Research Paper (internationally sold product) Business Finance Assignment Help

Research Paper (internationally sold product) Business Finance Assignment Help. Research Paper (internationally sold product) Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Please see the following instructions for the research paper:

Students will research and compile a research paper explaining a product of their choice. The paper will be written in APA format (6th edition) and will provide the following content:

The research paper will be a minimum of five (5) double spaced pages but no more than (6) six pages in APA format (6th edition). Utilize a minimum of three (3) peer reviewed references. Peer reviewed references are references that have been reviewed by experts in the area you are studying. Use a voucher sheet, margins and fonts required for scholarly APA writing. These pages are not considered a part of the page count. Maps, charts, abstracts and bullets are needed for this assignment. Please review and the APA manual (6th edition) for additional information. Students should select a product that is sold internationally.

Research Paper (internationally sold product) Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Modifying codes ( Please use GENERICS data type) Programming Assignment Help


I have the codes, but I could not use the generics data type as the professor requested.

I need some help in modifing the codes in order to use ” GENERICS DATA TYPE”

Please add comment in where you modified the codes and explain what you did.

Please make sure the program runs and gives you exactly as the sample output in the assignment.

Please attach the screen shot of the output and send it along with the codes.

Please use the methods in the “Tree file” and apply them to the codes in “Java_final_copy” file.


A legal and ethical dilemma Business Finance Assignment Help

Deciding to place a loved one into a long-term care facility can be extremely difficult. Even more difficult is the thought of your loved one’s rights being violated while in long-term care. Patient healthcare rights are not as clearly defined as one would expect, and there are long-term care and other healthcare facilities that create their own sets of patient rights. However, there are also certain indisputable rights afforded to patients across the board.

Read the case study titled “A Legal and Ethical Dilemma”, located on pages 463-465 of your text. Next, use the Internet or Strayer Library to research information on a patient’s right to die.

Write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you:

  1. Describe the legal and ethical dilemma discussed in the case study. Analyze the key ways in which a patient’s right to die relates to this specific case.
  2. From your research, specify the potential repercussions for failure to comply with the wishes of a patient who has requested to withhold a life-sustaining procedure. Next, take a position on whether the patient’s right to die or the patient’s right to be protected from harm should take precedence in this case. Provide a rationale for your position.
  3. Imagine that you are a part of the ethics committee investigating this case. Determine the main facts pertaining to the issue that the committee should consider. Suggest one (1) step that the facility should take next in order to resolve the dilemma. Provide a rationale for your response.
  4. Use at least three (3) quality academic resources. Note:Wikipedia and other similar websites do not qualify as academic resources.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Identify the factors that have led to the current realities of long-term care in the United States.
  • Assess the various stakeholder groups of long-term care along with the nature of the relationship(s).
  • Evaluate the impact of litigation on long-term care providers and practices.
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in long-term care management.
  • Write clearly and concisely about long-term care management using proper writing mechanics.


i need help with material Engineering Assignment Help

Problem 1 (10 points)

Load B is connected to a double pulley by one of two inextensible cables shown. The motion of the pulley is controlled by cable C, which has a constant acceleration of 9 in/s2 and an initial velocity of 12 in/s, both directed to the right. Determine (a) the number of revolutions executed by the pulley in 2 s, (b) the velocity and change in position of the load B after 2 s, and (c) the acceleration of point D on the rim of the inner pulley at t = 0.

Problem 2 (12 points)

Determine the distance the load W is lifted in t = 4s using the hoist. The shaft of the motor M turns with an angular velocity ω = 10 t2 rad/s. where t is in seconds. (10 points)

Problem 3 (15 points)

Link AB has angular velocity and angular acceleration as shown. Determine the velocity and acceleration of point C and the angular acceleration of link BC at this instant. Express them as Cartesian vectors. (20 points)

v = a = α =

Problem 4 (15 points)

A 12-lb uniform plate rotates about A in a vertical plane under the combined effect of gravity and of the vertical force P. Knowing that at the instant shown the plate has an angular velocity of 20 rad/s and an angular acceleration of 30 rad/s2 both counterclockwise, determine (a) the force P, and (b) the components of the reaction at A.

Problem 5 (12 points)

A pulley weighing 12 lb and having a radius of gyration of 8 in. is connected to two cylinders. Assuming no axle friction, determine the angular acceleration of the pulley and the acceleration of each cylinder.

Problem 6 (12 points)

A 2-kg sphere moving horizontally to the right with an initial velocity of 5 m/s strikes the lower end of an 10-kg rigid rod AB. The rod is suspended from a hinge at A and is initially at rest. Knowing that the coefficient of restitution between the rod and the sphere is 0.75, determine the angular velocity of the rod and the velocity of the sphere immediately after the impact.

Problem 7 (12 points)

When the forward speed of the 4000 lb. truck shown (below left) was 30 ft/s, the brakes were suddenly applied, causing all four wheels to stop rotating. It was observed that the truck skidded to rest in 20 ft. Determine the magnitude of the normal reaction and the friction force at each wheel. What is the kinetic coefficient of friction between the tires and the road?

Problem 8 (12 points)

A 30-lb slender rod AB is 5 ft long and is pivoted about a point O which is 1 ft from end B. The other end is pressed against a spring of constant k = 1800 lb/in until the spring is compressed 1 in. and the rod is in a horizontal position. If the rod is released from this position, determine its angular velocity and the reaction at the pivot O as the rod passes through a vertical position.

Problem 9 (12 points)

A cord is wrapped around the inner drum of a wheel and pulled horizontally with a force of 200 N. the wheel has a mass of 50 kg and a radius of gyration of 70 mm. Knowing that μs = 0.20 and

μk = 0.15, determine the acceleration of the wheel.

Problem 10 (15 points)

The portion AOB of a mechanism consists of a 400-mm steel rod OB welded to a gear E of radius 120 mm which may rotate about a horizontal shaft O. It is actuated by a gear D and, at the instant shown, has a clockwise angular velocity of 8 rad/s and a counterclockwise angular acceleration of 40 rad/s2. Knowing that rod OB has a mass of 3 kg and gear E a mass of 4 kg and a radius of gyration of 85 mm, determine (a) the tangential force exerted by gear D on gear E, and (b) the components of the reaction at shaft O.

Problem 11 (12 points)

Gear C rotates clockwise with the angular velocity of 2 rad/s, while the connecting link AB rotates counterclockwise at 4 rad/s. Determine the angular velocity of gear D. (15 points)

Problem 12 (12 points)

A sphere, a cylinder, and a hoop, each having the same mass and the same radius, are released from rest on an incline. Determine the velocity of each body after it has rolled through a distance corresponding to a change in elevation h.


Scene analysis Hamlet Writing Assignment Help

Your Hamlet Essay will be a “scene analysis,” having an opinion about a scene’s importance in the work and proving it.

You will choose one SCENE from a list of choices then you will analyze its impact on the entire story’s quality, backing up your statement with 3 points and quotes in your chosen scene along with the entire story.



In Shakespeare’s classic tragedy “Hamlet,” [INSERT YOUR CHOSEN SCENE HERE] is pivotal to the development and success of the entire play in 3 distinct ways.

1) “The Hamlet Saw a Ghost” Scene: Hamlet’s state of mind when he speaks with his friends Horatio and Marcellus after Hamlet has seen the Ghost–1.5.114-90. Include in your discussion Hamlet’s plan to put on an “antic disposition.” In light of the rest of the play, what does this add to the rising action of the tragedy?

Introduction (HOOK) that leads into:

· The Thesis Sentence (BIG IDEA)

Paragraphs of essay:

· Main point #1–example from your scene with comment/quote

· Main point #2-example from your scene with comment/quote

· Main point #3-example from your (or another) scene with comment/quote (You may choose another scene to quote to make your pt, but only do it once. Or you can have all 3 from your scene.)

· Conclusion-Step Back. Think of entire saga and the point you’re trying to make. What have you learned and what is the impact on the story?


• Decide what scene was most interesting and important to how the play unfolds–and then why. Doing so makes you think about the entire play and how Shakespeare masterfully plotted the story.

• Use the questions I’ve added to each of your choices above for a jumpstart. Have fun with it, but stay focused on your thesis.

• Under NO circumstances should the paper become a retelling of what happens in these Hamlet scenes alone.

Dissect the scene with an eye to its relevance to the overall plot and impact of the play.

• You will be PROVING how the action in your scene makes the rest of the story unfold as it does. Regardless of which passage/scene you choose, your paper should show the overall relevance of the passage to the play.

• You will be thinking deeply and coming to conclusions about a scene, everything that is going on, and how Shakespeare used your chosen scene to further the action and the impact and success of the entire play.



Interview a healthcare leader (must be real!) Writing Assignment Help

Need it before 11:55 PM saturday (PST)

One of the ways we can get advice on how to be a successful healthcare leader is to ask one. For this assignment, you are to conduct an interview with a healthcare leader. You may choose to contact a leader at a hospital, clinic, nursing home, or any other type of healthcare establishment which you feel you may one day be interested in working with. Ask the leader to share experiences from their early days in the healthcare profession such as:

  1. What are some of the results they have achieved in quality and safety;
  2. What changes had to happen in order for these results to be achieved;
  3. How did they evolve into the role they have now;
  4. How did they learn the things they need to know to be a leader that gets results and what are the most important characteristics of a leader;
  5. What barriers have they faced as a leader and how did they overcome them;
  6. Do they have any tips regarding communication styles;
  7. What advice would they give to you on how to position yourself to lead other health care professionals in an effective way;
  8. What does “leading from the bottom up,” mean to them?

Feel free to ask other questions you feel pertinent to this assignment. Report your findings within three pages by identifying what areas you feel already prepared in and the ones you will need the most work to improve upon.

Interview a healthcare leader (must be real!) Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

A Comparative Analysis of the International Competitiveness of China-US Service Trade Economics Assignment Help

The topic is “A Comparative Analysis of the International Competitiveness of China-US Service Trade”. It is your responsibility to ensure that your topic meets the criteria for analysis of international trade and finance. Background information, as well as, discussion and Knowledge of your research topic should be minimal; definitions are not to be included. Your paper should explain, in dollars or a country’s currency, not percentages, what profits/losses related related to your topic, what having economically because of your topic, what Your topic would contribute to the US and/or other affected countries’ economies. Suggested: your topic’s effect plus or minus on each affected countries’ GDP, balance of payments, labor costs, exports/imports, etc.

Your paper’s focus must be your topic and its positive and/or negative international economic impact expressed in dollars or a country’s currency. Once again, the total focus of your paper must be quantitative analysis (currency) and not a qualitative presentation of your topic.

Here are some suggestions that may be of assistance with the research paper:

Start with the premise of your paper, e.g., the value of the US dollar helped US exports because it experienced less fluctuation from 2004 through 2014 than the Euro.

Reword your premise to formulate an introduction.

Identify 3 or 4 supporting points that will prove your premise. These supporting points become paragraphs and are incorporated in the introduction.

Do Not provide definitions, background, or superfluous information

Focus of your paper must be the economic premise (title) of your paper.

Develop the supporting points into supporting paragraphs.

Write your conclusion stating how you proved the premise of your paper

Provide bibliography; ensure paper is spell checked, proofread, properly formatted, and original work.

NOTE: Expressing comparisons as a percentage is ambiguous without a base value because the amount of change can be greater with a small percentage change versus a very large percentage change.If a country’s GDP increase 500% but the GDP base value is only 100, their GDP is 500.If a country’s GDP increases 4% but the base value is 1 million, their GDP is 1,040,000.

Please refer to the following documents for other requirements.


Discussion Prompt Humanities Assignment Help

“The narrative voice … enters a heavy, dreamlike mode. When the all clear finally sounds and the hum of the metropolis resumes, a central character, who has been venturing a flirtation with another passenger, is jolted into awareness that the possibilities unfolding ‘while the city was sealed off’ cannot belong to real like. Yet a form of life did surface: however fleetingly, …enabling a different kind of humanity to emerge” (Puchner, 2012, p. 498).

“Sealed off” by Zhang Ailing is referred to as a psychological fiction where dreams and desires surface. How does the narrative language, description, dialogue, and repetition create the illusion of reality? Be sure to share a quote from the story to support your discussion.


Deliverable 3 – Plan for Managing Operational Failures Writing Assignment Help


Evaluate the components of operational risk and the application of corresponding risk management plans.


LTD Acceptance is a private property and auto insurance carrier that specializes in sports cars and motorcycles. This organization is owned by LTD Capital, a large equity group with over 15 holdings. LTD Acceptance is the parent company’s single largest holding as it drives 70% of total revenue. Due to the inherent risk involved in that segment of the market, many of LTD Acceptance’s competitors do not offer policies for sports cars or motorcycles. This market segment is underserved which is why the organization has 20,000 active policies for a sports car or a motorcycle.

LTD is headquartered in Houston, TX. LTD does not sell insurance directly to the public. Instead, it uses third-party agents to sell its policies. LTD handles all customer service needs including claims intake, policy services, and general questions. The company operates in four states: California, Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. Currently, LTD does not have an active system in place to ensure that its agents are in fact using LTD guidelines to screen potential policyholders. However, no evidence of negligence has emerged so far as the organization has yet to have a year in which it was not profitable. LTD has also had the good fortune of not suffering losses because of natural disasters or catastrophic events.

Organizations in every sector experience breakdowns or failures that compromise the efficiency and efficacy of their operations. This concept is defined as an operational failure. Operational failures have a direct and adverse impact on profitability. As such, the shareholders want assurance that the risk management team is actively working on mitigating the occurrence of these failures. As the newly hired senior risk analyst, you are responsible for outlining a plan to do just that.
For this deliverable, provide a report to your supervisor which provides a framework for managing operational risk exposures. Your report should include the following:

  • Explain why the operational losses cannot be broadly managed. Why do they have to be categorized?
  • For each operational risk exposure listed below, provide at least two examples of potential losses from the exposure and reasons why you need to manage it.
    • Internal fraud
    • External fraud
    • Employment practices and workplace safety
    • Clients, products, and business practices
    • Damage to physical assets
    • Business disruption and system failures

Your conclusion should align the effective management of operational risk exposures with organizational effectiveness.
The format for your report should be in the business, professional style.

Grading Rubric

0 1 2 3 4
Not Submitted No Pass Competence Proficiency Mastery
Not Submitted No explanation of why operational losses cannot be broadly managed is provided OR the explanation is not accurate. A brief explanation is provided that details why operational losses cannot be broadly managed. A thorough explanation is provided that details why operational losses cannot be broadly managed. A thorough explanation with specific examples is provided that details why operational losses cannot be broadly managed.
Not Submitted No explanation of why operational losses need to be categorized is provided OR the explanation is not accurate. A brief explanation is provided that details why operational losses need to be categorized. A thorough explanation is provided that details why operational losses need to be categorized. A thorough explanation with specific examples is provided that details why operational losses need to be categorized.
Not Submitted Less than two examples of potential losses are provided for any category OR explanation of examples were not provided or are inaccurate. At least two examples from each category of potential loss are provided, including explanations of why there is a need to manage the losses. More than two examples of potential losses from each category are provided AND an explanation of why there is a need to manage each is provided. More than two examples of potential losses from each category are provided AND a thorough explanation of why there is a need to manage each is provided.
Not Submitted No conclusion OR conclusion does not accurately show how effective management of operational risk exposures aligns with organizational effectiveness. Conclusion explains, but without examples, how effective management of operational risk exposures aligns with organizational effectiveness. Conclusion uses specific examples that show how effective management of operational risk exposures aligns with organizational effectiveness. Conclusion uses specific examples with full explanations that show how effective management of operational risk exposures aligns with organizational effectiveness.


Discipline awareness project Humanities Assignment Help


This Module continues the research you completed in Module 2 on professional associations and
scholarly journals in your discipline. Once you have completed the research below for Module 3, you will
be ready to compose the Final Draft of your Discipline Awareness Project, sharing what you have
discovered about your discipline regarding

professional associations,


the types of research methodology scholars in your discipline use,

the issues currently being researched and written about by professors in your discipline at Mason, and

how you can work with a disciplinementor,

study abroad,

or take advantage of student research and career opportunities in your discipline.


I. To locate the information you will need to include in the Final Project (in addition to what you
found in Module 2 on associations and journals), follow these steps:

1. Go to:> ACADEMICS>Schools and Colleges>click on the School or College that
contains your discipline (program); for example, Marketing is in the School of Business.

Once you have found the School or College of your discipline AND your program’s own web page,
explore the sites by clicking on links such as “Research,” “Faculty Research,” “Goals/mission,” etc. to
locate and compile the following information about research in your discipline.

A. the goal/mission/objectives of the School or College AND of your particular discipline/major
(Accounting, Applied IT Security, Health Administration, ISOM, etc.). You will need to explore both the
School or College site AND your Program’s site.

B. the research currently (2012-2018) being conducted or published by THREE members of your
discipline. Take notes on the research methodology the faculty members are using/used (case study,




clinical research, quantitative, qualitative, meta-analysis; operations research, etc. ).

C. As you are taking notes on the three faculty members’ research methodology and project, also record
the name of the journal in which the faculty member’s project/paper was published. In some cases,
the faculty member’s research may have been presented at an association’s conference.

D. Once you have gathered the information above regarding the research of the faculty members in your
discipline, locate the following information, using either (or both) the School of College’s web page or
your discipline’s web page:

– Faculty MENTORS in your discipline –record the names and email addresses of two.

– Opportunities to Study Abroad in your discipline – compose a brief description, including a contact

person and email address.

– Opportunities for internships, career fairs, and research with a faculty member –compose a brief
description of each and contact information.

NOTE: I have given you a basic path to use to help you locate the information you will need; however, I
encourage you to explore other links on the GMU site, the School/College site, and on your discipline
site. For example, if your discipline is in the School of Business, check out the Business BUZZ Blog link in the UndergraduateMajors link.

In addition, you can also gather information about research in your discipline by exploring the
RESEARCH link on the Home Page. There are five links beneath this
general RESEARCH link that may help you find research conducted by faculty in your discipline.

REMEMBER, the University frequently removes, revises, and re-locates links. If you click on a link I
have included in this assignment, but you get an Error message, try using Mason’s Search function to
locate the information. Research takes time and patience.

II. Final Draft – Discipline Awareness Project – What I Have Discovered about My Discipline {Use
this as the title of your Final Project}

Description: The purpose of this Final Project is to describe what you have learned about your discipline
by completing the assignments in Module 2-professional associations and scholarly journals AND in
Module 3 – research methodology, research in your discipline, and research/career opportunities. Your
Final Project will complete the Discipline Awareness project requirement. Submit ONLY your complete
Final Draft. Do NOT submit the notes you took as you completed the research for Module 3.


Review your notes and reflect on what you have discovered about your discipline/major in the following


1) professional associations,

2) journals,

3) the types of research methodology scholars in your discipline use,




4) the issues currently being researched and written about by professors in your discipline at Mason, and
5) how you can work with a disciplinementor,

6) study abroad, or

7) take advantage of student research and career opportunities in your discipline.

Next, compose a 1200-1500-word report that describes your new awareness of your major/discipline,
organizing it around the seven components above. Do NOT simply copy and paste what you wrote for
Module 2 or your notes in Module 3.

This is not just an objective report; while it includes information on what you discovered, it is also a
reflection and analysis that has the characteristics of an essay—an introduction that ends with a claim
regarding your new awareness of your discipline; adequate supporting paragraphs to support your
claim, including what was valuable/surprising/disappointing about what you learned about the seven
components; and a conclusion that tells me how you feel about your major now that you have a greater
awareness of it AND what your next steps might be to explore the day-to-day routine of someone
working in your field.

Follow either MLA or APA manuscript format. Since you will only be using links on the GMU
web site, you do not need to have a Works Cited or References page, but you must use internal
attribution, such as, “On the Accounting Department web site, I discovered that there are two faculty
members currently researching tax fraud…”

Proofread carefully for diction (word choice), syntax (sentence structure) and mechanics (punctuation,
spelling, capitalization,etc.).

Save your document as a WORD .docx and attach in the ASSIGNMENTS-Attach Module Assignments
Here link by the due date andtime.


Research Paper (internationally sold product) Business Finance Assignment Help

Research Paper (internationally sold product) Business Finance Assignment Help

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