Research paper Humanities Assignment Help

Research paper Humanities Assignment Help. Research paper Humanities Assignment Help.

Our mission: To boldly go where no first year student has gone before! Ok, so that may be overstepping our bounds a bit. You’re actually going to spend some time in the library crafting a well-honed research essay. The idea is that by the end of this assignment, you will be able to show your critical thinking skills; research abilities; knowledge of argument and persuasion; and mad writing skills. A command of all these talents will help you throughout your college career, regardless of major. In addition, you will become an authority on your topic. This means that your opinion will matter in the long run, since you are a well-informed individual.

Topic: (How books can enhance society) Over the course of the semester, we have discussed several different aspects of books—and literacy. These include, but are not limited to, the preservation of printed materials; the evolution of digital surrogacy; the educational, cultural, and emotional significance of books; bibliophilia and bibliomania; and why we read books. For this essay, you will take steps to expand on one aspect we discussed this semester.

Necessary Information (this can be in any order in your paper):

  • Name the aspect you are covering (e-books vs printed; bibliomania; book theft; etc.)
  • Necessary background information
  • Important key players /items/time periods
  • At least four total sources supporting your argument


  • Roughly 2000+ words, 6+ pages in length, not including your Works Cited and cover page
  • Typed, double-spaced, 12 point font (Times New Roman, please) and MLA format
  • Use at least 4 print sources. You can use as many additional sources as you would like. These include: videos, blogs, websites, etc.
  • Formulate a clear, concise argument with a focused thesis statement; clear topic sentences; smooth transitions; correctly cited research and support; and progressive thinking.


* there will be several resources that will be uploaded in files. use these resources in the research paper. Also you can use other resources from newspaper of articles and must include text citing.

* Each paragraph should have at least one quote from the articles.

* After each quote must to write the author name and page number.


Research paper Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

National (Sultanate of Oman) and international legislation for air pollution, assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help

We need an 8000 word report about National (Sultanate of Oman) and international legislation of air pollution It must include:

Table of content

Abstract/ summary


Describe what is desalination?how it works? Why do we need it?(all information about desalination)

Relate it to the environmental impact how it affects human and society and based on National law ( Sultanate of Oman) and International law ( include the European Union) with examples for both national law and international law.

The report must include the formal format ex. Content, intro, conclusion, reference ect..

No plagiarism at least 10%


Discussion Week 8, accounting homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Royal Caribbean Cruises invested $1.4 billion to build the Oasis of the Seas, a cruise ship that carries 5,400 passengers and stands 20 stories above the sea. The vessel is a third larger than any other cruise ship and contains 21 pools, 24 restaurants, 13 retail shops, and 300-foot water slides.

When considering investment opportunities, managers must make two types of decisions—screening decisions and preference decisions. Screening decisions, which come first, pertain to whether or not a proposed investment is acceptable. Preference decisions come after screening decisions and attempt to answer the following question: “How do the remaining investment proposals, all of which have been screened and provide an acceptable rate of return, rank in terms of preference? That is, which one(s) would be best for the company to accept?”

Sometimes preference decisions are called rationing decisions, or ranking decisions. Limited investment funds must be rationed among many competing alternatives. Hence, the alternatives must be ranked. Either the internal rate of return method or the net present value method can be used in making preference decisions. However, as discussed earlier, if the two methods are in conflict, it is best to use the net present value method, which is more reliable. When using the internal rate of return (IRR) method to rank competing investment projects, the preference rule is: The higher the internal rate of return, the more desirable the project. The net present value (NPV) of one project cannot be directly compared to the NPV of another project unless the initial investments are equal.

After an investment project has been approved and implemented, a post-audit should be conducted. A post-audit involves checking whether or not expected results are actually realized. This is a key part of the capital budgeting process because it helps keep managers honest in their investment proposals. Any tendency to inflate the benefits or downplay the costs in a proposal should become evident after a few post-audits have been conducted. The post-audit also provides an opportunity to reinforce and possibly expand successful projects and to cut losses on floundering projects.

The same capital budgeting method should be used in the post-audit as was used in the original approval process. That is, if a project was approved on the basis of a NPV analysis, then the same procedure should be used in performing the post-audit. However, the data used in the post-audit analysis should be actual observed data rather than estimated data. This gives management an opportunity to make a side-by-side comparison to see how well the project has succeeded. It also helps assure that estimated data received on future proposals will be carefully prepared because the persons submitting the data knows that their estimates will be compared to actual results in the post-audit process. Actual results that are far out of line with original estimates should be carefully reviewed.


Garrison, R., Noreen, E., & Brewer, P. (2014). Managerial accounting (15th ed.). Columbus, OH: McGraw-Hill Education.


You’re an operations executive chairing the Projects Committee for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. You’re committee has been tasked with conducting a post-audit of the Project: Oasis of the Sea. The committee is aware that the ship actual performance (financial) has fallen short of expectations. As Chair of the Projects Committee, you’re expected to prepare a report that outlines current status of the investment (project), and then present a plan to improve its performance in the foreseeable future. You will want to gather relevant information (financial, economic, etc.); explore and evaluate alternatives that will bring the Oasis of the Sea into the “black”; and document your plan, on behalf of the Projects Committee, using sound arguments that are well supported, properly vetted, and logically presented. It is important that management carefully consider any potential ethical implications associated with their stated position. If there are any potential ethical concerns associated with your position, they should be identified and discussed in the final recommendation.

If you prepared your response in Word, the response should explicitly address all required components of this discussion assignment. The document should be prepared consistent with the APA writing style (6th edition) and reflect higher level cognitive processing (analysis, synthesis, and or evaluation).


Fast Food Analysis, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help

Record and analyze your favorite fast food using Iprofile® within WileyPLUS®.

Select one of the following:

Option 1

Watch the video on WileyPlus®: How to use iProfile® within Ch. 1.

Create your profile and enter your favorite fast food menu. If you do not consume fast food yourself, enter a friend’s (or relative’s) profile and his/ her favorite fast food menu.

Click the Assignment Files tab and submit a screenshot of the menu for the option you chose.

Option 2

Watch the video on WileyPlus®: How to use iProfile® within Ch. 1.

Also in WileyPlus®, access Ch. 1, under iProfile®, complete the assignment iProfile® Case Study: Fast Food.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit the Case Study.

After completing the option you chose, answer the following in at least 175 words:

  • Explain how individuals can make healthier choices if they choose to eat at fast food outlets. Where are the “hidden calories” in typical fast food menus? What options exist at fast food restaurants for making healthier choices? Do you think it is possible to have a well-balanced diet made up of primarily fast food and why do you feel this way or not? What tools are available for consumers today to learn about the nutrient content of fast food menu items?

The Grading Guide for Fast Food Analysis will be used for this assignment.


Teaching Experience Health Medical Assignment Help

In 1,500-2,000 words, describe the teaching experience and discuss your observations. The written portion of this assignment should include:

  1. Summary of teaching plan
  2. Epidemiological rationale for topic( The topic of choice used was
  3. Evaluation of teaching experience
  4. Community response to teaching
  5. Areas of strengths and areas of improvement

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.

NB: Use the attached file to help answer the above questions.



What is the appropriate conclusion to an ethical dilemma? Business Finance Assignment Help

I need help with. Please if you have any questions please ask.

Module 5 Pg 1

Module 5 Pg 2

Module 5 Pg 3

Please note, there is a section of a question missing within the Case Study for Week 5. Open the Case Study File, go to the tab titled Module 05 Page 2 and look at Question #4. This question should read as follows:

All of the company’s cash disbursements are made by check. Each check must be supported by an approved voucher, which is in turn supported by the appropriate invoice and, for purchases, a receiving document. After reviewing the supporting documentation, you approve the voucher. John prepares the checks for the CFO’s signature. John also maintains the company’s check register (the cash disbursements journal) and reconciles the bank account at the end of each month. What internal control procedures would you question regarding this internal control of cash? What would you change about the current internal control?

What is the appropriate conclusion to an ethical dilemma? Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Research Paper on Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe Humanities Assignment Help

Research Paper Guidelines

Things Fall Apart

Please read the entire document

1) Select an Approach:


Historical/ Cultural

Gender Roles

2) From your broad approach, you should then focus on a topic within the approach. In order to construct a sound thesis, you need to determine which literary element/s will be your focus. For example a Historical/ Cultural approach will require identifying a particular political, social or cultural influence that is relevant to the historical period of the author or the text. Therefore, you knowing the Igbo customs can be a strong and fruitful topic.

  • Introduction (mention approach, main critic, topic, and thesis statement)
  • Provide 2-3 detailed examples from the primary text (Things Fall Apart), which support your thesis
  • MLA Bibliography with 4 critical sources
  • 7-9 pages typed
  • 12 point font
  • Times New Roman
  • Double Spaced
  • Include name, date, class time and approach
  • Separate page for bibliography with the primary source and 4 (peer-reviewed) secondary sources .. for example as a secondary source


Replay to two students, sociology homework help Humanities Assignment Help

student one**(David Rettew)

Sexuality has been an increasing dilemma over time but especially in the 21st Century. Sex itself is a problem among teens and adults alike. The majority of the time, the act is committed out of impulse with little thought to the consequences that may come after. While I was going through high school, relationships were broken determining whether or not the guy or girl was willing to “put out.” These problems do not stop after graduation. There is an ongoing issue with women on Navy ships and isolated duty commands who become pregnant less than a year after arriving at their new duty station. It has come to the point that military medical facilities have condoms readily available to their patrons and STD prevention propaganda displayed all over the walls. The blame does not fall only on the young women but also on the men who did not properly prepare for a sexual relationship. If there continues to be a lack of education and understanding of human sexuality, we will continue to fight these same issues for centuries to come.

I believe sexuality education should be taught in public schools during the early years, ages 7-10. Why, do you ask? My daughter is 10 now but when she was 7, she was brighter than the average girl her age when it came to street smarts. Children at that age are receptive to learning about the world and their bodies. They find the idea of sexual acts, such as kissing, repulsive but understand small concepts of love that are displayed by their parents every day. They use the words, “I love you” before ever understanding why they love that person or thing. They learned these things from their parents, TV, social media, schools, and teachers. They begin to understand why their parents hold hands, kiss each other, and sleep in the same bed without fully knowing why except that they love each other. I do not believe all aspects such as sex and STD’s should be taught at ages 7-10, but I do believe general education on the subject should be taught. Ages 10-12 should definitely have sex education and the reality of STD’s talked about and discussed. Education should also be taught to explain the bodily changes a boy and girl will face as they go through puberty. Not all parents are willing to talk about these things with their children. I know mine didn’t. I chose to talk to my children about these things, but some children learn differently than others, so other avenues may be beneficial to their learning development.

With new modern technology and children becoming more aware of things at earlier ages, I believe education in the home, public, and community is appropriate when it comes to teaching sexuality. I as a parent can talk to my child based on my morals and belief system but children need to hear about it from every avenue. As a parent, I cannot restrict sexuality on my children based on my beliefs. I can raise them the way I believe is right and give them the sexual education I believe they should know but they are growing into young individuals with their own way of thinking. All I can do is give them the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. Children now a days are educated through their unlimited access to television, social media, and internet. Adults are not always able to monitor everything they do or see but we can have a role in the education they are taught in the home, public or community education settings. As Deb Levine said in her article, Pop Culture Sex Ed: What Media Teaches Us About Sexual Health, “We have to reach youth in all media channels, and we need to find cost-effective ways to do it.”

The curriculum should include the genetic makeup of a man and woman. With more and more children becoming confused about sexual identities, it should include material that would better help them understand what they are feeling and going through. It should include the side effects of STD’s and also the conception of a child up until birth. The curriculum should be age appropriate and should not be meant to scare our children, but rather to develop their understanding and make them aware of the consequences of not being ready or prepared for a sexual relationship.

Who should be responsible for developing and approving the curriculum for our children is very debatable. Honestly, I believe Doctor’s and Professor’s who has devoted their life to learning about human sexuality and human health should write the curriculum. It should not be the ideas of one but the source of many ideas. I would rather my child have too much information than relatively no information at all. If parents continue to have active communication between their children then I do not think that sexual education from other sources would be such a bad idea.

student two**(Breanna Evetts)

Human sexuality throughout the world is different. People have different perspectives on human sexuality. I believe the age someone should start learning about sex education is in middle school so about the age of 12-14 should be the start of learning about human sexuality. I feel learning about human sexuality should be taught in school and at home. I think it’s important to stay educated and it helps to learn from more than one person.” in short, they may know about sex, but they don’t feel at all educated about it.” Levine, D. (2011, May 10) I believe both public and community would be a good way to educate people on human sexuality and not just educate but really teach them students so they don’t just know about sex but can use and show their own perspective on the situation. The curriculum should include ways to stay safe during the practice, that saying no is acceptable, I feel it should include the consequences of not using contraceptives. I feel the parents of the students should get to decide on approving the curriculum. I believe if the student decides to evolve themselves in sex they should know of the consequences of what could happen. To teach younger people about human sexuality try to stay open minded and make it fun to learn instead of just another class. I believe parents would have a big impact on how their children feel when it comes to human sexuality. Another way teens get their information on this topic is the online world which is good but diagnosing yourself on the internet can be very bad and tell you that you have something you don’t. Make sure your children feel comfortable to see a professional so they can plan and hear clear correct information.

**********NOTE*** please reply like if i was the one replying back directly to the student.


Advise John Jones of the tax consequences of the above receipts, law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

John Jones is employed in a part time capacity as lecturer in accounting at Central

University. His annual salary is $42,000 pa. Jones has arranged with his employer for

his salary to be paid on the 15th day of every month into his savings account with the

State Bank Ltd. Jones uses the savings account to meet household expenditure. Jones

also has a home mortgage loan with the State Bank.

Under a separate agreement with the bank Jones has arranged for a balance of $5,000

to be maintained in the savings account and any balance to be transferred to his

mortgage. He has also arranged for any interest on the savings account to be offset

against the mortgage interest. For the year ended 30 June 2017 $300 was offset.

Jones also runs a small practice providing accounting and taxation services to local

businesses. During 2016/17 he billed fees of $35,000 of which $30,000 has been

received. An amount of $3,000 was also received from outstanding accounts from the

2014/15 year. One of his clients is Travelco, a local motel. In March 2017 Travelco

provided Jones and his wife with free return air tickets to Bali. Equivalent fares would

cost $2,000.

Jones’s wife Joan is an IT expert. For several years John and Joan had been

developing software for an accounting package for use by small businesses. The

system, ‘J-Accounts’, has been licensed and is used by 175 local businesses at a cost

of $100 per year [$17,500]. A national software developer ‘Cashbooks’ has agreed to

pay the Joneses $25,000 in return for the exclusive rights to use the program for five

years after which time a new agreement for a further five years may be signed.

Jones has an interest in history, particularly commercial history. In 2005 he purchased

500 old share certificates from an acquaintance who practised in the area of insolvency

and liquidation. The total cost was $500. The certificates related to old companies that

had been liquidated during the 1930s depression. They were very elaborate and ornate

and Jones thought that framed they could be marketable as a decorative feature to

hang in the offices of accountants and solicitors. In February 2017 he happened to

mention the matter to Herman, a local decorator and picture framer. Herman suggested

that if properly framed, numbered, and if an inscription was added, they could sell for

$1000 each. The cost to Jones would be $100 per certificate. Herman agreed to sell the

items on a commission basis of 10%.

A local television station runs a quiz show called ‘Who Wants to be Rich?’ Contestants

are selected randomly from the local telephone directory. Jones was lucky enough to be

selected and he appeared on the show for five nights, answering every question and

becoming ‘Grand Champion’. He won $200,000 and a car valued at $30,000.


Advise John Jones of the tax consequences of the above receipts. You should discuss

what amounts would be included in his assessable income or, if any item is not

assessable income, why that is so. Your answer should include a discussion of the


  • Whether he return on a cash or accrual basis.
  • Whether particular amounts are ordinary income or statutory income
  • (including capital).

  • Under what sections of the Acts the particular amounts are assessable.
  • How the quiz show winnings are to be treated.
  • What are the tax consequences of the share certificate proposal, if he
  • was to proceed with the plan?

  • What case law is relevant to the issues raised?
  • You MUST reference in the body of the essay every time you use information from other people. This requires you to keep a track of where you are taking information from and then writing the reference up. You should use the Harvard style.
  • 1500 to 2000 word maximum word limit
  • [supanova_question]

    In this RobotStudio assessment you will program an industrial manipulator Engineering Assignment Help

    Introductory Notes:

    In this RobotStudio assessment you will program an industrial manipulator to guide a simulated glue dispenser around the edges of an injection moulded component. The specific details of the task are outlined below. You must use the IRB140 robot and the MTD positioner found in the RobotStudio Library . The CAD that describes the pen tool is also provided on VITAL, as is an STL file of the injection moulded component. A link to videos showing some of the tasks being set up on the IRB1600 and IRB140 robots is provided but these do not cover the whole task you have been set and the robot cell is NOT correctly defined in the video. You must read the task below to define exactly what you must do.


    You have been asked to set up a task on the white ABB140 robot cell in the School of Engineering, however, the robot is, at the moment, in constant use on other work and so the set up must be completed in simulation rather than on the machine. The white ABB140 robot cell also includes an ABB 250Kg MTD Positioner that you will need to carry out the task. It is mounted below the removable wooden table top. You are also asked to incorporate the pneumatic grippers used on the orange ABB140, also in the same room. In your model the grippers should be functional, able to pickup and put down the pen. You will also need to place a holder for the pen on a suitable place on the table.

    You will be required to program the robot to deposit a continuous bead of sealant around the edges of an injection moulded component (see Figure 1). The simulated sealant gun (the pen tool) must start in the pen holder on the cell table and must return there after the application has finished. When moving between operations the robot speed can be unregulated but when approaching the component or the pen holder the maximum speed should be 600mm/s. While applying the sealant the speed must be a maximum of 500mm/s. The sealant gun must be introduced to the polymer part in a direction approximately perpendicular to the edge chamfers and at an approximate angle of 60 degrees to the horizontal (see Figure 2). The TCP must maintain constant speed in one direction around the work object for each track. When navigating the work object it is important to maintain a smooth and constant speed of the Tool Centre Point (TCP). If you struggle to maintain a correct path your gun may be moved away from the work object, reorientated, and then returned back to the exit point.‐

    It is important for safety that the cell created in RobotStudio recreates all the important features of the actual cell. eg table, walls, gates pedestals etc, so that collisions and obstructions can be avoided. The plastic component should be placed on the MTD positioner.

    The system should be designed to start from a safe place, approach and pick up the tool, move to the part, apply the sealant to the required parts before returning the tool to the holder and returning back to a safe place before stopping. The tool must be picked up and replaced in the holder as required.

    The submission for this work is the workstation created in RobotStudio saved using the Pack and Go facility. Anyone submitting their work in any other format will lose 10% of the marks and will be asked to resubmit the file again. If the file is again submitted in the wrong format all marks will be lost as it is only possible to mark a system saved with Pack & Go.


    Research paper Humanities Assignment Help

    Research paper Humanities Assignment Help