Salvaging a hospitality business and Human Trafficking Training Questions Business Finance Assignment Help

Salvaging a hospitality business and Human Trafficking Training Questions Business Finance Assignment Help. Salvaging a hospitality business and Human Trafficking Training Questions Business Finance Assignment Help.

APA format. Please use the questions including numbers as your headings. Each response should be 1/2-1 page, single-spaced and the reference section immediately following the response. Please include page breaks between questions.

Question 1: Salvaging a Hospitality Business

Choose a sector of the hospitality industry. Discuss how to salvage an existing hospitality business. This could be an individual operation or a chain. Be sure to use at least 5 specific examples in your discussion.

Use a minimum of 2 cited sources from either refereed or reliable industry trade publications. Please be sure to use in-text citations and include a reference list at the end of the question.

Question 2: Human Trafficking Training

Definition: Human trafficking is the acquisition of people by improper means such as force, fraud or deception, with the aim of exploiting them. It is a complex problem brought about by inter-related economic, social, cultural, political and personal factors. Those trafficked are exploited into prostitution, forced labour, for the removal of their organs and other emerging forms of trafficking including organised begging, benefit fraud, domestic servitude and forced marriage. In short, it is modern day slavery.

Research how prevalent human trafficking is a world-wide basis and what role the hospitality industry is increasingly playing in preventing this crime or assisting its victims. Develop a training plan with 5-1hour training segments for hotel staff on how to recognize human trafficking so that it can be reported to the proper authorities. Provide a title and 100-150 word description for each segment.

Question 3: Managing Across Cultures as a Multi-Cultural Issue

Suppose you were a US based, food service unit manager for Aramark and your company has once again been awarded the management contract for the 2020 (actually Summer of 2021 now) Tokyo Olympic Games. You are assigned as a pre-opening and onsite operations manager. The company will be sending you to Japan for 1 year, and you will be consulting with local accounts in Japan in addition to your Olympic planning duties.

a.Your job will include handling negotiations with other companies and the Japanese Olympic Committee. How do business negotiation styles differ between Japan and your home country? List and briefly describe at least 5 ways that communication styles differ.

b.Compare the overall business culture of your home country to Japan (if you are from Japan, use the US as your home country). List at least 3 differences. Describe your plan to address each of these.

Salvaging a hospitality business and Human Trafficking Training Questions Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

BUS 401 AU Wk 2 Apple Book Value per Share & Price To Book Discussion Writing Assignment Help

Financial analysts must evaluate the performance of the company and compare that performance over time. One way to evaluate the financial performance of a company is to calculate financial ratios. Ratios can be used to assess a company’s profitability, liquidity, efficiency, and financial risk (leverage). Changes in these ratios over time can alert a financial analyst to poor management or strong shareholder returns. For this discussion, you will calculate some common financial ratios for your chosen publicly traded company.


Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum,


  • Calculate two ratios for your chosen company, according to your last name and the list below. Using Appendix A from Week 1, calculate the ratios for your chosen company for the two most recent years available in the financial statements.
    • Last names A through C: Return on assets (ROA) and return on equity (ROE).
    • Last names D through F: Long-term debt to equity ratio and interest coverage ratio.
    • Last names G through I: Gross profit margin and net profit margin.
    • Last names J through L: Current ratio and quick ratio.
    • Last names M through O: Inventory turnover and receivables turnover.
    • Last names P through R: Days sales outstanding and days inventory outstanding.
    • Last names S through U: Book value per share and price-to-book.
    • Last names V through Z: Earnings per share and price-earnings (P/E) ratio.

Need help with your calculations? Check out the videos included in this resource: Week 2 Discussion Help (Links to an external site.).


In your initial discussion forum post,

  • Create a table within your discussion post that includes the following information:

Guided Response: Review several of your colleagues’ posts, and reply to at least two of your peers by 11:59 p.m. on Day 7 of the week. You must respond to two classmates who have calculated different ratios than you. In your written responses to your classmates, address the following:

  • Using the included Appendix A provided by your classmate, confirm the calculated ratios or explain a correction to the calculated ratios in the initial post.
  • Provide the calculations for one additional ratio for their company for the 2 most recent years. Choose the ratio from the list of ratios for this discussion.
    • Identify which ratio you are calculating, and provide the financial data used for the ratio as well the concluded ratio.
  • State whether or not you believe this additional ratio shows another financial strength for the company or if it shows a weakness for the company.


Social Media Accounts for Progressive Era Figures Explanatory Write up Presentation Humanities Assignment Help

This assignment asks you to have a little creative-writing fun with a few of this week’s sources. Read the linked primary sources to get into the atmosphere of this intense period of political change and activism. While things like the women’s right to vote and the consumer’s rights to know what is in their packaged meat don’t seem like progressive ideas today, we must be careful not to project our 21st-century outlook onto this time period. I’ll give you an example of this in California History. James D. Phelan, former mayor of San Francisco and Senator for California, was considered one of our state’s leading “progressives” and friend of President Roosevelt. His “progressive” view of California involved an intense, racist campaign to “keep California white” by criminalizing Japanese immigration. Today, this would be considered reactionary, not progressive. Other ideas growing in popularity during this era, like American socialism, remain controversial today.

Assignment Instructions

Step 1: Skim the linked primary sources.

Read this excerpt from The Jungle, written by muckraking journalist Upton Sinclair and published in 1904 (Links to an external site.). This source is not for the faint of heart, but it did lead to the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act and the Meat Inspection Act, both endorsed by ‘progressive president’ Teddy Roosevelt. Sinclair originally went undercover to a slaughterhouse/meat-processing factory in order to write an exposé about working conditions. While that aspect of his study appalled some Americans, far more were struck with Sinclair’s descriptions of what was going into their packaged meat products…

Read this article by suffragette Alice Stone Blackwell called “Why Women Should Vote. (Links to an external site.)” Featured in an undated publication sponsored by the National American Woman Suffrage Association, it includes sixteen arguments for women’s suffrage. If these are the arguments made FOR women’s right to vote, consider which major points they are arguing AGAINST? Essentially, what can this document tell us about society’s view of women’s suffrage?

Skim these primary sources that tell the story of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in 1911 in New York City. Think back to the Gilded Age working conditions, immigration boom, and urbanization. While Sinclair’s The Jungle (which was intended as an indictment of the working conditions in meatpacking factories) spurned Americans to enact consumer reforms, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory tragedy in 1911 brought national and worldwide attention to the dangerous working conditions and anti-union violence of the USA’s urban factories.

Step 2: Create fake Facebook or Twitter PowerPoint.

First, choose a character from the list of early 19th-century characters below.

Invent an identity that fits the time period. I have included primary source readings above that may be helpful in getting into character.

Potential characters (please choose from the six options below):

      1. Muckrakers/investigative journalists (i.e. Upton Sinclair, Ida Tarbell, etc.)
      2. Middle class women reformers (i.e. Jane Addams, Alice Stone Blackwell, etc.)
      3. Populists
      4. Socialists (in the style of Eugene V. Debs)
      5. Laborers/labor union members
      6. Progressive politicians (Teddy Roosevelt, Robert La Follette, William Jennings Bryan, etc.)

Second, decide whether you want to create a fake Facebook page or a fake Twitter page for your character or figure.

Click on the appropriate tab below to download the template and see the specific instructions.

If you prefer to create a Twitter page

First, download this PowerPoint template

Actions of a fake Twitter page.

For full credit, follow the instructions below:

  1. Insert a profile picture. Be sure to include profile photos next to status updates and comments.
  2. Insert your character’s name, along with their Twitter handle (e.g., @willyshakes in the example using William Shakespeare). Be sure that Tweets have been change to reflect the new name and handle.
  3. Insert a new byline under your profile picture, name, and handle.
  4. Replace the background image.
  5. Insert six relevant pictures on the left side of the page.
  6. Replace the two profiles under the “Who To Follow” section to the left. The people you choose to include can be friends, enemies, political opponents, etc.
  7. Change the trending hashtag on the bottom left of the page.
  8. Create four Tweets by your character. Replace the pre-existing William Shakespeare Tweets in the template. Make sure each Tweet has the correct profile name and Twitter handle.
  9. Create one Tweet by a relevant character of your design. Replace the pre-existing Tweet by Lord Chamberlain’s Men. Make sure this Tweet has a new profile picture, name, and Twitter handle.
  10. On the last blank slide, write a short paragraph explaining your Twitter page. Explain why you created the status updates, comments, and information. Essentially, annotate your thinking behind the fake Twitter page.
  11. Save your fake Twitter PowerPoint document.


Diablo Valley College Progressive Era Politics Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

Mod 4 Assignment: Progressive-Era Politics

99 unread replies.99 replies.

Since we’ve just experienced a big election year, I thought we would focus this assignment on the political parties and the election of 1912. That year, there were four parties with a presidential candidate in the race– Wilson (Democrats), Taft (the Republican sitting president), Debs (Socialists), and former president Roosevelt (formerly a Republican, now with the Progressive or Bull Moose party). Let’s look at the political platforms adopted by the parties to get a glimpse into what life was like in the 1900s and the ways in which politics and society was changing during this period.

Assignment Instructions

Step 1: Skim and assess the primary sources below.

Skim through the political platform of the Populist Party, or People’s Party, written in 1892 (Links to an external site.). Consider what this document can tell us about what is going on in American society just by these demands? You’ll notice that some of these demands have been made policy– the direct election of US senators after 1913, for example.

Skim through the political platform for the Progressive Party, also called the Bull-Moose Party, written in 1912 (Links to an external site.). This was the political party formed by former Republican president Teddy Roosevelt because sitting president (and Roosevelt’s former friend and policy successor) Taft was running again as the Republican choice. Compare to the Democratic (Links to an external site.) and Republican (Links to an external site.) platforms of 1912.

Read this article by Eugene V. Debs called “How I Became a Socialist” from the April 1902 issue of The Comrade (Links to an external site.). Why did Debs write this? Have we read or heard of other concerns about American society that echo Debs’ concerns and observations? Here is the Socialist Party platform (Links to an external site.) from 1912, for further comparison to the other 1912 platforms.

Step 2: Reply to Prompt

Using this week’s sources, respond to the prompt below in a 200- to 300-word discussion post. No formal citations necessary, but do reference the sources to support your ideas. You don’t have to answer all the questions, just the ones that get you writing.

Prompt: Consider how the demands and points made by less popular third parties (like the Populist and Socialist parties, represented in the source below) may have influenced mainstream Democratic and Republican politics. From the four political party platforms drafted for the elections of 1912, what can you tell were the major political debates happening in the US? How did the different political party platforms claim American language and tradition? Reflecting on the background reading, evaluate the ‘progressiveness’ of Presidents Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson.

Step 3: Reply to Three (3) Peers

  • In a short paragraph between 50 and 100 words, add further supporting details or respectfully disagree with the post’s author using evidence from this week’s readings.
  • Respond to as many peers as you like, but you must respond to at least three coursemates.

Please reply to peers who do not yet have replies so that all are included in the conversation.


WOU Draft Letter Negative Message with Positive Emphasis Discussion Writing Assignment Help

I’m working on a writing case study and need a sample draft to help me understand better.


Go back to the “Globe Airlines” case and review it. In particular, review the criteria for the reply to Lyn Smith set out by your immediate supervisor Rita Simmons. Ms. Simmons has now told you that you cannot offer the E-TUVs to the customers.


Prepare a draft letter to Lyn Smith, in which you attempt to refuse her specific requests while doing everything you can (within the criteria/limitations you are working under) to persuade her to return to Globe as a customer in future.

Forward your draft letter to your supervisor, Rita Simmons, as an attachment to a short transmittal memorandum, in which you submit your draft letter to her for review, give a very brief explanation of your approach, and ask her for comment and approval to proceed to send the letter to the customer.

Primary Audience for Assignment #2: Lyn Smith (for the draft letter); Rita Simmons (for transmittal and draft letter)

Assignment Format: Draft letter – Globe to Lyn Smith, appended to a transmittal memorandum (you to Rita Simmons)

Word Count: up to 1000 words for draft letter and transmittal memorandum

Positive emphasis:

1.Avoid defending Globe

2.Do not describe the hub system

3.Do not imply the customer failed in some way

4.Keep negative words to a maximum of 3:

E.g. unfortunately, we regret, poor weather, errors, etc.

Never use:

Incompetency, poor service, failure, see next slide


Opening – Buffer (thank her for the feedback and express condolences and congratulations on her mother’s achievement)

Paragraph 2 – Negative message (bad news)

Paragraph 2 (possibly 3) – Alternative and/or benefit

Closing – thank her again for the feedback (you can briefly explain how it has improved service) and express the hope to see her fly again with the airline

Requirements: maximum 1000 words



BUS 401 UArizona Global Campus Wk 2 Apples Fiscal Status Chapter Discussion Writing Assignment Help

In the past two weeks, you have chosen a publicly traded company and have prepared Section 1 of the Week 5 final project. Section 1: Financial Statement Analysis evaluated the historical financial performance of the company based on its reported financial statements. This week, you calculated two ratios for your company for the discussion forum, and you are working on Section 2 of the final project, which evaluates the company’s financial ratios over the past 2 years and compares the industry ratios.

For this journal, you will create a short video in which you will casually reflect on the information you have gathered on your company through Week 2 as well as the different tasks you have completed for this class (using Mergent, using Excel, completing the learning activities, and so on).



Record a two- to three-minute video answering the following questions:

  • What are three financial facts that you have determined so far in your work in this course that you believe are critical in determining whether to recommend an investment in this company? Justify your answer.
  • At this point, do you think you will end up with a buy, hold, or sell recommendation for your chosen company? Explain your answer.
  • What has been the biggest challenge for you in this class up to this point?
  • What is one question you have about the Week 5 final project or any aspect of the BUS401 course?

BUS 401 UArizona Global Campus Wk 2 Apples Fiscal Status Chapter Discussion Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

PMAN 635 UMUC Quantitative Methods in Project Management Question Computer Science Assignment Help

Instructions: Be sure to show all work in Excel as appropriate—DO NOT put Excel or CB derived answers in MS Word—that does not show the work you did to produce your answers (Points will be deducted if you just give the answers without showing the work, even if the answers are correct). For CB output, you should paste the forecast output in your Excel setup file. Show split view in all CB output. Analyze/Interpret your CB results.


Part 2 of this assignment requires using Microsoft Project. If you do not have Microsoft project installed, then you can’t do this assignment. I will provide you with my email address so you could send me the Microsoft project (.mpp) file.


MGT 402 SEU Rawan Clothing Co eCommerce Fashion Store Business Plan Business Finance Assignment Help

– No match

– Be sure u work in all points in order

– in this tow days I just need part one .. (If your work is good .. I will send to you again to answer the other parts and post it in a new question .. tell me if u can )

– APA references and citation is important

– I am a certified trainer in business & medical field .. give an online learning courses and workshops ( may this help u to build the plan based on that ) – tell me what is your idea before u start

– All info in the attached file


FSU What Do You Think of Segregating Individual Reports and Batch Submissions Ques Humanities Assignment Help

The VI Daily News solicited reports cards from readers over a period of 12 days in the latter part of January, asking people to award letter grades (A,B,C,D, F )to the Bryan-Roach administration on performance in eight areas. People could have either emailed mail them their reports to the Daily News. On the last day for receiving report cards, a person came to the office with a envelope filled with a number of photocopied report cards. The managers and editors of the Daily News decided to segrate the 11th hour batch submission and run two sets of tabulations, one for individual readers recieved through regular means and one for the “batch submission”. For most of last week the newspaper published report cards on two areas each day. Below is the final cummulative report cards for the Bryan, one done by individual readers and one done for the batch submissions.

Using the statistical knowledge you have to date and critical thinking skills please answer following questions?

1. What do you think of segregating indiviudal reports and “batch submissions”?

2. What patterns in gradings do you see better Individual and Batch?

3. Do you you think the Batch submissions are unbiased? Do you see any variation in the Batch report? Why would a “report card harvester” show up on the last day with an envelope? What possible rationale do you think this person had? Do you think the motivations of the “batch harvester” were benign or devious?

4. Was this a sample random? What kind of sample was this?

5. What statistical issues can you identify with this Daily News survey? Identify at least three.

6. Can you determine if this was a small sample or large sample. What have you learned about the relationship between sample size and sampling error?

7. Do you think the survey results are representative and generalizable to the feelings/views of the larger VI community?

9. Was the Daily News correct in segrating individual respondents from batch respondents? What would you have done if you were the Manager or Editor in Cheif of the Daily News?


Looking for depth of critical thinking and application of statistical knowledge. 40%

Looking for good organization, coherenence, logical developing of arguments and substantiation, and clarity. 30%

Lastly, looks for proper grammar, correct spelling, annd proper puncutation. 20%

Substantive comments and reactions to others. Not just “I agree, I like” 10%


Make initial post no longer than Thursday, and reactions to at least two other students by Saturday., Feb. 27th at 11:59 pm

Report Card of Gov. Albert Bryan Jr

Marking Period Midt-Term Ending January 2021

Individuals Grades Batch Grades








Overall Grade: F B

GPA .50 3.00

Source : Virgin Daily News Feb. 22, 2021 Electronic Edition Page A10

GERS=Government Employee Retirement System

WAPA=Water and Power Authority

WICO= West Indian Company (responsible for Havensight Dock)

VIPA=Virgin Island Port Authority (responsible for Cyril King and Rohlsen airports, Crown Bay in St. Thomas, Gallows Point, South Shore, and Frederiksted docks in St. Croix, all ferry and seaplane terminals)


Performance Rating in Health Care Discussion Health Medical Assignment Help

I’m working on a health & medical discussion question and need guidance to help me understand better.

There are a variety of factors that can affect the overall performance rating of an individual. Aguinis (2019) defined two methods—judgmental and mechanical—for reaching an overall score, and states that the mechanical approach is preferable in most cases, particularly if performance objectives are not weighted.

Review “Case Study 6-1: Judgmental and Mechanical Methods of Assigning Overall Performance Score at The Daily Planet” at the end of Chapter 6 in the Performance Management textbook.

  • First use the judgmental method to come up with Kuhn’s overall performance score.
  • Next, compute Kuhn’s overall performance score using the weights in the table.

Is there a difference in the scores? What are the implications for the employee rated, for the supervisor, and for the organization? Which method would you use and why?

In developing your initial response, be sure to draw from, explore, and cite credible reference materials. In responding to your classmates’ posts, you are encouraged to examine their opinions, offering supporting and/or opposing views



Record a two- to three-minute video answering the following questions:

  • What are three financial facts that you have determined so far in your work in this course that you believe are critical in determining whether to recommend an investment in this company? Justify your answer.
  • At this point, do you think you will end up with a buy, hold, or sell recommendation for your chosen company? Explain your answer.
  • What has been the biggest challenge for you in this class up to this point?
  • What is one question you have about the Week 5 final project or any aspect of the BUS401 course?

BUS 401 UArizona Global Campus Wk 2 Apples Fiscal Status Chapter Discussion Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]