Rstudio problem Mathematics Assignment Help

Rstudio problem Mathematics Assignment Help. Rstudio problem Mathematics Assignment Help.

Please help me with my homework problem by using dplyr function and mutate() knowladge. Here are the questrions and data

measles <- read_csv('')
  1. Use dplyr functions to:
  • only include observations with enrollment greater than 0 and exclude the school “West Valley School Prek-6” (there is an issue with that observation)
  • filter for rows that have a unique combination of the variables year, city, state, name, type, enroll, and mmr (there are duplicates in the data)
  • Inside mutate() use weighted.mean() to calculate the mean MMR vaccination rates weighted by the enrollment. Name this new variable state_avg.
  • For each city and state combination, calculate the mean MMR vaccination rate weighted by enrollment, the total number of students enrolled, and the mean of the state average calculated in the previous step.
  • only consider rows where the total enrollment is more than 250 and less than 100,000.

2.Now use the previous data set to draw a scatter plot with the mean MMR rate for each city on the y-axis and the student enrollment on the x-axis and color by the state mean MMR rate. Use the code below as your starting point and add in the necessary aesthetic mappings within ggplot(aes( )). Describe and summarise the chart.

question6_data %>%
ggplot(aes( )) +
geom_hline(yintercept = 95, linetype = "dashed", size = 0.25, color = "grey40") +
geom_point(size = 2, alpha = .3) +
scale_color_gradient(low = "red", high = "blue", limits=c(88, 96), oob = scales::squish,
guide = guide_colorbar(direction = "horizontal", title.position = "top",
title = "State average immunization rate", barwidth = 15, barheight = 0.25,
ticks = FALSE, title.hjust = 0.5)) +
theme_minimal() +
theme(legend.position = "bottom") +
ggtitle("MMR immunization rates at schools grouped across US cities") +
labs(subtitle="According to data collected by The Wall Street Journal",
x = "Student Enrollment", y = "") +
scale_x_continuous(labels = scales::comma)

Rstudio problem Mathematics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Argument identifying and resolving an issue of interpretation in a primary source.Identify one key issue to explore and resolve in your paper. Formulate the issue as a level 3 question, and resolve the issue by a detailed, specific analysis of the text. Humanities Assignment Help

this paper is based on the primary source, you need to come up with your own question which is the prompt that is AN ISSUE OF INTERPRETATION IN THE PRIMARY SOURCE. this should be an analysis, rather than just regurgitating facts. not asking for a summary. When you come up with a question, you answer it which is going to be your thesis. a counter argument and rebuttal should be included in the paper as well.

Thesis formula: Although x (counter argument), y (thesis) because reason 1, 2, and 3.

I will provide both the primary source (Theodoret) and the secondary source (Watts). please make sure to use a lot of evidence from the texts with proper citations. whether its paraphrasing or quotes, and make sure you’re analyzing because this is NOT A SUMMARY. each reason for your thesis should have its own paragraph

Below I will attach the sources, the guidelines, and AN EXAMPLE PAPER based off another text. Please read the example paper as a reference to how write the paper

the question you come up with should explicitly be stated and should be a level three question( you can look up what that asks for)

remember, the argument made is identifying and resolving an issue of interpretation of the primary source

* 4-5 pages + works cited page

* remember, the argument made is identifying and resolving an issue of interpretation of the primary source

This text describes a “holy man,” whose religious commitments

endow him with special abilities. What does the text reveal about the society and culture that considered this man holy and told

these stories about him? About the relationships between individual, family, and community? About political power and religion? Consider these general questions to help you identify an issue of interpretation . What contradictions, curiosities, confusing points, connections do you see? Why does it matter? What are some possible interpretations that are in conflict?


Discussion question and peer reviews Humanities Assignment Help



Congratulations! You’ve been promoted to be a new training manager for your department. Your first task is to train your team to use some new software. In your psychology class, you learned about two different approaches to learning:

  • Operant conditioning
  • Observational learning

In your discussion post:

  1. Share which approach you would choose to train your team in using the new software. Be sure to use either operant conditioning or observational learning–but not both.
  2. Describe your training method (in a few sentences) based on the approach you’ve chosen. Why do you think that approach will successfully teach your team to use the new software?

Click here to watch the video


Hi Class,

In order to teach my team about the new software, I would use Observational Learning. Observational learning is a process of learning by being observant of someone else. It requires someone to watch, retain the information, and then replicate later. The team would observe another individual’s task being demonstrated (i.e. using the new software). During this time, the training team would be retaining that information by watching, writing down, or etc. Then, the training team would reproduce what they just saw. By this being a software training team, they would copy what the trainer taught them in order to succeed at the job. I think this will be successful because this is how I was taught to do every job I have worked and even unconsciously, this is a natural way of learning. Even children learn how to do tasks by observational learning. They watch their parents do something and they imitate. This way of learning is popular.


The approach I will use in training my team about the new software is the observational learning. I believe that when you show someone how something works they can get what you’re talking about. I think that with observational learning you can both have an opportunity for questions and show a step by step method on how it is done. In observational learning it not only allows you to ask questions, but also gives you room to how it is being done and then repeat the same thing step by step. It’s like cooking, when I have my kids in the kitchen teaching them how to cook, I think it is not only fun but it is educational and a good hands on experiences, I know for myself when I see how something is done, I now have a visual so it is very hard for me to forget the steps that was taken to successfully complete the task.


NURS 4115 Wk2 Epidemiology in Public and Global Health Health Medical Assignment Help

Epidemiologic surveillance is used in public and global health. For this Assignment, begin by locating a recent article about an outbreak of an infectious or communicable disease. The article can come from a newspaper or other source but your paper must be supported with at least three scholarly sources of evidence in the literature which may include your text or course readings.

Write a 3- to 4-page paper that includes the following: (APA format AWE level 4000, see rubric)

  • A summary of the article, including the title and author
    • Identify the title of the article with in-text citation and corresponding reference in reference list
  • The relationship among causal agents, susceptible persons, and environmental factors (epidemiological triangle)
  • The role of the nurse in addressing the outbreak
  • Possible health promotion/health protection strategies that could have been implemented by nurses to mitigate the outbreak

-I attached 1 link to a resource provided by instructor

-The paper will be scanned through safe-assign for authenticity


-Provided a fully developed the summary of an article about an outbreak of infectious or communicable disease with insightful analysis of concepts and related issues.

-Provided a fully developed discussion of the relationship between causal agents, susceptible persons and the environmental factors that contributed to the outbreak with insightful analysis of concepts and related issues.

-Provided a fully developed discussion of the leadership role of the public health nurse in the outbreak and 2-3 possible mitigation strategies with insightful analysis of concepts and related issues.

-Demonstrates fully developed sentence, paragraph, and essay level skills. Displays academic expression through fully developed use of evidence from multiple sources to support content. Meets the 4000 AWE level with no writing issues and exceeds the minimum reference requirement.


Milestone 4 Business Finance Assignment Help

You are now switching gears to assess and examine your organization determining the issues and providing root causes for those issues. Your workplace serves as an example for this Milestone. Often when issues arise in an organization, they will benchmark other organizations. The expectation is to identify 1- 2 issues and discuss the root causes of those issues. You also need to examine those issues, from a human behavior perspective, the impact of poorly aligned theories and concepts. Note, in Milestone 4; you are not giving suggestions and recommendations to address the issues that will be a part of the final portion you will have to do for the final project. If you do, points will be deducted. Again, for the final portion due in Week 9, you will provide improvement outcomes/suggestions for your organization and recommended strategic actions as well as write a conclusion for the entire paper/project. Do not provide this information in Milestone 4. More information/reminders on that will come later. As a point of reference, Milestone 4 is similar to Milestone 2, the same concept, but for your organization. Please review the assignment details and rubric.

This is the only section you can include an introduction.

Sample outline for Workplace Analysis

  1. Introduction of your organization (no more than 1 para is needed-4 sentences)
  2. Organizational issue 1 (Details of the issue with the behavioral aspects) Use research outside your textbook.
  3. Root cause 1 with Human Behavior perspective (name a theory or concept, use research outside your textbook)
  4. Impact 1 with Human Behavior perspective (name a theory or concept, use research outside your textbook)
  5. Organizational issue 2 (see notes above for issue 1)
  6. Root cause 2 with Human Behavior perspective (see notes above for issue 1)
  7. Impact 2 with Human Behavior perspective (see notes above for issue 1)

Again, please no suggestions or recommendations and Points will be deducted if you include that information in this section.

Textbook: Newstrom, J. W. (2015). Organizational Behavior: Human behavior at work. New York:McGraw-Hill



math 1350 journal Mathematics Assignment Help


math 1350 writing a Journal to 250 words .

One of the highlights of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics National Conference in April of 2015 was a presentation by a speaker named Constance Kamii. She is somewhat of a maverick in education circles! Copy and paste the URL below into your browser, watch the video, and then answer the questions that follow:

In the video, the students are working to find the solution to a multi-digit subtraction problem. They do not all use the same technique, nor do they all get the correct answer at first. The interesting thing to me is that the teacher never tells the students that they are correct or that they are not correct. She allows and in fact encourages the students to come to a consensus on the correct solution. What are your impressions after having watched the interaction between the students and between the teacher and the students? What went through your mind? What is the role of the teacher in this sort of interchange? How comfortable would you be with employing this technique in your own classroom? Why? What do you see as being major roadblocks to using this technique in the classroom? Why might it be worth it? Why might it not be worth it? No judgments! I just want your impressions!.

thank you

math 1350 journal Mathematics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Medieval Kingship Paper (6 pages, double-spaced, typed) Humanities Assignment Help

I will upload the files for the directions and the readings for the assignment, no outside sources and it is 6 pages, double spaced, however I will do the assignment with you because I want to know what’s going on and learn the topic myself as we go through it, so if possible please share a google doc with me and we can do this together, I will help and provide feedback from the teacher to make this easier for both of us, I would really like a good grade on this assignment please and thank you.


JBH Project Plan Business Finance Assignment Help


  • Identify the role projects play in meeting the goals of an organization.
  • Explain the activities that occur when initiating a project.
  • Classify the components of project planning.
  • Evaluate project implementation techniques.
  • Evaluate project performance.
  • Distinguish project management methodologies and tools.


You are a Senior Project Manager for JBH Software Solutions and are
about begin on a new project and training a new associate at the same
time. The scope of the project is a total system upgrade for the
customer service area. The project has a budget of $15 Million and has a
duration of 24 months for completion. Since you are the Senior Project
Manager, upper management is looking to you for guidance and best
practices for the project management lifecycle at JBH.


Create a project plan for JBH Software Solutions that includes
required documentation such as business case, risk mitigation plan,
communication plan, scope statement, scorecard, and project timelines.
Include details about methodologies and tools used to manage the
project. Review the deliverables from prior modules as a guide to
complete this assignment.


Discussion Board Question to Hazard Vulnerability Analysis! Health Medical Assignment Help

The course is HealthCare Emergency Management;


You have read about and actually written HVAs – or more currently “THIRAs” – in other classes. Let’s spend the week really going into detail about how such an analysis impacts the hospital.

Weekly Objectives:

Demonstrate how a Hazard Vulnerability Analysis is completed by completing a HVA for their individual home/business.

Describe how a Hazard Vulnerability Analysis is used in developing an emergency management program.

Examine different HVA tools. Many hospitals use the Kaiser Permanente tool, but it does have drawbacks.

Assess the KP tool and discuss. Refer to: Copy of kaiser_model(1).xls

The Question;

Based on your readings and experience, comment on the effectiveness of HVA’s (Hazard Vulnerability Analysis). Are they too subjective? How would you approach developing an HVA? Develop an HVA for a hospital in your community. Provide details on the hospital (bed numbers, location, etc.). List the top 5 hazards. Defend your answers.

let me know if you up for the assignment!

The Readings;

Week 9 – Readings

Campbell, P., Trockman, S. J., & Walker, A. R. (2011). Strengthening Hazard Vulnerability Analysis: Results Of Recent Research In Maine. Public Health Reports, 126(2), 290–293.

• Strengthening Hazard Vulnerability Analysis.pdf

Fares, S., Femino, M., Sayah, A., Weiner, D. L., Yim, E. S., Douthwright, S., & … Ciottone, G. (2014). Health care system hazard vulnerability analysis: an assessment of all public hospitals in Abu Dhabi. Disasters, 38(2), 420-433. doi:10.1111/disa.12047

• Health care system hazard vulnerability.pdf


every week there will be 1-2 questions that must be answered by each student. The answers should be at least 3 substantive paragraphs, well developed, referenced, and properly formatted. “Substantive” means that the writer has added to the dialogue with referenced facts or pertinent personal experience leading to a reasoned argument that advances the scholarly discussion. Learning to efficiently locate and properly reference the literature is a key component of any master’s level course. Discussion question answers must include at least one reference that is not from the assigned reading.

Remember to think of your audience as people that have no knowledge of this field so please write accordingly.

I won’t tolerate any Negligence!

Please don’t come around if you don’t know nothing about HVA, HealthCare Emergency Management, Hospitals Emergency Management!


Identify a project with children and families in Edmonton alberta canada? Writing Assignment Help

• Identify a social work intervention project with children and families: name of the project and
the agency in Edmonton/Canada that is doing the project•

Introduce the project: who are the actors, what are the objectives, what are the means that
are being used to implement the project, what are the strategies of intervention, what are the
results, what are the social work values, skills and knowledge that are being conveyed, what
are the forces and limits of the intervention

Develop (describe, discuss, and reflect) the intervention model (method) and the theoretical
approach (framework) that are being used from a social work perspective to work with the
children and families targeted by the project by linking directly and explicitly the themes and
issues covered in the two textbooks of the course