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Research Proposal Other Assignment Help. Research Proposal Other Assignment Help.

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Research Proposal

Effects of Divorce on Children

an original research study proposal and describe it in detail in a 10-12 page
(APA style) paper.  Include at least 10
scholarly references in your
proposal. Use the following outline as a guide when writing your paper. Be sure
to include detailed information on all of the topics listed below and use headings to
organize your thoughts.

  1. Statement of the problem: Introduce the reader to the problem to be
    studied. Provide sufficient background information such that the reader has a
    grasp of the situation and its importance.

  2. Review of the literature: Provide the reader with a review of most relevant literature, beginning
    with general information, and narrowing the focus to the specific issues under
    consideration in the study.

  3. Purpose of the study: Identify why the study that you are
    proposing is needed.

  4. Hypotheses or research questions: List them as simple statements.
    Make sure they are measurable.

  5. Definition of terms: Operationally define terms the average
    reader may not know, or that have a specific meaning in your study.

  6. Assumptions: Identify issues you assume to be true in
    order for your study to be valid.

  7. Research methods and procedures

    1. Population: Describe the population sample to be studied

    2. Procedure: Discuss how the study will be carried out.

    3. Instruments: Describe the specific measurements (instruments) to be used to test each hypothesis
      (research question).

    4. Data Analysis: Describe the procedures you intend to use to
      analyze the data produced from your instruments, and how that would answer the
      hypotheses (research questions).

    5. Discussion: Since you are only proposing (not conducting) a research study, you will
      not have results; however, you can discuss potential outcomes. Review your hypothesis and discuss how this study will
      address it. For
      example, if the results allow you to reject the null hypothesis, what are the
      implications? What would happen if you fail to reject the null hypothesis?Discuss the implications of your
      proposed study, the limitations of your study, and future research ideas and

  8. Implications: Provide a brief summary of your proposal and a powerful
    statement as to how your study would advance the field.

  9. References: Include at least 10 scholarly sources in your Reference section. Be sure
    to use APA style throughout your paper.

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Urban Transport Planning in Oman Engineering Assignment Help

and Objectives

Is to cover all the necessary basic foundation
material needed for practitioners at entry level to industry and to cover the
basic theory and practice in sufficient depth to promote basic understanding
while also ensuring wider coverage of topics deemed essential to students and
trainee practitioners. It seeks to place the topic in context by introducing
the economic, political, social and administrative dimensions of the subject,
an understanding of the practices associated with planning process and highway
planning strategies related issues of environment and sustainability.


 The road
network of any city is its lifeline and the evaluation of their performance is
very necessary for future traffic planning, design, operation and maintenance.
Understanding the framework for transport planning facilitate the studies on
transport data studies.


student is required to discuss methods of transport planning process and highway
planning strategies in Sultanate of
. The report must include and discuss but not
limited to the following

The importance of transportation in the national life with the statistics that
demonstrate the importance of transportation including the transportation

The major detrimental effects that are directly related to the construction and
use of our highway transportation system.

Characteristics of urban transport in Sultanate of Oman (Modes of

. · Transportation Planning Organization
(Administration, The transport planning framework, Missions of transport
institutions, Relationships among transport institutions )

Transport development in Sultanate of Oman (the transportation
system, the increase in number transportation user, the classification of
highway system).

The methods of transport planning process and highway planning strategies

The forms of environmental impact analysis documentation.

The basic issues that should be considered prior to selection of an evaluation
procedure and the basic criteria used for evaluating transportation
alternatives their units.


Start with the title page (including your name) or student number as requested.

It is preferable to place figures within the text rather than group them at the
end of the report

. · Give a sequential number to all figures
(Fig. 1, Fig. 2, Fig. 3, etc.)

Add a brief, informative caption to the figures.

Report Sections The Report should contain the
following sections:

Abstract (Executive summary)

Table of contents


Report body



 Report body

previous sections (abstract, table of contents, introduction) are preliminary
sections. body section is organized as follows: Headings should be informative
and descriptive providing a clue to the contents of the section.

· Describe the context of the case. Present the
central issue you will be analyzing, what decisions have already been made,
what communication processes are occurring in the situation. Focus on the

· Explain your methodology. Identify problems that
are demonstrated in the case.

· Present summaries of your findings and indicate how
you decide, and what is acceptable/not acceptable as a solution with

· Present an action plan for the recommendations.
Recommendations in a case study report should be fairly detailed.

Conclusions (maximum 1 page) Every report
should include a concluding statement/s on the subject of the report. Restate
the aim of the report and state how you have achieved it. Present the main
findings and key recommendations in a summarized. You should also restate the
limitations of the report.

References This is a list of all the sources
of information you have referred to in the report (follow Harvard references
format); minimum 10 references. All references listed at the references list
should be provided in the text properly.


Middlehurst House Business Finance Assignment Help

Middlehurst House**** Original Work with Plagiarism report attached**** Please read carefully!!!! Graduate level work required…….Case is attached in case link does not work !!!!

Complete: Case 9A (Middlehurst House).

In this case, management is presented with several
decision options.  For this assignment, you are required to provide a
two to three single-spaced written memo evaluating options and
providing recommendations.  The written memo should be properly
formatted according to APA guidelines and demonstrate research and
critical thinking skills. Evaluations and recommendations should be
supported by at least four scholarly sources from the Ashford University
Library or other external sources, excluding the textbook. 

In Question 1, evaluate each decision separately in full
detail including calculations, as necessary.  The evaluation should be
included as part of the memo discussion, not a separate component. 
Evaluations can be included as appendices, exhibits or figures; however
must be properly referenced within the written content.

In Question 2, prepare a comprehensive business memo
addressing each decision and your recommendation.  The memo should be
properly formatted as a business memo and formatted according to APA

An example of a properly formatted business memo can be found at this link

Week 5 Written Assignment should:

  • Demonstrate graduate level work including appropriate research and critical thinking skills.
  • Be presented as a business memo (not a question/answer format).
  • Incorporate case questions into the overall analysis.
  • Follow APA formatting guidelines including title page, reference page and in-text citations.
  • Consists of two to three single-spaced pages of content.

Provide at least four scholarly sources, excluding the textbook.


Dividend Policy Business Finance Assignment Help

Firm A is all equity with 100M shares outstanding. The firm has $150M in cash and expects future
free cash flows of $65M/year. The management plans to use the cash available to expand the
firm’s operations. The expansion will increase future free cash flows by 12%. Assume that the
appropriate annual discount rate for the firm is 10%. 

1. Compute the current share price of Firm A. (1 mark) 

2. Compute the share price of Firm A if the company decides to use the cash available for a
share repurchase at no premium. Show your answer. (2 marks) 

3. Compute the share price of Firm A if the company decides to expand its operations. (2 marks) 

4. Comment on the results obtained in parts (2) and (3). (2 marks) 

5. Firm A believes that its shares are underpriced and that the true value is $10. The
management expects that new information will come out soon and investors will revise their
opinions and agree on a $10 share value for Firm A. If Firm A plans to use the $150M cash
for a share repurchase, should it wait until the new information comes out or not? Show
your answer. (3 marks)


Socio-cultural Analysis Other Assignment Help

Country: Philippines
Socio-cultural Analysis:
Your organization has reviewed your country study and has decided to go with your recommendation for their initial international expansion. A complete a socio-cultural analysis needs to be completed to determine the entry strategy, financing, human resource needs, suppliers, marketing, pricing and distribution, and organizational structure.
Assignment Criteria:
Write a report (2 – 4 pages, font 12) outlining the socio-cultural factors and discuss any cross-cultural issues that will need to be considered, addressed and understood into for a successful international expansion. You need to use at least three outside sources to complete this assignment. PLEASE remember to cite all your sources; proper citation of your sources is a requirement for this course.
Please support all recommendations with sound reasoning and research.
Your report needs to include but not limited to:
• Demographic Trends
o Population growth
o Age structure & median age
o Life expectancy
o Literacy
• Cultural Analysis
o Language
o Customs and Norms
o Traditions
• Social Institutions
o Where does the country lie within Hofstede’s dimensions
o Family structure
o Religious structure
o Labor organizations
• Informal Trade Barriers
o Barriers that are created by social and cultural factors
o Communication styles
o Negotiating tactics
o Marketing concerns
o Ethical concerns
 Employment practices
 Human rights
 Business practices



Help with communication question Business Finance Assignment Help

he six characteristics from which you should choose are:

  • Involves interdependent individuals
  • Is inherently rational
  • Exists on a continuum
  • Features verbal and nonverbal messages
  • Exists in varied forms
  • Varies in effectiveness

Write a 1-page essay that explains 2 of the 6 characteristics of interpersonal communication and illustrate how each one is demonstrated in your communication style. 

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Relationship Analysis Business Finance Assignment Help


You are to analyze one person with whom you have a personal relationship. Apply

  • How the relationship got started. First impressions?

  • One of the best time you’ve shared together.

  • One of the worst or most difficult times you’ve had together. 

  • Conflict points in your relationship or substantive areas where you disagree.

  • The advantages and disadvantages of your relationship.

  • What is their biggest fear? (in life)

  • People whom they admire and why

Writing the paper:

Analyze your relationship with your partner. How did you learn to deal with conflict? Were you socialized to use passive, assertive or aggressive strategies? How does your gender affect the way you deal with conflict? What cultural influences do you see as having an effect? Are you comfortable with the way in which you deal with conflict? Think of a time when you were involved in a conflict? Did the conflict come to a satisfactory end? If so, how? Why do you think this conflict arose? How might you avoid such a conflict in the future? Think of a recent conflict you have experienced . How was power distributed in the confrontation? Do you feel you handle the conflict in a non assertive, indirect, passive aggressive, assertive, or aggressive way? Most importantly: Do all the above utilizing some of the concepts and theories from the documents below. You are required to create a work cited page and in-text citation the concepts and theories from these two chapters.


Could you please assist me with my Professional Development Seminar Paper Computer Science Assignment Help

Could you please assist me with my Professional Development Seminar paper? Please see below.

You have been selected to be a speaker at a Strayer University Professional Development Seminar.  The topic of discussion is “ How to protect yourself from computer crimes”. 

Write a 3-4 page paper in which you:

Select a computer crime of your choice for your speech at the Seminar. Imagine you have been asked to address the following items listed below. Remember that your textbook has several crimes listed in chapter one.

  1. Explain how the selected computer crime victimizes someone. 
  2. Evaluate how vulnerable or susceptible society is today, with respect to this computer crime.

Research the Internet for a news article that discusses how this type of computer crime is being addressed by law enforcement or the criminal justice system. Select one article to answer the following:

  1. Explain whether you agree or disagree with the way the selected computer crime in your chosen article is being addressed.  
  2. Use at least four (4) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.


need help with this discussion Humanities Assignment Help


The expanding world of the toddler is filled with wonder and exploration. Early childhood professionals play an important role in the successful evolution of learning appropriate behaviors.

In this unit, you will share some of the behaviors of infants and toddlers and the challenges they present to early childhood professionals. You will also discuss age appropriate behavioral expectations and intervention strategies for the toddler.

To prepare for Discussion, be sure to read “Discipling Your Child” and “Aggressive Behaviors in Toddlers.”

Case Scenario

You are inside an ideal child care facility. You hear a commotion. Turning, you witness two toddlers, a boy and a girl, fighting over a shopping cart. The girl does not want to give the boy a turn. She bites him.

How Realistic Are Your Expectations for Toddlers?

Considering what you have learned about the behaviors of toddlers, what is an appropriate way for the teacher to handle this situation? Share specific developmentally appropriate behavioral expectations, appropriate discipline strategies, and strategies to promote pro-social behavior in the context of diverse families. Be sure to include a discussion of how early childhood theory informs your Discussion.

Think about at what age toddlers are expected to have the psychosocial and developmental the skills to share. With this in mind, how can appropriate developmental behavioral expectations guide your response to this situation?


Differentiate between training and education, simple and easy. Writing Assignment Help

Improving police productivity is a difficult task for the
police managers. The problem is that there are no simple answers to the
difficult questions. Productivity is a complex issue requiring complex planning
and managerial actions to make improvements. Advances in productivity require that
attention be given to all aspects of the department. Police managers should
give special consideration to operations that involve large numbers of
employees who perform routine and repetitive tasks. Also functions that require
a large number of hours are another area the managers can study for
productivity improvement. The executive’s role in control and productivity is
one of providing leadership and guidance regarding what to control, what is
important to achieve, and how the organization fits into the broader framework
of society. If I were the chief I would
use employee incentives and awards to maintain a high level of productivity, it
would be my goal to make sure all of my officers at every level knew that they
were doing a good job, what, if any, changes they needed to make, and to know
that they all are appreciated. I would make sure that I involved everyone in my
decision making process, I would come up with my plan and present to my mid-level
managers and then I would make the appropriate changes if any are needed then I
would present to my line officers and make sure everyone agreed and was
comfortable with it. Obviously there will be times when I have to make a decision
that I cannot involve everyone in but the decisions I could allow input on I
would get everyone’s input on it.


Week 5 Written Assignment should:

  • Demonstrate graduate level work including appropriate research and critical thinking skills.
  • Be presented as a business memo (not a question/answer format).
  • Incorporate case questions into the overall analysis.
  • Follow APA formatting guidelines including title page, reference page and in-text citations.
  • Consists of two to three single-spaced pages of content.

Provide at least four scholarly sources, excluding the textbook.