Report for Guiding the Recommendation of Software Systems Acquisition Strategies, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Report for Guiding the Recommendation of Software Systems Acquisition Strategies, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help. Report for Guiding the Recommendation of Software Systems Acquisition Strategies, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help.

  1. Prepare a report to guide management through the recommendation of an optimal software systems acquisition strategy for the consulting assignment described in the Business Case MCMDUPreview the document. Once again, this report should be specific to the client organization. As in the previous report detailed above, identify and describe each of the two best alternatives for the software source for the client organization and then provide a strong justification on why you are recommending consideration of the two software sources (specifically, how do they “fit” the client organization and how are they more suitable than the other software sources identified and described in Chapter 2) as the best alternatives.

* Note: A Turnitin analysis (see (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for information on this product) will be automatically applied to your assignment submission to indicate the potential degree of “originality,” which means that you have interpreted and are discussing your research results “in your own words” (paraphrasing) or are using proper APA citation methods to include the words of others. A Turnitin analysis percentage of 15% or higher will result in your receiving a zero on this assignment unless a review indicates that all sources have been correctly cited in APA format: be aware that all similar assignments from prior semesters in this course are included in Turnitin analyses of originality.

The case and the CH2 from text book, plz see the attachment below. Thanks

Report for Guiding the Recommendation of Software Systems Acquisition Strategies, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

African centered education, Final Presentation Peer Review help Writing Assignment Help

Review my classmates presentation attached below on African centered education with constructive and positive feedback. Look to praise and offer constructive criticism in 1-2 pages. Reflect on the strengths and possible areas to improve or consider next time. The presentation is based on Non western Educational Traditions Chapter 3 which is posted below.

What were the strengths in the posting? How did your peer’s work contribute to your personal or our collective understanding of the issue(s)? Identify areas that were written and analyzed well? Were there any areas missed, underdeveloped or not well evidenced? Identify areas for improvement.


Write a 1200-1500 word essay*****Absolutely NO Plagiarism.. , writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

***Write a 1200-1500 word essay on the below topic. This assignment must include direct quotations from the assigned readings to support your ideas. In addition, you must use THREE outside, scholarly sources in this essay. When using these outside scholarly sources, use direct quotations and do not paraphrase. Please use quotation marks, in-text citations and complete a works cited page, according to MLA guidelines.

***In this course, we have read many works of literature from the modern era. However, it is impossible to cover every meaningful work in just eight weeks. Therefore, it is your turn to decide what two additional literary works should be included in LITR202. Did this course ignore a country, a genre, or an author? Create a new reading list for the course that includes five works. Three should be from the current course. Two should be new inclusions, from authors writing after 1940.

***)Your essay must include at least five literary works from at least three different world areas. These works must have been written during the modern era. These works can be poems, plays, novels, and short stories; however, these works may NOT be films. Remember, three of the works on your list should be in the class already. You are selecting two new works to add.

Three classroom works are

1. Jefferson’s
“Declaration of
and a selection
from Notes on
the State of

2. Chinua
Achebe’s Things
Fall Apart.

Mistral’s “To See
Him Again” and
“Pine Forest.”

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it can be as much as introduction or whatever you have by Wednesday.!!!!!!!!!!!

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Employment Law Project Sexual Harrassment, Powerpoint presentation help Writing Assignment Help

You must create a PowerPoint presentation (10) slides on Sexual Harassment to show that you can take the legal information you have learned and break it down into common language and practical advice for employees. This would be a presentation that you would give out or present in a place of business to educate the employees and help avoid liability (e.g., KEEP THE BUSINESS OUT OF TROUBLE!)

Remember: The goal is to educate employees on a particular area of the law to AVOID any lawsuits or threats of the same in the future. Your group is the owner and/or HR manager for the company.

Important Instructions:

  • PPP should be written to an audience of general employees
  • PPP should give audience practical advice on how to conduct themselves or how NOT to conduct themselves, etc.
  • PPP should encapsulate the major concerns or “no-no’s” of the topic area
  • Give examples, ‘rules of thumb’, and scenarios as illustrations to properly educate your audience
  • PPP should assume reader has NO prior knowledge or understanding of the topic other than hearing cases on that topic across the news stations, etc. and receiving incorrect information.
  • You may use illustrations that would be appropriate in the workplace
  • Be creative but the information must be useful as well as accurate
  • The handout should be of professional quality – what you would be expected to hand out or present to employees at an actual place of business.
  • Note that employees will not understand the legal rules and standards as stated in the book or in the statutes from which they are derived. Your job is to take these legal rules/standards and break them down into common language, advice, and guidelines to educate your employees and help them understand so your company can avoid liability as a result of illegal and improper conduct.


Minimum 800 words , writing homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Several institutions, including the craft store Hobby Lobby and Wheaton College in suburban Chicago, have opted to decline birth control coverage to their employees or students because birth control use violates the religious principles of the governing organization. In the case of Wheaton College, the college has decided to end all student health care coverage in order to avoid violating the regulations of the Affordable Care Act. (See attached article in the word Doc)

In your opinion, are these institutions behaving ethically? (There is no RIGHT answer! You will graded on the strength of your thinking and writing, not on the position you take.)

Right a persuasive essay of at least 850 words that outlines your opinion on the ethics of this controversy. Use at least 2 resources to support your positions.

Absolutely NO plagiarism……..Will be checked



Formulate and evaluate hypothesis tests for population parameters , Accounting question help Business Finance Assignment Help


Formulate and evaluate hypothesis tests for population parameters
based on sample statistics using both Critical Regions and P-Values, and
be able to state results in a non-technical way that can be understood
by consumers of the data instead of statisticians.


Student Profile

You are a statistician working for a drug company. A few new
scientists have been hired by your company. They are experts in
pharmacology, but are not experts in doing statistical studies, so you
will explain to them how statistical studies are done when testing two
samples for the effectiveness of a new drug. The two samples can be
dependent or independent, and you will explain the difference.

Concept being Studied

Your focus is on hypothesis tests and confidence intervals for two
populations using two samples, some of which are independent and some of
which are dependent. These concepts are an extension of hypothesis
testing and confidence intervals which use statistics from one sample to
make conclusions about population parameters.

What to Submit

To complete this assignment, you must first download the worksheet and then complete it.

You will also develop a PowerPoint presentation for the newly hired
scientists on these topics, and you have been asked to provide two
real-life examples that you will describe step-by-step. Your boss has
asked you to include the following slides:

Slide 1: Title slide

Slide 2: Describes the two differences between independent and dependent samples

Slide 3: Provides an example of independent samples when testing a new drug

Slide 4: Shows how to set
up a hypothesis test for two independent proportions: One to test
whether they are equal and another one to test whether one proportion is
larger than the other

Slide 5: Shows the formula for the test statistic for two independent proportions and lists what each variable in the formula represents

Slide 6: Shows the
formula for the margin of error (E) when doing a confidence interval on
two proportions and explains what each variable stands for

Slide 7: Other than proportions, describes what other types of hypothesis tests can be done for two independent samples

Slide 8: Provides an
example of dependent samples (also known as matched pairs) when testing a
new drug. The two samples should be a before and after test with the
same group

Slide 9: Shows the t formula for the test statistic for matched pairs and explains what each variable represents

Slide 10: Show what a
confidence interval for matched pairs would look like using only
variables. Also, include the formula for the Margin of Error and state
what each variable represents

To show the formulas above, you may need to use the following variables which you can copy from here:

x̅, p̂, q̂, p̅, q̅, d̅, ∑, μ, σ, σ2, α

Formulate and evaluate hypothesis tests for population parameters , Accounting question help Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Scenario – Chester, Inc, accounting homework help Business Finance Assignment Help


Inc. is a large, publicly traded client at S.N.H.U., LLC. Your task is to
develop a comprehensive, professional report for the board of directors. To do
this, you will use Chester, Inc.’s trial balance to compose comparative
financial statements, analyze data, and interpret results. These financial
statements must be in good form in accordance with Generally Accepted
Accounting Principles (GAAP). Next, you will assess the performance of Chester,
Inc. using the financial statements that you created, along with industry
performance data and the financial statements of a competitor. In addition,
Chester, Inc. is considering expanding into the global market. They would like
you to highlight key areas of the financial statements you have prepared and
identify how they would be reported differently if composed under International
Financial Reporting Standards(IFRS)rather than GAAP.

Guidelines for Submission: All financial calculations
should be complete. Your paper must be submitted as a 5-6 page
Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font,
one-inch margins, and two to three sources
cited in APA format .Round all answers up to the nearest dollar value in any


Communicating in Small Groups, sociology homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Resources: Ch. 7, 8, and 9 of Communicating in Small Groups, and the Week 3 videos, “Planning a Playground” and “Politics of Sociology”

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word summary of your responses to the following, after completing the collaborative Week 3 discussion associated with the “Planning a Playground and “Politics of Sociology” videos.

Group Interaction

  • How clear was the intent of the discussion?
  • How prepared were your group members for the discussion?
  • Did everyone participate equally in the discussion?
  • Were group members open to different points of view?
  • How would you describe the overall climate of the discussion?
  • Did you feel your group was productive in the discussion? Did you use the time efficiently?
  • What strategies can you use in future discussions to increase productivity and outcomes?
  • What approach will you take next time to increase group cohesion?

Video Analysis – “Planning A Playground”

  • What are the issues in this meeting?
  • What did they do well as a group?
  • Can you identify constructive or deconstructive conflict occurring in this group? What are some key indicators? What conflict styles do you see?
  • Based on what you learned this week, how might you handle this situation differently?

Video Analysis – “The Politics of Sociology”

  • What are the issues in this meeting?
  • What did they do well as a group?
  • What types of conflict do you see in this video? Provide examples.
  • There is a clear leader in this video. What can he do to be a better leader for this group?
  • Based on what you learned this week, how might you handle this team situation differently?

Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.…………………

The links are the resources. please use


Knowing Your Health Care Facility worksheet, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help

complete the Knowing Your Health Care Facility worksheet.

  • Part One:
    • Describe five facilities.
    • Describe services offered at the facilities.
    • Identify personnel who work in the facility and their minimum education requirements.
  • Part Two:
    • Describe the health care structures.
    • Identify a facility in your community that represents each of the health care structures.

Part 1:

Complete the following chart by identifying and describing five facilities and the services they offer as well as identifying personnel who work in each facility.


Describe the facility.

Describe the services offered at this facility.

Identify types of personnel that work in this facility.

1. Hospital

2. Ambulatory care

3. Rehabilitation

4. Retail health clinic

5. Long-term care

Cite at least five peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar resources.

Part 2:

Describe the following health care structures.

Health Care Structure

Describe the health care structure.

Identify a facility in your community that represents each of the health care structures.

Health Care Structure

Describe the health care structure.

Identify a facility in your community that represents each of the health care structures.

Private Structure

For-Profit Structure

Voluntary Structure

Discussion Questions (Optional):

1) If you were able to apply for a job today, or a new position in the health care industry, what type of facility would you be attracted to? Explain why.

2) What value (qualifications) would you bring to your selected facility?


CEO of MegaGlobe Business Solutions, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Scenario: You are the CEO of MegaGlobe Business Solutions, a financial consulting corporation based in Chicago that has just recently opened new offices in São Paulo, Brazil and Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. As part of this transition, your employees will now be working collaboratively with employees at these locations to provide financial consulting services in these new markets. To assist with the transition, you will develop an internal leadership blog for your employees that addresses the implications of leading within a culturally-diverse and changing global business environment. This blog should focus on the need to positively adapt to a variety of leadership styles and individual differences within these cultures.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word internal leadership blog using the Leadership Blog template (ATTACHED), and include the following:

  • Explain the implications of leading within a changing global business environment.
  • Describe the Team Leadership Model and how this relates to your current business practices.
  • Outline positive aspects of gender, diversity, culture, and teamwork that can improve overall business performance.
  • Apply principles of motivational leadership within a variety of diverse cultures.
  • Use at least one image, photo, chart, or graph to deliver a key concept within your blog.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.


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