Research & Argument Proposal

Research & Argument Proposal. Research & Argument Proposal.

I’m studying for my English class and need an explanation.

I need this by 3:00 on 3/4/2020

Please be aware that you are not writing an argumentative essay.

Instead, you are creating a detailed plan for a written argument and putting it in the form of a proposal. This assignment may be deceptively simple; you still must develop a strongly argumentative and specific thesis and reasons, and you have to search for sources in databases that provide evidence for each of your reasons, so you will have a lot of reading and analysis to do over the next three weeks. This assignment also requires that you submit a Works Cited page in MLA format which lists the MLA-style citations for each of your sources.

My topic is Suicide among our military and veterans.

Research & Argument Proposal

Research & Argument Proposal

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