Safety warmings and Defamation Business Finance Assignment Help

Safety warmings and Defamation Business Finance Assignment Help. Safety warmings and Defamation Business Finance Assignment Help.

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In the Managerial Strategy feature in chapter seven, When Is a Warning Legally Bulletproof?, answer Business Questions 1: To protect themselves, manufacturers have been forced to include lengthy safety warnings for their products. What might be the downside of such warnings? and 2: Does a manufacturer have to create safety warnings for every product? Why or why not?

What product do you think needs stronger warnings? Share a specific example of a warning this is not needed, as you believe it is a commonly known risk. Attach a photo or active link if possible.

In Case Analysis 6.1, Blake v. Giustibelli, answer Legal Reasoning question 3: The First Amendment normally protects statements of opinion, and this can be an effective defense against a charge of defamation. Does it seem reasonable to disregard this defense if any assertion of fact within a statement of opinion is false?

Have you ever seen any online reviews of products or services that may have been defamatory? If so, share a specific example.

Safety warmings and Defamation Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Reading Journal for Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? Humanities Assignment Help

The reading materials: Chapter 1,2,3,4,5 from:

– Tatum, B. D. (2017). “Why are all the Black kids sitting together in the cafeteria?” and other conversations about race. New York: Basic Books.

(Let me know if you can find the chapters summery online to paraphrase it or you need the actual book)

The Reading Journal has three sections – Summary, Significant Takeaways (I want 3), and Questions.

Including 5 chapters, I want you to write a brief summary of each reading and chapter as separate paragraphs under the broad section called “Summary. This will be followed by “Significant Takeaways”, where you can put 3 main things that intrigued you from the readings. This has to be across all the readings. So, while reading all the chapters, what did you find 3 most interesting, surprising, or baffling information that you would like to share with me. Similarly, the third section “Questions” – once again, this is across all the readings. What questions came to your mind when you were reading these chapters?


In 500 words Law Assignment Help

Plea bargaining is a common practice in every criminal court in the United States. One of the strangest concepts is that the prosecutor enters into an agreement with the defense counsel for the accused. In exchange for a guilty plea, the defendant will receive a fixed punishment that both parties agree on. However, judges often hand down sentences that go against the plea bargain if they disagree with the severity of the sentence (or in their opinion, lack thereof). Typically, the parties inform the judge of the plea bargain prior to the judge imposing the sentence.

Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, write 400–600 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.

  • What are the major reasons for plea bargaining? Explain.

    • Do you believe that these are all valid reasons? Why or why not? Explain in detail.

  • Is plea bargaining a fair concept to all concerned? Why or why not? Explain.
  • How do you think plea bargaining conflicts with mandatory sentences? Explain.
  • What do you think are the most significant problems regarding plea bargaining? Explain.


sainith – Project management-discussion 2 Computer Science Assignment Help

Read the case study “To Bid or Not to Bid” on page 1011 and then answer the questions on page 1012

words:250(attached textbook)

and also provide replies to 2 student posts each in 125 words.

ankush -1.What other factors should Marvin and his team consider?

Marvin and his team have a lot to consider as this project is different from the other projects that his company has taken. The main thing to consider is that the project is cost reimbursable and all the contracts that the company made were firm fixed price contracts, the company used analytical estimation but now it is different as they have to revel the profits which has bad effect in two ways one is the company earlier clients will know the companies profit ratio and will lose faith and trust in the company this way they will loose the clients as they may not give further projects to the company. Second is the company competitors know the bidding strategies and the profit ratio which will have adverse effect on the competition of the company.

2. Should they bid on the job?

Yes, the company should bid on the job. As the project is long lasting and the project have good cash flows and the company will get many big clients ones the project gets completed the thing to be remembered is that the profit ratio is less but will be set off by the cash flows and the projects that the company will get increased. There are other risk like cost structure will be known to competitor and other clients but the company can think it as advantage instead of dis advantage company can promote as a transparent as its cost structure and profit ratio is realized even if clients in future ask to reduce the profit ratio it can attract more clients because of its transparency.

sudheep – What other factors should Marvin and his team consider?

The variables which Marvin has thought about so far before offering are

1.It is a long-term venture from one of their significant customers.

2.The new RFP is released by the client and the understanding is cost-reimbursable. Earlier endeavors were Firm Fixed Price. WBS referenced on clients RFP has a breakdown of 5 levels. Parts which they should consider isolated from the ones referenced above are. They have examined to what degree the understanding is, yet they haven’t talked about the sort of undertaking that they will get. Contemplating the endeavour makes us put in the affiliations experience and resources rapidly. There are moreover some objective considerations like – what will the offered cost? Is the understanding advantage potential? Subject thoughts like – Who is the Competitor? Would it be fitting for me to win the offered just to keep up the insider edge with the client or should the contender win?

Should they bid on the job?

There is a great deal of vital components that help the organization on the off chance that they can get this agreement. The most imperative to consider is this is the most critical contract contrasted with every single other understanding that Marvin’ organization at any point got in its history. For 10-year or more, the organization will produce ceaseless income that helps the development of the organization. As it is an agreement with a noteworthy customer, Marvin’s organization’s notoriety will increment in counselling industry, and this, thus, draws in more customers. The exhibition of the organization will increment by improving their assessment of agreements utilizing a base up methodology. Marvin’s organization can likewise attempt to deliver its worry to discharge total cost breakdown data by utilizing its relationship with the customer, and they can clarify in detail by demonstrating the instances of past undertaking spending plans related with them. At long last, it is useful for Marvin’s organization by thinking about every one of these elements, so they need to offer for the activity.


Macro Economics Economics Assignment Help

Problem 3:

Write each production function given below in terms of output per person y ≡Y /L and capital per person k ≡ K/L. Plot these per person versions in a graph with y on the vertical axis and k on the horizontal axis. (You can assume Ā is a constant positive number).

(a) Y = ĀK 1/3 L2/3 and Y = ĀK 3/4 L1/4 (plot them on the same graph).

(b) Y = K.

(c) Y = K/ ĀL

(d) Y = K − ĀL

Problem 5:

Consider the following variation of the aggregate production function. Now firms must use oil M to produce output (in addition to labor and capital). The

price of a unit of oil is p

max Πf = AK α Lβ M γ − wL − rK − pM

(a) Find a first-order condition for the firm’s demand for oil.

(b) What must be true about the parameters α, β, and γ if this production function exhibits constant returns to scale?

(c) If the price of oil p rises, what would you expect to happen to carbon intensity (the ratio of oil per unit output: M/Y) in this economy? What happens to the revenue share of oil (the ratio of total oil payments to output: pM/Y)?

Problem 6:

Which of the following statements about the Solow model with population

growth are FALSE?

(a) An increase in the population growth rate lowers capital and output per capita in steady state.

(b) An increase in the saving rate always raises capital per capita in steady state.

(c) An increase in the saving rate always raises consumption per capita in steady state.

(d) An increase in TFP raises capital and output per capita

(e) None of the above

Problem 7:

Over the last 50 years in the US, GDP per person has grown at approximately

1% per year, while capital per person has been accumulating at around 0.5%

per year. Assume a capital share of 0.3. What is the growth rate of the Solow


Problem 8:

Consider the standard Solow model. The expression for output per worker and

the dynamics of capital per worker are given by the following expression:

y = Ak α

∆k = sy − δk

where δ > 0 is the depreciation rate of capital.

(a) Using a Solow diagram, what is the effect of an increase in productivity A on steady state capital? (label the axes and mark the initial and the final steady state level of capital)

(b) Find an algebraic expression for the steady state capital per worker.

(c) What happens to steady state output and consumption after a positive productivity shock? Justify your response.

(d) If the real wage equals the marginal product of labor, what is the growth rate of the real wage in steady state?

Problem 11:

In 2019, Maurizio Cattelan, an artist, put up an art in the form of a banana duct-taped on a wall in Miami at Art Basel. Each piece of this art sold for US$120000. This art came with a certificate from Cattelan, certifying the buyer purchased the art from him.

a) If only one piece of art was sold, what was the addition to US GDP?

(Assume Cattelan bought a banana for $1, and a piece of duct-tape for $2).

Problem 12:

Government policies should be designed to help maximize an economy’s GDP.

Is it True/False/Uncertain and Explain?



Treaty Analysis Science Assignment Help

This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin

You will select a historical or current international security treaty to describe and analyze the effectiveness and sufficiency of the treaty as it relates to homeland security and international security cooperation.

The Treat Analysis will be a 10-to-12 double-spaced pages prepared using the American Psychological Association (APA) 6th edition style guide. A separate title page and reference page must be included which do not count toward the page count.

The Treat Analysis should at a minimum cover the following major topics:

  • history of the treaty, including identification and analysis of the forces and events that brought about the treaty
  • describe and analyze the conditions and elements of the treaty
  • describe and analyze the conditions and elements of the treaty in relation to the current security of the United States
  • future of the treaty (i.e., will it be enforceable, will it be necessary, etc.)
  • describe and analyze the conditions and elements of the treaty in relation to the future security of the United States
  • recommendations for changing the treaty to what best benefits the international community and the United States
  • The terms effectiveness and sufficiency of the treaty come to mind. Somehow, we should incorporate that we want students to analyze the effectiveness and sufficiency of the treaty as it relates to homeland security and international cooperation.

Treaty Analysis Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Answer clearly and in details Writing Assignment Help

1. What are some of the short and long term emotional impacts a child may face, in case of a disaster?

2. From the following list, pick one specific case – Non-English or English as a Second Language child, a technologically dependent child (one that uses advanced medical technology to sustain life), a child separated from parent or guardian and in need of medical attention or shelter, an emancipated child (think of the reasons they are emancipated) and identify at least three planning issues and solutions. Discuss them here with the class

3. respond to 2 of my classmates discussion posts (attached)


A documentary presentation about any Asian or European culture Business Finance Assignment Help

For this assignment, you will need to find a way to experience a culture (it’s can be any asian or european culture) or cultures that are different from your own by engaging in an activity focused on a specific group of people. For this assignment you will view a documentary that provide a unique opportunity for you to learn in such a way that it moves you from a passive to an active participant in the learning process, especially in the areas of organizational and international culture.

  • You must find a place where you are the minority—“the other.”
  • You need to take detailed notes on your experience, and you will discuss your impressions and feelings and what you have learned from this encounter. Some research done on the selected group should also be presented.
  • Grading will be based upon the type of activity selected, the quality of the discussion, and the application of course concepts to this learning experience.
  • There should be between 8 and 14 slides for this presentation, including a title slide and a reference slide
  • Under each slide narrated explanation is required.

1. Content

  • Content is clear, thorough, and organized effectively. Content appropriate for time allowed. Major points clearly defined.
  • Content is somewhat clear, thorough, and organized effectively. Content mostly appropriate for time allowed. Most major points well defined.
  • Content is generally unclear, incomplete, and only somewhat organized. Only a few major points well defined.
  • Content is disconnected, disorganized, inaccurate, and is not appropriate for time allowed (either too much or not enough).

2. Design

  • Use of visual aids appropriate. Slides easy to read, effective design, interesting, with no spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Use of visual aids generally appropriate. Slides generally easy to read, somewhat interesting, with only a few spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Use of visual aids not fully appropriate. Slides generally not easy to read or interesting, with frequent spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Use of visual aids not appropriate. Slides not easy to read or interesting, with many spelling or grammatical errors.

3. Originality

  • Presentation shows considerable originality and inventiveness. The content and ideas are presented in a unique and interesting way. Graphics support content of presentation. Voice clear and audible. Speaks articulately.
  • Presentation shows some originality and inventiveness. The content and ideas are presented in an interesting way. Some of the graphics support content of presentation.Voice somewhat clear and audible. Speaks articulately most of the time.
  • Presentation shows an attempt at originality and inventiveness on one or two slides. Few graphics used.
  • Voice not always clear and audible; some difficulty in understanding the message.
  • Presentation is a rehash of other people’s ideas or graphics and shows very little attempt at original thought.
  • No graphics used. Voice is not clear or audible. Speech is not articulately.

4. References and Citations

  • Appropriate number of references included both on individual slides and on the final reference slide. Proper APA format used.
  • Some references included throughout presentation and on the final reference slide. Not all are in proper APA format.
  • Few references included throughout presentation; no reference slide. Not all are in proper APA format.
  • No references included in the body of the paper or on reference slide


Bab-nith-sainith– PM-discussion 2 replies Computer Science Assignment Help

please read below student posts reply each in 125 words.

alekhya – To Bid or Not To Bid


There are a number of factors that could be studied, like if the enterprise of Marvin chooses not to bid, then at the same time, the company needs to consider some that other enterprises can bid for the project as well as they would possibly be gained from this bidding. Additionally, the enterprise can examine if there is any alternate available for gaining further margin in profit with the help of a client cost perspective because it is a long-lasting contract which can go beyond ten or more than ten years (Kerzner, 2013). As a result, Marvin needs to study if the company can mislay its trade worth when it would not be taking any part in bidding. Moreover, when running business, the organizations must be vibrant in getting projects or otherwise, market value of enterprise can decline amongst its customers.


Marvin, and his team, must bid upon the contract as there present various different aspects that have the competency to support the enterprise if they can receive the contract. Moreover, this contract is from a key client, and this is the reason that it can provide an additional benefit over the other companies in the market who are also taking part in this biding to get the contract. In addition to this, the reason that they might fear is the pricing structure which they don’t want to depict to their customers of the company (Kerzner, 2013). The enterprise should take in mind the further interesting facts which are concerned with this chance of a different contract. Moreover, if the bid happens, the market value of the enterprise can get a surge in the industry. Similarly, the performance of the enterprise would be increased as it can enhance the evaluation of the projects by utilizing the bottom-up method. It proposes that it should have the ability to bid.

harshita – 1. What other factors should Marvin and his team consider?

Marvin and his team need to consider the following factors.

To begin with to check the level and degree of productivity about the Project seeing whether the undertaking truly should be connected and on the off chance that it could recover the coveted level of benefit and picks up. Next is to look for the providers who are keen on the task. This would assist the organization in analyzing the degree of its request and discover the explanation for. Along these lines, an alternate standpoint towards the undertaking can be comprehended which could additionally bolster the choice to offer or not to offer (Kerzner, 2013). Finally, last advance Marvin and his group need to think about the states of the Project. If the terms and conditions could be fulfilled without affecting profits than the project should be bid for. However, if the terms and conditions can’t be satisfied and look unprofitable than offering ought to be dropped.

2. Should they bid on the job?

The company should bid on the project as it looks profitable to go ahead with the deal. If the terms and conditions could be fulfilled without affecting profits than the project should be bid for. However, if the terms and conditions cannot be fulfilled and look unprofitable than the idea of bidding should be dropped (Perego, 2011). However, the conditions that the bid amount and terms will not be revealed to the other suppliers. This would help in maintaining protection over company affairs and bidding method. In case the latter does not accept to hide details of bidding from other suppliers than the bid should not be made as the disclosure of company strategy would affect its ability to win future projects. This way the bidding should be made on conditions clearly stating that the non-disclosure factor.

pujan – The organization should offer at work and ought to be prepared to face little challenges for progressively critical additions. Thusly, the organization ought to have a stable situation in the customer’s bidder list. There can be necessities for expanded security and business improvement for such a significant venture, which should go about as a solid moment that offering at a significant expense. As the venture is suffering and the undertaking has high incomes. The organization ought to get many large customers ones the venture gets finished the thing to be recollected is that the benefit proportion is less yet could be set off by the incomes and the approaching activities that the organization should increment. At the underlying eliminate for any organization, backing implies, at last, loosing, which should bring trust issues later on for an organization, so I feel Marin should offer at work. Marvin and his group must recognize the reasonableness of contact type with the venture, regardless of whether it is cost-reimbursable because, in contract type, the assets rely upon work bundle. Hence, the overall revenue is less contrasted with fixed-value ventures.

Another fundamental factor is a bit that will Marvin needs to back for this endeavor since it impacts the affiliation advantage. The offering technique has characterized gain, the organization appreciates, venture fund, office qualities, adventure characteristics, contract, offering situation, resistance, and money-related. It keeps the association’s landing in the quick and dirty cost structure. At long last, I have to express that for the gained advantage. This association should offer the offer to the customer. The fundamental factor to consider about this activity is that it is the best agreement that Marvin and his group at any point found. For the coming at least ten years, the organization should make a consistent salary that invigorates the improvement of the endeavor. This association should offer at work since it is an extended stretch agreement and approximated for over 10 years.

anirudh – What other factors should Marvin and his team consider?

When you get the contract to bid, there are always many factors that need to be considered such as how long is the contract, how much risk is involved behind this contract, and what is the profit margin after considering a contract. To understand the market Marvin and the team should know the customer requirement on time in the required format. Study the tender documents carefully and check if the team has enough experience to finish it. Create a plan and check if the team can provide and fulfill each element of the bid. Since the record of Marvin is great, he should analyze the risk involved in the contract, whether he properly understand the market, he has all the resources to finish the contract on time, check what other companies are investing as well to be competitive in the market, should be confident in the ability to delivered the contract. Proper strategic planning should be done inside the bidding process so that not more than a budget is spent behind this contract (Kerzner, 2017).

Should they bid on the job?

As mention, Marvin and his company are very successful in bidding and more than that, his team has experience in this kind of work which can help the company to win the tender. At some point, Marvin is not agreed with sharing extra information in the RFP, but the contract is for ten years which can provide a fortune to the company for at least the next ten years which is profitable for any organization. The new set of standards should be implemented in disclosing RFP so that the client can trust vendors as a strategic partner and can trust more. Marvin should bid on this job as this the contract is long-term and his team has enough experience in dealing with this type of contract in the past. There are few risks involved in this project due to the new RFP, but the market is more competitive, and Marvin needs to change the strategies according to the conditions if he wants to stick long term in this market (Kerzner, 2017).


Annotated Bibliography Entry: Week 3 and CP Annotated Bibliography Revision Writing Assignment Help

Annotated Bibliography Entry: Week 3

Please complete an annotated bibliography entry for at least:

  • 1 Scholarly Sources (Academic Journals, Books, etc.)
  • 2 Popular Sources (Newspaper Articles, Magazine Articles, Blogs, Youtube, Twitter, etc.)
  • Remember, please find at least one of your sources from the class annotated bibliography google doc. (Don’t forget to reference the name of the student from whom you pulled the source.)

Please submit your entry as a Word Doc and insert them in the in the google doc “Class Annotated Bibliography” found in the Collaborations section. Please insert your source alphabetically.

An annotation is, basically, an evaluative summary. It is a coming to terms with the author’s project. Accordingly, you need to make sure you cover the following points (though you do not need to answer every question specifically). You might want to take a look at the google doc found in the collaborations section. I posted an example of an annotated bibliography entry that covers everything that is needed. Also, if you would like more info and some examples, explore the following link: Purdue Online Writing Lab: Annotated Bibliographies.

  • summarize the source:
    • What is the topic/subject/problem? What is the author’s project? What are some of the main claims and overall argument?
  • assess the source:
    • What kind of evidence/materials/examples are used? How well does the evidence work to support the author’s argument? What kind of methods, or methodology, is used? Especially in the scholarly articles, you should see a methodology explicitly stated.
    • Are there any specific strengths and weaknesses of the argument?
  • reflect on the source:
    • Will this source be useful to your research, why or why not? If you think the source will be useful, how do you see it working to shape your argument (i.e. how will you integrate it into your argument)? Has this source changed how you think about your topic?

    CP Annotated Bibliography Revision

    At this point you should have a relatively detailed understanding of the problem you have been exploring and should have accumulated quite a few different sources. However, it is unlikely that you will be, and most likely should not be, using all the sources that you’ve researched (Remember that the you must use a minimum of 6-8 sources four of which must be scholarly. While you may of course include more, this is a relatively short paper and too many sources can oftentimes be overwhelming within such constraints. Generally speaking, you should try to have, at most, no more than 10-12 sources for a paper this size, though this is not always the case.) The purpose of this assignment is to get you to review and critically engage the various source materials you have researched up until this point and decide, albeit tentatively, which sources you will be including in your Contexts Project paper.Please make sure to complete all of the following aspects:

    • Part 1:
      1. State your problem:
        • As clearly and succinctly as possible, I’d like you to state the key problem that you’ve chosen to examine. I’d also like you to make this as specific as possible.
          • For example, “Video games make children violent,” is clear, but also pretty vague. The statement “First-person military simulators are shown to discourage empathy and a sensitivity to violence in teenage males” gives me a much clearer picture of specifically what you’re going to be looking at in your paper.
        • Remember that we’re not stating proposed solutions (yet!) — we’re just exploring all of the facets of a particular problem so that we can analyze and evaluate the efforts to address or fix the problem in the Advocacy Project.
      2. State your guiding questions:
        • What do you think are the most important questions you will need to address in your presentation of this problem?
          • For example, if your problem is the one above regarding violent video games, what are the relevant questions we’ll need to ask about violent video games and their possible effects? What are we going to need to ask about the way these games are designed and marketed? What will we need to ask regarding the history of the problem?
            • For instance, in the 2011 supreme court case Brown vs. Entertainment Merchants Association, the court struck down a California law banning the sale of certain violent video games to children without parental supervision. Thus, a potential question could be the following: “Why did the supreme court pass the ruling it did and how does it affect the nature of the problem in our contemporary situation?”
      3. Describe the historical aspects of your topic:
        • What are the important events, cases, products, or arguments that will help us understand this problem as it exists now?
        • What cases or ideas do your sources trace back in time to substantiate their arguments about the contemporary problems and questions at hand?
        • Can you offer reasons for why the historical aspects are important?
        • Show how the problem has developed over time in order to contextualize both its evolution up until the present and its relevance to the present.

    4. Describe the different sides of this argument:

        • Remember, you’re not trying to take a side just yet, but rather to present all the perspectives on the issue.
        • What are the dominant positions? Do your sources disagree with each other? On what particular aspect do they agree or disagree? Depending on your project, this task will be easier for some.
          • For instance, you won’t find a scholar out there arguing that the misogynistic behavior in online game communities is a positive thing. Rather, try to focus on the specific aspects of each project and note where any similarities or discrepancies arise.
          • On the other hand, if you are doing violence and video games, you will find reputable scholars who argue that there is no effect and others that argue that there is. You will want to begin thinking about which side you believe is correct and why you think so.
    • Part 2:
      • Include all of the annotated bibliography entries you have completed thus far in alphabetical order. (FYI There should be at least 13 by now.) However, rather than simply copy and pasting the entries I want you to revise and augment them according to the following guidelines:
        1. Please identify whether or not you will be including each source in your CP paper. Please explain and justify, as detailed as possible, why or why not you will be using a particular source.
        2. What materials will you be incorporating from the source?

    2a. Data, historical info/contextualization, contemporary info/contextualization, cited/quoted research or points from other people the author mentions, conclusions/analyses regarding the causes/effects of the problem, etc.2b. Why are you choosing to include those materials? How are those materials intended to function in relation to your project? Is it meant to establish the individual or social harm resulting from the specific problem? Does it explain why the problem exists or how it came about? Does it help you establish the relevance of the problem as it exists in our contemporary situation? Perhaps it helps you demonstrate one or more of the various perspectives, debates, or conversations held on your specific problem?While the above guidelines are merely starting points and you do not need to address each, I suggest you try to include as much specific material as is reasonable from each source you will be including in your final paper. Don’t be afraid to quote here. This specific assignment might usefully be viewed as a pre-rough draft for your actual rough draft wherein you should try to critically navigate your research material with your specific project and goal in mind. While you are free to pull phrases or lines from the annotated bibliography entries you have already completed, please try to revise and augment those original entries as much as possible with more specific details from the texts. This will help you tremendously with the overall drafting process.Please email me if you have any additional questions or need further clarification.


Safety warmings and Defamation Business Finance Assignment Help

Safety warmings and Defamation Business Finance Assignment Help

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