Regulating Off Duty Conduct Week 3 Discussion 2 Humanities Assignment Help

Regulating Off Duty Conduct Week 3 Discussion 2 Humanities Assignment Help. Regulating Off Duty Conduct Week 3 Discussion 2 Humanities Assignment Help.

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The purpose of this discussion is to give you the opportunity to apply ethical theories and perspectives to modern issues of the workplace. Off-duty conduct away from the workplace can be monitored and reported in many ways. These ways have only grown due to the increase in social media use, which provides employers far greater opportunities to become aware of what employees do outside of the workplace. Some types of behaviors are especially concerning, as they may have on-duty consequences. Other types of off-duty behavior, however, are more difficult to clearly define as grossly inappropriate and warranting employer intervention. But who draws this line, and what are the ethical implications of where the line is drawn? Prepare and post a response to the following prompt:

Using the resources provided, your own research, and your knowledge of the ethical concepts from the text, consider the issue of off-site monitoring of conduct:

  • Considering your own work experience, imagine a circumstance in which your supervisor monitored your behavior off the job. Describe the circumstances, including how and why your conduct was monitored.
  • Would you consider your example to involve a minor, moderate, or severe invasion of an individual’s privacy? Explain your reasoning. Share your unemotional, well-defined, evidence-based response to your boss to support your viewpoint.
  • What issues do you believe led to your employer monitoring you? Use one ethical theory or perspective to help support your employer’s viewpoint, and use a scholarly source as your evidence.
  • What about your viewpoint as the employee? Use one ethical theory or perspective to support an employee’s right to privacy outside of work, and use a scholarly source as your evidence.

Your initial post should be at least 250 words in length. Support your claims with examples from the required resources and/or other scholarly sources, and properly cite any references in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center (Links to an external site.)

Regulating Off Duty Conduct Week 3 Discussion 2 Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

information technology and society Computer Science Assignment Help

question 1

Four widely used sets of EDI standards exist.

1 True

2 False

Question 2

An effective statement consists of three components: a core ideology, a mission statement, and a vision of a desirable future.

1 True

2 False

Question 3

The THREAT matrix is a simple way to illustrate what the firm is doing well, where it can improve, what opportunities are available, and what environmental factors threaten the future of the organization.

1 True

2 False

Question 4

U.S. online retail sales are expected to grow from $34 billion in 2001 to $271 billion in 2008, a compounded average growth rate of 34.5 percent.

1 True

2 False

Question 5

A clear connection between business objectives, goals, and projects is not needed for a successful project.

1 True

2 False

Question 6

An organization’s IT infrastructure must be integrated with employees and procedures to build, operate, and support ____.

1 business systems

2 data technology

3 data systems

4 information systems

Question 7

A(n) ____ employs models and analytic tools to help users gain insights into data, draw conclusions from the data, and make recommendations.

1 decision support tree

2 analytic support system

3 decision support system

4 decision system

Question 8

A(n) ____ is a live Internet presentation that supports interactive communications between the presenter and the audience.

1 E-conference

2 Web conference

3 Webcast

4 Webinar

Question 9

____ includes information systems that organizations use to define interactions among their own employees and/or with external customers, suppliers, and other business partners.

1 Function IT

2 Network IT

3 Enterprise IT

4 System IT

Question 10

Many organizations are moving from a collection of loosely linked transaction processing systems to a(n) ____.

1 resource planning system

2 enterprise planning system

3 enterprise resource planning system

4 enterprise resource system

Question 11

____ supports the direct, computer-to-computer transfer of information in the form of predefined electronic documents.

1 Electronic data interchange

2 Electronic data exchange

3 E-data interchange

4 E-data exchange

Question 12

IT-related expenses in many organizations can account for approximately ____ percent of capital spending.

1 10

2 25

3 50

4 80

Question 13

If assets are lost or destroyed as the result of a disaster, ____ must be in place to ensure the ongoing operation of critical business functions.

1 business continuity plans

2 business contingency plans

3 financial recovery plans

4 disaster contingency plans

Question 14

The analysis of the internal assessment and external environment frequently is summarized into a ____ matrix.





Question 15

A ____ describes specific actions an organization will take to achieve its vision/mission, objectives, and goals.

1 procedure

2 guideline

3 policy

4 strategy

Question 16

According to the Boston Consulting Group growth-share matrix, ____ are high-growth business units or products that compete in markets where they have attained a large market share.

1 question marks

2 cash cows

3 stars

4 dogs

Question 17

A(n) ____ project implements changes to an existing system to enable operation in a different technology environment.

1 maintenance

2 enhancement

3 innovation

4 mandatory

Question 18

Preliminary costs and benefits are weighed to see if the project has an attractive rate of ____.

1 need

2 investment

3 access

4 return

Question 19

UPS drivers use handheld wireless computers called ____ to capture package identification data, location information, and customer signatures.




4 DADs

Question 20

On the basis of data released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Project Management Institute estimates that project spending in the U.S. public and private sectors combined exceeds $____ trillion per year.

1 two

2 five

3 eight

4 ten

Question 21

“____” in an IT project context means that the project met schedule and budget constraints and delivered all critical features and requirements.

1 Completion

2 Success

3 Competency

4 Service

Question 22

A(n) ____ is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result.

1 task

2 assignment

3 mission

4 project

Question 23

____ items are nondepreciable items that are consumed shortly after they are purchased.

1 Cost

2 Asset

3 Capital

4 Expense

Question 24

____ management includes defining the work that must be done as part of the project and then controlling the work to stay within the scope to which the team has agreed.

1 Work

2 Scope

3 Project

4 Work flow

Question 25

____ are the people most directly affected by the project.

1 Project managers

2 Employees

3 Stakeholders

4 End users


Religion Activity (Christianity) Writing Assignment Help

Objective 1: Identify the characteristics and needs of various age groups.

In order to minister to people, we must understand the characteristics and spiritual development of each age group. We must also recognize how a person thinks and learns. With this information we will do a better job of teaching.

Learning Activity #2: Targeted Ministry Paper
Read Chapters 8 and 21 of your Aukerman textbook. You will read about the characteristics and spiritual development of particular age groups.

Choose one age group (EARLY ADULTHOOD) and write a two to three page paper on the characteristics of that particular group. Describe the level of spiritual development, making sure to include ideas on how to minister to that age level.

To achieve maximum points for content and analysis, the following elements need thoroughly addressed:

  • A developed outline and description of the characteristics within the age group chosen.
  • An explanation of the spiritual development level possibilities.
  • A list of ideas for ministry to the age group chosen.
  • A minimum of two references are required beyond the Bible and textbook.
  • Use the Paper Writing rubric provided in your syllabus to guide your efforts.



Final Contract Analysis Note Business Finance Assignment Help

Final Contract Analysis
Note: This is a two-part assignment that consists of two different contract analysis scenarios. Please answer both
scenarios on one document, and upload it to Blackboard.
Contract analysis scenario one—damages determination: Alfred and Barbara own adjoining farms in Dry County, an area
where all agriculture requires irrigation. Alfred bought a well-drilling rig and drilled a 400-foot well from which he drew
drinking water. Barbara needed no additional irrigation water, but in January 1985, she asked Alfred on what terms he
would drill a well near her house to supply better-tasting drinking water than the county water she has been using for
years. Alfred said that because he had never before drilled a well for hire, he would charge Barbara only $10 per foot,
about one dollar more than his expected cost. Alfred said that he would drill to a maximum depth of 600 feet, which is the
deepest his rig could reach. Barbara said, “OK—as long as you can guarantee completion by June 1, we have a deal.”
Alfred agreed, and he asked for $3,500 in advance, with any further payment or refund to be made on completion.
Barbara said, “OK,” and she paid Alfred $3,500.
Alfred started to drill on May 1. He had reached a depth of 200 feet on May 10 when his drill struck rock and broke,
plugging the hole. The accident was unavoidable. It had cost Alfred $12 per foot to drill this 200 feet. Alfred said he would
not charge Barbara for drilling the useless hole in the ground, but he would have to start a new well close by and could not
promise its completion before July 1.
Barbara, annoyed by Alfred’s failure, refused to let him start another well. On June 1, she contracted with Carl to drill a
well. Carl agreed to drill to a maximum depth of 350 feet for $4,500, which Barbara also paid in advance, but Carl could
not start drilling until October 1. He completed drilling and struck water at 300 feet on October 30.
In July, Barbara sued Alfred, seeking to recover her $3,500 paid to Alfred, plus the $4,500 paid to Carl.On August 1, Dry County’s dam failed, thus reducing the amount of water available for irrigation. Barbara lost her apple
crop worth $15,000. The loss could have been avoided by pumping from Barbara’s well if it had been operational by
August 1. Barbara amended her complaint to add the $15,000 loss.
In a minimum of a 1,000-word contract analysis, discuss Barbara’s suit against Alfred. What are Barbara’s rights, and
what damages, if any, will she recover? Cite any direct quotes or paraphrased material from outside sources. Use APA format

Contract analysis scenario two—remedies determination: Mundo manufactures printing presses. Extra, a publisher of a
local newspaper, had decided to purchase new presses. Rep, a representative of Mundo, met with Boss, the president of
Extra, to describe the advantages of Mundo’s new press. Rep also drew rough plans of the alterations that would be
required in Extra’s pressroom to accommodate the new presses, including additional floor space and new electrical
installations, and Rep left the plans with Boss.
On December 1, Boss received a letter signed by Seller, a member of Mundo’s sales staff, offering to sell the required
number of presses at a cost of $2.4 million. The offer contained provisions relating to the delivery schedule, warranties,
and payment terms but did not specify a particular mode of acceptance of the offer. Boss immediately decided to accept
the offer and telephoned Seller’s office. Seller was out of town, and Boss left the following message: “Looks good. I’m
sold. Call me when you get back so we can discuss details.”
Using the rough plans drawn by Rep, Boss also directed that work begin on the necessary pressroom renovations. By
December 4, a wall had been demolished in the pressroom, and a contract had been signed for the new electrical
On December 5, the President of the United States announced a ban on foreign imports of computerized heavy
equipment. The ban removed—from the American market—a foreign manufacturer that had been the only competitor of
Mundo. That afternoon, Boss received an email from Mundo stating, “All outstanding offers are withdrawn.” In a
subsequent telephone conversation, Seller told Boss that Mundo would not deliver the presses for less than $2.9 million.
In a minimum of a 1,000-word contract analysis, discuss the following questions: Was Mundo obligated to sell the presses
to Extra for $2.4 million? Assume Mundo was so obligated. What are Extra’s rights and remedies against Mundo?
Cite any direct quotes or paraphrased material from outside sources. Use APA format.
Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below.


Ageism Wk3 D1 Humanities Assignment Help

The purpose of this discussion is to give you the opportunity to apply ethical theories to the complex issue of ageism in the workplace, particularly in the area of employment. In the modern workplace, there appear to be the following three key issues that exhibit ageism in employment, some of which have been exacerbated by recent economic issues and an aging population:

  • Older job seekers fight ageism as a barrier to re-employment
  • Younger job seekers have trouble obtaining career entry
  • Evidence in many countries highlights that older worker employment and youth employment are not connected in any way

This last point is generally known in economics as the lump of labor fallacy, which challenges the view that if older workers are employed in a tight labor market, then they must be occupying the jobs of the country’s youth. Prepare and post a response to the following prompt:

Using at least one ethical perspective or theory from the text and one item of scholarly evidence, present an argument to a group of younger workers (regarding older worker and youth employment) in which you refute the notion that older workers take employment from the young.

Your initial post should be at least 250 words in length. Support your claims with examples from the required resources and/or other scholarly sources, and properly cite any references in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center (Links to an external site.)



Discussing your view of the Supreme Court decision of same sex marriage Humanities Assignment Help

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled by a 5 to 4 vote that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage. Write a short essay (no less than three pages) discussing your view of the Supreme Court decision. Use the readings for this week to help give your essay depth. Feel free to agree or disagree with the various thinkers included in the readings and videoclips.

  • How does this decision change the discussion of gender or sexual diversity in our country?
  • Is this decision the last we have seen of the marriage equality debate? Why or why not?
  • What changed in the last few years within our society to make this decision possible?
  • When we look back at this period in our history what will we think of this as a historic moment?
  • Feel free to take a glance at the full decision:…

Your essay should be no less than three pages long, and must include three or more references. The references must be credible (no Wikipedia or random websites). Your sources must come from articles researched via the Leatherby library website and/or academic database.

Apa Format

Discussing your view of the Supreme Court decision of same sex marriage Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Look at the art work and write a 3 page essay Humanities Assignment Help

Attached file is a series of art work

The Art Experience Assignment.

Format: Three type written pages minimum, double space (from hand written notes). If possible, add picture of artwork on a fourth page.

Plan to attend one contemporary exhibition among the following visual arts: video art, installation, painting, sculpture. It is important that the work be from the twentieth century and be radical in some ways in that it challenges common place ideas about how art should be. It is essential that work not be a reproduction: No books or Web!

Write a three page analysis on a short section of a single art work of your choice. Look for what is unusual and distinctive about the way the art work is made, its formal qualities. What are the techniques used to structure the work. How does the composition, the aproach to applying materials, the colors, textures, context, and the relationship between the different elements of the art work challenges us and surprises us? How these formal gestures contribute to or interact with our understanding of the work?

Your essay should discuss how the work exploits elements of form by using detailed, concrete references to specific details. Describe the strategies being used but also, again just as important, what do these strategies bring to your experience of the art work. Remember that it is an analysis, not a review! It is the quality of your explanations that counts. Points will be deducted for poor grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Please proof read your papers carefully!

Useful approaches to this assignment: Take particular care in describing accurately what you see or hear before you start sharing your thoughts on these events. Try to approach the work with an open mind, that is, avoid making judgements too quickly, let things seep in. Remember that to come up with an opinion too quickly will stop you from looking any further into what’s actually going on. Allow the piece to be itself, that is, allow yourself to engage with it. Remember that these happenings are about paying attention to things you might not have paid any attention to before. You may need to identify what’s troubling you; possibly the key to the experience resides there. Try and really look and ask yourself questions rather than settle for quick answers.


Benchmark – Wellness Week Writing Assignment Help

For this benchmark, you will design a four-lesson curriculum unit and an end-of-unit event plan for wellness week that comprehensively covers health, safety, nutrition, and fitness for the Birth to Age 8/Grade 3 age group that you hope to teach in the future, or the age group in which you spent the most practicum hours.

Use the format of one of the “Lesson Plan Templates” as a resource and include the following for each of the four lesson plans:

  1. Clear, measurable learning objectives that align to early learning standards (ELS) as well as your state’s subject standards;
  2. Anticipatory set;
  3. Vocabulary;
  4. Relevant materials and resources including visual or audio resources;
  5. Differentiation of instruction to address the diverse needs of students; and
  6. Assessments.

Next, design a 100-250 word culminating end-of-unit event plan for families. Include information about the following:

  1. Health and safety issues to be addressed;
  2. Nutritional food that will be served;
  3. Physical activities that will take place; and
  4. Ways families can share multiple perspectives on health, safety, nutrition, or physical activities relevant to their child, their family, their community, or their culture. Include a unique way to incorporate these perspectives into the event.

GCU style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin.

Submit the four lessons and the end-of-unit event plan as one deliverable.


Two discussion with reply Humanities Assignment Help

Discussion One

Juan Rulfo’s “Tell Them Not to Kill Me When They Come”

After you have read the Rulfo story, think about the following questions and post substantive answers to several of them:

Who is the main character”

What is this story actually about? Sounds easy, right?

Why does the colonel speak to the main character but not look at him? Did you think about this?

What is the son’s attitude toward his father, saving his father, carrying him back home?

How is this the story of two sons?

What do the sons have in common? Which one suffered the most?

What is the theme of this story if you had to break it down to one line?

Is the setting of the story important? How?

Note: I need to reply other student ‘s reply,but Replies are only visible to those who have posted at reply, so i will give you other student’s reply after I post my answer.

Discussion Two

After you have read Robert Frost’s poem “Out, Out!” (in the text or online), please answer the following questions, and, as always, please respond to at least one other student post.

Frost took his title from Act V, Scene V of Shakespeare’s play Macbeth. What do you think prompted Frost to select those words from Shakespeare? What is going on at that point in the play? People from William Faulkner to Elton John have used images or words from this same passage, so perhaps we might infer that there is something there. What do you think?

What is the poem about?

Why does the boy die? Be careful. He does not bleed to death, and he dies way too soon for infection to have been a factor. What do you think? Does the boy himself give us a hint in some of his last words?

Some readers are disturbed by the final lines: “And they, since they / Were not the one dead, turned to their affairs.” How do you take the ending of the poem?

Does the ending bother you or not? If so, in what way?

What does the quotation from Shakespeare bring to the poem?

If the poem had a different title, perhaps “The Death of the Wood Cutter” relating to another Frost title “The Death of the Hired Man,” would the poem change?

Does the allusion affect the poem’s plot? theme? tone?

Note: I need to reply other student ‘s reply,but Replies are only visible to those who have posted at reply, so i will give you other student’s reply after I post my answer.


How do these cultural expressions help define who you are what you believe or how you act Writing Assignment Help

For this Assignment, you will examine the ways that cultural expressions influence your daily life. You are welcome to use images in this Assignment, however, the written content needs to be at least 750 words.

Share three items of cultural expression that influence your life. Consider the cases in the Reading for ideas. You may also include the item of cultural expression that you introduced in your Discussion for this unit. You may want to write about recipes, art, music, sports, films, photography, religious traditions, or narratives about your family history. You are welcome to go beyond this list. These three cultural expressions should communicate something about your beliefs, customs, and way of life.

I. Give an introduction to the paper. Include a preview of your main points and a thesis that establishes what you will demonstrate in the Assignment.

II. Introduce the expressions one at a time. Tell the reader about the item. You may want to explain the who, what, where, when and why about this item. For example, what is it? Where did it come from and when? Who has decided to keep it? Why is it worth keeping?

III. After you have introduced and explained all of the expressions, consider the three expressions as a group and answer these questions.

  • How do these cultural expressions help define who you are, what you believe, or how you act?
  • If someone saw only this list of cultural expressions, what might they conclude about you? What might be an incorrect assumption that someone could make? What do you think might be accurate?

IV. Conclude the paper with a substantive conclusion.


Regulating Off Duty Conduct Week 3 Discussion 2 Humanities Assignment Help

Regulating Off Duty Conduct Week 3 Discussion 2 Humanities Assignment Help

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