Research proposal Children at War Humanities Assignment Help

Research proposal Children at War Humanities Assignment Help. Research proposal Children at War Humanities Assignment Help.

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Book: Singer, P.W. 2006. Children at War. Berkeley: University of California Press.

Due: Chapters 1 to 11


Write proposal research about the book 1 FULL PARAGRAPH IN 1 FULL PAGE!! No intro, body, or conclusion.

ONE PAGE LONG ONLY NOT MORE NOT LESS, typed, double-spaced, in Times New Roman font and the 12-point font size, with 1 inch margins on standard letter-size paper.

Needs transitions between points and logic, you have to Pretend you are the author (Singer) and you want to propose a research idea based on the book.

“I statement” is optional. You don’t have to do it unless you want to so.

Focus on how his book and his arguments are different from the others he mentions and cites, and how his contribution is different.

The Required Elements are:

  1. Main Argument – thesis
  2. Information of “What’s out there?” (literature review)
  3. Theory 1-2 sentences
  4. How he going to conduct his research design – case studies? Which countries? Which periods?
  5. Findings – results

Attached, is the sample format for how the paper must be formatted. Last but not least, PLAGIARISM FREE.

Research proposal Children at War Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

To create a treatment plan for a specific scenario Writing Assignment Help

For your Final Project, you will create a treatment plan to a scenario featuring an offender with multiple related factors (e.g., gender, ethnicity, type of offense, and age). See the scenarios provided in the Final Project Scenarios document located in the resources for this week.

Your Final Project must be presented as a 12- to 15-page (not including references, title page, or abstract), double-spaced, APA-formatted paper. Please use 10- or 12-point, Times New Roman or Courier font. Reference citations should come from peer-reviewed journals, reputable periodicals, and non-commercial websites. Please note that Wikipedia is not considered a scholarly reference and is not accepted as a citable source.

In your Final Project, you must:

  • Identify which scenario you selected to use for your Final Project.
  • Explain the offender category(ies) that concurs with the scenario client and discern the treatment considerations inherent in this category(ies).
  • Describe the multicultural factors (e.g., age, gender, and ethnicity) evident in the scenario and explain how these factors affect treatment and treatment approach(es).
  • Describe the treatment approach(es) and/or programs you would use with the offender and explain why.
  • Describe any legal and ethical issues that you might consider in the treatment of your selected offender and explain how you would address these issues.
  • Describe the model you would use to measure treatment outcomes and explain why you selected this model.

The scenario I would like is:

Scott is presently serving a 15-year state sentence for the conviction of armed
robbery, possession of cocaine, and assault on a police officer. When Scott was in
the custody of the county jail awaiting trial on these charges, he was found to be in
possession of child pornography. He was charged with 1 felony count of
possession of child pornography and received a 12-month sentence for this
conviction. Scott has served 11-1/2 years of his sentence and is scheduled to be
released on parole in 1-1/2 years. He has been denied parole each time he was
eligible because the board did not see “sufficient remorse” for his crimes. Scott has
been referred to the therapeutic staff to help him prepare for his release.
Scott is a 47-year-old Caucasian male. He has never been married and has
fathered no children per his report. Scott has lived the majority of his life in
correctional settings starting when he was placed in juvenile detention centers at
the age of 12 through his release at the age of 19. At the age of 20, Scott was sent
to prison for 5 years after being convicted of assaulting his girlfriend. He served 18
months of this sentence and was released to the community on parole. Scott was
returned to prison after 2 months of release due to refusing to participate in the
parole process. He completed this sentence and was subsequently released. Scott
remained out of prison for the next 3 to 4 years and was “bouncing from place to
place, just getting high, living life, and enjoying.” He was arrested and convicted of
armed robbery, which resulted in a 5-year sentence. Scott was released after 2-1/2
years and then was arrested for the current charges.
Scott reports a long history of substance abuse that started when he was 8 years
old. He started drinking alcohol with his older brother and reports “loving it from the
first sip.” Scott also reports using a wide variety of drugs and says he “loves being
high.” Although he says he understands that drugs have had a detrimental impact
on his life and have kept him from reaching any potential, he further cites “being
high keeps me alive.” Scott has never attended a drug or alcohol program,
although it has been recommended and court ordered in the past. Upon presentation, Scott tells the therapist he “is a lost cause” and wishes every
day he would die. He acknowledges these thoughts of death as being a welcome
relief but cites no plans to end his own life and has no reported or documented
suicide attempts. Scott advises that he has no friends other than the ones he
makes in prison. He is estranged from his entire family and does not wish to be
reunited with any of his extended family. If they were reunited, Scott is concerned
he would just create difficulties for them.
Finally, Scott tells the therapist that he does not wish to hurt anyone else in the
future. He reports significant difficulties with controlling his temper and is
concerned he will accidentally kill someone. Scott also reports a “sexual addiction”
to pictures of “all sorts of people.” He does not believe this is a major problem
because he would never act on his fantasies.


Critical analysis on the topic “The Allegory of the Cave” Humanities Assignment Help

A good critical analysis requires the reader to think, question, analyze, and evaluate the subject of analysis. When writers do a critical analysis of other writings, they should not only read the article they are critiquing thoroughly but also do some critical thinking on various aspects of writing as a way to evaluate the article. Remember that a critical analysis is written not merely to provide the readers a report on the article but also to evaluate the worth of the article.The critiquemust first demonstrate that he/she has made a sincere attempt at understanding the content, structure, and the rhetorical dimensions of the article, such as the purpose, occasion,target audience, etc., before he/she attempts at critiquing the article. Lacking this, the critical analysis may come off sounding biased and partial; hence, losing its credibility.

Most critical writings begin with a content summary of the article that is being evaluated, followed by points of analysis, and concluded with an overall evaluation of the entire article.Forthe critical analysis assignment in this class, you are required to write a minimum of 750 words critical analysis on the article that you have previously chosen. You must present your analysisof the article by reading it in class before turning the analysis in, for a grade. You must also be able to present your views and justify your evaluation of the article in the ensuing discussion.

Required Structure for the Critical Analysis Paper:

1. Summary of the article that is being critiqued:

Must be concise and not longer than one paragraph long.

Must present the author’s thesis accurately

Must demonstrate complete comprehension of the text.

Must include some background information about the article if its available, such as author, title, publication, purpose, target audience, occasion, etc.

2. 3 critical points of analysis.

Analysis points: Author’s Purpose, Claim or Thesis, Point of View, Assumptions, Organizational Strategy, Argumentation Style, Strength of Evidence/ Support, Language (Diction, WordChoice, etc.,) Warrants, Audience Appeal, Author’s Credibility, Credibility of Evidence/ Support, Validity of Argumentation/ Claims, Use of Appeal (Logic, Emotion, and Authority,) Effectiveness, etc.

All critical analysis must evaluate the article’s thesis/ claim as one of the three analysis points. Writers may choose the two other analysis points from the list above or any other points of argument of their choice.

Each analysis point must have its own claim.

Each claim must be supported by textual evidence or references.

3. Evaluation of the overall impact of the article:

Did the article have a positive impact?

Was the article convincing?

Were the arguments logical?

Is there any evidence of dishonesty?

Were there emotional pleas? Were these pleas acceptable?

Did the author make any assumptions? Are they honest, acceptable assumptions?

Was the author sincere or truthful in his claims?

Did the article offer a new, meaningful way of seeing the subject or is the author merely parroting all that we already know?

On the whole, was the article a worthy read?


Nano material in concrete research report writing and revise Engineering Assignment Help

Here is attached revised chapter one, need nothing to do with it. Also chapter 2 of my research and its all about the methodology, mixing design, and test and experiment. What I need you to do is to is copy it and move it under chapter one to organize the whole work, develop the table of content, revise what I did in chapter two and rewrite it in more academic way also support everything with refrences, last is to write the last part of chapter 2 which is test and experiments. I did 3 experiment and I need to summarize all of them. You should to write about each experiment 1 and half to 3 pages so total of 3 experiment are between 5 to 12 pages. I attached the ASTM and other file for the experiments and you should use them as the main source. Please make sure when you done the whole work and add chapter 2 to 1 please make sure that the plagiarism should to be less that 5% which is the rule of my university. if you have any questions please ask. Check my work very clear and make sure it be written in very strong academic way.


biology 101 couple of questions and files Science Assignment Help

This class if for beginers so i don’t expect you to make alot of effort to answer in depth for these questions except for the hypothesis please be careful and pay attention to the questions as im going to make presentation about it.

So you have to answer these questions that attached in the file.

and answer these questions

Questions require maximum four sentences


Vaccines have become a divisive topic as of late with the rise of the anti-vaccination movement. Keeping it focused on CIVIL discourse, what is your stance on vaccination? Do you vaccinate yourself with the flu vaccine every year? Have you or will you vaccinate your children?

2- Microorganisms tend to get a bad rap because the most famous species that we hear about the most are those that cause infection. Prior to taking this course, did you know you were covered in microorganisms inside and out? Regardless, has your perspective on our bacterial brethren changed at all after learning what you have in this unit?

3-There are countless fad diets and cleanses out there that claim they are the remedy for everything from obesity to depression. Have you ever followed a strict diet or cleanse regimen? Why did you do so? What was the regimen based on and how does that align with what you’ve learned in this module?

4-There are countless fad diets and cleanses out there that claim they are the remedy for everything from obesity to depression. Have you ever followed a strict diet or cleanse regimen? Why did you do so? What was the regimen based on and how does that align with what you’ve learned in this module?

5-Think about your energy usage during the course of completing this module. Has your usage changed in anyway? If so, why and how? If not, why not?

6-What piece of information about energy was the most interesting or life changing in this module and why?

7-Which alternative energy are you most likely to adopt and why? (You might also explain this by choosing to explain why not to some of the others.)



urban planning Humanities Assignment Help

On this assignment, we have 6 questions.

The first question is making a check list about the topic mentioned in the questions.

the second question is making a check list about the topic mentioned in the questions.

The third question is a comprehensive essay about the topic mentioned in the question. Minimum 500 words.

The fourth question is an essay, explain the topic mentioned in this question. Minimum 500 words.

The fifth question is an essay also, explain the topic mentioned in this question. Minimum 500 words. A map will be provided for this question.

The sixth and the final question is a case study about the Brooklyn bridge park case, please use all the elements used in the previous question to answer this one. Write an essay about how we can fix this case, minimum 750 or more words. Finally for the last question sketch the idea about how to fix the case. Either 3D sketch or 2D as long as it pictures what you wrote.

For all the questions the material will be provided, also there’s a link for a voice lecture to explain more about these question please use that too, also for any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

urban planning Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Research Article Critique. Health Medical Assignment Help

Assignment Instructions

As you read the article, you will use a critical eye to assess the strength of the article as a basis for scientific evidence. There are three resources within the Week 2 module that will assist you in completing the assignment: Research Part 2: Finding Information in Scholarly Research Articles and Appendix B from your text “Rapid Critical Appraisal Checklist for Descriptive Studies”. You will then use the ANA “Framework for how to read and critique a research study” to guide you in developing your paper. Please note that you do not need to determine the level and quality of evidence as outlined in the document (#2). The paper must be in APA format, including title and reference pages, with a running head, page numbers, double-spaced in 12 point font. The length of the paper should not exceed 6 pages, excluding title and reference pages. Due to the varying length of the selected articles, there is no minimum page requirement, but be sure that you have addressed each of the items from the framework. Please remember that you are critiquing the article, not simply summarizing it. It is highly recommended that you review the grading rubric prior to constructing your paper.


Measuring leadership using various instruments to gather data and how to apply it to an organization Business Finance Assignment Help

Needed by Wednesday 10/17/2018 at 2pm EST

General Requirements:

Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment:

  • Use the tools from the Required Readings for this topic.
  • Use academic sources, including peer-reviewed journal articles, scholarly books, government reports, and other instructor-approved texts.


Write a paper (2,000-2,250 words) that addresses the following:

  1. Choose an existing organization or your own (mine is a small to mid financial organization, specializing in auto and home loans…not banking), and briefly describe it using the Baldrige Performance Excellence framework.
  2. Using the Baldrige framework, outline that organization’s leadership structure and practices you’ve chosen to study.
  3. Describe the evidence you find to identify that organization’s leadership style by using specific references from the research literature to support your description.
  4. As a researcher of organizational leadership, how does the Baldrige framework help you assess organizational leadership? Identify any gaps in assessment the framework does not address, and describe them with references from other sources.


Elasticities and Market Structure Economics Assignment Help

Primary Task: Write 400-600 words. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.

Additional Information: The board of directors at AutoEdge is actively discussing several options to address flagging revenue. One option continues to surface during each board meeting; that is, relocating the manufacturing operation back to the United States. Longtime Chief Financial Officer, Ingrid Adams, leads the group that is in favor of this option.

Ingrid Adams approaches you in the company break room.

“Hello,” she says. “I’m glad I saw you.”

“Hi,” you say. “What can I do for you?”

“I have a question about economics,” she says. “I think you can help me explain something to some shareholders on the board.”

“Economics! My favorite subject,” you say. “What’s your question?”

“If AutoEdge decided to increase its prices and return to the United States,” she says, “how would this action affect consumer demand? I want to know your opinion about elasticity.”

“Sure,” you say. “So you want to know if the elasticity for auto parts is considered to be relatively inelastic, relatively elastic, unitary elastic, perfectly elastic, or perfectly inelastic. Right?”

“Exactly,” she says.

“I have an opinion,” you say. “Do you want to talk about it now, or do you want something in writing?”

“Something in writing would be best,” she says. “Would you explain your opinion so that I can respond to questions from other members of the board, too?”

“I’d be glad to,” you say. “I’ll put something together this afternoon and get it to you before I leave today. Is that soon enough?”

“Perfect,” she says. “Thanks for your help.”


Planning and Organizing MIS/IT Models (2 Parts) Business Finance Assignment Help

Part 1

  • Lead, communicate, and direct diverse teams, stakeholders, and sponsors.


Helen is a newly assigned Chief Information Officer for a fast growing
online retail store that employees over 1000 employees. The company is
geographically spread across several states in the North-Eastern United
States. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, the companies leadership
consists of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer
(CFO), Chief Operations Officer (COO), Vice President of Marketing and
Vice President of Production.

The CEO has asked Helen to provide a recommended organizational
structure that integrates Information Technology across the company.
Helen must also create the Management Information System (MIS)
department from the ground up. Considering the cost to the company,
Helen must articulate the importance of each MIS role/position and
adequately demonstrate the operational need of MIS. The CEO has asked
Helen to provide a mission statement for her newly formed team.


You will provide 2 separate deliverables as follows:

  • Create a 2-3 slide (Power Point) presentation that Helen will use to brief the CEO.
    • Provide a mission statement for the newly formed MIS team that emphasizes the importance of customer service.
    • Create an organizational chart that depicts the key business
      positions as well as the recommended MIS positions that Helen has been
      charged with creating.
    • Use the notes section to provide detailed speaker notes

  • Provide a 1-2 page written summary of each MIS position that describes the purpose of the position as well as how the positions benefits the strategic goals of the company.

    Part 2

    • Design effective information technology models for implementing technology for the organization.


    Meow-Mart is a locally owned cat boutique specializing in
    custom-built cat condos. Meow-Mart has teamed up with a local carpentry
    business and have seen a boom in business within a 100 mile proximity to the stores premise.Meow-Mart has decided to hire a Management Information Systems
    consultant to assess and recommend an Information Technology plan that
    supports the following business objectives:

  • Improves marketing to all 50 states
  • Automates business transactions
  • Secures personal data
  • Streamlines logistics such as supply management and distribution
  • Provides a collaborative communications platform
  • Ensures that there is no loss of data due to unexpected outages


You will present your IT plan to Meow-Mart’s Owner using Microsoft
PowerPoint. You will need to include audio explaining the slides,
diagrams/charts, quantitative analysis, and Disaster Recovery Planning
worksheet. To find help on how to include audio with your PowerPoint
presentation see the link in Resources.

The strategy must include the following components:

  • Explain the types of Information Technology systems that would
    support the objectives (1 slide, include text explanation in the notes)
  • Use diagrams and/or charts as a visual aid (2 slides minimum)
  • Provide quantitative analysis in order to measure performance and benchmarks (1-2 slides)
  • Use the Disaster Recovery planning worksheet (attached) to develop a
    strategy that ensures no loss of data due to unexpected outages (1
    slide, include text explanation in the notes)


Research proposal Children at War Humanities Assignment Help

Research proposal Children at War Humanities Assignment Help

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