You will be writing an analysis of Nick Hanauer’s rhetoric. Specifically, you will be analyzing the rhetoric in his essay, “Better Schools Won’t Fix America.”

You will be required to write an introduction, at least four to five body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Here’s what I’m looking for in the introduction: what is the author’s main thesis or argument? What rhetorical strategies does the author use? Why does the author use these strategies? Essentially, in your introduction, you must explain the author’s thesis, and your thesis statement must identify what types of rhetoric he uses and why. Please keep in mind that the analysis in your body should be based on:

Evidence: numerical data , eyewitness and expert testimony
Appeal: logos and ethos
This essay is a text-based analysis, so you will have to quote from Hanauer’s essay and then explain how your quotes support your analysis of Hanauer’s rhetoric. In other words, you need to explain how the rhetoric operates and the reasoning behind the author’s strategy in utilizing these kinds of rhetoric. Please do not summarize any of your quotes. I don’t want to know what happens in the essay; I want to know how the author’s rhetoric operates and why. Furthermore, this assignment cannot be about whether you agree with the author’s thesis or not. You simply have to show how you understand the author’s rhetoric and what is the strategy behind this rhetoric.

To help you develop your essay, you can use the sample paper that analyzes Derek Thompson’s “What is an Elite College Really Worth” as a model (see attachment to the discussion due 9/20. However, you should not literally copy the sample paper, word for word. I would like you to explain Hanauer’s rhetoric in your own words.

1A Sample Rhetorical Analysis Called Who Needs an Ivy League Analysis of What an Elite College is Really Worth.docxDownload 1A Sample Rhetorical Analysis Called Who Needs an Ivy League Analysis of What an Elite College is Really Worth.docx

This essay must be typed and double-spaced. The font must be no larger than twelve points. I will be asking you to follow MLA rules, so the font should be “Times New Roman.”
Please type your name, my name, English 101, and the due date on the upper left-hand corner of the first page. This essay must also have a title, and please be creative. DO NOT use Hanauer’s title as the title of your essay.
The essay must be at least four pages. DO NOT “pad” the essay with large margins or large spaces between paragraphs. Otherwise, I will have to grade you down.

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