change assuming it is implemented; what metric(s) will you use and provide an example using notional (dummy) numbers for illustration purposes.The improvement does not necessarily need to be in terms of dollars; it can be in terms of improved internal procedures, investment in the future, or some form of “customer satisfaction.”This will likely require 2-3 pages.


revise my essay into final draft needs work Humanities Assignment Help


(3 pages means the text hits the very bottom of page 3, with 1-inch margins)

If you include quotes from our articles, the paper must be followed by a Works Cited page in MLA format. This does NOT count toward the 3-page minimum.

DIRECTIONS: Please underline your thesis statement. Put each topic sentence in bold. (A topic sentence is the main idea of each paragraph, that supports the larger thesis.) At the end of your essay, answer the following questions:

1. What aspects of your paper are you proud of?
2. What areas of your paper do you think need the most improvement?
3. What would you most like feedback on, if anything?

will attach my old essay and articles to look at. please make sure essay is in essay format! and please follow directions


Federal taxation question Business Finance Assignment Help

It was a dark and stormy night and a Camp HavaBlast in the Woods van was traveling westbound on US Route 2 near Deer River, Minnesota. The van was returning a busload of teenagers from a summer camping trip through the northern Minnesota woods. Suddenly, the driver loses control of the van and the van flips over along the side of the road and many of the passengers are seriously hurt.

Paramedics are rushed to the scene. However, unfortunately, they are too late to help 15-year-old Henry Tyler, as he is pronounced dead on arrival at the local hospital.

After a brief period of mourning, Mr. and Mrs. Tyler file a wrongful death lawsuit against Camp HavaBlast in the Woods for loss of the companionship and services of their son, Henry. The camp, which is insured for liability up to $400,000 per incident, agrees to settle the case for $300,000. The settlement is approved by the court and $300,000 is paid to Mr. and Mrs. Tyler as a result of the settlement.

When preparing their income tax return for that year, Mr. and Mrs. Tyler ask you whether they need to report and pay income tax on the $300,000 settlement. Please prepare an essay answering this question and explaining to Mr. and Mrs. Tyler why they do or do not have to pay income tax on the settlement money.

Please make sure to include any applicable research in your essay. Your research may include any and all relevant federal income tax materials, including statutes from the Internal Revenue Code, tax court cases, federal court cases, revenue rulings, private letter rulings, etc.



Assignment in Industrial Safety and Health Writing Assignment Help

Task Description:

By referring to variety of resources i.e. internet articles, company reports, newspaper articles, books etc, conduct a research on the issues faced by organizations in implementing safety and health in their company/project. and must also identify the challenges faced by them and analyse the future trends awaiting project portfolio management in the industry.

The study must be related to current state of Oman and Omani organisations.

The report should follow the following format:

Font: Arial

Font size: 11

Text alignment: Justified

Spacing: 1.5

Reference style: Harvard style of Referencing

should not be more than 8 pages excluding references and appendices.

Assessment Criteria:




Provide a brief description on the issue.

Issues and Challenges

Clearly and concisely describe and discuss the issues, challenges and future trends in portfolio management.

Conclusion and recommendations

Provide proper conclusion and recommendation


Proper format

Assignment in Industrial Safety and Health Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Write a short (2-3 page, double-spaced, typed) essay identifying and describing the current state of the health care industry. Economics Assignment Help

Write a short (2-3 page, double-spaced, typed) essay identifying and describing the current state of the health care industry using the tools we have studied this semester. You will find an overview of the economics of health care in chapter 30 and a discussion of Medicare in Chapter 5. Also, in your paper list the pros and cons related to the health insurance industry along with a short explanation of health insurance. You are asked to develop your own solution to this social issue. Your answer in terms of what you think is the socially optimal solution versus the economic least cost solution, but you must understand and explain the economic costs of your decision.

Must Reference Economics Today 19th Edition by Roger Leroy Miller Chapter 30 and 5 both are attached


The answers show a clear understanding of relevant economic concepts, ideas and/or central points inquired about. Answers are clearly defined and supported by concrete substantial and relevant evidence or examples. Major points are explained with a degree of specificity. There are no errors of omission for the question posed.

The answer is organized in paragraphs that are unified, coherent, and effective, with transitions between ideas. All sentences are correctly constructed, logical and complete. All writing avoids spelling errors, awkward language, improper grammar, flawed punctuation, and other technical mistakes.

Appropriate scholarly references are utilized and properly cited. The assignment is in a standard type 12 point font. A cover page and reference page are included. The assignment is submitted in Word (.doc) or (.docx), Ascii (.txt) or Rich Text Format (.rtf).


phy essay Humanities Assignment Help


Wade and Tavris explain that each person’s body experiences ups and downs throughout the typical day. In fact, biological rhythms, the fluctuations that occur in one’s biological system, dictate numerous factors within one’s body, including

hormones, urine output, blood pressure, and our reactions to stimuli. Most of the time, our biological rhythms are in sync with the external environment, and they typically occur within a 24-hour cycle known as circadian rhythms.

In this assignment, you will keep an hourly record of your mental alertness level for a minimum of three days using the following five-point scale:

1–extremely drowsy or mentally lethargic

2–somewhat drowsy or mentally lethargic

3–moderately alert

4–alert and efficient

5–extremely alert and efficient

At the end of your observation period, you should compose an essay that defines circadian rhythms and explains how one’s biological clock works. Additionally, you should describe what happens when it does not work properly.

You must also address the following questions in your essay:

Did your level of alertness follow a certain pattern or circadian rhythm?

Did you reach a noticeable high and low point once every 24 hours, or did you have a shorter rhythm?

Did your level of alertness rise and fall numerous times throughout the day?

If you performed this activity on the weekend, were your cycles the same as during the week?

Finally, think about how this experiment affects your life and your perception. What other factors influence your perception?

To conclude your essay, you should discuss four psychological factors that could be used to explain how you perceived the

world around you. Draw on the research from the textbook as you compose your essay. In addition to your textbook, you must use at least one

other academic source. Your response should contain an introduction and conclusion and be at least one page in length,

but it can be longer if necessary to address all aspects of the assignment. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations.


Public Heath in American Health Medical Assignment Help

Two hundred words per questions

1.information on that Morbidity and Mortality Patterns in African American – including some important concepts

2. Study Group. (2001). Mortality, CD4 cell count decline, and
depressive symptoms among HIV-seropositive women: longitudinal analysis from
the HIV Epidemiology Research Study. Jama, 285(11), 1466-1474.

Why is the research question significant to a research paper? What was the purpose of the study? What was the study design? Who was in the study population(s)/sample(s)? What was the outcome and was it consistent with the researcher(s)’ original research question? What recommendation(s) did the researcher offer for future studies? How do you know this article was peer-reviewed?


2 pages-Newspaper Analysis(written report) H15003 Business Finance Assignment Help

Newspaper Analysis (Written report):

1) Choose ANY One topic from the following list:
– Australia’s stand on Renewable energy
– Demand and supply of ANY resources in Australia which
includes human resource also
– Oligopoly, Monopoly and Duopoly structures in any ONE or
TWO industries in Australia and its affect in the market
– Growth in Australian Agricultural sector for Export market
– Costs of Production in any one or two industries in Australia

2) Evaluate your chosen topic from economic perspectives. You should

 The essence of the story (1 to 2 paragraphs): Introduce the
issue, who is interested in it and why.

 The economic analysis (3 to 4 paragraphs): Explain how you can
present the issue in terms of economic concepts and theories
you have learnt in class.

 Explain your view (2 to 3 paragraphs): Explain what actions you
would recommend to the key players and/or policy holders.

 Explain how the above analysis supports your conclusion (1 to 2

3) You may provide graphs/charts/diagrams where necessary to
enhance your presentation style.

4) Students need to submit ONLY the SOFT COPY of the assignment
and upload on BB by that time.

5) References (between 4 to 6 which includes academic and news
and media)

Marking Criteria

1) Critical thinking skills
2) Clarity of writing and ability to express your ideas
HI5003 Economics for Business
3) Ability to use economic concepts and theories in the context of the
news article.


Reflective Writing 2 Other Assignment Help

Reflective Writing 2 Other Assignment Help

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