Reviewing an Essay of Summary and Response Humanities Assignment Help

Reviewing an Essay of Summary and Response Humanities Assignment Help. Reviewing an Essay of Summary and Response Humanities Assignment Help.

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In this discussion, you will review a student summary and response paper in your textbook. This is the type of essay you are finalizing this week. By responding to a paper written by a student, you will gain some insight into your own revision work this week for the Unit 3 assignment, and you will practice skills in analyzing and responding to the writing of others.

To complete your posts, follow these steps:

  1. Review the following from this unit’s required readings in The Prentice Hall Essential Guide for College Writers. This is a summary and response to the article, “Why We Still Need Feminism,” by Casey Cavanaugh. Cavanaugh’s article itself begins on page 66. Be sure to read that first. Then, you will read, on the pages that follow, a sample student summary and response over Cavanaugh’s article. These items are on pages 69–71. You will compose your discussion post based on that sample student summary and response on pages 69–71. While the student summary and response fall on different pages, you will consider pages 69–71 to be the sample Summary and Response essay (the type of essay you are finalizing this week).
    • “Why We Still Need Feminism,” pages 66–68.
    • “Summary of ‘Why We Still Need Feminism’” and “Response to ‘Why We Still Need Feminism,'” pages 69–71.
  2. Write an original post about this essay giving your answers to the following questions, make specific references in your post to the student paper in your text book.
    • Has the writer followed the guidelines for writing summaries (pages 65–69)?
    • Is the summary objective, rather than personal?
    • Does the writer use author tags to let the reader know that the ideas are those of the original, not of the writer?
    • What is your reaction to the writer’s response?
    • Do you find the evidence for the writer’s opinion to be convincing?

Reviewing an Essay of Summary and Response Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

writing research journal -jwu Writing Assignment Help

My topic is : food security and sovereignty in China

Here is the writing requirement:


Collect, categorize, and annotate at least Five primary and/or secondary sources that you have found through outside research (see below for the format for each entry and for the extra labor requirements). There can be overlap between the sources that you used in Essay #1 and the sources you include in this journal, but keep in mind that the goal of Essay #2 is different, and will likely require additional and/or different research in order to make the argument persuasive. Each of the entries needs to have the information from the blank example below. Copy and paste this blank template into a new word document, delete anything I’ve written in parenthesis, and be sure to proofread and edit before submitting to Canvas on Sunday, July 29th.

Essay/Article/Book Title: Author(s) Name(s):

Date Published: Publisher/Journal/Magazine/Etc. Name:

Primary or Secondary Source: Scholarly or Conventional:

Source Summary (In your own words! No less than 100 words, no more than 200):

How will this source help you to create a persuasive argument? (1-2 sentences):

Minimum Requirements

  • The assignment should include a heading and be reasonably proofread.
  • Each entry must include all of the information requested in the blank format above. (If you don’t know how to locate a category for a source, ask Nick ASAP. This information will be available for every credible source!)
  • It should include entries for at least five outside sources identified through independent research, and of those five sources:
    • At least one must be a primary source.
    • Three must be scholarly (peer-reviewed!) primary or secondary sources.
    • The remaining entries can come from any reputable primary or secondary sources, including more scholarly entries, or credible conventional sources, like government reports, magazines, books, etc.
  • Each source must be summarized in your own words (paraphrasing the abstract is fine – copying and pasting or quoting from it is not) in at least 100 words for each source, and include a brief 1-2 sentence explanation of how the source might be used to make Essay #2 persuasive.

Minimum Requirements for the Extra Labor Version

The essay must meet all of the minimum requirements for the “regular” version, and additionally, must:

  • It must indicate that this is an “Extra Labor Version” in the heading.
  • It must use at least seven outside sources found through your own, independent research, and of those sources:
    • At least two must be primary sources.
    • Four must be scholarly (peer-reviewed!) primary or secondary sources.
    • The remaining entries can come from any reputable primary or secondary sources, including more scholarly entries, or credible conventional sources, like government reports, magazines, books, etc.
  • It must include a paragraph at the end of no less than 250 words that evaluates the overall strength of the research collected so far in the research journal. That paragraph might consider addressing the following questions:
    • Will more research be needed? Why/why not?
    • What concerns do you think a skeptical audience might have about one, some, or all of the sources?
    • Do you anticipate any challenges in using these sources to put together a compelling argument?
    • Was there information/sources/perspectives that you were hoping to find but were unable to locate?


Cybercrime Legislation Humanities Assignment Help

Provide 2-3 detailed paragraphs. Use proper APA citation throughout. 12 point font, double-spaced. Use references provided.

A gap exists between current trends in cybercrime and the government’s response via legislation and regulations. In the face of jurisdictional issues, constitutional issues, and a complex maze of federal and local statutes, it is difficult to identify a cohesive and efficient legal response to the ever evolving nature of computer related crimes. Rapidly advancing technology and its use in criminal behavior makes it difficult for legislation to keep pace in efforts to prevent and address cybercrime. There is a pressing need to implement strategies to better prepare for emerging trends in crime and to coordinate with a variety of business, social, and educational institutions; all levels of government; and other nations around the world.

For this Discussion, consider the ramifications of legislation being unable to keep pace with emerging uses of technology for criminal behavior.

Post by Day 4 a description of two possible ramifications of legislation being unable to keep pace with emerging uses of technology for criminal behavior. Then provide possible ways to address each ramification. Finally, explain any impacts on society of legislation being unable to keep pace with emerging uses of technology for criminal behavior.


  • Course Text: Taylor, R. W., Fritsch, E. J., & Liederbach, J. (2015). Digital crime and digital terrorism.(3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.
    • Chapter 10, “Digital Laws and Legislation” (review)
  • Article: Carucci, D., Overhuls, D., & Soares, N. (2011). Computer crimes. American Criminal Law Review, 48(2), 375–419.
    Retrieved from the Walden Library using the Expanded Academic ASAP database.
  • Article: Coakley, M. (2009). Privacy protection, safety and security: A state law enforcement perspective. The Computer & Internet Lawyer, 26(4), 1–11.
    Retrieved from the Walden Library using the Business Source Complete database.
  • Article: Kahn, S. (2010). “Apps.Gov”: Assessing privacy in the cloud computing era. North Carolina Journal of Law & Technology Online Edition, 11, 259–289. Retrieved from
  • Article: Lorentz, D. (2011). The effectiveness of litigation under the CAN-SPAM Act. The Review of Litigation, 30(3), 559–605.
    Retrieved from the Walden Library using the Academic Search Complete database.
  • Article: Rees, A. (2006). Cybercrime laws of the United States. Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section, U.S. Department of Justice. Retrieved from
  • Article: Shekhter, S. (2011). Every step you take, they’ll be watching you: The legal and practical implications of lifetime GPS monitoring of sex offenders. Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly, 38(4), 1085–1111.
    Retrieved from the Walden Library using the LexisNexis Academic database.
  • Article: Stansky, L. (2009). Internet law and cybercrime: The future is here. Student Lawyer, 37(6), 8–10.
    Retrieved from the Walden Library using the Academic Search Complete database.


Module 04 Assignment – QuickBooks Exercises Business Finance Assignment Help

This week you have familiarized yourself with end of period
procedures in chapters 7 and 8. After completing all the step-by-step
work in Chapters 7 and 8, follow the instructions to complete exercises
7-2, 8-1, and 8-2.

Submit your completed exercises PDFs and Excel workbooks to the drop box below. Please zip your files.

Submit your completed exercises PDFs and Excel workbooks. Submit
these files as a single zipped “.zip” file to the drop box below.

**I would have to give authorization passwords for the e-text and for the quickbook log in**


inspection phases in physical security Computer Science Assignment Help

Fire is one of the most devastating elements that can destroy the physical components of an entity quickly. Explain some of the fire protocols that should be implemented into the:

  1. Administrative and planning phase
  2. General physical inspection phase
  3. Hazardous material inspection phase
  4. Alarm system inspection phase


  • Please use the IP title page provided in the course material folder.
  • Your SA score should not be more than 30%.
  • If your last posted assignment is more that 30% you will get a zero score.
  • In-text citations and a reference list are also a requirement.
  • You need to have at least 10 cited sources this assignment.
  • Please ensure that all cited sources are credible



writing essay -daodao Writing Assignment Help

Word count:900, topic need to choose from the one below.

Process Description

A process description teaches the reader how something happens or functions, and is written in the third person. In this assignment you will be writing a process description for a topic of your choosing.

General Guidelines

Choose a process you are familiar with that could be described in about 800-1000 words for a semi-technical audience of well-educated college students majoring in a science discipline. Minimal graphics (two to three images max) are to be included in the assignment. While research is not prohibited for the assignment, avoid taking on a lengthy research process in order to complete the assignment – you have a big research project already!

Here are some possible topics: (Need to choose one topic from here)

  • how gum disease develops
  • how steel is made
  • how inflation develops
  • how the body metabolizes alcohol
  • how volcanoes erupt
  • how one recovers after knee surgery or injury
  • how a bill becomes law
  • how a computer compiles and executes a program.

Processes that involve lots of people/organisms could work well:

  • how a newspaper is produced and delivered
  • how the IRS processes tax returns
  • how swarms develop.

Guidelines for writing: Organize the material on the page to reflect the organization of the contents so that readers can see the structure of the process in the arrangement of text. You can accomplish this through headings, indentations, and fonts.

The document need not follow the general formatting requirements for assignments in this course, but may instead be organized on the page to best serve the imaginary reader trying to understand this process.

Laying out steps in a flowchart fashion can be a good way to visualize the steps on paper before you start writing.

Process versus Instructions: A major difference between the instructions assignment and the process description is that the reader will not be interacting directly with the process: the process will be something that develops independent of individual human intervention. As you brainstorm, be careful to avoid the phrase “how to,” which suggests instructions.

writing essay -daodao Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Resume and cover letter and a discussion board Writing Assignment Help

Resume and Cover Letter:(15 pts)

Drafting a resume will
assist the student to record and evaluate activities and achievements that
promote one’s professional nursing abilities. Students are to compose a 1-2
page resume outlining basic biographical information, formal education, and
work experiences(s). Additional subject areas include professional licensure
and certifications; membership in professional organizations; honors or awards;
publications/presentations; continuing education; and hobbies. Students are
encouraged to review information from the course, other texts, and Internet
resources to assist them in compiling an effective resume that is professional
in appearance and content.

This should include an
overview of your career. Please identify the positions you have held, your
responsibilities, and skills that you have developed. List your positions in
reverse chronological order. The cover letter is one page; expresses the reason
for your interest in the position, as well as highlighting your personal
strengths and qualifications. It must be computer-generated, in formal letter
format, and written in business language.(Appendix B – Grading Rubric Resume/Cover Letter)

  • High quality (e.g. formal business format,
    overall appearance) (4 pts.)
  • Use of business language (2 pts.)
  • Spelling/grammar/syntax (2 pts.)
  • Follows general resume or cover letter writing
    guidelines (3 pts.)
  • Resume includes appropriate categories; content
    of cover letter expresses interest, highlights personal strengths, and
    qualifications (4 pts.)

Personal strategic plan and career
path/ vision for your future:

(10 pts)

  • Identify your basic underlying core values and
    beliefs or principles
  • Determine your strengths, weaknesses,
    opportunities, and threats
  • Map out your career goals – project your title,
    salary, and responsibilities along the following time line:
  • If I could be what I want according to the
    following timeline what would it be?

year from now






Please feel free to contact me for information regarding the cover letter and resume, thank you.

NB: This is a discussion board. APA format

In response to this week’s reading assignments, please select 2 of the following questions to respond to. Please post your response and discuss with your peers.

1. Compare and contrast the role of mentor, preceptor, and role model. Discuss your experiences in serving in these roles and working with individuals in these roles. How have these experiences with these key personnel helped shape your nursing/health care career. If you were selected to serve as a preceptor for a student nurse/health care professional, what traits/characteristics would be important to possess and what strategies would you identify to succeed. How important are preceptorship/ mentor programs to new graduates.

2. In light of economic conditions and cost cutting measures occurring in the health care industry across the US, identify strategies for creating a motivating environment. Identify positive reinforcement techniques that may be used by a manager. Identify how nurse leaders can help others maintain job satisfaction given the current climate.

3. Identify components of effective communication, barriers to effective communication and nonverbal methods to improve communication. What patterns of communication do you most consistently use – passive, aggressive, assertive, passive-aggressive. Are your communication techniques effective, why or why not. In what ways if any, would you improve your communication techniques and how.

4. Discuss the effect of the unionization of nurses. Identify factors that will influence whether or not nurses join unions. Discuss the role of unions within the nursing profession. In your opinion, have unions helped or hurt the nursing profession and why. Would you join a union, why or why not? Do you have any personal experience with unions. How do organizations perceive nursing unions and are they supportive or resistant to unionization and why?

Have a great week!


English literature Humanities Assignment Help

I attached 2 short story. You have to choose one and write about the author and the the short story in the powerpoint.

Please follow these guidelines:

1. A biography of the author will be an important part of the presentation (but shall comprise no more than 50% of said presentation). This will obviously include standard biographical information, such as birth, family life, education, notable accomplishments and awards, and date and cause of death.

2. A brief overview of the entire literary career of the author is also a crucial component of this presentation. Note things such as length of career, any training or preparation for their literary career, any innovations in terms of literary technique, how the author fits into their respective literary tradition, as well as contributions to the field of literature as a whole (with particular attention paid to any contributions to the development of the short story as a genre).

3. Additionally, you will discuss the importance of the assigned short story in their literary career. In some cases, the story may not be incredibly important at all, while in other cases, it may be of dire importance.

4. Finally, you have to include information on either a literary innovation, technique, artistic movement, or something crucial related to the author and/or the story.

5. You must properly cite any sources you use. Please be sure that you are using proper MLA format.


A Decision Support System (DSS) for the iTab Company Business Finance Assignment Help

You have been hired by management of the iTab Company to help determine a production
plan for the next year. After studying the information you have collected (see Attachment 1), you
decide to develop an Excel spreadsheet simulation (see Attachment 2 for a sample format).
Specifically, you would like to use this application to address two issues:

  1. To recommend a production plan (Plan A) for the next 12 calendar months. Your plan must
    meet all the policy constraints as listed in Attachment 1 (e.g., hiring, firing, overtime,
    minimum workforce, demand, and minimum inventory). You have been given a minimum
    gross profit target for the next 12 months at $1,500,000.
  2. To study the impact of the policy that limits hiring to 30 percent, and firing to 10 percent, of
    the existing workforce. For this purpose, you will develop a production plan (Plan B) that
    lets management 1) increase the wage rate from $12/hour to $14/hour and firing cost from
    $650 to $800 per worker, and 2) be allowed to hire or fire as many people as it feels
    necessary in any month (all other constraints still hold, including the minimum
    workforce requirement). Management of iTab would like to see how a more flexible
    hiring/firing policy would influence profitability. Not knowing the precise impact of this
    policy change, management has set a minimum 12-month gross profit target at $1.4 million


Career and Industry Assignment Business Finance Assignment Help

BA 2101 | Professional Development Strategies



I have already answered some of the questions. Just need to answer the other ones. Answer the questions in the table in the attached file.

  1. List TWO (2) industries you want to work in after graduation. If unsure of what you want to do, think about industries you might like to explore further. (already answered)

  2. For EACH industry, list:

  1. Two (2) industry trade associations (ex: American Advertising Federation – AAF)
  2. Two (2) industry trade journals or industry online resources; blogs, online magazines, etc. (ex: ABA Banking Journal, an industry trade journal;, an online magazine)

3. For EACH industry, list ONE (1) entry-level job or internship that you would or could apply to with your degree from Fox. Please note that you will be listing a total of TWO (2) jobs/internships. For each job/internship, you must include: (a) company name (already answered) , (b) position title (already answered) , (c) an answer the traditional interview question: “Why are you interested in this position?”

4. For ONE industry only, choose ONE (1) company that belongs in that industry. A publicly traded company is recommended. Locate and list the following information

  1. Names of the company’s top 5 current officers with their titles
  2. The company’s products or services (If many, please summarize by product lines or divisions)
  3. Two current issues in the company’s industry (minimum 2-3 sentences per issue)
  4. Outlook for the company’s industry (minimum 2-3 sentences)



Reviewing an Essay of Summary and Response Humanities Assignment Help

Reviewing an Essay of Summary and Response Humanities Assignment Help

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