Research Methods in Counseling – Literature Review & Action-Research Proposal/Paper Humanities Assignment Help

Research Methods in Counseling – Literature Review & Action-Research Proposal/Paper Humanities Assignment Help. Research Methods in Counseling – Literature Review & Action-Research Proposal/Paper Humanities Assignment Help.

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Literature Review (1st Part) & Action-Research Proposal/Paper

(High-Level Professional-Scholarly Writing)

For this paper I need a rough draft (without the methods section) by Tuesday and then a Final and complete draft in over a week and will extend the time.

All the research I have gathered surrounds, but is not limited to, the research topic on mediating effects of an underprivileged social-economical household environment, for the betterment of school-aged children’s social and mental well-being.

a. Cover page

b. Abstract (around 300 words)

c. Introduction in paragraph from: A clear statement of general issue or problem being considered and specific approach to the problem; formation of hypothesis. Introduction includes historical information detailing how this is a problem.

e. Literature review: A strong literature review that includes a review of the literature related to your research topic. This includes information from at least 16 peer review journal articles.

f. Method section with research design integration into the paper to support your hypothesis or null hypothesis. Include participants, how data would be collected, and how data will be analyzed.

G. Results: What you might expect to gain from this study.

H. Conclusion: Discussion of how this research might add to the educational field, what limitations this study might have, and what future research might be necessary.

I. Reference page using APA format.

Construct a research study as if you going to carry it out.

Explain and provide rationale to support your response. Be sure to respond comprehensively to all sections and support with scholarly research.

The application of Higher-Order Thinking is stressed:

  • Compare/contrast/integrate theory/subject matter with work environment/experience.
  • Analyze and synthesize theory/practice to develop new ideas and ways of conceptualizing and performing.


Include APA-formatted in-text citations.

Be professional.

See Attached:

“Literature ReviewTemplate APA6thEd” – Step-By-Step Walk Through of a Literature Review

“litreviewexample” – An example of what I am looking for (Article 11 is an example of a literature review as well)

I will need to send through the 16 articles, and I have done the References already.

Research Methods in Counseling – Literature Review & Action-Research Proposal/Paper Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Media Application Scenarios Humanities Assignment Help

  1. Identify digital media and applications that might help the teacher to address the learning needs of the student groups in each of the following three scenarios. Assume that each student group includes the following diverse student body:
    • Students with specific learning disabilities in reading and or math
    • English language learners
    • Students with varied ability levels
    • Multicultural students
    • Students with limited access to technology in the home

Elementary Scenario: Mr. B is introducing his 4th-grade students to fractions, and his curriculum requires students to solve word problems using fraction skills. His students are struggling, and he is not certain whether it is because they lack the basic fraction skills or whether they are struggling with comprehending what the problem requires them to do. He is looking for technology resources to assist his students.

Middle School Scenario: Mrs. C is a 7th-grade science teacher with a diverse group of students. She is creating a lesson plan around habitat loss in local environments and wants to use technology to help support her diverse students. She is struggling, and as a teacher leader, you are mentoring her thorough using technology to help meet their needs.

High School Scenario: Ms. R is a high school English teacher who is preparing students for a state-mandated test with a heavy reading and literature focus. Because this test is a graduation requirement, she wants to ensure her students will perform well and pass the test. She has come to you looking for help on using technology to help students prepare for this test.

Create a one- to two-minute podcast, video, or animation of your response to each scenario. This should be one podcast, video, or animation that addresses each scenario.

Consider implications for integrating the selected technology in your response, as well as the classroom management process.


NURS-FPX 4900 Assessment 5 Professional ePortfolio Health Medical Assignment Help

  • Develop a professional ePortfolio and resume.This is your final assessment for the course.For this assessment, you will create a professional ePortfolio and resume to showcase your achievements and competence in various areas for job search or advancement conversations.

    Demonstration of Proficiency

    By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria:

    • Competency 1: Lead people and processes to improve patient, systems, and population outcomes.
      • Explain how at least 2 chosen artifacts illustrate personal growth and achievements in leading people and processes to improve patient, systems, and population outcomes.
    • Competency 3: Transform processes to improve quality, enhance patient safety, and reduce the cost of care.
      • Explain how at least 2 chosen artifacts illustrate personal growth and achievements in transforming processes to improve quality, enhance patient safety, and reduce the cost of care.
    • Competency 6: Collaborate interprofessionally to improve patient and population outcomes.
      • Explain how at least 2 chosen artifacts illustrate personal growth and achievements in interprofessional collaboration to improve patient and population outcomes.
    • Competency 8: Integrate professional standards and values into practice.
      • Explain how chosen at least 2 artifacts and a professional resume illustrate personal growth and achievements in the area of integrating professional standards and values into practice.
      • Present a well-organized ePortfolio in a clear and professional manner, using correct grammar, spelling, and APA style.

    You should complete this assessment last.

    Professional Context

    A portfolio is a great way to for nurses to “record and provide evidence of skills, achievements, experience, development and learning, not only for themselves, but for the information and scrutiny of registration boards, employers, managers and peers” (Green, Wyllie, & Jackson, 2014, p. 8). As you collect the artifacts that best showcase your strengths, you begin to track, reflect on, and evaluate your own learning and growth over time.


    For this assessment, you will be creating a professional ePortfolio and resume to take with you after completing your program. To help you complete this assessment, review the following resources as needed:


    For this assessment, your ePortfolio will focus on showcasing your growth and accomplishments in the context of the following course competencies:

    • Competency 1: Lead people and processes to improve patient, systems, and population outcomes.
    • Competency 3: Transform processes to improve quality, enhance patient safety, and reduce the cost of care.
    • Competency 6: Collaborate interprofessionally to improve patient and population outcomes.
    • Competency 8: Integrate professional standards and values into practice.

    For each competency, complete the following in your ePortfolio:

    • Create an area in your ePortfolio for the competency and label it with the course competency number or the competency language.
    • Select the two artifacts (assessments) that you feel best showcase your accomplishments or growth relative to the competency and place them in the corresponding ePortfolio area.
    • For each competency, write 2–3 paragraphs detailing the ways in the artifacts illustrate your accomplishments or growth in the competency so reviewers can easily understand your achievements and strengths. Place this in the corresponding ePortfolio area with your chosen artifacts.

    For the Competency 8 section of your ePortfolio, include a professional resume that highlights your professional standards and values. Consult the resources in the Capella University Career Center, such as the Capella Career Center: Resume Rubric.Please study the scoring guide carefully so you will know what is needed for a distinguished score:

    • Explain how at least two chosen artifacts illustrate personal growth and achievements in the area of leading people and processes to improve patient, systems, and population outcomes.
    • Explain how at least two chosen artifacts illustrate personal growth and achievements in the area of transforming processes to improve quality, enhance patient safety, and reduce the cost of care
    • Explain how at least two chosen artifacts illustrate personal growth and achievements in interprofessional collaboration to improve patient and population outcomes.
    • Explain how at last two chosen artifacts and a professional resume illustrate personal growth and achievements in the area of integrating professional standards and values into practice.
    • Communicate ePortfolio in a clear and well-organized manner, using correct grammar and spelling.

    Additional Requirements

    • APA formatting: Make sure that in-text citations and reference list follow current APA style. Refer to the APA Module as needed.

    Green, J., Wyllie, A., & Jackson, D. (2014). Electronic portfolios in nursing education: A review of the literature. Nurse Education in Practice, 14(1), 4–8.


i want a good essay Humanities Assignment Help

hello, i want a good essay ,, i want it to be high school level and simple words because i am a second language student

you must write in response .

This essay should be about 6-7 double spaced pages in length.

In evaluating your work, I’ll especially attend to:

1) your response to the prompt.

2) the scope and sophistication of your engagement with relevant texts and classroom conversations.

3) the clarity, precision, and coherence of your argument, including the mechanics and diction of your writing.

It’s been said that what you really want is what you want people to say about you when you’re dead. Well, here’s your chance. In conversation with your learning so far, write a two-part essay about how you want to be remembered when you are dead by the people who matter most to you. In part one, write your own ideal eulogy, accounting for the things that helped you develop and sustain the (imagined) life you describe. In part two, draw on our classroom conversation and the various texts you have read to this point to defend the life you have described in part one as well-lived.

N.B. : Before beginning your essay, be sure you understand what a eulogy is. Find one or more eulogies of famous persons online and watch or read them. When you have a sense of how eulogies function, then decide who you want to eulogize you, keeping in mind it could be a person you haven’t yet met. Finally, think about the kind of life you want to live. Remember, you are defending your bestlife, so feel free to place it wherever you’d like and have it last as long as you like.


Narrative Memoir Humanities Assignment Help

1. write about an experience you have in school. difference between here in USA and Iraq, and how feeling of new language “arabic and english”. “please read as much as you want from google but don’t copy anything please, if you want get one or two ideas and reflect it to your own words.”

2. write about the loss of a family member such as mom, dad or brother by a mistake from a doctor here in USA

3. write about the experience had with ISIS. how they kicked all the christian people and punished them. “please read as much as you want from google but don’t copy anything please, if you want get one or two ideas and reflect it to your own words.”

choose only one of the topic above for a Narrative Memoir

Set a timer and write brainstorm for 2 or 3 minutes a list of possible experiences for this assignment. and have a list of sentences then start the essay.

aim to have more then 1 – 3 pages

feel free ask me what ever you want…



I need help preparing a informative speech along with the outline . Writing Assignment Help

The topic im doing my speech on is “Medical use of Cannabinoids and its benefits.

I have to turn in my speech through a 2 minute video.I guess thats about 300 words. I would like the speech to include My own personal experience along as others that i know that have once or do now benefit from ThC.

Topic- Medical use of cannabinoids and its Benefits

Specific purpose- To inform my Audience on how Cannabinoids does help with medical problems ,Mentally and Physically.

Thesis- Cannabinoids have many benefits that help when treating medical and psychological conditions.Topic- Medical use of cannabinoids and its Benefits

No page requirement for the outline .It has to just be in APA format.

I will attach full details

I need help preparing a informative speech along with the outline . Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

literary analysis about tell me how it ends Writing Assignment Help

you will write an essay that analyzes Valeria Luiselli’s Tell me how it ends; An essay in Forty Questions

the primary goal are for you to demonstrate;

careful, critical thinking,

attention to textual detail,

and you ability to introduce, smoothly integrate, and analyze textual ideas in support of a thesis.

Assignment specifications;

This essay should include 5 or 6 well developed paragraphs (about 2 – 3 pages); it should be typed and double spaced in 12-point, Times New Roman font; it should follow my MLA FORMAT FOR WRITTEN WORK

As you compose this paper, be sure that you provide brief, quoted passages from the text in each body paragraph to support our analysis. you textual quotes must be properly introduced and cited, and remember to comment on these quotes, explaining how they are relevant to your thesis.


Huss125 family theory and services Humanities Assignment Help

HUSS125- Family Theory and Services

Portfolio Project Directions and Rubric

This Portfolio Project is worth 15% of your grade


Completing this Assessment will help you to meet the following:

Course Outcomes

Examine assessment and therapeutic interventions with an emphasis on relationships, parenting, and abuse and/or neglect.

Program Outcomes

Demonstrate ethical and legal communication techniques specific to the human and social services environments.

Institutional Outcomes

Information Literacy and Communication – Utilize appropriate current technology and resources to locate and evaluate information needed to accomplish a goal, and then communicate findings in visual, written and/or oral formats.

Rational Learning- Learning through a pureunderstanding of the material and understanding the connection between the mechanisms of the material.

Thinking Abilities – Employ strategies for reflection on learning and practice in order to adjust learning processes for continual improvement.

Community and Career – Participate in social, learning, and professional communities for personal and career growth.

Deliverable items for the Portfolio Project will be required at different points during the course. Details for each submission are included below in the Deliverable Descriptions.


You are a practitionerbeing supervised while handlingan active family in crisis case. Your supervisor wants you to assess and provide evidence-basedtherapeuticoptions that will eventually become a treatment plan for the case family. You will present your proposed treatment plan (including diagnostic assessments) to your supervisor and other members of the treatment teamby composing a paper.


Using the case scenario in Appendix A, you will write an approximately 1,500-word paper that will define, explore, and summarize evidence- and family-based therapeutic practices. The resulting treatment plan should include emphasis on family relationships, parenting, the “Eight interlocking concepts of Bowen’s Family Systems Theory,” domestic abuse, violence and/or neglect issues. More information on Bowen’s Family Systems Theory can be found at the following weblink: Eight Concepts

In writing your paper you also need to be familiarwithfamily-basedtherapeutic techniques and theories. Basic information on some of these techniques and theories can be found at the following weblinks:

Bowenian Family Systems Theory

Family Systems Therapy (FST)

Family Therapy and Systemic Practice

Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Systems Therapy

Other multidisciplinary therapeutic interventions

Please note:any therapeutic techniques and approaches you consider for this paper should have afoundationin family dynamics, human development, dysfunctional family patterns, and/or marriage and family strategies (e.g., power differences, communication issues, sexuality and gender problems etc.). The web resources listed above will help you to do this. Additionally, this paper should examine, reflect, and demonstrate yourunderstanding of specific approaches in family therapy. You will accomplish this by using websites provided in this document andresources that can empirically support your ideas, hypotheses, and/or opinions (such as Google Scholar and the Bryant & Stratton College Virtual Library).

Working with a family in crisis requires the use of microskills such as questioning, summarizing, paraphrasing,asking and developing questions to build relationships, and active listening. These specific microskills help therapists provide interventions and treatment plans by identifying the family dynamics and historical patterns of the family, assess and treat unwanted situations or behaviors, and facilitate and guide families into short and long-term goals. For more information on these micro-skills, read the PDF provided at the following link:Counseling Micro-skills

You will deliver this information in a written paper that will evolve over the course of the next 7.5 weeks.

As was noted above, your paper should include scholarlymaterial such as research, articles, and websites that support your ideas and opinions (including the weblinks provided in this document and searches of Google Scholar and the Bryant & Stratton College Virtual Library).

Requirements and Formatting

Your Portfolio Project must be formatted as follows:

APA formatting

Title Page

Times New Roman or Arial 12-point font

1-inch margins

Page numbers in the top right corner

Reference Page

More information and a template for this written project can be found in the Student Resources tab on your Blackboard home page.

Deliverable Descriptions

Week 2: Case Scenario Introduction and Possible Treatment Approaches

Due by the end of Week 2 at 11:59 pm, ET.

Read the case scenario provided for this project, which can be found at the end of this document (in Appendix A). In a few paragraph response in a Word Document with proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation, address the prompts below. Remember, this document will be a “work in progress” that you will continue to modify throughout the session. The purpose of your writing this week is to give your initial thoughts and assessment of the case scenario.

Title, introduction, and beginning of body for your Portfolio Project paper:

Title – Choose aninspiredand attention-grabbing title. You will use this title for your APA formatted title page on your completed Portfolio Project paper. You want this title to get the reader excited about reading your paper, so do not simply use “Portfolio Project” or “Week 2 Assignment.


Paraphrase the case scenario in a couple of sentences. Include a topic sentence and 3-5 sentences including the following:

Identify the key issues or problems in the casescenario in your own words (synopsis).

ExamineJamie’s situation and outline some of events that brought her to therapy.

Beginning of body

Explain information you may share with Jamie in the first session to develop a therapeutic relationshipthat is built on trust, honesty, respect, and a nonjudgmental environment.

How do you feel Jamiecan benefit from therapy, specific interventions, reflecting on her relationship with her parents, and setting goals? Justify your rationale.

Using the weblinks provided earlier in this document and your own research, evaluate which form of family therapy you are considering implementing for this client and her family. Defend your reasoning for choosing this type of therapy and make sure to indicate the stengths and weaknesses of this approach.

Finally, using the weblinks provided earlier and your own research, critique the effectiveness of possibly using the family therapy and systemic practice approach in working with the family in the provided case scenario.

This will become the basis of the introduction of your paper. Additionally, please format the above URL’s into an APA formatted sources.


Good (2016, August 5). Treatment Plan. Retrieved from…

Upload your Word document to Blackboard.

Week 3: Assessment Questions

Due by the end of Week 3 at 11:59 pm, ET.

This is where you introduce the skills of assessment and questioning. The therapist/client relationship is based on trust and honesty, and occurs in a non-judgmental and safe environment. Therapists use questioning, assessments, and/or basic listening skillsto relate to the client, build a relationship, and ascertain the methods, theory, and possible interventions/treatment that best suits an individual or family.

The PDF on counseling micro-skills provided earlier in the directions section of this document will help you to complete this portion of your paper.

Your job is to interview Jamie to assess and better understandher relationship with her mother and step-fatherand the reports from school staff of an apparent unhealthy relationship and subsequent unusual, negative, and detrimental behaviors.

In a few paragraph response in a Word Document with proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation, select at least three of the basic listening skills that you might implement in your initial session to find out more about Jamie’s personal, academic, and family situation and why she was referred to outside therapy. These basic listening skills include: open questions, closed questions, encouragement, paraphrasing, reflection, and summarization.

For each selected basic listening skill, address the following prompts:

Define/describe the basic listening skill.

Plan some questions or specific strategies you could use with Jamie or her family to demonstrate the selected basic listening skill.

Defend why you think the selected basic listening skill would be particularly effective given this family’s unique dynamic.

Remember, if you use one of your sources or any of the material presented in this instruction document by either copying word for word or paraphrasing someone else’s words you must cite it. If you don’t cite, you are plagiarizing and that can lead to stern academic integrity infractions (also found under Student Resources on your course Blackboard).

Week 4: Intervention Recommendations

Due by the end of Week 4 at 11:59 pm, ET.

Good (2016) describes a treatment plan as a versatile, multi-faceted document that allows mental health care practitioners and those they are treating to design and monitor therapeutic treatment. Additionally, an effective treatment plan should be collaborative (involving the client and members of the treatment team), informative, and practical. Treatment plans are meant to reflect and implement goals that are in the best interest of the client. Treatment plans are agreements that outline approaches toward problem solving, empowerment, and goal setting.

As you work on this step of your project, you might find the information about treatment plans available at the following weblink useful: Good Therapy: Treatment Plan

Utilizing information from your own research and resourcesprovided within this documentaddress the following:

Create a sample treatment plan for Jamie. This treatment plan should include:

o Goal(s) of treatment

o Objectives

o Interventions

o Methods to assess progress

After detailing your proposed treatment plan, make sure to explain why you feel the selected goals, objectives, and interventions would be appropriate and beneficial for Jamie and her family.

o You may choose as many treatment interventions and goals as you feel appropriate but ensure that you use sound research in order to substantiate and support your reasoning.

Week 5: Rough Draft

Due by the end of Week 5 at 11:59 pm, ET.

Create a rough draft of your paper by combining the content you wrote in Weeks 2, 3, and 4. Make sure to incorporate any feedback your instructor provided during these weeks. Your completed rough draft should include the following:

Title page in APA style, utilizing the title you created in Week 2

Introduction (completed in Week 2)


o Information given to Jamie in her initial session, potential benefits of treatment for Jamie and her family, possible therapeutic interventions/techniques for Jamie and her family, critique of effectiveness of family therapy and systemic practice approach (written in Week 2)

o Basic listening skills used to assess Jamie and her family (written in Week 3)

o Treatment plan and justification (written in Week 4)

o Add transitions and headings between the sections created in Weeks 2, 3, and 4 so that your paper flows smoothly and is easy to understand


o At least 3-5 sentences

o Summarize the major concerns/complaints Jamie and her family presented with, the basic listeningskills used, and the treatment methods suggested for Jamie

o Try to tie the major themes/points of your paper together

Reference list (in APA style)

Upload a rough draft of your Portfolio Project paper to the designated discussion forum located in Blackboard. In your initial post, in addition to attaching your paper, provide specific areas where you would like recommendations for improvement and the type of feedback you are looking for from your classmates and instructor.

After you post your paper, review, and reply to two of your peers’ submissions. Your replies should go beyond simply telling your classmates that they did a nice job or that you liked their paper. Instead, you should use the grading rubric as a guide to provide your classmates with specific strategies, thoughts, or ideas you think would help them to improve their assignment. Acceptable feedback could include comments regarding grammar and spelling, proper APA formatting, more specific information or questions/concerns regarding the treatment plan, etc.

In addition to feedback from your peers, feedback will also be provided by your instructor prior to your final submission in Week 7. Make sure to utilize this feedback to make any necessary changes.

Week 7: Final Submission

Due by the end of Week 7 at 11:59 pm, ET.

This week is the final submission of your Portfolio Project. Incorporate instructor feedback, make any additional corrections, and submit to your ePortfolio.

Upload your Portfolio Project to the Program Outcome in your ePortfolio listed below. Use the following naming convention: HUSS125 – Portfolio Project:

Adapt essential communication skills to interact effectively with supervisors, peers and the public in various human and social settings.”

For directions on how to upload your project to your ePortfolio, please see Student Resources in Blackboard on the navigation pane.

Week 7.5: Reflection

Due by the end of Week 7.5 at 11:59 pm, ET.

For the final piece of your Portfolio Project, you will reflect upon the project in the form of a Word document. This reflection will beapproximatelyone page in length.

For this reflection:

a) Explain how the knowledge gained in the project will benefit you in the workplace or in your personal life.

b) In your own words reflect on how this project meets the Program and Institutional Outcomes stated on the first page.

Upload and submit your final reflection.

For specific grading information, please refer to the Portfolio Project Grading Rubric

Appendix ACase Scenario

Jamie, 17 years old, high school student was referred to an outside counseling center for by her school counselor due to displaying behaviors that were of concern brought forward by several of her teachers, close friends, and her parents Miranda (biological mother) and Jack (stepfather). The behaviorsincludesleeping in class, lack of motivation, a decline in grades, decrease social interaction (dropping close friends), and serious attitude problems at home. She did not report any issues with alcohol/drug. She has limited her social groups and close friends and gravitated more to drug-using peers. However, since the remarriage of her mother, she has felt let down and alienated from her mother. She reports that she has had no contact or relationship to her biological father as he has moved to a different state and remarried. Her relationship with her mother isvery tense since the separation, divorce, and subsequent remarriage. She expressed frustration and anger towards her step-father blaming him for her “unhealthybehaviors. Jamie freely admitted she wants to improve her relationship with her mother but felt the step-father was always in the way. She expressed the need for more visible and outward expressions of her mother’s love. The family requested individual and family counseling services.


mha5016 week 5 assignment included unit 3 assignment Business Finance Assignment Help

Information System Job Description and Summary


For this assignment, refer to your work on the Unit 3 assignment. You may also wish to refer back to the Vila Health: Analysis of an EHR System simulation.

Now that you have made recommendations on an EHR system and meaningful use compliance, the leadership has decided to hire a health information manager to oversee the EHR and other relevant HIM systems. This person will be responsible for ensuring long-term meaningful use compliance and working with the staff, stakeholders, and vendors to ensure continued success and seamless use of the EHR system.

Since you spent so much time analyzing the organization’s systems, this new hire will report directly to you and you will take the lead in the hiring process.


This assignment has two deliverables:

  1. A 2–3-page executive summary that summarizes the need for the position. This will be presented to the leadership prior to posting the job description and advertising it to potential candidates.
  2. A 1–2-page job description detailing the position of the HIM professional you want to hire.
Executive Summary

The purpose of the executive summary is to present a clear case for the need of the HIM professional position to be hired. You should support this need with evidence from your analysis that you completed in the Unit 3 assignment. In your executive summary:

  • Explain an organization’s need for a HIM professional to ensure long-term meaningful use and current incentive program compliance.
  • Analyze the potential financial impacts of hiring a new HIM professional.

    • In other words, what will it cost to hire and employ the new HIM professional versus the potential costs incurred by failing meaningful use compliance or failing to achieve incentives from current programs?
  • Support hiring need and recommendations with specific evidence to encourage buy-in from the leadership.
Job Description

The job description will allow you to lay out the desired skills and responsibilities for the HIM professional. It should include a minimum and a preferred education, experience, and training requirement. In your job description:

  • Describe specific job functions of a new health information management professional.
  • Explain the skills and training needed by a new health information management professional to be successful in a position.

In addition to the points mentioned so far, your assignment will also be assessed using the following criteria:

  • Communicate the need for a HIM professional and their job requirements in a manner that is clear and concise.
  • Integrate relevant sources to support assertions, correctly formatting citations and references using current APA style.

Additional Requirements

Your assignment should also meet the following requirements:

  • Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • Professional format: The executive summary format is consistent with expectations for professionals in health care administration.
  • APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style and formatting standards.
  • Number of resources: 3–5 peer-reviewed resources from scholarly journal articles.
  • Length:

    • Executive summary: 2–3 double-spaced pages, following APA alignment. Page count excludes the title page and reference page. You do not need to write an abstract for this assignment.
    • Job description: 1–2 pages. Job description format should follow a typical job description based on your research.
  • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.


Answer the questions in requirements based off of the two books also located there Writing Assignment Help

Paper is for Genocide, War Crimes, and Laws. Paper is based on Hannah Arendt’s A Report on the Banality of Evil and Omer Bartov’s Hitler’s Army, Soldiers, Nazis, and War in the Third Reich.

Must Answer the following questions:

Arendt’s Book:

1) Who was Adolph Eichmann and what crimes did he commit? Why? Discuss his three solutions of Deportation, Concentration, and Extermination. Was he a fanatic, true believer of Nazi ideology, anti-Semite following orders, or a combination of all 3?

2) What does Arendt mean when she speaks of the banality of evil?

Bartov’s Book:

1) Describe the environment the German Army operated in. What was the ideology Hitler used to justify his treatment of military and civilian populations in Russia?

2) Describe the various policies practiced by the German army in this theater in relation to its own troops, civilians, POWs, detainees, etc.

3) What affect did these activities have on the German solider individually, on the Germany army generally, and on the victims of these activities? Beside the moral problems with this type of activity, is there a sound utilitarian reason why soldiers should not be permitted to conduct these types of activites?


Research Methods in Counseling – Literature Review & Action-Research Proposal/Paper Humanities Assignment Help

Research Methods in Counseling – Literature Review & Action-Research Proposal/Paper Humanities Assignment Help

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