San Diego Miramar College Importance of Biodiversity Discussion Question Science Assignment Help

San Diego Miramar College Importance of Biodiversity Discussion Question Science Assignment Help. San Diego Miramar College Importance of Biodiversity Discussion Question Science Assignment Help.

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Please write one or two paragraphs addressing and answering the 2 questions below.

Watch the video above on how the reintroduction of wolves back into Yellowstone National Park positively impacted the biodiversity and ecology of the local environment.

The re-introduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park is an excellent example of the importance of biodiversity to ecosystems. It turns out that the apex predator, feared by people for years, was critical to the health of the local ecology, with a relatively small impact on the local ranching practices.

For this assignment, you will explore the importance of Biodiversity.

  • Because new species will eventually evolve to replace those that humans are driving to extinction, why is declining biology diversity such a threat?
  • Your textbook describes several causes of declining biological diversity. Choose an animal, plant, or ecosystem that you are interested in and discuss the most important cause of its decline. Be sure it includes any indirect causes, influencing the direct causes.

You may use books, journals, magazines, and any website ending in .edu, .gov, All other websites must be approved by me first. However, any info taken from a website must have an author. If no author is given, then it is an inappropriate source for a college paper. Information from sources with no author will not count toward your points in the project.

You may NOT use encyclopedia-type websites like Wikipedia, Britannica, Encarta, FactMonster, etc., nor videos or television shows even if they are documentaries.


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Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Performance Measurement and Management Discussion Writing Assignment Help


250-word response utilize at least three peer reviewed journal articles for research to support contentions (and given credit with in-text citations and in the reference listing (in APA format 7th addition. I will still be analyzing for the quality of answers through evidence of critical thinking and answering all parts of all questions.

References with the articles attached:

Aguinis, H. (2019). Performance management (4th Ed.). Chicago Business Press.

Jetha, N. (2011). If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there. British Columbia Medical Journal, 53(10), 516.

Bourne, M., Franco-Santos, M., Micheli, P., & Pavlov, A. (2018). Performance measurement and management: a system of systems perspective. International Journal of Production Research, 56(8), 2788–2799.

Pock, T., Westlund, A., & Fahrni, F. (2004). Gaining Bilateral Benefit through Holistic Performance Management and Reporting. Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, 15(5/6), 557–567.

Discussion Question Below:

1. Based on your reading on week two. How does the Harley-Davidson, Inc. goals fit the model of setting goals after the organization has established the Mission and Vision statement?

2. According to the study of 338 international organizations, what kinds of organizations are most likely to have performance management provide significant benefit to the strategic plan? Specify the benefits in detail.


Grand Canyon Universi Henderson Theory in Patient Care Discussion Health Medical Assignment Help

***Comment ***

Henderson’s theory focuses on the patient being independent in their care (Ingalls & Tourville, 2003). This is achieved by the nurse and the collaborated interdisciplinary teams providing the proper resources to the client. These resources will help lead the client to optimal health. This theory contains biological, psychological, sociological, and spiritual components (Petprin,2020). All these components should be focused on as a whole which will help provide proper care to the client. This theory is a holistic approach. She provided specific patient plans that will be beneficial for their needs. This can be incorporated in nursing informatics by analyzing what the patients need to achieve proper care. Research can be done on many patient populations to see what changes are needed to provide a healthy lifestyle. This incorporates the patient to have an autonomy on what they believe should be implanted in their care with professional advice.


Troy University Education Issues Teachers Misbehavior Discussion Writing Assignment Help

Slavin and Schunk (2021) posit that intentional teachers, both individually and collaboratively, purposefully create ways to foster learning and to meet the needs of each one of their students.

The word “intentional” is very profound. It implies that one takes the initiative to purposefully carry out a task for an intended objective. When it comes to individuals with exceptionalities and diverse needs, some individuals warmly embrace these individuals and welcome them into their classrooms while others do not for a myriad of reasons.

In this module you are studying about learner differences and individuals with exceptionalities. When Germany was under the Nazi regime the phrase “life unworthy of life” (in German: “Lebensunwertes Leben”) was used since some felt that some individuals had no right to live. There were times throughout history that people felt that individuals with disabilities or diverse needs should be treated differently. When you examine the realities of history, the power of language, and the ethical or unethical behaviors surrounding caring for and educating individuals with differences, it provides a deeper understanding as to why laws have been created throughout the years to promote ethical practices and to cultivate effective learning opportunities for all individuals. It is essential for educators and future leaders to have an understanding of history, critically analyze it through a biblical lens, and determine how to approach, nurture, and educate these individuals with diverse and special needs. Review the 1968 documentary, “Suffer the Little Children: Pennhurst Pennsylvania State Home for Disabled Children.”

Regarding what happened at Pennhurst:

  • How does this affect you as an educator, aspiring educator, and individual now, and in what ways has your own attitude and language changed over the years?
  • What is a biblical approach to welcoming, nurturing, and educating learners with diverse needs or exceptionalities that you can intentionally apply in your own life?
  • 350 words!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ENGL 101 Harvard University The unforgettable Experience of Hawaii Essay Humanities Assignment Help

  1. Select a topic that interests you. Consider, family, friends, favorite activities, sports, your home, vacations, school, seasons, holidays, pets, etc.

  1. Consider what you’d like to share about your topic and yourself. Do you want to tell a story? Explain how to do something? Compare and contrast different aspects of your topic? Persuade your reader to do or think a different way about your topic? Define or describe your topic?

  1. Then think about what you’ve learned about nonfiction this quarter and select the pattern of development that would best suit your ideas:
  • Narration
  • Definition
  • Description
  • Cause and effect
  • Compare and contrast



Buffalo My Interest to Pursue Post Secondary Education Vs My Career Desire Essay Writing Assignment Help

I’m working on a english writing question and need an explanation to help me study.

It should be an educational essay. word count: up to 500 words, but no less than 450 words.

1) what motivated your interest to pursue post-secondary education? (write this paragraph explaining that pursuing a post sencondary education will give me the chance at higher paying careers)

2) Explain the circumstances that affected your academic perofrmance in high school (in this paragraph, talk about the covid 19 pademic)

3) Based on what you know about the Educational Oppertunity Program, how do you think the program will benefit you? (in this paragraph, explain how it will provide me a chance of getting into a college and pursuing a higher education)

No reference page, No plagarism from any google search pages. Everything should be original.

Buffalo My Interest to Pursue Post Secondary Education Vs My Career Desire Essay Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Infectious Disease Nipah Virus Outbreak in India Discussion Science Assignment Help

1. Watch a movie or documentary that involves infectious disease. I’ve provided a list below, but you can also come up with your own (no offensive or X-rated stuff, though!). There just has to be a plot that turns on the response of the characters to some sort of current or past epidemic or pandemic.

2. Answer the questions below, as completely as you can.

3. Respond to one other person’s post by first watching their movie and then commenting on their analysis (be polite!). BUT, you can’t respond to someone who watched the same movie as you!

Questions to answer as part of your post:

1. (5 pts) Provide the name of the film and summarize the plot (be brief but provide some detail; not just “They all got sick and died.”)

2. (5 pts) What interesting facts or ideas does the movie bring to mind that relate to material covered in this class? What other films have you seen which might bear on your understanding of this film? To what contemporary events does the film refer? In your answer, comment on the science (or pseudoscience) that informs the plot. Note that the intent here is not to nitpick scientific inaccuracies in the plot but to think about how disease is perceived by the public. Of course, if your movie involves a disease transmitted by dragon’s breath then you’ll have to be a little speculative about the science.

3. (5 pts) Does the film have any significant social dimension or message? What is the role of cultural, social, political, and economic history in interpreting the movie’s possible meanings?

4. (5 pts) What scene, character, or theme from the movie really stood out for you, and why?

5. (5 pts) In your response to another’s post, describe what part of their film appealed to you (or not, as the case may be), and how you see their film comparing to your film.

List of possible movies (not in any particular order):

The Andromeda Strain; The Omega Man (or the remake, I am Legend); 12 Monkeys; Children of Men; Contagion; Variola Vera; Distant Thunder (India, Satyajit Ray directed); Panic in the Streets; 28 days later; Pandemic (Netflix documentary; talk about timing!); the Seventh Seal.

Please refrain from zombie or vampire movies, as most stretch the notion of infectious disease just a bit too thin.

Old or obscure movies are also welcome; I’m always on the lookout for good disease movies!


LU Death Penalty in The United States Criminal Justice System Research Paper Humanities Assignment Help

The research paper shall be a minimum of 8 to 10 pages and must
follow current APA guidelines. The page count does not include the title
page, abstract, or reference section
. It must include 10–15 sources
with at least 1 source being the Holy Bible and no more than two (2)
The student should have a specific section in the paper
dedicated to a synthesis of Christian Worldview and their topic. See the
assignment instructions and grading rubric for additional instructions
and guidance.

You will develop a well-reasoned discussion of the issues associated
with that topic and your suggestions and recommendations for
appropriate interventions, policy changes, etc. as well as biblical
support for your suggestions and recommendations. Include an
introduction that describes the purpose of the paper, the context of the
discussion, and the central issues; also, address the central issues
and use headings to clearly delineate your points. Your paper needs to
include the integration of sources to support your points and
demonstrate your thinking through the complexities of the issues in
discussion of the central issues and your recommendations. Your paper
should have a substantive conclusion that summarizes your key points.

Key Points to cover:

Brief history of capital punishment

Supreme Court decisions

Racial disparities and the death penalty

Death penalty and crime deterrence

Errors and mistakes of death penalty cases

Christian worldview perspective


Anthem College Phoenix Controversial Incident in Law Enforcement Press Release Law Assignment Help

In this assignment, you will be writing a press release related to a researched incident by conducting a keyword search on YouTube
for a controversial incident in probation/parole, corrections, or law
enforcement. For example, you could conduct searches for “correctional
officer arrested,” “police officer arrested,” or “probation officer
arrested.” Or you could create a press release for a significant crime


Develop a press release that:

  • Identifies a selected controversial incident or significant crime event.
  • Describes the narrative of the events clearly and in chronological order.
  • Provides a link to the credible source(s), used for the selected
    controversial incident or significant crime event, in APA format.
    • Uses professional language with correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.


EDP University of Puerto Rico Conclusión Sobre El Aprendizaje Ensayo Health Medical Assignment Help

I’m working on a nursing exercise and need guidance to help me understand better.

Objetivo de la actividad

Con esta actividad se logrará resumir el aprendizaje en el curso de posología. Se logrará valorar la importancia del cálculo correcto de medicamentos en el individuo según las distintas etapas de crecimiento y desarrollo.


Documentar con un mínimo de 250 palabras lo aprendido en el curso de Posología. Esta aportación se realizará en línea. Indicar la importancia de lo aprendido para su labor como profesional de enfermería. Debe documentar su reacción a los escritos de dos compañeros del curso. Debe ser entregado a la fecha estipulada.


Debe documentarse en línea. El estudiante desarrollará el tema de lo aprendido en el curso e indicar cual es la importancia de lo aprendido para su carrera como profesional de enfermería. Debe tener un mínimo de 250 palabras. Debe reaccionar a los escritos de dos de sus compañeros. La reacción debe indicar por qué está en acuerdo o desacuerdo con lo escrito.

Valor de la actividad

20 puntos

Disponibilidad de la actividad

La participación en los foros es requerida y será calificada. Los foros no tienen reposición una vez terminada la semana para la que fueron establecidos, por lo tanto, usted debe participar activamente. Es vital que se mantengan monitoreando las publicaciones hasta el cierre de la actividad en la semana que corresponda. Los trabajos serán sometidos a la herramienta para detectar similitud de contenidos (ahora Urkund).

no copiar y pegar por favor


San Diego Miramar College Importance of Biodiversity Discussion Question Science Assignment Help

San Diego Miramar College Importance of Biodiversity Discussion Question Science Assignment Help

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