RU The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman Analytical Review Humanities Assignment Help

RU The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman Analytical Review Humanities Assignment Help. RU The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman Analytical Review Humanities Assignment Help.

Attached is the short story and the secondary source

After reading both attachments, answer the following; Write an essay in which you discuss 1) the significance/ meaning of what the narrator sees in the yellow wallpaper, and 2) how what she sees relates to her mental and emotional state.

SOURCES: Use only “A New Woman’s Journey into Insanity: Descent and Return in The Yellow Wallpaper” by Rula Quawas as a secondary source for this essay. Acknowledge the use properly, using the MLA format. The source should not be used for more than 20 % of the paper.

LENGTH: 750-1000 words (MLA format: size 12, double-spaced) plus a Works Cited page


1. the ability to provide a textually-supported analysis of a literary text;

3. awareness of ethical debates pertaining to the course topic;

4. an understanding of how a patient’s cultural, social, ethnic, and religious background influence the experience of illness;

5. an understanding of the ways in which approaches to illness and suffering differ across time and cultures


Familiarity with the text and the interpretations discussed in class: Show that you have read the text carefully, but avoid summarizing the plot; focus on providing interpretation.

Ability to integrate textual support adequately, in support of critical insights;

Proper use of secondary source (integration into the argument; adequate citations)

Grammar and mechanics: Proof carefully. Papers that contain more than 2 grammatical mistakes (such as sentence fragments, comma splices, subject-verb disagreements, etc) will have points subtracted from the essay’s final grade (3-4 mistakes=5 points; 5-7 mistakes= 10 points, etc.)

Writing effectiveness: Writing should meet academic standards in terms of diction, grammar, and style. As you revise and edit, eliminate words, phrases, and sentences that do not convey important information or interpretation.


1. In your thesis, make your argument/assertion about the complex (or evolving) significance of what the narrator sees in the wallpaper and its relation to her mental and emotional state)

2. Look at how the narrator’s description of what she observes in the wallpaper changes/evolves over time. Use specific descriptions from the text to illustrate the changes, and comment on their figurative/metaphorical significance.

3. Discuss how these changes relate to (changes in) the protagonist’s mental and emotional state.

4. In the conclusion, connect your discussion to some of the larger themes Gilman explores in this story.

5. Once you have drafted the paper, integrate 1-2 ideas from the critical article that add insight, complement, or contradict some of your points.

RU The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman Analytical Review Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Indiana University Purdue Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Case Study Health Medical Assignment Help

Brian, a 9 yr old who presents with his mother to the psychiatric nurse practitioner’s office for an initial evaluation, seems of normal height and weight.His mother explains that they came in at the father’s insistence that Brian be evaluated for ADHD. He has never been to a mental health office before, and has never taken medication for mood, behavior or ADHD.Brian’s parents have been divorced for 1½ yrs, and have shared custody of him and his 7 yr old sister Emily.The shared custody agreement is on file in Brian’s chart.The children spend alternating weeks with their father and stepmother, and with their mother.

Brian’s mother describes his behavior as normally active for a boy his age.He’s always had a lot of energy.He makes A’s, B’s and C’s in school, and his current 4th grade teacher has expressed concern about his hyperactivity and inattention; last year’s teacher never mentioned it.He seems to be having a little more trouble this year keeping up with assignments.Mom reports that she sits with Brian while he does homework to help him stay on task.She reports that Brian met all developmental milestones, has no medical problems, and has never repeated a grade.He has been sent to the principal’s office 3 times this year for excessive talking in class.He does require several reminders at night to go to bed and to stay in bed.He likes to “do one more thing”.His room has always been messy, as has his sister’s.Mom denies that he has any unusual behavior problems.He enjoys all sports but is not on any teams.He can play a video game for over 2 hours at a time, but doesn’t seem to watch TV for more than 15-20 minutes without wanting to do something else.He quarrels with his younger sister, but Mom doesn’t think this is out of the ordinary for siblings.When asked why Dad believes Brian may have ADHD, Mom reports that Dad complains of Brian not listening, not following instructions and not being able to sit at the table and complete his homework.Mom attributes the increased difficulty in school this year and any behavior problems at Dad’s house to difficulty adapting to the divorce, and to his new step-mother of 4 months.Mom reports that Brian has complained of the step-mother being too harsh, and not feeling comfortable during his weeks with Dad.

Brian has been fidgeting through most of this discussion, but has remained in his seat next to Mom.He rarely interjects any comments.When asked directly about the situation, he mumbles some answers, making little eye contact.He becomes more interactive describing his favorite video game, and listing the friends he plays basketball with at both houses.There is a basketball hoop in both driveways.He is reluctant to discuss conditions at Dad’s house, or his relationship with his father or step-mother.He seems to have an appropriate vocabulary for his age.

When the nurse practitioner later calls Dad for more information, he is quite vocal about Brian’s difficulties at his house.Brian doesn’t seem to listen, he forgets to follow through with tasks, even within a span of 3 minutes.Brian’s step-mother does supervise homework, and is frustrated that one math work sheet can take over an hour because Brian loses focus and starts doing other things.He cannot seem to resist arguing with his sister, and has to be reminded repeatedly not to talk back or argue with the adults.Emily is much easier to handle and seems to enjoy spending time with their step-mother.He reports that they use time out and restriction of privileges for punishment of bad behavior, and these seem to work, but Brian seems to soon impulsively repeat the offending behaviors again without seeming to have learned anything.Dad has talked with Brian’s teacher and she reports frequent talking in class, blurting out answers when it’s not his turn, and difficulty staying in his seat.She has arranged the room so Brian is directly in front of her desk, but he is still easily distracted.Dad suspects that Mom helps Brian so much that she doesn’t even notice that he has more difficulty than other boys his age.Dad would like to get Brian into a community basketball league, but he’s not sure he could concentrate and follow instructions.The step-mother wants him to be more caught up in school and better behaved at home before he joins a team.


Any differential diagnoses

Your diagnosis and reasoning

Any additional questions you would have asked

Medication recommendations along with your rationale. Note possible side effects or issues to address if attempting to obtain consent.

Any labs and why they may be indicated

Screener scales or diagnostic tools that may be beneficial

Additional resources to give (Therapy modalities, support groups, activities, etc.)


University of Nevada Staffing Description of Bar Manager Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

A short-detailed description of the job requirements for each position will be required. 100 words for each position.

  • back of house (indicate shifts and hours AM/Swing/Grave) – 10 points
  • front of house (indicate shifts and hours AM/Swing/Grave) – 10 points

Example: Bartender – In our establishment we employ four bartenders two full time and two part-time. Their responsibilities include but are not limited to the following: maintaining clean uniform and grooming standards, opening beverage inventory in stock, set bar for service according to standards, prepare all beverages and garnishes, polish wine, beer and soda glasses before opening, clean and sanitize all bar services before and after service, maintain bar in a clean orderly manner, greet and serve customers according to our established policy, assume full financial responsibility count and total allocated bank and balance for the day and conduct a closing daily inventory.


Walden Universit Week 5 Confidence Intervals & Reject the Null Hypothesis Discussion Mathematics Assignment Help

Required Readings

Frankfort-Nachmias, C., Leon-Guerrero, A., & Davis, G. (2020). Social statistics for a diverse society (9th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

  • Chapter 8, “Testing Hypothesis: Assumptions of Statistical Hypothesis Testing” (pp. 241-242)

Wagner, III, W. E. (2020). Using IBM® SPSS® statistics for research methods and social science statistics (7th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

  • Chapter 6, “Testing Hypotheses Using Means and Cross-Tabulation”

Warner, R. M. (2012). Applied statistics from bivariate through multivariate techniques (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
Applied Statistics From Bivariate Through Multivariate Techniques, 2nd Edition by Warner, R.M. Copyright 2012 by Sage College. Reprinted by permission of Sage College via the Copyright Clearance Center.

  • Chapter 3, “Statistical Significance Testing” (pp. 81–124)

Applied Statistics From Bivariate Through Multivariate Techniques, 2nd Edition by Warner, R.M. Copyright 2012 by Sage College. Reprinted by permission of Sage College via the Copyright Clearance Center.

Magnusson, K. (n.d.). Welcome to Kristoffer Magnusson’s blog about R, Statistics, Psychology, Open Science, Data Visualization [blog]. Retrieved from
As you review this web blog, select [Updated] Statistical Power and Significance Testing Visualization link, once you select the link, follow the instructions to view the interactive for statistical power. This interactive website will help you to visualize and understand statistical power and significance testing.
Note: This is Kristoffer Magnusson’s personal blog and his views may not necessarily reflect the views of Walden University faculty.

American Statistical Association (2016). American Statistical Association Releases Statement on Statistical Significance and P-Values. Retrieved from
As you review this press release, consider the misconceptions and the misuse of p-values in quantitative research.

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Review the Learning Resources related to hypothesis testing, meaningfulness, and statistical significance.
  • Review Magnusson’s web blog found in the Learning Resources to further your visualization and understanding of statistical power and significance testing.
  • Review the American Statistical Association’s press release and consider the misconceptions and misuse of p-values.
  • Consider the scenario:
    • A research paper claims a meaningful contribution to the literature based on finding statistically significant relationships between predictor and response variables. In the footnotes, you see the following statement, “given this research was exploratory in nature, traditional levels of significance to reject the null hypotheses were relaxed to the .10 level.”

By Day 3

Post your response to the scenario in which you critically evaluate this footnote. As a reader/reviewer, what response would you provide to the authors about this footnote?

Be sure to support your Main Post and Response Post with reference to the week’s Learning Resources and other scholarly evidence in APA Style.

By Day 5

Respond to at least one of your colleagues’ posts and explain the benefits and consequences of the “relaxed” level of significance.

Be sure to support your Main Post and Response Post with reference to the week’s Learning Resources and other scholarly evidence in APA Style.


University of Winnipeg The Canadian Immigration System Essay Humanities Assignment Help

Essay Proposal
Essay Proposal
The research paper proposal is an opportunity to get feedback on your ideas, sources and structure for your research paper. See the description of the research paper (below) for further guidelines. The paper proposal is a 3-4 page document that includes:
• Your draft thesis (argument) and introduction
• A bullet point outline of your paper
• o What are your main sections?

• o Approximately how long will each part be?

• o What are the topic sentences/sub-arguments for each section?
• Problems you expect to encounter (trouble finding sources, too much

information, time management) and how you might address them.
You will be evaluated based on the extent to which you meet these criteria. Further details of the assignment will be discussed in class. You will not be held to your outline (i.e. if your research paper is slightly different this is okay, papers evolve as we work on them), but it is a valuable opportunity to get feedback towards a strong paper.

It should include Canadian Article Section you re talking about

Atleast should have 5 takeaways

And Canadian Issue and Canadian Articles

Everything should be cited

Nothing should be from wikipedia.
You can definitely use it for reference. But, it should not be solely based from there.

Section means canadian rights about
Topic should be massive.

This can be used for ref



Myriad Developments in Post American Revolutionary Era Discussion Responses Humanities Assignment Help

American Revolution?

1414 unread replies.1414 replies.

For this discussion, we will consider the situation for everyday people in the new republic. Considering the myriad developments in the immediate post-American Revolutionary era—the ratification of the Constitution, the institutionalization of slavery, the market revolution, the rise of political parties, the expansion of white male suffrage (voting), westward movement, and international politics to name a few—what was the situation for African Americans (free and enslaved), white women, Native Americans, and propertyless white males.

Was each group better off in terms of rights, economic opportunities, and participation in the new republic in general?

Did each group benefit from the American Revolution? How so? How not?


Remember to use the sources to support your statements. You now know that this is done by quoting the source. Also, quoting the primary sources gives your statements more weight because you’re interpreting the data or the evidence yourself, rather than relying on another historian (Foner) for that interpretation.

How much should I say?
Each student will have to post their own post before they respond to someone else. Your first post can address just one of the many issues relevant to the discussion. It should not be an effort to address ALL of the issues at hand.

You must reply to other students’ posts. Your reply can be as short as a paragraph, but should be enough to refute or elaborate on another student’s point. If a post already has two replies, consider moving on to another thread.

In total, you should strive for somewhere around 250-400 words total for your discussion contributions. In general, each student should post at least 3 times with the understanding that your discussion contributions are worth 50 points total just like your Response Papers.

Finally, remember from the Response Papers and Discussions guidelines:

What to say if you don’t agree with the discussion post?
–“I think I see it differently…”
–“I have a different take on this.”
–“I am not sure I follow the logic of your thinking. The way I see it is…”

Use third-point referencing. That is, refer to the post, not the person who created the post.
–For example: “The argument might be stronger if…”
–“The thesis is clear and well-supported…”, “The sources don’t seem to support the point I think you’re trying to make…”

What to say if you don’t understand parts of the post?
–I am not sure I follow, exactly
–I know what I mean by the word “____” but I’m not sure I know what you mean…
–Could you help me understand your thinking when you said___

Avoid phrases like:
–“You do a terrible job of…”
–“You should have…”
–“Your thesis sucks…”

Suggested Structure
–1st paragraph–restate in your own words the argument that you understand the student is making

–2nd paragraph–extend or refute the point made by the student by including more evidence from the texts

–give a concluding idea

Myriad Developments in Post American Revolutionary Era Discussion Responses Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

WCU Paraphrasing Information the Breasts Conform & Signs of Engorgement Discussion Writing Assignment Help

i need help paraphrasing or making this better!


The breasts are round and filling and soft there is no apparent redness or engorgement. According to Durham it is important to palpate the breasts for signs of engorgement, tenderness, firmness warmth and enlargement (Durham, 2019). After 24 hours, clear yellow colostrum may develop and this is nutritious for baby. As the milk matures, usually within 72-96 hours, the breasts may become heavier and fuller and feel nodular and firm. The breasts need to be properly assessed for any signs of infection (mastitis) such as pain, redness, and warmth.

The fundus is midline to the umbilicus it is firm 1 below the umbilicus. It is important to check the uterus for location, position and tone of the fundus every shift after the first 24 hours after labor. The normal location for the fundus at 24 hours postpartum is midline at or 1 below the umbilicus (Durham, 2019). During her initial assessment at 39.0 weeks gestation her fundus should be located at approximately 39”.

It is important to check the bladder during the first few days after birth because it allows the nurse to assess the patient’s ability to void, a distended bladder may cause deviation of the fundus and an increased risk for hemorrhage. The normal finding should be a soft non distended bladder (Durham, 2019). Educate mom on importance of peri bottle which is used for perineal irrigation.


The bowels are active throughout all 4 quadrants. Important for mom to have bowel movement, or pass flatus post birth before discharge. Bowel sounds should be assessed each shift with the passing of flatus to happen shortly after delivery of the neonate (Durham, 2019). Also, pt will be given stool softener.


The lochia is important in assessment. It is important to assess for lochia (color, amount, and odor) at the same time as the uterus is assessed. Light is described as less than 4 inches with scant being less than 1 inch. Rubra which is expected for the first 3 days should be red and bloody (Durham, 2019) Lochia should have no odor. The amount is also important to monitor.


This pt had no episiotomy needed, and had a smooth vaginal delivery. The Perineum is assessed at the same time as the fundus and lochia using the acronym REEDA (redness, edema, ecchymosis, discharge, approximation of edges or laceration) (Durham, 2019).


Hommen’s sign or DVT, Women are at risk for thromboembolism related to the increase of circulating clotting factors during pregnancy it is for this reason that we assess the lower extremities for venous thrombosis. Assessment of the calves’ groin area for tenderness, edema or sensation of warmth should happen every shift. The expected finding is no tenderness or sensation of warmth (Durham, 2019).


The patient is extremely tired and anxious for baby. She has had previous births and knows what to expect but she is ready to go home. The patient should be assessed for mood frequently and allowed to voice any concerns that may arise. It is also important to address the concerns of other care providers of the child to ensure stress levels are adequately maintained (Durham, 2019).


Abcott Institute Analyzing and Visualizing Data Discussion Computer Science Assignment Help

Part1: An important skill is the ability to critically evaluate information. As our world is increasingly filled with data, more and more the information from that data is conveyed through visualizations. Visualization is useful for both discovery of connections and trends and also communication.

Why make visualizations?List a few advantages and disadvantages (at least 2 for each) of using visualizations to communicate data.

Discussion Length (word count): At least 250 words (not including direct quotes).

Part2: You are also required to post a response with facts and examples to a minimum of 2 other student in the class. (80-100 Words per response)

This assignment should be in APA format and have to include at least two references (Use two or more APA in-text citation). By submitting this discussion, you agree for Plagiarism check with all the existing internal student papers and outside external references.


ENT 301 IAU 50 Startup Founders Reveal Why Their Startups Failed Book Report Business Finance Assignment Help

  • Please choose a book on either of the following areas:
    1. Entrepreneurship
    2. Entrepreneurial Strategy
    3. Entrepreneurial Marketing
    4. Entrepreneurial Finance
    5. Entrepreneurial Thinking /Mindset

Note: Try to search for a small PDF and try to avoid choosing a textbook.

Questions :

  1. Are you proud of this assignment? Why? Why not?
  2. Provide a brief introduction of the author(s)?
  3. Evaluate the author’s other academic contributions? (Hint: books / articles / conferences etc.)
  4. How would you comment on the originality of the concepts presented in this book as author’s contribution towards the subject area?
  5. Do you think author(s) of this book are inspired by some other authors? Who? Why? [Cite page numbers]
  6. Do you think it can be counted as best seller book? Why? Why not? [Cite page number]
  7. Identify the major purpose(s) of authoring this book?
  8. Do you think the author was successful in achieving his/her purposes(s)?
  9. Evaluate the research design / methodology / approach adopted for this book? Is it appropriate for the book?
  10. Identify major findings of this book? [Cite page numbers]
  11. Are these findings being generalizable across the borders? Why? Why not? [Cite page numbers]
  12. Are these findings being generalizable across cultures? Why? Why not? [Cite page numbers]
  13. List at least three practical implications / managerial implications? [Hint: Do you think this book has something to offer to Entrepreneurs?]
  14. Are these practical implications are generalizable across the borders? Across the cultures? Why? Why not? [Cite page numbers]
  15. What is the biggest critique you can make on this book? [Cite page numbers]
  16. Identify the major limitations of this book? [Cite page number]
  17. Identify at least top three concepts illustrated in the book? [Cite page numbers]
  18. Identify at least top three images / graphics illustrated in the book? [Cite page numbers]
  19. Identify at least top three tables illustrated in this book? [cite page numbers]
  20. Quote a sentence or a phrase from this book that you think is the best part of the book? [Cite page numbers]


Stratford University Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery Research Paper Computer Science Assignment Help

**Research Paper**

Pick an industry/company to focus on for this assignment. Based upon the given information you can find on the company and any past issues/breaches the company has gone through, create Crisis Management Plan.

  1. Introduction – brief background of company and any issues the company has had in the past such as data breaches
  2. Strategies and Management – business activities, risk factor activities, reactive risk mitigation strategy, risk management, financial performance (more or less depending upon company)
  3. Risk Analysis – political analysis, environmental analysis (more or less depending upon company)
  4. Crisis Management Plan:
    1. Purpose
    2. Committee for crisis management planning
    3. Crisis types
    4. Structure of the Crisis Management Team
    5. Responsibility and control
    6. Implementation Plan
    7. Crisis Management Protocols
    8. Crisis Management Plan Priorities
  5. Conclusion

References – APA format

Page Count Range should be 20 pages not including: Title page, Table of Contents and References page

Make sure plagiarism should be less than 5% and need 10+ references and use APA format


RU The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman Analytical Review Humanities Assignment Help

RU The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman Analytical Review Humanities Assignment Help