Response Paper 2

Response Paper 2. Response Paper 2.

I’m studying and need help with a Political Science question to help me learn.

Write approximately 500-1000 words in response to the prompt below. Be sure to bring in concepts that we’ve discussed in class. Click the link above to upload your response to Blackboard before class begins on Monday (03/02).

You’ve just been named the head of the UN’s mission to Uflania. Uflania is a small, mountainous country in southwest Asia. It is inhabited exclusively by two groups: the Wheedles—who make up 86% of the country’s population and control its political institutions—in the north, and the Whaddles in the south. The two groups speak different (though similar) languages, and practice different religions. They also have a long and violent history, and have attempted to wipe one another out multiple times. Earlier this year, the Whaddle leader declared the southern part of the country to be the sovereign nation of Whaddlestan. The democratically-elected Wheedle leader responded by mobilizing the military and sending tanks into the south, where they have been locked in combat with Whaddle rebels for the last several weeks. Your task is to resolve the situation as quickly and peacefully as possible. To this end, the UN has placed significant resources and manpower at your disposal. How could the conflict best be resolved? What is your strategy? What problems might the situation present? How can you circumvent them?

Note:This is a international relation class and i have attache my last few lectures and you can use some of the concepts from them.

Response Paper 2

Response Paper 2

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