revision for a paper Business Finance Assignment Help

revision for a paper Business Finance Assignment Help. revision for a paper Business Finance Assignment Help.

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1.Excessive length (submission format limit this length to 4+1 pages).

2.Analysis of US exports specific to your product is not included in the report as required by the Final exam assignment. Instead, you went right to the commercial market reports, however informative and authoritative. These reports do not sufficiently take into consideration US outward oriented exports (part of the assignment) and instead discuss market dynamics in country-neutral fashion.

3.Out of nowhere, North Korean market is included in your analysis. This needs to be explained and justified.

4.Your recommendation contain two target markets, not one to be examined in detail.

5.I would argue that HK might not be a good market destination for your chosen product: it is designated for African American consumers and, while there are a few of them in HK, this consumer group is limited in size. Same with Japan (97% of the Japan’s population are ethnic Japanese).

6.Recommending a Swiss-based global partner who has an affiliate in Asia is a weakness.

7.Contact information for a partner in the target country/market is missing in the report.

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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Essay Humanities Assignment Help

Write a 7-8 pages essay about sexual harassment in a workplace. Describe which group of people gets victimize/marginalize in a sexual harassment case in a workplace. How they are treated.what are the consequences of this harassment? What they do after they got victimize. How they got zombified. Which group of people harassed them in a workplace. what is the condition of sexual harassment in a workplace ? mention and argue on every prospective.









NOTE:- We looked at the origins of zombies earlier this semester and explored what it originally
meant to become zombified. Apply the definition we arrived at to a marginalized group
within our society and argue the consequences this group is experiencing. The essay
must explore opposing views and counter those or make concessions.


Annotated Bibliography Writing Assignment Help

so three sources, on of them is down called The human stain, the other two should find from a library source and its connected to an presentation on the watchmen book symbols or some pictures that have meaning. ( this is my school library which is safer for me.

Please read the instruction on the first one but as I said because she didn’t mention that in the assignment but she said it in the class that the first source is the human stain and the other two are from the library and should be talking about watchmen symbols pictures in the book by Alan Moore. but dont use pictures just find sources and talk about it but no pictures. Its just symbols about the book

I added an example of how organize it and dont forget to include markers

please if you have question let me know or text e


History about Cathay Williams or a.k.a. William Cathay, a soldier of the 8th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment Other Assignment Help

Tell the class the history of Cathay Williams or a.k.a. William Cathay, a soldier of the 8th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment and/ or units as it relates to African American Military History and remember to cite where you found your information. Also read two of your peers Soldier discussions and comment on the units or people they chose in comparison to the ones your wrote about.

the second interactive assignment forum will have you investigate the participation of African Americans in the CIVIL WAR. The forum will ask you to highlight all the battles or events the one topic you chose from the list participated in the war.You will need three distinct and solid references to show your research on this topic posted in your forum and you will need to read three of your peers posts to discuss and debate the history of the Reconstruction era.

For online sources, you must ask addition questions. What is the domain (.edu?)? Who publishes the site, or sponsors it? Is it recent (has it been updated)? Are there advertisements or signs that it is a poorly designed website with all kinds of distractions? Is the site supposed to be an academic one? Or is it someone’s pet project?

Remember that this is a formal essay and you need an introduction, body, and conclusion.


literauture help pls help Writing Assignment Help

Argument Organizer

Choose one of the following questions to answer for the argument
essay in this module.

Does our state do enough to prevent distracted driving?


Can a Public Service Announcement (PSA) help reduce the number of distracted driving

Part One

  1. Write the claim you will present in your argument essay.
  2. Write the counterclaim that you will refute in your argument essay.

Part Two

Identify research sources that you will use in your argument essay. Include at least
two primary sources and at least two secondary
sources. Use MLA citations to document your sources here. Be sure to use an online
source, such as EasyBib or Son of Citation to help create the citations. Your citations should be labeled as primary or secondary and include a link to the site.
An example has been provided.

Primary Sources

  1. Example: “What Is Distracted
    Driving?”, n.d. Web. 05 Apr. 2013.…

Secondary Sources

Part Three

Submit the introductory paragraph of 7 to 10 sentences. Be sure to include your
claim and briefly mention the counterclaim.

Part Four

Submit the body paragraphs. You must write a multi-paragraph essay, with no fewer
than two body paragraphs.



Roles that Affect the Process of Teamwork Questions Response Humanities Assignment Help

Short-Answer Questions

Write a 75- to 100-word response to each of the following prompts:

  • What are some examples of different roles and needs within a team? How can these roles and needs affect the process of teamwork?
  • What occurs in each of the forming, storming, norming, and performing stages of group development? Choose one of the stages and provide a scenario that illustrates what occurs in that stage. How does this model of group development differ from other models?
  • What are 3 or 4 strategies for strengthening teams? How do these strategies assist in team building?
  • What is group cohesion? What factors contribute to group cohesion? How can you enhance group cohesion?

Roles that Affect the Process of Teamwork Questions Response Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Defend ethical issues of United Airlines Writing Assignment Help

primary objective is the persuade the reader through logic supported by reasearch.

Select a specific ethical dilemma United Airline has faced. Describe and discuss the complex ethical dilemma. Explain what you deem to be the most ethical decision/solution. Defend/persuade your reader that it is the most ethical decision by explaining why.

The textbook should be the primary source for information and you must include 4 addl relevant and credible sources to support your argument for a total of 5 sources. Do not use Wikipedia, the Huffington Post, blogs, q&a websites or any other unverified or open content source as these are not credible. Must include 1 direct quote from each source and cites your quotes using MLA citation guudelines.


Final paper essay writing Writing Assignment Help


A single image of fashionable dress, as defined by the focus of this course, will serve as the basisfor an exploration and analysis of both historical style and the image itself. The image both guides and focuses the paper: a successful paper consistently analyzes the period and each category through the original image. Each paper will address somewhat different topics, but for the most part will consider cultural context, designer, artist, model, materiality, etc. This assignment builds upon the skills developed in Integrative Design Studio and Seminar.Due dates are staggered throughout the semester; each component is graded separately (late work and plagiarism policies in effect for each part).

Papers are to be five pages; length assumes Times New Roman or similar font (12 point) or 250 words per page, double-spaced, with one-inch margin on all sides, and additional footnotes, illustrations, and bibliography, with formal academic structure and language. Spelling and grammar as well as Parsons-mandated formatting (Chicago Manual of Style, Turabian, 16th edition) will be counted toward your final grade, as well as quality and number(minimum six) of sources.

Please read and follow the requirements, paper rubric carefully. Bellow I attached the image for writing, rubric, citation formate, sources that my professor gave me(it’s helpful to look at them)


Organize 2-2 Humanities Assignment Help

Identify two well-known leaders who used different styles of leadership. Specifically, identify one leader who leaned more towards the autocratic decision-making process and another leader who leaned more towards participative leadership. You can use examples from any field, as long as both leaders are from the same general field or leadership position. Several examples have been presented in this week’s material; your text has others.

Respond to the following questions in a 4- to 6-page Microsoft Word document:

  • Provide an overview of each leader and their leadership skills. Which leader was more effective overall in their position? Why?
  • What were the strengths and weaknesses of the leader who used a more autocratic style of leadership? Why?
  • What were the strengths and weaknesses of the leader who used a more participative leadership style? Why?
  • Do you believe that their occupations can be handled better through one particular form of leadership—participative or autocratic? Why?


Film reflection essay Writing Assignment Help

For this paper, you will select another film we watched this semester to analyze in 5-6 pages, word count 1600. For the final paper, you can write on any topic you like over any of the films we’ve covered. Just make sure to clear your topics with me.

If you can’t think of a topic, here is the general prompt for the final paper:

Pick ONE scene from one film we’ve watched this semester.

1) Break down the various elements (dialogue, images, camera movements, sound) in this particular scene and say what each element adds to the scene and how it makes the scene more powerful or interesting.

2) Then provide an analysis of what this scene adds to the film as a whole. What does this scene contribute to the film’s theme, mood, or style? Does this scene encapsulate the movie as a whole in any ways? Why did you choose this particular scene? Why do you find it so important?

Make sure to answer both questions adequately in at least a 5-6 page paper. *Note: 5 pages means five full pages.

Film list, must choose One film from here:

The Royal Tenenbaums

Moulin Rouge!

Rear Window

No Country for Old Men

The Dark Knight


Big Fish

Fight Club


revision for a paper Business Finance Assignment Help

revision for a paper Business Finance Assignment Help

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