REVISING this broushers Humanities Assignment Help

REVISING this broushers Humanities Assignment Help. REVISING this broushers Humanities Assignment Help.

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1- Brouhore (1):regarding the “agrees with” brochure — I kind of think it’s a little dense. There are an awful lot of sections of margin-to-margin text, and some of the language is more technical than a non-expert audience is going to be looking for.

I’d suggest deciding what the most important points are that you want to communicate and leave out the less important, as well as what technical terms can be left out and which ones needs to be kept along with a very brief explanation of the term.

I’d also see if I could present at least some of this information in the form of bullet points instead of full sentences. Bullet points are easier for nonexpert audiences to absorb, and the white space makes the brochure more visually appealing. (We’ve all opened a textbook and seen all those words on the page and gone “ugh!,” right! Well, the brochure audience will too, but because this isn’t a textbook, they just won’t read it!)

2- Brouchore(2):regarding the “disagrees with” brochure — I think I’d say something kind of similar to what I said about Yusur’s “disagrees with” brochure.

This looks awfully similar to the “agrees with” brochure, I think. I don’t really see it acknowledging the reasons why your intended reader disagrees with you, and in fact I’m not entirely sure what it is that they believe about gender and brains. And because the brochure doesn’t acknowledge the beliefs of the reader, there’s no way for you to counter those beliefs.

The brochure provides a lot of facts, but people’s beliefs about gender aren’t just about facts. They’re wrapped up in social and cultural values, ideas about nature and tradition and family relationships. I’d love to see this brochure think about what some of those might be and show how your argument doesn’t threaten the intended reader’s world in the ways that they’re probably afraid it would

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REVISING this broushers Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Sorting Out the Facts Business Finance Assignment Help

In the case Curatola v. Niles, 154 Ill. 2d 201, 608 N.E.2d 882 1993), the Illinois Supreme Court stated that to properly allege in a complaint a cause of action for negligence the plaintiff must allege that the defendant owed a duty of care, that it breached that duty (was negligent), that that the plaintiff’s injuries (damages) were proximately caused by the negligence (breach of duty) and that the plaintiff suffered injuries (damages).

The Dorite case is a negligence case under the law of premises liability. This means that the premises should be maintained by the defendant with ordinary care for the safety of the plaintiff and other intended users of the premises. Review the facts of the Dorite case, and try in one sentence to state the duty owed by the City to Ms. Dorite. After you have done so then discuss the facts set forth in Ms. Dorite’s interview that might support the factual allegation in a complaint that (i) the City was negligent (breached its duty) in maintaining the premises; (ii) that Ms. Dorite’s injuries were proximately caused by the City’s acts of negligence (breach of its duty) and that she Ms. Dorite was injured (suffered damages).


Please see the below question. Thank you Mathematics Assignment Help

A great research question will include all of the variables, identify the variables being correlated, and will imply the measurement scale of the variables. A great research question will also give you enough information to know what statistic(s) will be appropriate to answer the question.The topic for this week’s forum is finding a GREAT research question or research hypothesis from an empirical study. It should be so thoroughly stated that we would all be able to have a good idea of the measurement scale of the variables – all of them should be at least ordinal to require a Pearson correlation.

Please copy and paste ONE question/hypothesis (great ones will be one sentence only) and list the citation. Then tell us why YOU believe the variables involved are ordinal/interval/ratio, and WHY correlation – in your words.

Please make your postings brief by writing succinctly. Please select a research from medical field.


Assignment 2: Organizational Risk Appetite and Risk Assessment Writing Assignment Help

Assignment 2: Organizational Risk Appetite and Risk Assessment

Due Week 4 and worth 50 points

Imagine that a software development company has just appointed you to lead a risk assessment project. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the organization has seen reports of malicious activity on the rise and has become extremely concerned with the protection of the intellectual property and highly sensitive data maintained by your organization. The CIO has asked you to prepare a short document before your team begins working. She would like for you to provide an overview of what the term “risk appetite” means and a suggested process for determining the risk appetite for the company. Also, she would like for you to provide some information about the method(s) you intend to use in performing a risk assessment.

Write a two to three page paper in which you:

  1. Analyze the term “risk appetite”. Then, suggest at least one practical example in which it applies.
  2. Recommend the key method(s) for determining the risk appetite of the company.
  3. Describe the process of performing a risk assessment.
  4. Elaborate on the approach you will use when performing the risk assessment.
  5. Use at least three quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Describe the components and basic requirements for creating an audit plan to support business and system considerations.
  • Describe the parameters required to conduct and report on IT infrastructure audit for organizational compliance.
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in security strategy and policy formation.
  • Write clearly and concisely about topics related to information technology audit and control using proper writing mechanics and technical style conventions.

Click here to view the grading rubric.


Narative essay- personal story Writing Assignment Help

This assignment is due in 3 hours.

It should be a story about me.

Just make one up.

It is about me and my dad going to rafting in Georgia, europe and because of a bad training we are getting into accident falling from rifts and helicopter is transferring me to hospital. I am in coma for 3 days when I wake up My whole body was paralyzed because of hemmoragic stroke, rest make up. Make it as tragic as poossible.

Attached is the example and instructions. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

I decided to write my story based on the real life incident happened nine years ago. Main characters of my story will be me and my father. I was always scared to turn back and remember this story and never thought I will share that with anyone, but I feel like I have so much to tell with this story. As I already mentioned everything is based on real facts and this I consider the story as a tragic one. Whole story is happening back in my country: Georgia, where I lived half of my life. Sport was always priority for my family and rafting was one of the favorite one for my father because he is an extreme sport lover.…

Everything is happening when he took me first time to rafting. The secondary idea is mostly based on a dream I saw a night before that was keeping me back from going with my father.The story will be full of different episodes and drama. Unfortunately I will not be able to post real pictures of the incident, because of the privacy, but I maximally tried to match the reality. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

This is the first time me talking about this incident for a long time and I will really appreciate your union and advices on what to consecrate on. I really want to concentrate mostly on post-accidental story because I think it is more interesting and I just saw that couple students are interested to write the story about rafting.…



middle eastern politics and religion- discussion Humanities Assignment Help


Discussion topic: Research what is happening currently. (see the video below as well). Research the imbroglio between Israel and Palestine. Give details about how this imbroglio relates to the goals of a world society class and shows why this class is mandatory. Be specific.

Read the Newspaper article and include the ideas in your posts. (all documents are attached)

Read notes on Middle Eastern Politics & Religion (attached below). Watch this video about Israel and Palestine which gives a brief explanation about the conflict

all documents are attached, also our professor wants the work to be written in critical analysis and sagacious manner. word length up to you.

middle eastern politics and religion- discussion Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

week 2 forum comm110 Business Finance Assignment Help

Part I:

First, click on the Assignment tab to review the instructions for the Field of Study Project. Once you have reviewed the instructions, proceed with this week’s forum topic.

Any good project has a plan that helps you meet your goal. With that in mind, what are some steps to take to create your plan? How will you get your mind flowing for ideas for the project plan?

The goal is to create a project plan for the Field of Study Project. The steps of project planning may include:

· Understanding the scope and value of the project

· Planning a method to communicate the plan

· Selecting a topic/theme

· Considering critical thinking questions/statements to research

· Selecting subtopics which relate to the questions

· Brainstorming new ideas that should be included in the plan

Next, choose a career interest topic which is realistic and one that you are actually interested in learning more about. The career interest might be a field in which you could become employed after completing your APUS degree program or additional training.

After choosing your career interest topic, complete your project plan. Here are some ways you can create your plan: make an outline, mind map, flow chart, matrix, paragraph(s), or graphic organizer in order to share your project plan. Your project plan should include topic choice, your plan, why you chose your topic and what new information you are excited about learning in your research. Keep in mind that a robust project plan will make your research and project construction easier.

Part II:

This is a reflective paragraph that represents your critical thinking process when thinking about possible sources. You are NOT looking for specific sources now. Consider the best possible sources as presented in the Week 2 Lesson. What type of sources will work best for your research? How can you support your project plan with credible, current, reliable, accurate, and relevant information?

Part III:

Submit Parts I and II into the text box of the forum (not as an attachment) to share with your classmates. If you use Word, copy your document and paste the document into the forum by using the Word icon on the toolbar. If your project plan includes a URL, then copy and paste the link into the textbox.

Then, respond within the discussion forum, substantially, throughout the week.

Use the rubric below to ensure you are meeting forum expectations.


i need help with hw Science Assignment Help

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the cost of doing business Economics Assignment Help

A common theme emerges from each of the articles posted. That theme is “the cost of doing business”. Firms often have innovate products such as the Washington Redskins, or products that are innovative but used in the wrong way–e.g. the solar-powered trash can indoors. Firms also have issues with the costs of production–e.g. the Chevy volt. Incentives should also be considered when looking at the cost of capital, such as in France and checklists at autoshops.

Pick one of the articles and defend the position of the person making that decision, in whatever way seems satisfactory as it relates to the chapter content and the business world.

Use the concepts found in chapters 3, 4, and 5 to answer your posts.

you need write more than 500 words, and use APA format.

this is key points of chapter 3,4,5.

Chapter 3

  1. Costs are associated with decisions, not activities.
  2. The opportunity cost of an alternative is the profit you give up to pursue it.
  3. In computing costs and benefits, consider all costs and benefits that vary with the consequences of a decision and only those costs and benefits that vary with the consequences of the decision. These are the relevant costs and benefits of a decision.
  4. Fixed costs do not vary with the amount of output. Variable costs change as output changes. Decisions that change output will change only variable costs.
  5. Accounting profit does not necessarily correspond to real or economic profit.
  6. The fixed-cost fallacy or sunk-cost fallacy means that you consider irrelevant costs. A common fixed-cost fallacy is to let overhead or depreciation costs influence short-run decisions. The hidden-cost fallacy occurs when you ignore relevant costs. A common hidden-cost fallacy is to ignore the opportunity cost of capital when making investment or shutdown decisions.

Chapter 4

  1. Average cost (AC) is total cost (fixed and variable) divided by total units produced.
  2. Average cost is irrelevant to an extent decision.
  3. Marginal cost (MC) is the additional cost incurred by producing and selling one more unit.
  4. Marginal revenue (MR) is the additional revenue gained from selling one more unit.
  5. Sell more if MR > MC; sell less if MR < MC. If MR = MC, you are selling the right amount (maximizing profit).
  6. The relevant costs and benefits of an extent decision are marginal costs and marginal revenue. If the marginal revenue of an activity is larger than the marginal cost, then do more of it.
  7. An incentive compensation scheme that increases marginal revenue or reduces marginal cost will increase effort. Fixed fees have no effects on effort.
  8. A good incentive compensation scheme links pay to performance measures that reflect effort.

Chapter 5

  1. Investments imply willingness to trade dollars in the present for dollars in the future. Wealth-creating transactions occur when individuals with low discount rates (rate at which they value future vs current dollars) lend to those with high discount rates.
  2. Companies, like individuals, have different discount rates, determined by their cost of capital. They invest only in projects that earn a return higher than the cost of capital.
  3. The NPV rule states that if the present value of the net cash flow of a project is larger than zero, the project earns economic profit (i.e., the investment earns more than the cost of capital).
  4. Although NPV is the correct way to analyze investments, not all companies use it. Instead, they use break-even analysis because it is easier and more intuitive.
  5. Break-even quantity is equal to fixed cost divided by the contribution margin. If you expect to sell more than the break-even quantity, then your investment is profitable.
  6. Avoidable costs can be recovered by shutting down. If the benefits of shutting down (you recover your avoidable costs) are larger than the costs (you forgo revenue), then shut down. The break-even price is average avoidable cost.
  7. If you incur sunk costs, you are vulnerable to post-investment hold-up. Anticipate hold-up and choose contracts or organizational forms that minimize the costs of hold-up.

Here are six articles, pick one of the articles and defend the position of the person making that decision, in whatever way seems satisfactory as it relates to the chapter content and the business world.………………


writing essay -zhikangz Writing Assignment Help

My topic is about: Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) Food and food Security and Food Safety related issue.



  • It must include a heading, title, and be reasonably proofread.
  • It must not be shorter than 2500 words, which does not include header info or Works Cited Page
  • It must present an argument that directly answers a Question of Policy about a food justice problem.
  • The essay must be informed by independent outside research. It must incorporate at least 5 outside sources, and of those sources:
    • At least 1 Must be a primary source (it can be scholarly or conventional).
    • The remaining 6 can either be additional primary sources, or secondary sources, and:
      • at least 2 must be from Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed Sources, and
      • no more than 2 may come from credible conventional sources (But you can use all scholarly sources, if you wish)
    • No tertiary sources included in the essay!
  • It must include both in-text citations for all direct quotations and paraphrases, but they can be formatted in any style (MLA, APA, Chicago Handbook, etc.).
  • It must include a Works Cited Page, but it can be formatted in any style (MLA, APA, Chicago Handbook, etc.)
  • Both the in-text citation and Works Cited Page must be in the same style.
  • It must engage with at least 2 counterargument.
  • It must clearly incorporate at least one suggestion for revision from either the Peer Review or instructor feedback on 2.1.


REVISING this broushers Humanities Assignment Help

REVISING this broushers Humanities Assignment Help

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