Research outline on Hurricane Harvey Humanities Assignment Help

Research outline on Hurricane Harvey Humanities Assignment Help. Research outline on Hurricane Harvey Humanities Assignment Help.

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The required elements: Your outline should contain the following elements in this order:

  1. The Introduction: this section must contain
    • Name of research topic
    • When weather event occurred
    • Where weather event occurred
    • Who was impacted by weather event
    • Why is weather event relevant and important

  2. The Body (Content Sections): this section should contain
    • Weather Journal: Please review the Weather Journal
      and include a minimum of five days of atmospheric conditions. Record
      conditions beginning at least two days prior to the event and ending at
      least two days after the event.
    • Weather Event: Discuss the meteorology of what happened during your weather event. Describe conditions seen on the ground.
    • Causation: Factors instrumental in creating favorable
      conditions for this weather event (i.e., surface heating, upper level
      disturbances, frontal convergence, etc.)
    • Societal Impacts: Discuss the short-term (i.e. evacuations,
      power outages, property damage, injuries, loss of life, etc.) and
      long-term (i.e. economic losses, homelessness, mass relocations, etc.)
      impacts this weather event had on society.
    • Weather Readiness: Plans to minimize, mitigate, or avoid future
      impacts from similar weather events (i.e. investing in weather radios
      or weather apps, evacuation plans, recovery centers, improving
      infrastructure, etc.)

  3. The Conclusion Section: this section should contain four to six points that sum up the main points from the body of the outline.
    • Start your conclusive section with one sentence summarizing some basic
      information included in the introduction your chosen topic
    • Continue with a brief summary (1-2 sentences) summarizing what happened.
    • Include a brief note about future weather readiness.
    • Wrap up the conclusive section with a closing note that provides brief information about relevancy of your topic.

  4. Reference section: This is not just the reference page; rather, referencing should occur throughout the outline as it will in your presentation. Therefore, your outline should include both a separate reference page containing a minimum of five sources listed in proper APA reference list format AND
    internal citations throughout the outline where appropriate. Please be
    sure to see the resources below for assistance regarding in-text
    citations and reference list formatting, and/or ask me if you have any
    additional questions.

Please make note of the following tips and tricks:

  • We understand that this is a rough draft and, as your research and
    writing continue over the next few weeks, details may be added or
    changed. Although you do not have to resubmit it to me, I recommend that
    you update this outline to help you best complete Assignments 3.
  • Write your outline so that it has detailed bullets that you can easily
    then flesh out into sentences for the narration of your presentation
    (Assignment 3).
  • After your outline is complete, I recommend that you next draft your
    introductory and conclusion sections for your outline. This will ensure
    that all the main points of the outline are incorporated in these two
    framing sections of your final presentation.
  • Please note that less than 10% of your outline or presentation (Assignment 3) should contain direct quotes.
  • All internal citation references should be listed on the reference page, and vice versa.

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Research outline on Hurricane Harvey Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Client Presentation on Globalization Economics Assignment Help

You are an economic consultant for XYZ Corporation who reports to the VP of Finance, Maria Horowitz. You learned that multiple departments of your company are collaborating to create a presentation for a prospective client that explains how XYZ Corporation can help them improve their business. Maria has been asked to present on several financial aspects of an organization. She asks you to develop the sections of the presentation for two topics: government intervention and globalization. The potential client, named Fourevr Enterprises, has stated they have a lack of understanding about governmental intervention and their business is projected to grow at a rate that has them concerned about factors such as externalities and market power. Additionally, Fourevr Enterprises has cited that they mostly operate domestically, both in terms of production and selling, because they are unfamiliar with and apprehensive to engage in globalization efforts.

For this Assignment, identify a product or service offered by Fourevr Enterprises and the industry that defines it. Select one that is or potentially can be involved in international trade and globalization. Some suggestions are:

  • Automobile or parts manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical research and development (R&D) and manufacturing
  • Financial Industries
  • Software development
  • Entertainment/video games
  • Oil and gas exploration and production
  • Small businesses involved in importing and/or exporting consumer products

Maria has developed an outline of questions she would like to have addressed for the presentation and has placed them in the presentation template. She has tasked you with addressing the questions and filling out the presentation template.

In addition to responding to the prompts, you should include a cover slide, an Introduction to Fourevr Enterprises, and a References slide that includes all sources cited. Each content slide should also include detailed speaker’s notes that would be used to make the presentation to the leaders of Fourevr Enterprises. Use the presentation template provided to address the prompts.

To prepare for this Assignment:

  • Review this week’s Learning Resources; you may also want to review the characteristics of market structure from Week 4 to support your selection of a particular industry for Fourevr Enterprises.
  • Refer to the Academic Writing Expectations for 1000-Level Courses as you compose your Assignment.

By Day 7

Submit the first part of your presentation, which involves a discussion of government regulations and policies associated with “market failure.” Be sure to include the following:

  • Provide a brief introduction to Fourevr Enterprises, including type of business and industry and what types of products or services the company offers. (1 slide)
  • Define market failure and identify at least two of the most common forms of market failure. Select examples consistent with Fourevr’s operations (e.g., pollution controls for an oil and gas company, labeling requirements for a pharmaceutical company, intellectual property protection for an entertainment company, provision of public services such as police or fire protection, or publicly funded training programs to help train skilled manufacturing workers). (1–2 slides)
  • For each market failure identified, use graphs and economic models to explain the following (2–3 slides for each market failure):
    • The reason for the market failure
    • The possible or potential effects of the failure on Fourevr’s operations (whether positive or negative)
    • The role of government regulations/policy to correct each failure, and what effects those regulations might have on the company’s costs, revenues, and profits

Note: For each prompt, be sure to reference at least one scholarly source to support your answer. Use the Week 5 Assignment Template, provided in this week’s Learning Resources, to complete this Assignment.


Unit I Essay Business Finance Assignment Help

In a three-page essay (minimum 750 words), discuss a time when you acted as a leader in a crisis. Your essay should contain the following information:

Include an introduction and a description of your crisis.

Apply and explain Jordan-Meier’s four fundamental stages of the crisis.

What happened during the crisis?

What risks emerged during the crisis situation, and how did you handle the situation as the leader?

How did you handle the crisis with others on your team?

Identify the steps you took to remedy the situation?

Research sources to link your experiences to theories, and support your ideas. Include a minimum of two sources, at least one source from the CSU Online Library.


5-1 Milestone Two: Marketing Strategy Framework? Business Finance Assignment Help

There is no exact number of pages, basically just need all the topics answered and the template completed (I will send to you). I will also send you the information to use references from the textbook. I attached the other papers that might help you complete the paper. The subject is Dollar General going into Trinidad and Tobago. They will be bringing clothing that transforms into a t-shirt, dress, hood, etc. It is basically a wrap that will help with the different types of weather there and is cheap/affordable.

Here are the instructions:…

Overview: For this milestone, you will craft marketing objectives; use the segmentation, targeting, and positioning (STP) framework to craft buyer personas; and

explain which foreign entry mode will allow your company to enter the new foreign market.

Prompt: In this milestone, you will add to your strategic international marketing plan by 1) crafting one or more succinct market objectives that your marketing plan and mix will pursue, 2) using the Buyer Persona Template to create buyer personas to illustrate the story behind your strategic positioning of your brand and product to each of the target segments you identify, and 3) explaining which foreign entry mode will allow your company to most competitively penetrate the new foreign market space.

Specifically, your submission should address the following critical elements:

  1. Marketing Strategy Framework: In this section, you will first lay the groundwork and then develop strategic marketing objectives that best address your comparative global and target market strengths and weaknesses identified within your TOWS analysis. As you draft the purpose, consider factors such asgaining economies of scale, economies of scope/diversification, new market growth, escaping hostile domestic environment, resource-seeking, and knowledge-seeking.
    1. Identify the target market spaces that are the greatest opportunity for any company in your industry.
    2. Explain how rivalry conditions will impact the formation of your marketing objectives.
    3. Describe the purpose(s) your company has for international expansion as identified by your research.
    4. Outline the market share, financial, and branding expectations for the target market in the first 6, 12, 18, and 24 months.
    5. Based on your answers above, craft one or more strategic marketing objectives that best address the risks and opportunities identified withinyour TOWS analysis.
  2. Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning: In this section, you will use the STP framework to craft buyer personas of the major target market consumer segments that your strategic marketing plan will address.
    1. Use the provided template to craft a minimum of three buyer personas: two positive (most important) and one negative (most likely to object to purchase).
    2. Describe how the STP framework informed your creation of the personas.
  3. Target Market Entry Mode: In this section, you will identify and defend the strategic entry mode you will pursue to gain access to your target market and the segments you have identified.
    1. Identify the strategic entry mode you will pursue.
    2. Explain how your TOWS analysis and market objectives drive your choice of entry mode.
    3. Explain how the trade-offs among organizational/market control, profitability, strategic flexibility, and foreign market risk were considered inyour decision.
    4. Discuss how your recommended entry mode might inform later marketing mix elements.


Guidelines for Submission: Include your completed buyer persona template with this submission. Present data and graphics in an appendix as necessary. Follow the most recent APA guidelines for formatting and references.


Community Nursing Health Medical Assignment Help


Nies, Mary A., McEwen, Melanie (2015). Community/Public Health Nursing. Promoting the Health of the Populations. (6th ed).

ISBN: 978-0323-18819-7

Read Chapters 9 & 20.

1- a)Identify educational preparations and skills recommended for case managers.

b) Identify the characteristics of a family that has implications for community health nursing practice.

2- Create a summary of your thoughts on each chapter assigned for this week (Chapters 9 & 20).

Answers should be presented in an essay style format and a minimum of 700 words for each question.

APA Format

Arial 12

A Minimum of 3 REFERENCES non older than 5 years ( excluding the book)

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HISCO Summary Annual Report Business Finance Assignment Help

HISCO Summary Annual Report

Prior to gaining access to the Summary Annual Report through the Growing Your Business simulation, all previously assigned simulation work must be completed. After all previously assigned simulation work has been completed, the Summary Annual Report Template will be accessible through the Annual Report tab.

The summary annual report is a scaled down version of a full annual report. You will simply not have enough detail to complete the typical nine sections. For example, you are not responsible for the Auditor’s Report. Naturally, you are encouraged to review real world annual reports which can be used as a strawman in preparation. Your recently completed Annual Operating Review in Week 5 should be aligned with your Annual Report.

Preparing your HISCO summary annual report will be one of the most comprehensive assignments you will have completed during your MBA. You will gain an appreciation for the complexity and responsibility the senior executives continually face. Hopefully, you have experienced the holistic and competitive environment from the simulation. Your recently completed Annual Operating Review will provide the basics.

The information, qualitative and quantitative, in an annual report should provide current and prospective investors (as well as any stakeholder) a complete insight into the company’s historic performance and its plans for growth and improvement over the next few years as defined by its strategy. Publicly traded companies are required by law to prepare and submit to many constituencies a variety of filings. The most well-known is the Annual Report to Shareholders and related Form 10-K. An annual report is technically an unofficial document. The Form 10-K will typically provide the most comprehensive summary of the company’s history, financials, risks and opportunities, and current operations. The Form 10-K is submitted annually to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Technically, HISCO is a private company (you may have sold equity to the venture capitalist) and only if it had publically trades debt would be required to file a Form 10K.

As a future leader of a public or private company, you will learn the integrative nature of any business while you complete the HISCO summary annual report. This document can become an important part of your e-portfolio in the program. Your owner, Stanley Sloane, looks forward to reading your HISCO summary annual report. While details may vary state by state, even if your career leads to growing a small private business, you will need to file an annual report with The Secretary of State in your jurisdiction, another benefit to learning from our final activity.

The following identifies specifics instructions for preparation of each required section. The required sections to be completed will be found the word document from the model. Please remember to periodically save your work. An online search will reveal innumerable sites devoted to annual reports.

The HISCO Summary Annual Report

  • Must be completed using the template provided through the Growing Your Business simulation.
  • Follow the Summary Annual Report Template to format your work. Standard APA formatting will not apply to this assignment.
  • Must include the following:
    • Cover Page
      • You can design your own cover page. Should be reflective of your corporate image and may include a picture and/or logo. At a minimum, it will include the Name 2017 HISCO Summary Annual Report as well as your name and date. The cover page can only be 1 page.
    • CEO Letter
      • The CEO Letter is designed to share the Strategy, Financial Highlight Summary, and Business Overview of the past year. Evaluate quantitative and qualitative techniques for business analysis and decision-making. It will typically also include the future growth outlook for the business (detailed in the Sales, Marketing and Industry pages below). The CEO Letter can be a maximum of 3 pages.
    • The “Stan Sloane Letter”
      • HISCO’s owner, Stan Sloane, is very happy that he decided to hire you to help turn the company around. He is interested in having you stay on with the company. However, he will need assurance from you that you are committed to continuing to grow HISCO. Explain to Stan how you plan on running the company over the next two years. You should discuss the majority of the items you developed when you first came on with the company, including: whether you would make any changes to the SWOT analysis, whether you would change the company strategy, negotiations you would make with company stakeholders, future technology suggestions, growth expectations in general for the industry and specifically for HISCO over the next two years, any concerns that occurred in the past year that you would address, and any other information you believe would be relevant in order to reassure Stan that he has placed the company in the right hands. You will add this letter at the end of the standard Annual Report. This letter is not part of a traditional Annual Report. The “Stan Sloane Letter” can be 3-4 pages.
    • Sales, Marketing, & Industry
      • This section should detail all aspects of HISCO’s Value Chain, from supplier to manufacturing to the customer. Products, NPIs, Pricing, in an industry perspective of competition should be elaborated on. Utilize tools from marketing to manage the profitability of overall business operations. A review of your SWOT would probably help as well as your recently completed Annual Operating Review. An essential element is for current and prospective investors to understand how HISCO makes money and will be able to create growth and deal with risks. The Sales, Marketing & Industry section can be a maximum of 5 pages.
    • Financial Statements
      • Financial statements are the heart and soul of the annual report. This is a quantitative section that provides current and prospective investors a look into HISCOs financial performance. The financial statements consist of the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow. We suggest you show a minimum of 4 Qtrs. for each of the past two years for the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow. Utilize tools from finance management to manage the profitability of overall business operations. Consider expanding the lines within each statement in the model. You will need to provide details on the Credit Line. The Financial Statements section can be a maximum of 6 pages.
    • Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A)
      • The Management Discussion and Analysis section provides the real detail on year to year performance. In your case, this will be 2015 vs. 2014. Topics will be both qualitative and quantitative in all aspects of 2015 relative to 2014. MD&A will certainly include a complete variance analysis of performance and the successes and failures of your decisions for the year. It is the time you will delve into the details of your operating decisions. The MD&A section is typically devoted to the past (your future was described in prior sections). Reference to the Financial Statements is crucial as well as your recently completed Annual Operating Review. Graphics from your Business Intelligence Dashboard and your Variance walks on Income and Cash can provide visual insight into your performance. The Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) can be a maximum of 6 pages.
    • Notes, Appendices, and References
      • Any supporting documents, comments, information, a glossary of terminology, and/or clarifications you deem relevant to your annual report to assist current and prospective investors. The Notes, Appendices, and References are required and can be a minimum of 1 page and a maximum of 2 pages. References can be in a bulleted or numbered format.

HISCO Summary Annual Report Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

report paper Business Finance Assignment Help

1. Objective

These are your objectives for this study:

The fundamental objective of your study is to collect empirical data to verify if the customer
arrival pattern of a typical retail facilitate would follow that of a Poisson distribution pattern as
the queuing theory in your textbook has predicted.

Another objective is that you will also evaluate the service rate and average waiting times of the
customers spent in the service process provided by the restaurant under study.

Rephrase the above and extend them suitably.

2. Methodology

Your method is going to a selected location of a fast-food chain to observe the arrival pattern and
service data. Much of the information can be found in the project statement I gave you at the
beginning of the project. Of course, you should not copy word by word from what I gave you to
your report. Among others, this section should have the following subsections:

  •  Schedule – List the dates and time during which the group did the observation. Explain
    why the choices.
  •  Members – Explain who were in your group, and what roles were assigned to each of the
    group members. You should use a table to help structure your information. You should
    insert photos taken of the group during data collection.
  •  Location – Describe the layout of the location of the fast food place, and how you
    assigned each member to make sure you would capture accurate data about the arrival
    and service time. Use the drawing tool (in MS Word or Power Point) to draw a diagram
    showing the layout. Also consider using images from Google satellite pictures to help
    show the layout of the facility.
  •  Layout – The layout of the drive-through facility. Include a diagram to explain the
    positions of the ordering window, the directions of the traffic.

 Equipment – Describe the device and apps used and how the data were measured/counted
(e.g. what did you use as timing instruments? Etc.) and recorded

3. Data

Describe the two types of data:

Talk about the two types of data your group has collected. Did you observe the data directly?
Or you have to follow other steps to derive your data?

How many data points (for each data type) did your group manage to collect? For example, each
5-minute observation of the arrival is a data point for the arrival, the time-in and time-out of
service received by a given car is one data point of the service data). Maybe you can give an
example of the kinds of data you obtained.

You do not need to include the raw data in the body of the report. They should be on EXCEL
and the original source documents should go to Appendix A.

4. Analysis

Discuss what procedure you followed to accomplish the first objective stated in the beginning of
the project report. How did you verify if the actual arrival data distributed in a pattern as
predicted by the textbook? Then discuss the evaluation you did for the second objective.

Analysis for Arrival Pattern (Objective 1)

Explain the purposes of the following columns in the appropriate EXCEL worksheet (Worksheet
named “Pb Dist x”):

  •  Frequency (F)
  •  Relative Frequency (RF)
  •  Poisson columns in the EXCEL workbook, and the reason for plotting the RF and
    Poisson columns on the chart.
    Explain how the above columns allow you to show the comparison of the actual and expected
    arrival patterns.
    Analysis for Service Capacity (Objective 2)
    Start your discussion by first talking about your evaluation of the fast food facility in terms of
    their average arrival rate (λ), average service rate (μ), utilization rate (ρ), and capacity surplus.

You also discuss whether it was crowded (e.g. the use of Cs and Cw to how your measurement,
and their interpretation). You should also evaluate the facility in terms of the time that an
average customer would need to spend in the whole process and in waiting.

Explain conceptually what Cs, Cw, Ts, and Tw mean and the formulas you used to calculate
them (provide and explain the formulas). What did they tell about the drive-through you had

Use short and independent paragraphs for each of the above (λ, μ, ρ, Capacity Surplus, Cs, Cw,
Ts, and Tw). Do not copy the results from the EXCEL worksheet and paste here yet. You will
report the findings in the next section.

5. Result / Findings

Discuss the results of your evaluation based on your data and the use of the various formulae.
Arrival Pattern (Objective 1)

Describe what you see in the chart where the actual and expected arrival patterns are compared.
Are they similar? Where do they show similarities? Are they at different? Where do they show
the variances? We have discussed how you should describe the similarities and differences in a
specific manner.

You have been asked to pencil down on the data collect forms comments and observations you
had on each day of the study. Is there anything (i.e. your observations during data collection)
extraordinary that may contribute to the differences in the actual arrival pattern?

Service Capacity (Objective 2)

Discuss the calculated average arrival rate (λ), average service rate (μ), utilization rate (ρ), and
capacity surplus. Discuss the result of the calculated Crowdedness (Cs and Cw) and Service
Time (Ts and Tw). You may find it convenient to copy the correctly formatted EXCEL
spreadsheet portion (the one that has the analysis) and paste it here.

6. Conclusion

Provide a summary of the following:

  •  The objective of this study
  •  The study itself, such as the name of the restaurant, what the group did there,
    for how long, what kinds of data collected, how the data have been used,
    what aspects of the restaurant the group was assessing, etc.
  •  At the very end, you need to respond to the questions raised in the Objective
    section. Did the findings provide enough information for you to answer the
    questions raised in the Objective?
    Remember: Your conclusion has to state if the two questions asked in the
    Objective Section have been answered.


You will turn in a folder (or binder) containing all of the components. It MUST be a hard copy, not digital. Your folder should have the following: Read the play: You can watch it here: Trifiles Large 54 Writing Assignment Help

You will turn in a folder (or binder) containing all of the components. It MUST be a hard copy, not digital. Your folder should have the following:

Read the play:

You can watch it here:

Trifiles Large 540p

or here:

Trifles by Susan Glaspell, a d’moiselles production in NYC

1) a 2-3 page PLOT SUMMARY of Trifles

2) a 2-3 page HISTORICAL CONTEXT PAPER exploring the time period and region when the play is set. What kinds of technology did they have? How was the economy? The government? Religion? What did most people there and then do for work? Did men and women work outside of the home? How were women treated? What was the role of children? Etc.

3) 2 pictures each (or paintings or drawings, just some kind of visual images of) the Wright’s home, Mr. Wrights, and Mrs. Wright. A total of 6 images

4) Write the PREVIOUS ACTION script. You will write a script for how you believe the death of John Wright occurred. There are no rules other than you must format it correctly like a script and by the end of it, John Wright’s body must be in his bed and obviously strangled. Minimum 3 pages, use the playscript format:

Playwriting Manuscript Format

Remember to try starting at our library rather than Google.

Also remember that Google has a feature designed specifically for academic research and you can go directly there

Wikipedia cannot be used as a scholarly source BUT you can sometimes start there and then verify that information on other sites. Don’t forget that at the bottom of well-written articles on Wikipedia you will find a list of links to outside sources which should help you on your journey to fact verification.


Florida International Way Transnational Gangs Operate in Central America Paper Writing Assignment Help

This will be my exit option paper, hence I need help with my research proposal. The proposal should contain and abstract (100 words) followed by an introduction of the gang problem in central america, which would be followed by a through literature review of the subject ( I can provide a list of sources from were to start), Then I would move on to my methodologyl: I plane to conduct this study using qualitative data from in depth interviews acquired from experts and ex gang members in Honduras. ( i can pitch in what I have for this part)…


For this Assignment, you will complete an observation and analytical evaluation of an organization. A template is provided for you at the end of this Assignment description. Be sure to use this template.​ Writing Assignment Help

You will choose a business to observe either as an employee or as a customer/client. During this course, you will observe and evaluate the organization based on information you have learned about organizational culture. Be sure to refer to the articles you have read during this unit as well as the multimedia presentation about Company Culture in the Learning Activities area for Unit 6.

The Assignment will be comprised of a PowerPoint with narration about your experiences in the observation and your analysis of the organization. In addition, a transcript of the narration will also be needed to be included.

NOTE: The narration is a required element of this assignment and must be included to earn a grade for this assignment.

Bulleted Points on each slide should include brief points that identify the areas that will be addressed in the narration.

Your PowerPoint presentation should include a total of six slides using the following format:

Slide 1: Cover page that includes assignment title, your name, course, section number, and date.

Slide 2: Introduction of Company (1–2 minutes of narration)

  • Introduce the presentation by explaining information about the organization and the observation that took place such as the name of the organization, type of organization, day and time of observation and your role as an observer (are you an employee, customer, etc.).
  • Share background information about the company to give the audience an understanding of what this organization does. Support the ideas shared with research about the company’s background.

Slide 3: Professional Appearance of Employees and Company (1–2 minutes of narration)

  • Use these questions to guide your response (do not use these questions verbatim in your presentation):
    • How do the employees dress?
    • Is there anything about the appearance of the employees that distracts from their professionalism?
    • Do the employees’ appearance fit the nature of the business? Why or why not?
    • What does the working environment look like? (furnishings, artwork, lighting, sounds, etc.)
    • Do the physical surroundings fit the nature of the business? Why or why not?
    • How do the employees interact with each other and outside people within the workplace? (greetings, tone of conversation, non-verbal communication, etc.)
    • How do employees interact with each other?
    • Do the interactions of employees fit the nature of the business? Why or why not?

Slide 4: Analysis of Company (1–2 minutes of narration)

  • What inferences can you make from your observation? You should cover the following ideas in your explanation:
    • Analyze the company based on information you have learned about organizational culture in the class. Areas to include:
      • Determine the dominant organizational culture the company follows by choosing one of the 4 organizational cultures you learned during this unit of the course. Support this information with what you have learned about organizational culture based on both observations and research.
      • Compare the work done at the company and the organizational culture and explain how this relates.
      • Research the mission of the company and explain if it aligns with what you have observed. Explain why or why not.

Slide 5: Evaluation of Your Fit (1–2 minutes of narration)

  • Based solely on what you have observed and researched about the company (not based on the field of the company), do you feel you would be a good fit for this company? Why or why not?
    • Support this information with what you have learned through your observation as well as what you have researched about the company.
  • Identify at least 2–3 social and behavioral attributes you have that would be an asset to this company. Explain why. How do these attributes specifically connect with the nature and needs of the company?

Slide 6: Reference Slide – follows APA guidelines. (Reminder: for each source on the reference slide, there must be a corresponding in-text citation in the body of the presentation.)

Narration Guidelines: Your narration for the slides should demonstrate the following:

  • Maintain a persuasive tone by summarizing observations and evaluations for each slide.
  • Words should be clearly enunciated, and professional tone should be sustained throughout the presentation narration.
  • Audio recording should be free of background noise and interruptions.

Assignment Format

  • Two attachments will be needed to hand in for this assignment:
    • PowerPoint Presentation including narration with six slides that is professionally organized
    • Transcript shared in a Microsoft Word document should be included (be sure to separate each slide on a separate page).
  • Replace all template wording with brief bulleted points in your own words that guides the audience.
  • Slides 2–5 should include narration. See information on Slide 2 in the template which explains how to add narration to a PowerPoint slide – (be sure to remove this slide before posting to the Dropbox)
  • Ideas throughout the assignment should be supported by specific areas observed while conducting the observation during this course.
  • Bulleted points on each slide should include brief points that identify the areas that will be addressed in the narration.
  • Researched information should be included on Slides 4 and 5 (In-text citations should be included with any brief points that were researched from outside sources and the narration should fully explain the points).
  • With the presentation, there must be a transcript included in a Microsoft Word document that includes the narration word for word for each slide. Be sure to use headings for each slide narration, e.g., Slide 2, Slide 3, etc.
  • Identify the source of any pictures you use. NOTE: Pictures are not required for this presentation.

Use the PowerPoint template provided and submit your two files (both the PowerPoint with audio narration and the MS Word document with the transcript) to the Unit 6 Assignment Dropbox


Research outline on Hurricane Harvey Humanities Assignment Help

Research outline on Hurricane Harvey Humanities Assignment Help

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