Response to discussion post minimum 150 words

Response to discussion post minimum 150 words. Response to discussion post minimum 150 words.

I’m studying and need help with a Social Science question to help me learn.

When responding to posts of other learners, please ensure that those responses are substantive. Add to the discussion, offer examples, rather than posting an “I agree” statement. Tell why you agree. Augment your thinking to the critical level. Ask any questions that will help you better understand each post. Make suggestions that will provide food for thought.

Student post down below:

SWOT is a method used in evaluating the four facets of a business or career. SWOT stands for: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This type of analysis takes a critical review of a company’s organizational practices to determine its growth and success performances, but also individual project expectations. According to Harley-McClaskey (2015), the first step in this process is to review the organization’s internal and external data. The first facet of SWOT is strength, which is the accolades of an organization that are done well. Next is weaknesses or those things that hinder organizations or projects performance. Followed by opportunities, which reflect newly presented ideas persuading progress and other variables leading to successful gains. Finally, is threats, or risks to persons or the organization per mentioned in Shewan (2020).

Internal Strengths
– Decades of esoteric experience
– Known/Awarded educators
– Open Source Initiatives
– Grass-roots involvements
– Owned supplies & Hardware (Internal Resources)
– Ethical Hacking
– Large Space (Warehouse)
– Au courant methods
– Sustainability

Internal Weaknesses
– Non-conformity
– A small circle of viable associates
– Higher Utility Bills
– Shipping delays (China)
– No specialized front-end staff
– Finding funding/grants
– Poor/lack-of social media interests

External Opportunities
– International opportunities
– Documentary coverage
– Limited competitors
– The Emerging need for services

External Threats
– Change in parental attitudes towards our services
– Changes in politics
– Negative press, media, critics
– Bias to African-centered Theory/Africology

Response to discussion post minimum 150 words

Response to discussion post minimum 150 words

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