San Diego State University Australia Balance of Payments and Foreign Exchange Essay Economics Assignment Help

San Diego State University Australia Balance of Payments and Foreign Exchange Essay Economics Assignment Help. San Diego State University Australia Balance of Payments and Foreign Exchange Essay Economics Assignment Help.

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Select a country of your choice (other than Saudi Arabia) and observe the last balance of payments issued by that country. Does the country run a current account deficit or surplus? What are the driving factors for the deficit or surplus? What are the implications of the current account deficit or surplus for the overall economy? What actions may better the nation’s situation? Explain.


writing standards and APA style guidelines.

Be sure to support your statements with logic and argument, citing all sources referenced

Write 4 paragraph essays (Introduction, body and conclusion)


San Diego State University Australia Balance of Payments and Foreign Exchange Essay Economics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

SMC Why Having Face To Face Communication Is Vital For Our Health Questions Business Finance Assignment Help

Q1. Based on what you have learned in Chapter 10, what one action can you take to improve the benefit(s) you receive from close relationships? Provide an explanation.

Q2. Based upon action you have identified in Q1, what benefits might you expect should you master the action identified? What consequences might you expect if you do not engage in the action identified in Q1?


Your response should reflect a thoughtful reflection that is personal to you and also integrates the text concepts and vocabulary. A minimum of (1) one vocabulary word or more is required to support your response per question. Place vocabulary in bold. Word count minimum 150 words per question.


San Diego State University Valuation and Characteristics of Stocks Essay Business Finance Assignment Help

This week’s readings address valuing stocks, although the concepts of valuation apply to many aspects of the firm. Explain the differences between market price per share, and intrinsic value (a fundamental price), and factors that determine the fundamental price of a stock.

Then, select a publicly traded company in Saudi Arabia, calculate its fundamental price per share, compare the fundamental price per share with market price per share and decide if it is underpriced, overpriced, or fairly price. (Make sure your selected company is different than your classmates’). Explain why these concepts are important to business leaders in Saudi Arabia and Saudi Vision 2030.


writing standards and APA style guidelines.

Be sure to support your statements with logic and argument, citing all sources referenced

Write 4 paragraph essays (Introduction, body and conclusion)



University of The Cumberlands Reduction of False Alarm Cases Discussion Computer Science Assignment Help


Research what two cities in Illinois are doing to reduce the number of false alarms going to their emergency systems. Go to the Naperville, IL website at:… and to… to see how the city of Chicago handles false alarms.

Read the False Alarm section in Chapter 23 of your textbook, and address the following:

What would you recommend to these two cities to reduce the number of false alarms and improve their current false alarm reduction programs?

Required Resources

Textbook: Chapter 23

Submission Requirements:

Format: Microsoft Word

Font: Arial, 12-Point, Double-Space

Citation Style: Follow your school’s preferred style guide

Length: 2 pages

Citation Style: APA with at least 3 References


HUM 110 CC Humanity the Establishment of The Roman & China Empire Essay Humanities Assignment Help

Choose ONE of the following four topics to develop as an essay by comparing and contrasting the ONE topic using TWO examples from each of the TWO Chapters you have chosen (Chaps 5-8). (See chapter titles.) You will have ONE topic, TWO chapters, thus FOUR examples.
1. Chapter 5: “Golden Age Athens and the Hellenic World: The School of Hellas”
2. Chapter 6: “Rome: Urban Life and Imperial Majesty”
3. Chapter 7: “Emerging Empires in the East: Urban Life and Imperial Majesty in China and India”
4. Chapter 8: “The Flowering of Christianity: Faith and the Power of Belief in the Early First Millennium”
Topics: (1) art/ifacts; (2) architecture; (3) power/hierarchy; and (4) writing/literature.

Use the expository/argument form, starting with a predictive thesis statement, then giving body paragraphs which you fully develop with examples, and ending with a 1-2 sentence summary
I expect these papers to be 3 pages in length (typed, double-spaced, stapled), and written in the expository (argument)
style.The papers must have:
1. an Introduction paragraph ending in a predictive thesis statement;
2. body paragraphs (BPs) which begin with a topic sentence and then fully develop and follow the order of your predictive
thesis statement, giving a minimum of 4-6 textual examples per BP topic; and
3. a Conclusion paragraph
I will attach a sample of the thesis statement and should be one predictive sentence with strong claim and provides a structure for your argument
I will give access for a book in the chat



State University of New York of Optometry Politics of The Budgetary Process Discussion Economics Assignment Help

(In his seminal book, Politics of the Budgetary Process, political scientist Aaron Wildavsky criticized the call for “comprehensive rationality” in the budget process.  Wildavsky’s research demonstrated that, despite calls for building a budget from the “ground up,” the federal budget was created incrementally, with little change in the base and adjustments on the margin.  He argued that incremental budgeting is virtually unavoidable due to cognitive limitations and value conflict.  This in turn makes it difficult to address large and increasing deficits, and contributes to political conflict that delays timely passage of the federal budget.

discuss the tensions between budgetary rationality and incrementalism in a post of approximately 250 words. Explicitly referencing the instructional media and readings, describe the factors that inhibit rationality in the budgetary process. Is incrementalism in budgeting to be expected and/or desired? How can one promote more rational budgetary planning in the face of partisan conflict and institutional constraints? )

these two videos and link to get the answer for the discussion…

, respond to at least two student posts : just give me 2 sentences responding about the topic

State University of New York of Optometry Politics of The Budgetary Process Discussion Economics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

CSULA Public Financial Management Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

This discussion board asks you to engage a simulation on the federal budget, and then to reflect on the decisions you made–and what you learned from the exercise. The United States has operated on a deficit budget. As the assigned reading by the Congressional Budget Office states, the 2020 fiscal year budget was over $3 trilli0n, a massive increase over 2019 that is attributable in large part to federal spending in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Pandemic response aside, the federal budget has experienced increasing deficits over the past five years, and indeed has run at deficit for most of the past 40 years, suggesting the political difficulty of budgetary balance.

The Next Ten Federal Budget Challenge will give you a flavor of the fiscal impacts of different choices one might make in attempting to balance the federal budget. Note that the FY2020 simulation is based on estimates that were made prior to the pandemic, and so do not reflect the current gravity of the fiscal situation at the federal level.

After completing the course readings and instructional media, please complete the Federal Budget Challenge. In working to balance the budget, make a note of the choices that you made, as you will share and reflect on these in the discussion board.

The Federal Budget Challenge is available at the following link:

After you have completed the budget challenge, respond to the discussion board questions below.

please respond to the following questions in a post of approximately 250 words, making explicit reference to the Budget Challenge, and incorporating the reading material. By please comment on or respond to the posts of at least two other

  • Briefly describe your background and exposure to public financial management.
  • What choices did you make in the Federal Budget Challenge? In doing this exercise, what surprised you the most?
  • What do you hope to take away from this class?pleaase write half a page for the discussion , i can only view the other discussions after i post mine so i need to finish the discussion and then i will be able to post 2 more and i need 2 replies to their discusssion.


SDSU Ecology General Climatic Conditions Discussion Science Assignment Help

Please follow the rubric and the prompt carefully!!!!!

Climate change disproportionately affects communities of color; in the form of communities of color living near more polluted areas, poorer nations facing the brunt of the economic and ecological impact, etc. Racial inequality also means these communities that suffer the most adverse effects, also have the fewest resources to combat these issues. Now, more than ever, we need to work towards climate justice and an equitable future for everyone.

Prompt: Write a paper (two page minimum – double spaced, Times New Roman 12) on how Climate Change Disproportionately Affects BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) Communities. You should focus on finding papers that address this issue, summarize the key points, and also provide a personal reflection on the topic.
The list of references is not included in the page count.

Take Home 1 Rubric

Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeIntroductionIntroduction: clear introduction with an overview of the topic

3 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSummarySummary: key points of the papers, and how they relate to the topic

9 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeConclusionConclusion: personal reflection on the topic

8 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeReferencesReferences: 3 peer reviewed papers cited (minimum), with correct in-text formatting, and list of references at the end of paper

3 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeFormatFormat: Two pages (minimum), double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 size font

1 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeGrammarGrammar: Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling

1 pts

Total Points: 25


University of the Cumberland Methods for Using a Structured Query Dialect Response Computer Science Assignment Help

Need reply for the below discussion

SQL refers to a programming language that is usually utilized to converse with other merchants’ databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Oracle Server. Each database has its own SQL variations which are referred to as SQL dialects (Egea & Dania., 2019). The following are some of the values of creating a new variation using a SQL dialect; first, increasing the customer base. Dialects are usually made because each database merchant’s customer network needs abilities in the datasets before the ANSI council creates a material culture. However, the examination or scholarly networks provide another element due to the weights which come from the contending technologies. For example, many database sellers are expanding their current automatic activities with either VBScript or Java (Egea & Dania., 2019).

The second value is expanding convenience. A large number of these lingos consolidate planning abilities (for instance that can be controlled through IF), error dealing with capacities, factors, and control-of-stream abilities for example WHILE circles (Egea & Dania., 2019). Because Since “ANSI” had not at this point developed a standard for these huge features at the time customers began to demand them, RDBMS architects and merchants made their own requests and language structure. All things considered, likely the soonest merchants from the “1980s” have changed in the simplest requests, for instance, SELECT, because their executions start before the rules. ANSI is right now refining rules that address these anomalies (Egea & Dania., 2019).

The third value is expanding usefulness/ functionality: Some of these vernaculars’ familiar procedural requests with the value of a more complete programming language (Fotache & Strimbei., 2015). For example, these procedural executions contain bumble dealing with orders, control-of-stream language, prohibitive requests, variable-managing orders, maintenance for shows, and various developments. In spite of the way that these are really interesting procedural executions, they are called vernaculars here. The SQL/PSM outfits various features related to programming set aside systems and solidifies countless the developments offered by these dialects (Fotache & Strimbei., 2015).


  1. Transact SQL used by both Sybase Adaptive Server and Microsoft SQL Server.
  2. PL/SQL which was made by Oracle. It has many features that are similar to language Ada and PL/SQL is used to represent Procedural Language/SQL.


Egea, M., & Dania, C. (2019). SQL-PL 4 OCL: an automatic code generator from OCL to SQL procedural language. Software & Systems Modeling, 18(1), 769-791.

Fotache, M., & Strimbei, C. (2015). SQL and data analysis. Some implications for data analysits and higher education. Procedia Economics and Finance, 20, 243-251.


Indiana Institute of Technology a Rose for Emily Short Stories Reflection Humanities Assignment Help

Part 1: During the first half of the week (see the syllabus for the deadline), post on the discussion board:

  1. An insightful reflection about one of the short stories assigned for this week.
  2. It should run at least EIGHT SENTENCES in length.
  3. “Insightful” means interpretive, not just summary–all of us can read the story for ourselves and probably have by the time we read your comment.
  4. To interpret is to say what something means at a deeper level than is apparent on the surface.
  5. In this course, always make your writing an exercise in the analysis (taking apart) and interpretation (putting together again to draw deeper meaning out of the literature than is at first apparent).
  • John Cheever’s “The Country Husband” (479-496)
  • Flannery O’Conner’s “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” (299-310)
  • James Joyce’s “Araby” (503-507)
  • William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily” (391-397)


San Diego State University Australia Balance of Payments and Foreign Exchange Essay Economics Assignment Help

San Diego State University Australia Balance of Payments and Foreign Exchange Essay Economics Assignment Help

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