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Research Paper Business Finance Assignment Help. Research Paper Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Write a research paper that analyzes methods used to appropriately manage
teams and groups within organizations. In your research paper, be sure to
include the following elements:

  • Distinguish between a group and a team.
  • Distinguish between Teamthink and Groupthink ( in the Manz & Neck
    article), and identify benefits and drawbacks.
  • Discuss the process of evolving a group into a team and the importance of
    organizational culture in that process.
  • Discuss leadership styles that are effective for successful management of
    multicultural groups and teams.
  • Include a discussion on any aspect of leadership covered in the course
    that was of particular interest to you. All topics do not need to be
    included, but followership, ethics, leadership styles, multicultural
    leadership are all topics that have been studied, and any one (or more)
    that you found particularly interesting could be incorporated into the

Utilize the CSU Online Library to locate five sources to use as references
that support your research paper. Your research paper should be four to six
pages in length.

Be sure to include the rubric elements from the guidelines below:

  • Your introduction should engage the reader and clearly present the thesis
    and a summary of the main points to clarify your point of view.
  • The review of the literature should present a critical analysis and
    synthesis of the existing research.
  • The discussion should reveal insightful analysis of research.
  • A summary should be present that reviews or summarizes key points and
    provides a smooth transition between sections.
  • The writing should be clear and concise with proper sentence structure,
    grammar, and punctuation, and it should be free from spelling errors.
  • The number of academically credible sources should meet the requirements
    and should be properly cited, per APA standards.

The following resource(s) may help you with this assignment.

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American Literature – Presenting an Argument Writing Assignment Help

Hello! So, this assignment is going to be a little different as it’s a presentation that needs to be recorded. I was thinking of doing the video recorded one, but I need you to write out what I am going to say for my 2-4 minute audio, as well make the accompanying visual aid. Here are the assignment instructions.


Your presentation will address one of the following questions:

  1. Does our state do enough to prevent distracted driving?
  2. Can a PSA help reduce the number of distracted driving incidents?

Presentation Requirements:

  • It must be two to four minutes in length.
  • (IM DOING THIS) If you create a video recorded presentation, it must include audio recorded speech and at least one actual visual aide (chart, graph, poster, etc.)
  • If you create an audio recorded presentation, it must also include at least five visual images in an accompanying document.


Planning, Scheduling, Scope and Strategy – 2 parts Business Finance Assignment Help

TOTAL 4 PAGES DOUBLE SPACED (based on the event attached) APA format, excluding title and references

Using the downloadable software, templates provided, or other preferred software, such as Microsoft Excel:

This list of activities needs to contain enough detail so you can effectively plan and schedule your event.

  • Using the completed WBS as a reference, next complete a Gantt chart of your project using the template provided. If you discover in the process you overlooked activities make sure to include them in the WBS.
    Gantt Chart
  • In a paper that is a minimum of 2 pages long, identify the Critical Path for your project. Using the WBS and the Gantt chart you constructed for this project analyze how much longer you will need to start planning in advance of your event in order to complete the project? Your submission should follow the essentials of APA (i.e., cover page, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, reference section at the end, in-text citations, etc.).

    Would you like information about how to format in APA? Click here.

  • Papers should be spell-checked and submitted to Grammarly prior to submitting your paper to the drop box. “Grammarly” is a free service for Rasmussen students. Once you’ve made all of your suggested grammar corrections, submit your paper to the Drop Box, along with your Grammarly PDF report as a separate attachment. Your goal is to obtain a Grammarly score of 90 – 100%.


For this part of the Course Project, you will put together a Quality Plan. In order to provide the highest quality experience possible, attendees of the event were surveyed to determine what was most important to them when attending such an event. The result of this survey is listed below:

– 90% of those completing the survey felt that having engaging and dynamic speakers is key to a successful event
– 90% felt that it was important that the accommodations were physically located where the convention is being held; they didn’t want to have to take a bus or a shuttle from their hotel to the convention.
– 85% stated the food provided should be wonderful and meet any dietary restrictions, such as vegetarian or gluten-free.

For your assignment, you will need to do the following:

Complete a scope statement for your project (Use may use the templates for Project Scope and Business Objective Worksheet provided). Your project Scope should be at one page in length.

Project Scope and Business Objective Worksheet

Using the WBS for your project, identify which of the Work Activities listed could potentially impact those items identified by attendees as critical for the success of the project.

Complete a Failure Mode and Effects Analysis. Only include those activities that impact the four issues identified by your customers as critical to producing a quality event. For each of the activities listed:

– Based on your knowledge of the activity analyze the severity of the impact on the project if the activity failed to produce a quality result as Low, Medium, or High
– Also based on your knowledge of the activity analyze the probability of the poor quality result occurring as Low, Medium, or High
– For the three activities that were evaluated as having the most severe quality consequences AND having the highest impact generate an action plan to reduce or eliminate these failures from occurring

  • In a paper that is a minimum of 2 pages long, clearly and concisely summarize the action items identified through the FMEA that will increase the probability of your project being considered a success with your customers.
  • Your submission should follow the essentials of APA (i.e., cover page, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, reference section at the end, in-text citations, etc.).



Question on operational Management Mathematics Assignment Help

PART I– Answer either Question 1 or Question 2.(Maximum length: 1½ single-space page for parts (a) and (b) of each question.

Question 1

  • Congratulations!You have just been appointed the Operations Manager of XYZ Airline Company.In the first meeting you attended with the company’s senior executives, suppose the CEO said to you: “I am not sure if many staff members in our company clearly understand that effective management of operations is a powerful competitive weapon.I think it will be useful to make this clear to staff at next week’s meeting.”Briefly explain how XYZ can use operations as an effective tool for increasing its market share and competitiveness.
  • Based on your reading of “United’s Quest to be Less Awful” article that was published in in 2016, identify and explain the shortcomings related to poor operations management that contributed to the company’s problems at that time.For your convenience, the link to the article is given below.

To access the article, click on:…

[Note: If the above link does not open, please copy the above link and paste it onto your browser.]


Question 2:

(a) In 1979 Philip Crosby wrote a bestselling book titled “Quality is Free”, and in 1995 he wrote another book titled “Quality is Still Free” emphasizing the importance of pursuing quality excellence and continuous improvement. Can quality be free?Explain.

  • Suppose you are a member of a team of MSB students working on a project to assess the quality management practices of Eastern Shore Appliance Company. To develop better understanding of the company’s quality management practice, suppose your team has collected the data shown in Tables 1 – 4 below..

Instruction: Based on analysis of the above data, evaluate Eastern Shore Appliance Company’s current quality management practice, and recommend changes for improvement.

Table 1: Customer evaluation of the company’s product (based on last year’s survey results)




Recommend to friend?No

Table 2: Percent defective of the company’s products last year (from company records)



Finished goods8%

Table 3: Quality Costs Last Year (from company records)

Training $25,000

Scrap cost $475,000

Inspection in plant $85,000

Rework (full shop cost)$1,200,000

Payment to cover warranty program$545,000

Processing and repairing returns$675,000

Table 4: Financial results Last Year ((from company records)

Annual sales$18,000,000

Total cost of goods sold$8,000,000

PART II:PROBLEMS–Please answer all three problems in this section

Problem 1:Productivity Measurement

The following data are given for a caterer in Washington, DC:

Last YearThis year

Total sales:$2,800,000 $2,840,000

Total cost of materials $450,000$480,000

Labor hours used:34,000 hours31,000 hours

Cost of labor (including fringe):$15.00 per hour$16.00 per hour

Energy & other overhead costs:$175,000$180,000

  • Determine multi-factor productivity for labor & materials for each year.
  • Determine the total factor productivity for each year.

(c)The company’s goal is to improve its total productivity performance by 5% each successive year.Explain if the company has achieved its goal of increasing its total productivity this year compared to the previous year, and show the contribution of each input for the productivity increase or decrease during this period.(Please show your work.)

PROBLEM 2:Process flow analysis

A health clinic in Columbia, MD, is staffed by two receptionists, five nurses, and three physicians.While actual patient experience during a visit to the clinic may vary, assume that the process described below is typical:

Upon arrival at the clinic one of the receptionists welcomes the patient, verifies insurance information, and collects required payment which takes about four minutes. The patient is then asked to take a seat in the waiting room. After about 11 minutes, one of the nurses leads the patient to an examination room, verifies and updates patient information, and takes temperature and blood pressure which takes about 12 minutes on average. After about 9 minutes, the physician comes in and spends an average of about 10 minutes examining and consulting the patient. The nurse returns with paperwork for prescription and a summary of the visit which takes about 2 minutes. The patient is then directed back to the receptionists to make follow-up appointment which takes about 3 minutes.

  1. Which staff resource is the bottleneck and what is the capacity of the process?
  2. What is the throughput time of a typical patient visit?
  3. How many patients will be in the clinic if an average of 12 patients arrive at the clinic per hour?

  1. Suppose each receptionist is paid $15/hour, the nurses are paid $25/hour each, and physicians are paid $85/hour each.In addition, assume fringe benefits costs about 20% of direct labor cost.What is the average cost of labor and fringe benefits per patient for the clinic if 12 patients are served per hour?

  1. What will be the average cost of labor and fringe benefits per hour for the clinic operates at full capacity?

Problem 3:Production Planning

At the beginning of each operating year, Baltimore, Inc. develops quarterly production plan to meet projected demand at minimum cost.Demand forecast for the next four quarters is shown below:

QuarterDemand Forecast

1 20,000

2 26,000

3 34,000
4 24,000

Suppose at the beginning of the planning period (i.e., Quarter 1) there were 40 production workers and 6,000 units in inventory.Each worker produces 500 units per quarter and is paid $13,000 per quarter including fringe.If overtime is used workers are paid 150% of their regular pay.On average it costs $4,000 to lay off a worker and $2,000 to hire a new worker. Inventory carrying costs is $20 per quarter.At the end of the fourth quarter, the manager plans to have 2000 units of inventory on hand.


The operations manager is wondering if using the chase or level strategy will be a better option to minimize total cost.To assist the manager with this decision, please:

  • Develop a production plan using Chase strategy to meet projected demand, and determine the total cost of this plan.

  • Develop a production plan using Level strategy to meet projected demand, and determine the total cost of this plan.
  • Suppose the manager is also wondering if using a mixed strategy that combines level with overtime for one quarter will result in lower total costs. Determine the number of workers that will be required if a mixed strategy of Level plus 20% overtime is used during the peak demand quarter (i.e., Quarter 3).

    [Please note: In the interest of time, you are ONLY expected to determine the number of workers the company needs to have during each of the four quarters if it chooses to use level plus 20% overtime strategy.You are NOT required to compute the total cost for (b) above.]

[(Using the table shown next page may help you organize your answers for Part (a) and (b)]


Quarter 1

Quarter 2

Quarter 3

Quarter 4


Number of workers

Beginning Inventory



Ending Inventory


Regular labor cost

Overtime cost, if any

Hiring/Firing cost

Inventory holding Cost

Total Cost


5 Page essay on Organizational Behavior Writing Assignment Help

The questions are personal. You do not know me personally but you can just make it up as you go. You are welcome to use any references, please cite them.

Please address the following questions in the essay:

1. Analyze the key cultural influences that have shaped you (family, friends, neighborhood, city, region, schools, mores, customs, religion, business practices, national influences, codes of conduct, occupational norms, etc.) in contrast to those of other cultures and sub-cultures.

2. An analysis of your individual strengths and weaknesses.

3. Describe the consequences for your learning and growth as a person and/or future manager or leader. What have you learned about yourself and others that you can put to work to meet your goals for your life and your work? What are your next steps in applying this kind of learning?

4. What motivations drive me? What are my core values? What do I love, hate, fear, avoid, want? What is my self-concept or self-image? Where am I in my life right now, and how did I arrive here?



Complete 2 questions of case Business Finance Assignment Help

About Information Systems and Operations Management, the followings are the questions, and the attachment is the case, bid only if you’re able to finish them, thanks~

(Q4) [2 pts] Consider a plant producing two products (A and B). Suppose the demand of B is twice the demand of A. A job sequence via a large lot approach in a traditional mass production can be:

In Toyota’s JIT (just-in-time) production (or lean operations), the two products can be produced in an alternating sequence of small lots as follows:

A, BB, A, BB, A, BB, ……
This small lot approach (also called “Heijunka” or level loading) can buffer demand and process variability with small capacity.

As indicated in the case, washed-bloods are costly and time-taking. How would patients be scheduled to smooth out demands for washed bloods? Show the sequence of regular (R) and washed (W) bloods. (Hint: Find the ratio of regular-blood patients and washed-blood patients. Use the smallest numbers. For example, reduce 10:5 to 2:1.) Discuss how your sequence would help reduce waiting time without increasing capacity.

(Q5) [2 pts] Consider the following 7 dimensions of service quality (A. Valerie et al. 1990.Delivering Quality Service: Balancing Customer Perceptions and Expectations):

  • Convenience: Availability and accessibility (e.g., location)
  • Reliability: Ability to perform a service accurately, dependably and consistently
  • Responsiveness: Willingness to answer questions and deal with problems (related torobustness)
  • Time: Speed with which service is delivered
  • Assurance: Knowledge exhibited by personnel
  • Courtesy: How customers are treated by employees
  • Tangibles: Physical appearance of facilities, equipment, personnel and communicationmaterialsExplain why the patients’ perception of the service is low compared to their experience at the Children’s Hospital. Is waiting time the most important quality dimension for the clinic? Which

dimension of quality should be emphasized the most? How could the stress of waiting be reduced by educating patients about the process?

Complete 2 questions of case Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Sociology response paper Humanities Assignment Help

You will write a full page about the article in the attachment.


Although the response does not need to be in essay form and can be somewhat informal, you first must summarize the issue you want to address (at most a half page). This means summarizing the main ideas of the article/video you choose that is marked ‘response paper option’ for the chapters assigned that week. Then respond to it. Your choice can be one of the article/video only. Pick those that you have trouble with, or something that excites you but you MUST tell me the what, why, and how it applies to you. Think of it as a conversation that you are having with me but cleaned up for print. I want to hear your voice NOT others.


information tech in global economy Writing Assignment Help

Chapter 7 presents a comparative analysis of various tools useful in policy making. Select two tools described in chapter 7 from different categories, and describe how these tools could be used to develop policy for optimizing bus and local train schedules to minimize energy use and passenger wait times in a SmartCity environment.

To complete this assignment, you must do the following:

A) As indicated above, select two tools described in chapter 7 from different categories, and describe how these tools could be used to develop policy for optimizing bus and local train schedules to minimize energy use and passenger wait times in a SmartCity environment(750-1000 words).

B) Select AT LEAST 3 other students’ threads and post substantive comments on those threads (100-150 words).


What is the effect of a leader managing a multicultural organization? Business Finance Assignment Help

Reflect on a leader who you believe is effective in managing a multicultural organization and is creating a culturally synergistic work setting. Describe the leader and the organization.

The individual you select should be someone you can readily research and gather information about. The individual can be a past or present Fortune 500 executive, a political figure, or someone from within your own organization. It’s your choice! The only stipulation is that this individual must manage a multicultural work group and must have adopted a leadership approach that creates cultural synergy.

After you have selected someone that you believe meets these requirements, write a paper that addresses the following:

  1. Describe the leader and the organization.
  2. Discuss why this leader is effective in a multicultural setting. Be specific: What exactly has this leader done to create cultural synergy?
  3. Based on what you have learned about managing diversity, what more can this leader and/or the organization do to enhance cultural synergy?

Paper should be 4 pages. Title page, abstract and reference pages are separate.


Chapter questions Writing Assignment Help

I attached the chapter here in word. You can use it to answer the questions.

Answer any two of the review questions from the appropriate Chapter in the textbook. Include the number for each question and include the actual question you are responding to immediately before you respond to the question. Use single-space to respond to the questions with a blank line between questions. Use mainly your own words to respond to the questions. Write a minimum of 200 words (100 for each question), which does not include the questions. For full credit, please include word count after each answer!

1. What does the Elbing model illustrate?

2. What is the difference between decision making and problem solving? Describe a problem you are trying to solve.

Goldsmith, Elizabeth B.. Resource Management for Individuals and Families (5th Edition) (Page 162). Pearson HE, Inc.. Kindle Edition.


Research Paper Business Finance Assignment Help

Research Paper Business Finance Assignment Help

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