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Research Article Writing Assignment Help. Research Article Writing Assignment Help.

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Library Assignment

Critique a Research Article

A critique is a method of displaying a logical and organized analysis of a written or oral piece. Critique can provide the readers with both positive and negative outcomes depending on the author. The purpose of this assignment is for the student to perform a critique on a research article that deals with today’s health issues. In this paper the student must be diligent at what the author are claiming, taking into account the research methods being utilized and look for pros and cons of the researcher’s outcomes.

The assignment must be a minimal of five pages, excluding title page and references. The assignment must be strictly following APA guidelines, points will be deducted if otherwise. Do not use first person throughout the paper until the section called evaluate the paper. It will be divided in the following manner:

Title page: Give the name of the article, the authors name(s) and your name. Following APA


  • Provide an overview of the author’s research problem, research questions and main point including how the author supports his or her point.
  • Explain what the author initial objectives (hypothesis) and results including the process he or she used to arrive at such conclusion.

Evaluate the Research Methods: in paragraph form answer the following:

  • Does the author provide a literature review?
  • Is the research current and relevant to today existing health issues?
  • Describe the research type utilized?– experimental, non-experimental, quasi experimental, etc.
  • Evaluate the sample (size, composition, or in the way the sample was selected in relation to the purpose of the study? Was the sample appropriate for the research or was it bias?
  • How practical does this work seem to you? How does the author suggest research results could be applied and how do you believe they could be applied?
  • Could the study have been improved in your opinion? If so provide how you think it could have improved.
  • Is the writing in the article clear straightforward?
  • Can further research be conducted on this subject? Explain

Conclusion: In your conclusion, try to synthesize the pieces of your critique to emphasize your own main points about the author’s work, relating the researcher’s work to your own knowledge or to topics being discussed in your course.

Reference Page: APA style, see rubric below

See Rubric Below for assignment

Title Page: Title of article, journal information and your name and date

1 point

Your score

Abstract: Brief summary of article (1-2 paragraphs)

1 points

The Problem: (2 or 3 paragraphs)

Is the problem clearly stated?

Is the problem practically important?

What is the purpose of the study?

What is the hypothesis?

Are the key terms defined?

3 points

Review of Literature: (1 -2 paragraphs)

Are the cited sources pertinent to the study?

Is the review too broad or too narrow?

Are the references recent?

Is there any evidence of bias?

2 points

Design and Procedures: (3-4 paragraphs)

What research methodology was used?

Was it a replica study or an original study?

What measurement tools were used?

How were the procedures structures?

Was a pilot study conducted?

What are the variables?

How was sampling performed?

3 points

Data analysis and Presentation: (1 – 2 paragraphs)

2 points

How was data analyzed?

Did findings support the hypothesis and purpose?

Were weaknesses and problems discussed?

Conclusions and Implications: (2-3 paragraphs)

3 points

Are the conclusions of the study related to the original purpose?

Were the implications discussed?

Whom the results and conclusions will affect?

What recommendations were made at the conclusion?

What is your overall assessment of the study and the article?


15 points



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24 Hour Fitness Business Proposal Business Finance Assignment Help

In-House Business Proposal – The Company’s Internet Direction

Submit a Business Proposal based on your Internet Presentation (Assignment 1), as to what direction the company should take in building a presence on the internet. Highlight services, applications, and opportunities. In addition, address cost, infrastructure ease, training, and labor requirements.

  • THINK GLOBAL; select a product or service that you currently own (or want to use) and a country that you’re not familiar with. You are encouraged to select a product or service that is unique and innovative.
  • Imagine that you are with the international sales department of the company that manufactures and sells the item (or service) that you are proposing to make or introduce in the country you have selected.
  • You have already done the first step by putting together your presentation now gather more information and put it into a persuasive document. Provide a plan as to how the company will finance, market and provide services you wish it to provide.
  • Use everything refers to almanacs, encyclopedias, the Internet, and library databases for the most recent information, and pay close attention to descriptions of the social cultural differences, economic conditions, and business environments that encourage or discourage use of the product or service.Your Task
  • General Format
  • Write a three to five-page “Business Proposal” describing the product and services you plan to use in building your company’s Internet presence. The proposal should contain data, recommendations and conclusions as to what route the company should take to achieve its goals. Don’t forget to cite your references. You are highly encouraged to include financials, action plan, and a social media strategy. Your report is to be submitted to the Chief Operating Officer of the company, Dana P Fitch MBA via the “Assignment” tab on blackboard.
  • The paper must be typed
  1. Use headings within the report when appropriate (please review Part 5, Pages 341-391, “Reports and Proposals”). For this report please include a Cover Page, Memo of Transmittal, Table of Contents, Introduction, Body, Summary, Conclusions, Recommendations, and a Bibliography (The Cover, Memo of Transmittal, Table of Contents, and Bibliography will not be counted towards the three to five-page requirement).
  2. Plan the paper carefully so as to develop an organized and non-redundant proposal. It should be organized and assembled as a continuous document and should not appear to be several independent segments bound together.
  • You must have a minimum of three to five sources. Please cite your sources using MLA or APA Format – (the Writing Center can offer assistance if you do not know how to do this).
  1. In general, the proposal will be evaluated on its effectiveness and compliance with the syllabus assignment rubric. In addition:
  2. Are the purpose and main idea of the document clear?
  3. Has the document been organized to be compatible with the purpose and audience?
  4. Is the “YOU” attitude—courtesy and consideration for the audience—consistently present?
  5. Has all the necessary information—and only the necessary information—been included?
  6. Are grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and vocabulary correct?
  7. Is the format attractive and appropriate?
  8. Was the document submitted on time, as expected in the business world?

I chose the topic of 24 Hour Fitness.


Program Brochure Health Medical Assignment Help

Program Brochure:

• The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize you with the programs available to help people in need get food

and to enhance your skills to act a resource person in health education (Ch. 11; CHES Responsibility VI).
• Select a program from Ch. 11 or the list in Appendix 3; research and create an informational brochure to

describe the program (what it is), purpose (who it’s for/eligibility/benefits), and how the target population can

access/apply for it.

• Brochures should: be set in landscape, 2 pages (front to back), and 3 columns each page (so that if printed front

to back the folds would be correctly aligned). It should include: a title; sections on program
description/provisions, eligibility, how/where to apply, and resources for more information (local, professional
web sites); bulleted factual information for each section; at least 3-4 pictures/images; at least 3 professional
references in APA format; your name/date created on bottom back middle column; and be professional in

*Tip: Gather all the information you are going to include first, then format it in brochure format.


Reading and Discussion Questions for Week Two Humanities Assignment Help

Since your writing assignment submissions will be used as the primary indicator of your understanding of the course material, as well as the sophistication of your own thought, it is very important that you offer the fullest and best representation of your thought in responding to the questions. As the issues raised here are subtle and complex, give them the time and the thought they deserve. Your submission should be thoughtful: 400-600 words.

Even More Important Caution! The writing assignment questions are directed toward your understanding and analysis of the course materials. Please do not complicate your problem by pursuing ‘research’ i.e. by introducing external texts. Put another way, the Bi-Weekly Writing Assignments ask for your analysis and theoretical reflection; they don’t suggest googling what other people might say about the issue being posed. The Writing Assignments are NOT research papers. There are very severe course penalties for plagiarism.

This week you have two options. Choose one only.

Option #1

Huston Smith on the Origin of Religion

In discussing Hinduism, Huston Smith explicitly floats an account of the origin of religion, and its function in human life. Does that account strike you as the sort of thing that insiders (i.e. members of various faith communities) would accept or reject? Why or why not?

Option #2


The mainstream Western religions certainly have nothing even remotely resembling the Hindu notion of long cycles of births, lives, deaths, and rebirths. What is the function of that idea of Samsara in Hinduism? Do the Western Religions, with which you are familiar, have another way to satisfy this function?


The Epic of Gilgamesh short analysis Writing Assignment Help

After reading the chapters on Jung and Levi-Strauss (see links below), write a 2 page (500 word) brief analysis of The Epic of Gilgamesh using the theories of both Jung and Levi-Strauss.

Focus on the following questions: From the perspective of each theory, what is the function of the various characters in the story? What is the purpose of the story as a whole? Be sure to refer specifically to the readings in your analysis



Media Differentiation Business Finance Assignment Help

University of phoeniz

Discuss the pros and cons of using the following media in an ad campaign:

  • Print
  • Billboard
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Digital (Google, websites, etc.)

Include the following information for each medium on the list:

  • When might you use each form of media?
  • What are the pros of each form of media?
  • What are the drawbacks to each type of media?
  • Which audience(s) would be most suitable for each type of media?

Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation and present it to the class. For online students, submit your Microsoft® PowerPoint®presentation, with detailed speaker’s notes to the Assignment Files tab.

Please include references for all images also

Media Differentiation Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

qnt 561 week 3 SuperFun Toys Case Study Business Finance Assignment Help

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is for students to learn how to make managerial decisions using a case study on Normal Distribution. This case uses concepts from Weeks 1 and 2. It provides students an opportunity to perform sensitivity analysis and make a decision while providing their own rationale. This assignment also shows students that statistics is rarely used by itself. It shows tight integration of statistics with product management.

Assignment Steps

Resources: Microsoft Excel®, SuperFun Toys Case Study, SuperFun Toys Case Study Data Set

Review the SuperFun Toys Case Study and Data Set.

Develop a 1,050-word case study analysis including the following:

  • Use the sales forecaster’s prediction to describe a normal probability distribution that can be used to approximate the demand distribution.
  • Sketch the distribution and show its mean and standard deviation. Hint: To find the standard deviation, think Empirical Rule covered in Week 1.
  • Compute the probability of a stock-out for the order quantities suggested by members of the management team (i.e. 15,000; 18,000; 24,000; 28,000).
  • Compute the projected profit for the order quantities suggested by the management team under three scenarios: pessimistic in which sales are 10,000 units, most likely case in which sales are 20,000 units, and optimistic in which sales are 30,000 units.
  • One of SuperFun’s managers felt the profit potential was so great the order quantity should have a 70% chance of meeting demand and only a 30% chance of any stock- outs. What quantity would be ordered under this policy, and what is the projected profit under the three sales scenarios?

Format your assignment consistent with APA format.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Note: Grades are awarded based upon individual contributions to the Learning Team assignment. Each Learning Team member receives a grade based upon his/her contributions to the team assignment. Not all students may receive the same grade for the team assignment.


Need help with my Multiculturalism CLASS Writing Assignment Help

Hello need help writing 3 to 4 page essay I am UPLOADING the picture for the book its 20 pages. I also NUMBER the picture so the pages goes in those number. YOU CANT NOT USE ANY OUTSIDE SOURCE. Here is question you have to answer from the book.

2. Readings: How is the Iroquois politics organized and how does it differ from Liberal democracy? How does their economic system (or lack thereof) work and how does it differ from capitalism, socialism, or yes, even communism? Responses to lecture and reading material?


Thank you for you help


Website Comparison Writing Assignment Help

Website Comparison

This exercise asks students to review the usability and persuasiveness objectives and strategies for a comparable pair of websites for two airlines. Students will need to identify the guidelines that the Websites satisfy, along with the guidelines they don’t.

When completing this handout, an interesting website to visit is UX Matters.

The link provided directs you to an article by Eric Shaffer published in 2009 titled “Beyond Usability: Designing Web Sites for Persuasion, Emotion, and Trust.”


1. Visit 2 of the websites below and explore them carefully.

Choose two sites to compare:

American Airlines Homepage:

United Airlines Homepage:

Southwest Airlines Homepage:

Delta Airlines Homepage:

2. Then complete the attached checklists for this assignment (2 are attached).

– Identify which site you reviewed at the top of the form. (ex. Delta)

– Assess the persuasiveness objectives (rankings) for each of the sites in the categories noted. Make your selections on the checklist by darkening, underscoring or coloring your choice.

3. Compare and contrast the two websites and address the following at the bottom of the second checklist:

A) Identify two design elements whereby the sites compare favorably in terms of their persuasiveness. Write an assessment as to why you think this is the case.

B) Identify two design elements where one site seems to be better than the other, along with your explanation as to why you think this is.


Networking and Telecommunications Business Finance Assignment Help

Using Wireshark, analyze your TCP or UDP traffic on your machine. Run Wireshark for at least 5 minutes or give it enough time to capture some traffic. Do research the protocol selected (TCP or UDP) and talk about what it does and the trends regarding encryption. Use the TCP or UDP traffic capture and analyze it providing information on what is happening. Compared your traffic to what you researched about the protocol.

In addition, research and talk about “netstat” and “nbstat”. Be sure to provide examples of you using the “netstat” and “nbstat” utilities for the lab.

Follow APA style. Have cover page, abstract, 8-pages of content including several screenshots, conclusion and references page.


Transport Layer:…

TCP/IP Reference:

UDP and TCP Comparison:

Network Ports:…

Command Prompt:

Networking Command Line Tools:



APA Sample Paper:…

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Research Article Writing Assignment Help

Research Article Writing Assignment Help

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