Reverberation time purpose Science Assignment Help

Reverberation time purpose Science Assignment Help. Reverberation time purpose Science Assignment Help.


cover page : experiment title, name

abstract: describe the experiment. in your own words in a short paragraph.

procedure: describe what was done (only key points)

analysis : (answer the questions that are attached)

conclusion: mention how well the experiment supports the theory being tested.

language: write in format English past tense, passive voice. avoid terms like, I, we, he ,she


To understand how to calculate the reverberation time for a room.


Reverberation is the combined effect of multiple sound reflections in a room which result to a gradual decay of the sound heard by the listener after the source of sound stops.

In order to deal with this effect in a quantitative way, the concept of reverberation time TR is used. TR is defined to be the time it takes for the sound to drop by 60dB from its steady state value after the sound is turned off. The reverberation time depends on the size and shape of the room as well as its contents.

A rather simple, approximate formula for the reverberation time in seconds is

? ?

where V is the volume of the enclosure in ft3(V=length x width x height) and A is

2 the total absorption of the surface of the room (or area) in ft .

If the areas and volumes are measured in terms of meters rather than feet, the coefficient 0.05 is replaced by 0.161 in the formula above.

The total absorption A (measured in sabins) is


where Si are the surface area of various materials (measured in ft2) in the enclosure, and ai are their respective absorption coefficients per square feet. (measured in sabins/ ft2).

?? = 0.05

Table 1: Absorption coefficients (sabins/ft2) for some common materials found in studios or concert halls. Note that the absorption coefficients are frequency dependent.

Table 2: Absorption (per unit) of seating arrangements with different states of upholstery and occupancy.

Figure 1: Ideal average reverberation time versus room volume for different types of rooms, including rooms that are specific to different types of music.


The ceiling is made of acoustical boards. The floor is carpeted. The long side walls are made of brick and there are 20 glass windows overall, each of size 3ft x 6ft. The entrance wall has a glass door of size 12ft x 7ft. The rest of the entrance wall as well as the back wall are also made of brick. The room also contains 400 upholstered seats.

Floor (plywood)

Figure 2: Dimensions and details of the scenario described above QUESTIONS

1. Calculate the reverberation time for this hall for f = 500Hz, when the seats are unoccupied, and when they are occupied.

2. For which purposes might this room be suited?

3. If you wanted to have a longer TR, how would you redesign the hall interior?

4. A room with a volume of 10,000 ft2 has TR = l.5 s. What is the total absorption of the

room surface?

5. Calculate the frequencies of the first few standing waves in a bathroom stall that is 1.5 m

wide, 2.5 m long and 3.0 m high. Draw a frequency (Fourier) spectrum for your findings, with equal relative amplitudes for all frequencies present. Hint: treat the bathroom stall as a tube closed at both ends with the above dimensions.

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Essay – Idea of human beings manipulating or accepting their natural life span. Humanities Assignment Help

Objective: In a well-organized, thesis-driven essay of 5-6 pages, you will focus on the idea of human beings manipulating or accepting their natural life span. Smile. You have options! Yes!

Focus on reversing the aging process. Speculate. In the near future—20-30 years—what would happen if humans could live up to 150 years in relative comfort? This possible situation means that someone who is 90 years old might resemble and function like someone who is 45 years old. If some or all people had the option to live to 150-160 years old in relative comfort, should they? Some questions to think about in regards to option 1: How would marriage change? Would family dynamics change? What would happen to ‘the workplace?’ Would people live their lives differently because ‘the pressures’ of time have changed?

Please use textual evidence to support your claims. (Three sources per option/two quotes per source) Please use the MLA format when you are citing your sources.

A Works Cited page is required. Plagiarism of any kind will result in immediate failure—refer to the syllabus. (Times New Roman 12 point font/double spaced)

Link for MLA help: (Links to an external site.)

Plagiarism of any kind will result in immediate failure (see syllabus).

Times New Roman 12 point font/Double Spaced

Do not use contractions.

Do not use ‘I,’ ‘me,’ ‘you,’ or ‘we.’ (or any variation of these first-person personal pronouns)

1250-word minimum-this does not include the Works Cited page.

The essay is due on December 23rd. The essay must meet all the requirements. Late essays will be penalized 15%. Essays that do not meet the word count will not receive partial credit. The grade for an essay that does not meet the word count is a 0.

Reference materials:


Entertainment media proposal Business Finance Assignment Help

Assignment Content

  1. Imagine you have the opportunity to propose an original idea for a new TV or movie program that is based on current market trends. You will need to research what the popular genres are in either movies or television and write your proposal with the intention of selling a story or format that falls in line with what is currently profitable. The title of this paper should be the name of the movie or TV show you are proposing.Write a 350- to 700-word proposal directed to either a movie or television producer who might fund your idea. Bear in mind that this is not an academic essay, so you are not writing a student paper about a pitch you want to make but rather the proposal itself. Choose one of these three to propose.1.If a movie, include a story summary of the actions of the characters (not just a tease without an ending) and characters with names and brief information about their personalities). Action should be described in the present tense. Describe why the story falls in line with what is currently profitable and an analysis discussing how your project reflects current popular entertainment trends and reflects (or not) American cultural values and their influence on social behavior.
    2.If a TV series, describe the characters (names and personalities) and a first episode story action summary (in the present tense) complete with an ending, and describe the ongoing format of the series with a description of why it falls in line with what is currently profitable. Include an analysis discussing how your project reflects current popular entertainment trends and reflects (or not) American cultural values and their influence on social behavior.3.If you choose to pitch a reality show, describe the premise, location, kinds of participants, and process of the series, and how the program matches current popular entertainment trends and does or does not reflect American cultural values and their influence on social behavior. Do not propose remakes or revivals or stories, characters, or concepts to which you do not own the rights.Include an APA cover page. Be sure to spell check and apply grammar, punctuation, and usage notes from your previous papers for maximum credit.
    Submit your assignment.
    Refer to the following required learning activities:

    • Introduction to Mass Communication, Ch. 7
    • Introduction to Mass Communication, Ch. 6
    • Introduction to Mass Communication, Ch. 8
    • Introduction to Mass Communication, Ch. 9
    • Week 3 Electronic Reserve Readings
    • Week 3 Electronic Reserve Readings Videos
    • TEDTalks: Mark Ronson
    • TEDTalks: The World’s Most Boring Television


Ebusiness and Ecommerce system 3000words essay Business Finance Assignment Help

Choose a topic that you are familiar with


Topic 1: e-Learningat work: Web-based Learning Communitiesin business environment

Topic 2: e-Entertainment: emerging technologies and revenue generation models for virtual entertainment(e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, e-Sports)

Topic 3: Social Commerce and Social Lending: towards more responsible society

Topic 4: Crowdsourcing: new development models for business start-ups

Topic 5: Mobile Money: emerging trends in developing countries (e.g. m-Pesa)

Topic 6: Geo-location services at consumer level: new business models for monetisation

Topic 7: Business Process Re-engineering: Internet-related strategies

Topic 8: AI and Big Data: new trends in business data analytics

Topic 9: Serious Gaming in mental health treatment: emerging trends

Topic 10: Digital age“click-and-mortar”large-scale enterprise:a case study of your choice (e.g. EasyJet)Topic 11: AdverGaming and In-Game-Advertising: trends and opportunities

Topic 12: Internet of Things (IoT) in healthcare: opportunities and societal challenges

Topic 13: Software Piracy: implications for the industry and economy

Topic 14: Business models for wearable technologies in sport and fitness

Topic 15: Darknetand cybercrime challenges: governmental and corporatesecurity strategies


Prevention and Mitigation Analysis Law Assignment Help

Assignment Content

  1. Overview: Risk assessment does not just include infrastructure. Risks can also include technological challenges, such as network and data vulnerabilities, which was evident when the Federal Government’s OPM personnel data was stolen.Create an 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation addressing the following:

    • Describe and provide an example of the terms information, cyber, and computer security. Explain the differences between the terms.
    • Identify and provide an example of the steps to evaluate the effectiveness of an organization’s mobile security plan.
    • Contrast and provide an example of cyberwarfare and cyberterrorism

    Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines

  2. Include a title slide,reference slide, foot notes, pictures, headings, proper grammar



ACT415_Portfolio Project_Corp Tax Returns Business Finance Assignment Help

Module 8 Portfolio Milestone & Portfolio Project, Option #1: Corporate Tax Returns.

Form 1120, Template w/ calculations, Written analysis

Option #1: Corporate Tax Returns

Review the grading rubric below to understand how you will be graded on this assignment. Reach out to your instructor if you have questions about the assignment.

Because it is important for accountants to demonstrate the filing requirements for specialized tax returns, for this final project you will complete a corporate tax return and provide an analysis of the ethical considerations related to tax preparation involving corporations.

Key Components:

Use the financial data below to complete Form 1120.

Complete the Student Template (provided in Module 8 under this assignment) that has the respective tax forms and schedules required to complete the return. Complete all the parts of your respective business tax return for which there is information.

Click this link to download Form 1120 (Links to an external site.) from Complete the return for BADEC.

In a separate document:

  1. Show your income tax calculations.
  2. Prepare a write-up on analysis of the ethical considerations related to tax preparation.


Submit 1) your tax return template, 2) Income tax calculations, and 3) your analysis of the ethical considerations related to tax preparations involving corporations. Your paper must be formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA. (Links to an external site.) Note: The Submission box does not accept fillable .pdf documents. Use the File—>Print—>Print to PDF, to save the .pdf as this will allow all information to come through.

BADEC Corporation















Total Assets




Retained Earnings
















Total Liabilities plus Equity


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answer three questions in 60 mins Humanities Assignment Help

Instructions: You have 60 minutes to answer three questions. Please prepare your answers in a separate Word document. Answer Question 2 from Group A , and two questions from Group B. In your answer, not the number of the question you have chosen. It is suggested that you take a few minutes to plan and outline each answer on a piece of scratch paper. Spend approximately one-third of your time (40 minutes) on each question. When asked to DESCRIBE concepts, identify and define any relevant terms, and use substantive examples where appropriate. Please do not plagiarize.

Group A

Question 2
The news media acts as a “watchdog” in the democratic process. Citizens rely on accurate news reporting so that they can hold elected government officials accountable when they act in ways that go against the public will.

(a.) Describe EACH of the following news norms:

  • Neutrality
  • Official sources
  • Accuracy
  • Newsbeats
  • Newsworthiness
  • “Horse race” journalism

(b.) Describe EACH of these forms of journalism. Of these three, which is most likely to adhere to the above news norms?

  • Traditional journalism
  • Advocacy journalism
  • Tabloid journalism

(c.) Describe ONE critique that a participatory democratic theorist would bring to news norms.

Group B(select two)

Question 3
In June 2019, Los Angeles City citizens were asked to vote on Measure EE. Measure EE proposed to raise an estimated $500 million per year to support the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) in response to labor grievances highlighted during the LAUSD teachers strike during the previous January. To end the strike, LA City officials agreed to a 6% pay raise for teachers, reduced class sizes, and promised to hire more nurses and librarians to meet the needs of understaffed schools, leaving them with the challenge of finding $403 million to pay for the plan. Had it passed, Measure EE would have met this budgetary shortfall by levying a property tax of 16 cents per square foot of indoor space, in addition to already existing property taxes. Much to the disappointment of its supporters, Measure EE failed to get the two-thirds majority it needed to pass, earning only 45% of the city-wide vote.

(a.) Describe EACH of the two fundamental values that influence public opinion:

  • Egalitarianism
  • Individualism

(b.) Describe how political scientists have measured egalitarianism and individualism.

(c.) Would a voter who possesses egalitarian values be more likely to support Measure EE, or more likely to vote it down? Explain why.

(d.) Would a voter who possesses individualist values be more likely to support Measure EE, or more likely to vote it down? Explain why.

Question 4
Clawson and Oxley (2017) write, “Among citizens, the average Republican and average Democrat may not be all that different, but their differences stem from deep-seated understandings of right and wrong, making American politics seem quite polarized.” Political science research has found that people’s understanding of right and wrong is determined by whether they possess an authoritarian or non-authoritarian personality.

(a.) Describe the “Authoritarian Personality.”

(b.) According to the political science research, what role does the family play in cultivating the authoritarian personality?

(c.) What kinds of policies do people with authoritarian personalities support?

(d.) In what ways to libertarians differ from authoritarians?

(e.) Describe the effect of normative threats on citizens with authoritarian predispositions.

Question 5
Political science research has found that sometimes elected officials pay attention to what the public wants, and other times they ignore the public, relying instead on their own judgement and expertise when making policy decisions.

(a.) Describe the concept of popular sovereignty.

(b.) Describe the stances of EACH theoretical perspective on the question of how closely public opinion should mirror policy outcomes (or, to what degree should government officials follow public opinion when it comes to the policies they create?)

  • Participatory Democratic Theory
  • Pluralist Democratic Theory
  • Elite Democratic Theory

(c.) What evidence do we have (by way of political science research) that shows elected officials pay attention to public opinion?

(d.) What evidence do we have that shows public opinion does not matter as much as some say it does?

(e.) Do all citizens have equal influence on policy outcomes?


Practice test Writing Assignment Help

Watch this

Use the Practice Tests rubric as a guide to help with the Final Portfolio.

Practice Tests for the portfolio:

Reflection: Reflect on this learning strategy (1/2 page reflection)

Example 1: The edited copy of the Practice Test you have already turned in. Look at the feedback provided to make revisions.

Example 2: New example of a Practice test (Two pages)

– Page 1: Create six multiple choice questions with four answer choices (A-D)

-Page 2: Copy and Past what you have on Page 1, onto Page 2

– For each question, indicate the level (2 remember, 2 understand, 2 apply). You need two questions of each level

– Bold the correct answer

– For each answer choice, explain why it is correct or incorrect


answer to these discussions and I am going to send you the comment of my peers to write 2 replies for each discussion. Humanities Assignment Help

Discussion Prompt 1

Life Expectancy: What Does It Take to Live a Long Life?

According to the CDC, the current average life expectancy is 78.7 years old. Although there are some who live much longer, even up to 120 years. In your opinion, what factors contribute to those who live well beyond the average age? Consider lifelong healthcare regiments, attitudes, and behaviors. Are these factors in agreement with what psychologists find to be common in centenarians? Support your reasoning with information from the text and other course materials.

Discussion Prompt 2

Socioemotional Selectivity Theory

Psychologists claim that those in late adulthood are more selective about the company they keep because they are less willing to invest in relationships with emotional risk and they place a higher value on emotional satisfaction. Do you feel this a valuable way to approach social relationships? Why or why not? Could this approach be useful in other periods of development? If so, how? Support your reasoning with information from the text and other course materials.


Week 4 Discussion – The Value of Corporate Identity Humanities Assignment Help

Week 4 Discussion – The Value of Corporate Identity

Learning Objectives Covered

  1. Define the importance of designing a logo and corporate identity for a variety of formats and delivery platforms



As has been noted throughout this course, although the design of a
logo is a key element in communicating the values and character of a
company to a wider audience, a comprehensive identity system, and
structure backing up the logo is equally important to ensure that the
company presents a consistent image through a variety of elements.
Whether on a store, a restaurant, or a sign, an audience will always
encounter a logo within the context of something larger thus it is vital
to provide clear direction to keep the visual experience cohesive.
Consistency is at the heart of identity systems.

Corporate identity systems became widespread in the latter part of
the twentieth century. As corporations began to diversify the scope of
their services, it became important to find a way to visually represent
and translate the look and feel of the parent company over a variety of
diverse elements. Today a corporate identity system is developed soon
after the development of a logo. In addition to considering how physical
artifacts (vehicles, clothing, packaging, etc.) might embrace and
extend the look of the logo, it is beneficial to consider how the logo
should be extended digitally (websites, social media, apps, etc.).
Though developing an identity system creates another step in the design
process, ultimately it is beneficial because it ensures that the company
image remains strong and unique.


For this discussion, imagine you have been hired to create a logo for
a fishing and boat rental business. At your first meeting, they reveal
that in addition to leading guided fishing trips and renting boats they
also have dinner cruises, own a boat storage facility, operate three
bait and tackle shops, and are in the final stages of developing their
own line of nautical rain gear and outerwear. When you ask them if all
of these different businesses relate somehow visually they respond by
saying that they never really thought about establishing a cohesive
identity and inquire more about what might be involved.

After learning all you have this mod regarding logo and identity
design, how might you respond to this client regarding the importance of
establishing a cohesive identity? What are the benefits for them in
having not just a logo but also a whole identity system? How would you
explain how your own design process would shift if you were designing an
identity system versus a single logo? What elements could they expect
you to deliver? Conversely, how might it impact pricing and timelines?

For your citation, you might use articles that show examples of how a
cohesive corporate identity system leads to better consumer loyalty.
You can also find articles from experts that suggest how to best engage
in project discussion and negotiation with clients when engaged in
graphic design projects.

Your initial and reply posts should work to develop a group
understanding of this topic. Challenge each other. Build on each other.
Always be respectful but discuss this and figure it out together.


Reverberation time purpose Science Assignment Help

Reverberation time purpose Science Assignment Help