Research paper Business Finance Assignment Help

Research paper Business Finance Assignment Help. Research paper Business Finance Assignment Help.

My research company is Tencent, write a 40 to 50 pages research paper with all the bullet point below, Full APA format is required for this paper.

1. Introduction.. Perhaps say in a paragraph or two why you choose this industry/company.

2. Description of the industry-Major Players

3 General environment

4. Porters five forces model-industry analysis

5 Company Backround

6 SWOT analysis

7 Business Level Strategy,Resources and capabilities

8 Core competencies

9 Value Chain

10 International Strategy

11Financial Analysis- Compare with peer group and other competitors. Note key financial trends

12 Corporate Governance- Board Power, Executive Leadership

13Conclusions, Recommendations

14 Cover anything else that you think is important to your firm/industry

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Econeomics Business Finance Assignment Help

In macroeconomics there are two questions that serve as foundation to any subsequent analysis: 1) how to measure (real) output growth? and 2) how is growth connected to well-being?

As for the first question, there are three ways that can be done, starting with the basic definition of percentage difference between two numbers, say x1 compared to x0. For the economy, the focus is on real GDP growth, which holds prices constant on a given year (base year) then apply them before, during, and after that year in order to calculate the total dollar value of all goods and services produced (i.e. we need prices to add up quantities in dollar terms).

The second question refers to a mapping from goods and services, to subjective well-being. Yes, there is a way.

Work out the algebraic steps to:

(1) go from the first to the second equation in slide 8;

(2) from that same top equation in slide 8 to the one in slide 9; and

(3) show the relationship in slide 10.


AnimationProject1 Writing Assignment Help

A) The first thing you should do is create a character. You can do this by using a computer

tool to sketch the character or their outline. Or, you can download a character of your choice from

the Web. Save the character as a .jpeg file to keep things simple. You might also want to figure

out how to fill the character to create the desired coloration, etc.

As an example for you, I have placed the file CharlieBrown.jpg in the Matlab Files module on

Canvas. If you read in the picture using the command:



(you might have to switch to the directory with the .jpg file to make it work), the net result is that

matrix CB will hold the RGB values for the Charlie Brown picture (it is actually a 3-D array, but

don’t worry about that for now). Next, run the CB matrix through the Jpeg2pointsConverter2

script using the command:


CBout = Jpeg2pointsConverter2(CB,220);

Note that 220 is the THRESHOLD value used by the Jpeg2pointsCoverter2 script. When you

choose your own character, you will have to see if the image looks OK and the number of total

points in the output matrix (CBout here) is only a few thousand. If you don’t like the resulting

image or it has too many points, try again with a different THRESHOLD value (higher THRESH-

OLD values give fewer points). You should read the help info at the top of Jpeg2pointsConverter

to see more details.

(B) For this first stage of your animation you should take your character and transform

it by each of these

required matrix transform elements

: (a) rotations, (b) shifts, (c) shears,

reflections, or rescalings, (d) transformations or alterations of your character such as a morph.

Show a before and after plot for each case, and record the transformation matrices (or morphing

rules if you use them).

(C) Make your character walk off the screen along some vector path. You can do this in

several ways, but in your write-up, be sure to explain the methods you used (for example, you can

use the homogeneous coordinates approach that was used in the moveN.m script; or, you can use

the matrix outer product approach that will be described in class).

This next part is more complicated, since it involves having your character away from the origin,

sitting somewhere in the “scene.” Then, since most of our transformations are defined around

the origin, you must (mathematically) transport your character to reference coordinates about the

origin, where you will transform it before placing it back in the scene. For your write-up of this

part, you should include your matlab code and explain the transformations that you used.

(D) For this more advanced part of your animation, I want you to write a matlab func-

tion/script that can take in a character located anywhere in a scene, transform it to reference

coordinates where you can perform transformations, then do the transformations and put the char-

acter back in the scene. You should take your character and transform it multiple times within


for loop

by at least two of these

matrix transform elements

: (a) rotations, (b) shears,

reflections, or rescalings, (c) other transformations/alterations or morphs of your character. Show

some plots to capture the action and include them in your write-up.


persuasive paper based on a hiring scenario Business Finance Assignment Help

  • Given is a job description and three resumes of potential candidates. Review the scenario, review the resumes, and then form an argument (persuasive dialogue) for one of the candidates.

You are the Hiring Manager for ABCD Consultancy. You have a vacant position to fill.

For reaction paper #2, please read the job description posted below. Then review each of the three resumes of the final candidates for the position. Then write a persuasive paper convincing your CEO which candidate would be the best fit for the position and for your organization. Please use at least three references from the course material outside of the textbook to support your position. Please also integrate at least three organizational/personal examples that support your position.

  • PART 2: Review 2 peer drafts (I will send peer drafts after I get my paper)


Thought process of Langston Hughes ” The Negro Speaks of Rivers.” Writing Assignment Help

Research essay is a short (1200 – 1500 words) essay. Follow MLA guidelines for the essay. If you are not familiar with MLA guidelines, the Reference Desk at almost any library will have them, or you may purchase a copy of the latest version at the bookstore or online book seller of your choice. Do make sure your copy is current.

Citing online research is tricky. Make certain to print everything concerning any online source you plan to use. It may not be available or easy to find later.

The essay must include at least one print source in addition to the primary text. Demonstrate skills in using a traditional bricks and mortar library as part of the project. Please include the total number of sources (online and print) must be at least three, excluding the primary text. Please give a strong thesis statement and conclusion. Paragraphs also need to be strong as well.



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Use the sources

Textbook Readings: Kerzner, Chap. 7, 9

Textbook Readings: Kerzner, Chap. 4 and Textbook Readings: PMBOK, Chap. 3.2

Below are the sources, they are readily available, you must use only these

Kerzner, (2019). Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and

Controlling, Chapter 3,…

PMI, (2019). A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide),…

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MGMT365 Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants Compensation and Benefit Systems Paper Business Finance Assignment Help

Construct a comprehensive research paper on the Compensation and Benefit Systems implemented at a local company.

Company Selection :

Identify the company you will be researching for the paper.

Research Questions:

Submit a list of at least five fully-developed questions that you hope to research and answer in your paper.

List of Resources:

Submit a list of at least five sources that you will use in your paper. Citations should use proper MLA formatting.

Final Paper:

The paper will:

  • follow MLA guidelines
  • be in Microsoft Word format
  • at least 5-pages in length (body only)
  • be double-spaced
  • include a cover page
  • include a Works Cited page with a minimum of 5 sources (of which at least 3 are peer-reviewed)

There should be a minimum of five parenthetical internal citations within the text of your paper (this means you must have quotes, statistics, etc backed up with a source from the Works Cited sheet).

Grading Criteria




Cover Page

Cover page is properly formatted using MLA style.



  • Identifies one specific company researched.
  • Explains the company’s compensation and benefit system(s).
  • Connects the company’s system(s) to secondary research.
  • At least 5 pages in length (not including cover page and works cited).
  • Cites a minimum of 5 sources, of which 3 are peer-reviewed.
  • Written using proper college-level writing.


Works Cited

Properly cites all sources used in the paper (including the textbook) in proper MLA style.


MLA Format

Proper MLA formatting is used throughout the entire paper.





Pre modern artifact analysis Writing Assignment Help

I have attached three pictures of artifacts and you need to answer the question below using the artifacts. Between 2-3 pages times new roman 12 pt font. Essay should place the artifact/object in a specific era and location by defining the role of the values of both as they explain your artifact(s).


By analyzing the characteristics of three artifacts discussed in class, give examples of fundamental changes in the values of western society during the Middle Ages. How did each object reflect the change from the previous values or beliefs during a specific time and place? Discuss each object first separately, then both together.


I need solution of 3 questions Business Finance Assignment Help

1. For the following scenario, calculate the total cost for this shipment of truckload freight:

A customer has 48 pallets of consumer goods that they need transported from their manufacturing plant in Joliet, IL to their warehouse located in Philadelphia, PA. The distance between these two locations is 765 miles. The 48 pallets will fit into one truckload. They want to hire Saints Trucking Company to haul this shipment for them in one of their tractor-trailer trucks. Saints has a reputation for careful freight handling and arriving to the destination when promised. The Saints truck driver needs to pick up the freight at the facility in Joliet, drive to Philadelphia, and then unload at the warehouse in Philadelphia. Each loading or unloading activity takes one hour.

2. If the driver arrived at the Joliet facility at 8am on Monday (and assume the manufacturer was ready to start the loading process at that time), when would the driver be ready to leave the facility in Philadelphia? When would Saints promise that the shipment would arrive?

3. If the Saints trucking company uses a pricing model similar to cost-of-service, and they charge 20% above the cost of service (for their profit margin), what would the customer pay for this shipment?

Assume no costs for the driver or truck/trailer to get to Joliet, or to leave Philadelphia.

Driver Information:

Driver labor (while driving or working): $ per hour


Driver labor (any non-work time away from home): $ per hour


Overnight cost for driver meals, lodging, etc. $ per night away from home


Maximum hours driver can drive without a break: in hours


Minimum break length: in hours (after which the driver can drive again)


Truck Information:

Truck fuel cost: $ per mile


Insurance and Maintenance cost: $ per mile


Average speed of travel: in miles/hour


Cost of truck when it is not being driven: $ per hour


This work must be done in less than 24 hours


Describe your experiences in Morocco and analyze these with reference to the course literature, especially the 10 Variables, throughout your assignment. Writing Assignment Help

Please check the documents in the attachment for the example of how it is done + requirements for the assignment

There is a good example of how this assignment in the document named” BOK assessment” . Check the chapter” Intercultural Communication”.Also there you can base on that to write experiences in Morocco and structure the assignment.Just follow the example.

Apply 2 Models : 10 variables of culture ( in the attachment) + U- curve of cultural adjustment by Reisinger

Font: Arial 12 , Spacing : 1

Format automatic reference using Microsoft Word ( easier for me to check and update if needed)


Research paper Business Finance Assignment Help

Research paper Business Finance Assignment Help