Sashi Problem set PM – I need a case study on the below topic Writing Assignment Help

Sashi Problem set PM – I need a case study on the below topic Writing Assignment Help. Sashi Problem set PM – I need a case study on the below topic Writing Assignment Help.

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Discussion Questions/Problem Set 5

1. Starting with the environment scorning model in Table 5-3, construct an objectives hierarchy that can be used to evaluate capital development and expansion projects being considered by an electric utility company.


2. Referring to Exercise 6.4, combine the two hierarchies into one so that there are no more than eight subobjectives at the bottom level. Define either a quantitative or a qualitative scale for each of these subobjectives, and construct a utility function for each. Use MAUT to evaluate and rank the three alternatives.

[The assignment should be at least 400 words minimum and in APA format (including Times New Roman with font size 12 and double spaced), and attached as a WORD file.]

Sashi Problem set PM – I need a case study on the below topic Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

PPT Presentation: Logistic Mngmt Disasters Business Finance Assignment Help

Review articles placed in Course documents related to EMAC and Stafford Act. Use this information along with the Content column to assist in preparing your presentation in Week 5.

This presentation should total 6-12 slides, and is an individual presentation. Find one key point of the information and expand upon it in your presentation.


PowerPoint Projects: PowerPoint projects are designed to allow you to showcase your grasp of factual knowledge, to demonstrate your ability to distill the essential concepts of a topic, and to go further by drawing conclusions and inferences about these topics. When you are finished with the course you will have a small arsenal of lectures at your disposal. Projects should be brief, to the point but complete.

Tips for a good PowerPoint presentation: There is an example/tutorial in how to create an effective PowerPoint presentation that can be found under the Course Documents tab in BB. This will be particularly useful to students who have not had experience with these presentations in the past, but may also help others refine their skills. You will be graded not only on the content but also the visual appeal and general effectiveness of your presentation in conveying the content.

Slides should have no more than 4-6 lines of text per slide, and 1-3 ideas per slide max. Text should be in bullet format, not paragraph/prose format. Information should be conveyed in a concise but comprehensible manner. Do not write too much, as this creates a crowded slide which is visually overwhelming. Your meaning will get lost in the slide and your audience will lose interest. Do not write too little as this makes it difficult to understand your intended meaning. You may receive a lower grade because it will not be clear that you understood the concepts. Use photos and diagrams thoughtfully to supplement and advance your presentations, not just as meaningless filler.

Each presentation should have a title slide, an objectives slide and one or more reference slides. The title slide should contain the title of your presentation, your full name, the date and DMM-640. The objectives slide should outline the main bullet points that your presentation will cover. These should be analogous to lessons you expect your intended target audience to learn from your presentations. Your target audience has a basic disaster management background equivalent to your own. You do not need to include background material such as the history of ICS in your presentation.

The number of slides will be assigned for each presentation. The student may go above that number by 2-3 slides, but may not go below the assigned number. The assigned number of slides does NOT INCLUDE the title, objectives or reference slides. It also will not include slides with pictures or diagrams unless those slides substantively advance the presentation. This means that if this were a live presentation you would spend at least one minute discussing that picture/diagram. If you use photos or other multimedia in your presentation and it is not your own work (i.e., you took it from the internet) you MUST reference it on the slide (as opposed to the references slide at the end.

Feedback and grades will be given as soon as possible after the due date and will be available to you under the grade center. If you have questions or would like to discuss the commentary further, feel free to contact the faculty member by email or phone (if possible please email to arrange a mutually convenient time for a phone conversation).


i need help to write a lab report Engineering Assignment Help

hello, i need help to write my mechanics of material lab report:

this lab is Tensile stress-strain behavior.

in the attachment you will find

1- copy of the lab manual experiment requirements, which would addresses what you should do throughout the lab report as well as measurements of the specimen.

2-the results of the experiment in the steel and aluminum.

3- example of old experiment, * word document: please follow the format as well as the stuff the he covered in that example. *excel: here where you would do the calculation to get the stress strain graph.

please keep in mind that the measurements of the specimen in (In)


GEB3422 Kingston-Bryce Scorecard Business Finance Assignment Help

My first submission did not meet requirements. I’ve attached the “sample” the grading instructor gave me to use as reference when she provided me feedback.

In your role as a Project Manager for Kingston-Bryce Limited you have been assigned to create a scorecard. Now that the acquisition is underway, the Board of Directors for Kingston-Bryce Limited (KBL) wants to be updated on a regular basis about the performance of the project. In order for this acquisition to be successful, you will need to use your project management skills to ensure success and that all stakeholders are updated on the performance of the project.


Your task is to develop a scorecard in Microsoft Word or Excel. The scorecard will be used to measure the performance of the project. Include the following in your scorecard:

  • Actual versus budget for the following (you will need to create these numbers):
    • Timelines
    • Project duration
    • Budget
    • Meeting frequency


Help part 3 of business capstone paper Business Finance Assignment Help

Hello guys. I am working on the writing capstone project for my MBA. I am currently on the 3rd part that I need help writing. I have attached the first two parts which are justification for the organization and the implementation plan for the organization project. In this third part you will need to write about the following prompt provided in the guidelines attached.

The total pages for this portion of the paper is 5 pages, single spaced, times new roman 12 inch font with 1 inch margins. This is for a capstone project so I need someone that writes well, is a native English speaker, and is an expert in the business field. If you are bidding on this question I am expecting that you meet these requirements. Bad grammar, bad writing that does not make sense or answer the questions required in the guidelines will not be paid. I will seek a refund so please ensure you can deliver.



Sustainable Finance: Compare and Contrast three funds of your choosing, and tell us which one you like and why. Reading supplements Business Finance Assignment Help


I will attach the “7 Tribes of Sustainable Investing” and the other reading supplements

Further to the assignment due Tuesday

○ Select three investors either from the optional text Evolutions in Sustainable Investing (the first ten chapters are now posted here, see Table of Contents also posted) or other investors of interest to you that you believe to be attempting to invest in a sustainable or impact focused manner. The posted Charles Schwab Socially Conscious List is one resource you can also use, you might also consider ImpactAssets 50 or this resource or use your own discretion.

○ Compare and contrast the three managers’ approaches, successes, challenges, etc. as described in the book or at their own websites or similar (seek out fund Factsheets on the funds you choose) – consider which of the “7 Tribes of Sustainable Investing” these managers utilize – write up 1 page max per fund

○ Then consider and describe which investor you find the most effective and why

3 pages max should suffice

Teacher clarification:

The exercise is simply to compare and contrast three funds of your choosing in your words, given perspectives like the 7 Tribes of Sustainable Investing we covered in class and per the related reading,

simply describe three funds of your choosing, and tell us which one you like and why

Sustainable Finance: Compare and Contrast three funds of your choosing, and tell us which one you like and why. Reading supplements Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

discussion and answering questions as well as responding to one classmate due in 2 hours!! Writing Assignment Help

follow the link to the article and answer questions below :

Be sure to quote and reference your source, including use time markers (timestamps). For example, quote the speaker and include the time the quote was said, like this: Mayer said “So it looked like a legitimate news story, which one would ordinarily think had been checked” (26:46)

  • What was wrong with the original reporting on the Al Franken story? What were some of the ways it could have been improved to be more accurate?
  • How did technology play a role in news reporting in this case?
  • How can the average citizen be sure their sources are reliable? Use what you’ve learned about libraries and the spectrum of information when you answer this question.
  • Why do we still need libraries? Share the link you found that was most interesting (with the actual URL/ link included, please) and what you learned about the role of libraries.

see rubric below and course info you need to help you answer the above questions.

be aware that this is due in about 1 and half hours from now !


The writing assignment is to draft your own  opinion which rules/ decides the appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court and hypothetical grant of certiorari of the 9th Circuit’s opinion in Martin v. City of Boise, 902 F.3d 1031 (9th Cir. 2018).  Writing Assignment Help

United States Supreme Court decisions are, not coincidentally, referred to as “opinions.” We all have opinions. If you are a member of the U.S. Supreme Court, your professional/ legal opinion matters a great deal. A goal of the first, and indeed each, writing assignment is to empower and engage you. The assignment begins with the proposition that you are to consider yourself an Associate United States Supreme Court Justice. (There are nine justices on the Supreme Court. One, presently John Roberts, serves as the “Chief Justice,” and the other eight are referred to as Associate Justices. Their individual votes vis-à-vis determining a majority ruling count the same; there is no extra weight given to the Chief Justice’s vote. One side gets five votes, that side wins/ prevails/ establishes the (un)constitutionality of the law. It’s exactly that simple/ complex).

The writing assignment is to draft your own opinion which rules/ decides the appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court and hypothetical grant of certiorari of the 9th Circuit’s opinion in Martin v. City of Boise, 902 F.3d 1031 (9th Cir. 2018). In other words, you be the judge. Did they (the 9th Circuit) get it right or wrong?

Develop, articulate, set out (three different ways of essentially asking the same thing) arguments for each side, then offer your own conclusion and explain why your answer (i.e, the city ordinance violates or does not violate the United States Constitution’s Eighth Amendment’s bar against Cruel and Unusual Punishment) is justified. If you agree with the 9th Circuit’s court ruling, note that you are affirming their judgment. If you dis-agree, note that you are reversing the 9th Circuit’s ruling. Either outcome is equally acceptable – your judgment and supporting basis/bases are what matters, and coincidentally it’s worth observing that historically the 9th Circuit’s opinions, when considered by the Supreme Court have an above average rate of reversal.

Issues/ points you may wish to consider: Should it matter why a person is homeless, as it involves enforcement of a criminal statute involving camping, sleeping, etc., in public? For instance, what if the person is homeless because they do not want to work? Should that person receive Eighth Amendment protection simply because insufficient alternative (shelter) bed-space is available?

Statistically, many homeless persons suffer from mental illness. Should the rights of a person so mentally ill that he/she cannot hold employment and thus may be homeless turn on the basis that some others may be homeless because of “choice”? Should it matter – as to constitutional protections involving punishment, whether the person is mentally ill, or may have has some genetic tendency toward addiction/ alcoholism? Does it represent an unconstitutional form of ‘piling on,’ re: punishment, to criminalize camping, sleeping in public, etc., when whatever the reason, the realities of homelessness are awfully bleak?

Or, perhaps consider an individual addict’s/ alcoholic’s personal agency? If the person is homeless because he/she is an addict/ alcoholic, does the person possess the right to continue to take drugs and/or drink alcohol, even if means he/she will likely prematurely die – provided his/ her actions do not harm others? Or, for instance, should “we” (collectively society) permit “punishment” by enabling the government to put homeless addicts/ alcoholics in jail “for their own good” – so they might get their proverbial head straight, through sobriety or – in the case of mental illness, compel obedient consumption of drugs prescribed to control/ manage some diagnostically recognized mental illness, if treatable? Regarding the concept of a ‘disease,’ cancer patients have a right to decline treatment and society does not put them into jail for their own good, waiting/ hoping/ expecting they come to their proverbial senses and make a rational decision to seek help, e.g., chemotherapy. (Or maybe the entire addiction issue, at least in the context of the City of Boise statute, is irrelevant because it separately and previously was decided it is constitutionally permissible to arrest persons for being drunk in public)

And/or, in the comparative balance of rights, do members of the public have the right to walk along public streets without the (arguable) blight of tents pitched on the sidewalk, with the accompanying realities and unpleasantness of public urination and defecation? If you work to pay rent or own property, are you entitled to some legal benefit over, for example, a homeless person who doesn’t (pay rent or own property) but decides to, for instance, sleep on the sidewalk outside your apartment or house?

And/or does it matter what the motivation of government is, to wit, whether the motivation behind a law permitting prosecution against camping in public is genuinely intended to “help” homeless people, whether it’s motivated by a desire that “those people should get a job, like the rest of us,” and/or whether it’s simply a matter of being able to police and keep public spaces clean and free of occupation by homeless people, and has nothing to due with the Eighth Amendment’s important and philosophically admirable protections?

The above questions are merely examples of perspectives you may choose to consider in drafting your opinion/ views. However, keep in mind a couple of touchstone issues, namely, (1) the question the 9th circuit panel faced: “(D)oes the Cruel and Unusual Punishments Clause of the Eighth Amendment preclude enforcement of a statute prohibiting sleeping outside against homeless individuals with no access to alternative shelter?, and (2) the panel’s holding (i.e., ruling): “We hold only that ‘so long as there is a greater number of homeless individuals in (a jurisdiction) than the number of available beds (in shelters)’ the jurisdiction cannot prosecute homeless individuals for ‘involuntarily sitting, lying, and sleeping in public.’”


Financial Statement Analysis Business Finance Assignment Help

Option #1: Financial Statement Analysis

As a financial statement analyst, select two organizations ( COKE AND PEPSI–see attached outline) in the same industry and analyze their financial statements over time. The financial analysis period must be, at a minimum, the three most recent years. Since you will be spending a considerable amount of time on the project, ensure that you pick organizations that interest you.

The Form 10-K reports, which the organizations filed with the SEC, may be the best place to learn about a particular industry, organization, and organizational strategy, and to obtain reported financial statements. The reports are accessible at . (Links to an external site.) An alternative means to obtain the report is by clicking on the SEC filings link on an organization’s website to obtain the latest Form 10-K filings. You can also find current stock valuation and other relevant stock information from financial portals such as Yahoo finance, Google finance, and Reuters.

Your Portfolio Project must include the following for the two organizations (see below for more detail):

  • Executive Summary
  • Ratio Calculation
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Projected financial statements including income statements, balance sheets, and statements of cash flows
  • Your opinion on the overall financial health of each company

The executive summary should include an explanation of the business itself, background information on each company, including product lines, geographical locations and the company’s position in the industry.

The Ratio Calculations should be done in a table in Excel and included with your submission. The following ratios should be included for each company and for 2 years:

  • Working Capital
  • Current Ratio
  • Total Debt to Total Equity Ratio
  • Times Interest Earned
  • RNOA
  • ROCE

The ratio analysis should include an explanation of the importance of each ratio, what the ratio tells you about each company, how the ratio changes from year to year, and which company appears better based on each ratio.

The Projected financial statements should be done in Excel and included with your submission. *You will need to make necessary adjustments for material non-recurring or unusual income or expenses as well as off-balance sheet assets or liabilities, among others as covered in the course. The adjustment will improve comparability and ensure accurate representation of the organization’s’ economic performance. Be sure to identify important assumptions regarding the companies, industry and business environment, and other important assumptions for estimates and forecasts, including their business strategies.

Your opinion of the overall financial health of the company should reflect everything you have learned throughout the course as to the analysis of financial reporting.

Your submission should include:

  • The financial statements from the companies you analyzed
  • The Excel Ratio Table Calculations
  • The Excel Projected Financial Statements
  • An 8-10 page paper covering the information listed above
  • Include the financial statements you analyzed and other information used as exhibits after the reference page.

Your project must be formatted according to CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.


Everything is there Humanities Assignment Help

Your task is to view a sports-related movie and write a brief review. Here are the steps to the assignment.

Step 1: You are to choose any movie you wish to write a report on or a movie from the list of sportsrelated movies below.

Step 2: Rent and watch the movie. Even if you have seen the movie before, you should rent it and watch it again. While viewing the movie, identify sport psychology themes that are depicted in the movie (aggression, parental involvement, goal setting, teamwork, etc.). You should probably take notes so you can remember what you saw so you can report on it later.

Step 3: Write a review of the movie. The review should be 2 to 4 double spaced pages with 1” margins, 12 font, and should contain the following sections:

Heading: Include the title, year, sport(s) depicted, and the sport psychology theme(s) you identified in the movie. Identify as many major themes as you can.

Plot outline:Give a brief description of the major characters and the storyline. Feel free to describe the ending, as you won’t ruin my watching of the movie by doing so. This section should be 1 or 2 paragraphs.

Theme(s): Discuss 1 or 2 of the themes identified in the heading. Discuss them in the context of the movie and in the context of what the field of sport psychology knows. This may require some reading in the text that we have not yet covered. You may also use other sources (research studies, magazine articles, etc.) to support your discussion. You can use quotes from the movie to illustrate points. Offer any suggestions for interventions, if appropriate, that are based on what you have learned so far.

Summary: A paragraph summarizing the movie and your discussion of the themes. End this with a rating of the movie from 1 (terrible) to 5 (great).