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Scavenger Hunt Humanities Assignment Help. Scavenger Hunt Humanities Assignment Help.

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Using the Internet, find the answers to the following questions. If you are asked to “find a picture” or “find a copy,” then include the actual picture in your answer space. You will need to draft responses in your own words and also include the URL that links to the source where you located your answer.

  1. Define Humanism. Include the prevailing ideas of the movement.
  2. What contemporary organization exists because of the Humanism movement?
  3. What was the religious affiliation of each of the Tudors?
  4. What is the Tudor Rose? Describe what it looks like, as well as what it represents. If you can find a picture, include it in your response.
  5. What famed HBO series fictionalized the monarchy in Renaissance England?
  6. Define the term renaissance. Why is this relevant to the prevailing ideas of the years 1500-1650?
  7. What significant technological advancement of the Renaissance made travel and trade easier? What name is most frequently associated with this development?
  8. Identify the popes that led the Catholic Church during the Protestant Reformation. Find and include pictures of each.
  9. Which Tudors supported the Reformation?
  10. Find a picture of the Globe Theater. When was it built? What happened to it between then and the mid-1600s?
  11. What is the “authorship debate” involving William Shakespeare? What other names are frequently mentioned as a part of this debate?
  12. Find a copy of Terrance Lindall’s Illuminated Scroll. Paste that image here and then explain its relevance to the unit we are going to study.

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Trauma stewardship – caring for self while caring for others reflection of compassion fatigue and response to trauma exposure. Writing Assignment Help

Resources that will help writing the paper.……

Final Paper – Trauma Stewardship

This paper is designed to help you think about the ways in which you are affected by your

exposure to trauma, and help you make a plan to implement “Trauma Stewardship.”

Remember: it takes courage to undertake this journey, and practice compassion at every step!

1. Mapping your Response to Trauma Exposure

a. Consider the 16 warning signs of a Trauma Exposure Response. Pick

2 warning signs that you have noticed in yourself, and 1

that you have noticed in working with others: supervisors, agencies, colleagues, at TCS, etc. Explain what you can relate to, and what you have seen. (do not give specific names of the other people/places).

b. Take this inventory:… (lesson 2 page 6)

Report your score, and describe your reaction to your score. Were you surprised?

How does this relate to your work as a therapist, and a graduate student?

c. Answer these questions:

How has trauma work changed you as a person?

How has it changed your perspectives of other people?

How has it changed your view of the world?

2. Creating Change from the inside out

Lipsky says “understanding where you are now may require that you look far into

your past.” Write about your journey getting to this point (pursuing a doctorate in

clinical psychology, and working with a population exposed to trauma). Consider

your personal history, family roles, past successes and challenges, etc. You can

use Lipsky’s experience as an example

3. Finding your Way to Trauma Stewardship

a. North: open the inquiry

i. Consider why you are doing what you’re doing and how this is working

for you…what did you hope to get out of doing this work? What are you

getting out of doing this work? How is it working for you? What is not

working for you?

b. East: choosing your focus

i. Think of a challenging work situation, write down three things that make

it challenging, and three things you appreciate about it. Look at your list

and ask yourself “where am I most likely to focus? “

ii. Plan B: ask yourself “ If I weren’t doing this work, what would I love to


iii. Generate a list of 5 things you can do over the next 8 weeks to get you

closer to realizing your plan B, and identify one person in your life who

you can ask to encourage you in that direction. Ask them to do this for


c. South: Building compassion and community


Questions about Accounting Information System Business Finance Assignment Help

1. Explain why it is often more economical to do payroll with an ASP than in house, Be specific.

2. A) List the three job titles of internal users that receive reports generated by the General Ledger and Reporting System. How is the format and content of these reports determined?

B) External users also receive reports generated by the General Ledger and Reporting System. List at least three different external users of these reports and give an example of a report other than a financial statement that would be prepared for each different external user. Each report type can only be used once. (in a table format)

3. Fully explain the importance of user involvement and acceptance during the SDLC. Explain how this can be achieved. Be specific and provide specific examples

4. Compare and contrast canned software and custom software in a table format. Be specific.

5. When designing an AIS, what must be considered regarding

a. outputs

b. inputs

6. In the 60 Minutes segment ” Sabotaging the System,” a variety of computer fraud and abuse issues were presented. For each of the following completely describe the issue and the lesson(s) learned from the issue.

A. Pentagon and USB drives

B. The Aurora Project

C. White Plastic

D. Firmware at Sandia National Laboratories


PMO Assessment and Monitoring Business Finance Assignment Help

A unique responsibility of the PMO is assessing and elevating enterprise project management ability (competency, capability, and maturity), which is a function of PMO project monitoring. Differentiate between PMO PM competency, capability, and maturity. For one of these PMO domains, itemize the steps need to perform the PMO assessment activities at a designated organization, which may be your workplace, an organization with which you are familiar, or an organization based on your research.

Required Reading :


Just a rough draft!! Write an essay, perhaps in the shape of a review for a magazine or newspaper, in which you consider this book’s considerable success and the demands it places on its readers. Writing Assignment Help


Coates’s “Between the World and Me” is written as a direct address between an African American father and his son—and not just a generic African American father and son, but, we learn as we read, a very specific pair defined by family, circumstance, place, and time.

Whatever your race or gender, where, as a reader, do you locate yourself in this exchange? Where do you find yourself most engaged? Where do you feel that you, too, are being addressed or invited to respond? As you reread, mark places where you feel, as a reader, an opening in this selection. What does it mean, or what does it take, to be a reader in the face of a text like this one?

Write an essay, perhaps in the shape of a review for a magazine or newspaper, in which you consider this book’s considerable success and the demands it places on its readers.


This assignment is about what the Coates selection asks of readers. You can find a ground to respond by locating those moments in the text where you find yourself engaged, addressed, invited to respond, and open to Coates’s arguments and examples.


When I imagine that your responses might take the form of a review for a magazine or newspaper, I imagine a way for you write to a large audience, one composed of people who might or might not have read the selection.

The danger here is that you could turn this review into a retelling of the selection without writing about the demands that the selection made on you. You will need to work closely from the moments in the text that you marked as engaging, or where you felt open to Coates and invited as readers to respond to him. It’s only from these moments that you’ll be able to build arguments about the demands that the selection places on readers.

Grading Criteria

  1. Does your project clearly and accurately summarize the complexity of Coates’s ideas?
  2. Do you go beyond simply summarizing and write about the demands the text places on readers, however you interpret that?
  3. Do you work with and identify places where you personally feel invited to respond? Where you feel most engaged?
  4. Does your project incorporate at least one quotation? Is the quotation set up accurately in a way that provides context and is it appropriately discussed after?
  5. Is your response free of most grammatical and mechanical errors, especially errors that might interfere with a reader’s understanding?



Argumentative Essay writing on Artificial Intelligence a threat or not; supporting AI a threat for the future of humanity. Humanities Assignment Help

this is the instruction for the essay.

the topic i chose for the essay is Artificial intelligence is a threat.

the thesis to this essay should have a clear thesis, clarifying the topic, your claim, and three main ideas that prove the argument

do not use Wikipedia as a source.

every other detail for the assignment is in the attached document.

In this unit, you have read, researched and discussed materials related to your chosen research topic. Your goal for the research project is to create a 4-5 page multi-paragraph research essay that argues one specific viewpoint on your topic. Your essay should include an additional works cited page and include documentation (in-text citations) from your five sources. After you receive feedback on your outline, you will develop the research essay and participate in a peer review before submitting your final draft.

Your essay needs to include a clear thesis and well developed key ideas with topic sentences and supporting ideas and examples all written in third person. The essay will also follow the conventional organization of the following three elements:

  1. Introduction: A good introduction needs to get your reader interested in your topic, provide relevant background information for that topic and, in a thesis statement, state the main points that support your claim (stance) about the topic. You may choose to have 1-3 introductory paragraphs depending on how much background information is needed for your audience (the reader). Your thesis should be the last sentence in the introduction. (Review the Loudoun Campus Writing Center information about Writing Interesting Introductions.)
  2. Body: In a standard 5 paragraph essay, you would typically have three support paragraphs that are developed from three main ideas in a thesis. But for a longer, extended research essay (such as this essay assignment), each main idea may need to be developed into more than one body paragraph. To do this, each body section needs to begin with a clear topic sentence that focuses the body section on a main idea of your argument. As you develop the sub points for a main idea, use transition words and phrases to tie your reader back to the topic sentence ideas and to move your reader from one sub point to the next, offering support and explanation between each sub point. When you use this method to develop a main idea, the sub points for a main idea often work well as separate paragraphs. You must also develop a separate counterargument paragraph.
  3. Conclusion: A good conclusion needs to summarize the argument (reiterate the thesis and summarize the body of the essay) and to explain new understanding.

Other points to consider

  • Thesis Statement: At the END of the introduction, you need to have a clear thesis statement.

Thesis Template: the topic + your claim (viewpoint) + 2-4 main ideas.

Example Thesis 1: Minimum wage should not be raised to $15 because it would increase unemployment rates and further increase the wealth gap amongst Americans.

Example Thesis 2: Child beauty pageants should be banned because they distort a child’s self-image, put a child’s health at risk, and ruin a child’s formative years.

  • Language: The goal in argument is to persuade a reader to accept your side. As such, when you write I believe… I think… I feel and other such subjective, first-person comments, you are not trying to think about your READER; instead, you are offering your opinion. For this reason, it is best to remove first person comments and state your thesis as a blunt, arguable statement (written in third person). Ultimately, you want to convince your reader to accept your argument.
  • ****************************************************
  • below there is an attachment for the outline of the essay. All the requirements on the essay must be met.

Argumentative Essay writing on Artificial Intelligence a threat or not; supporting AI a threat for the future of humanity. Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Peer reviewed article 1-2page summary Humanities Assignment Help

Throughout this class this term we have discussed the inherent bias that can and does occur in researching adolescent development. For this assignment, please complete the following steps:

  • Select a peer reviewed research article specific to adolescence from Psychinfo. You may choose an article you included in your paper as long as you have pulled it from Psychinfo.
  • Complete a 1-2-paged, double-spaced summary. Must include reference of article and hard copy of article attached to assignment.
  • You must identify what assignment this is replacing. Must be identified next to your name.

Summary guidelines:

  • Background and purpose of article, including theories to be tested.
  • Experimental procedures used.
  • Summary of research results.
  • Author’s conclusions.
  • Interpretation of the results and a statement addressing whether or not this research is focusing on negative aspects of adolescence (i.e., high risk behavior, drug use, etc.) or positive aspects of adolescence (i.e., creativity, cognitive advances, identity development, love, etc.) and how might the study be improved in future research.


Presentation Business Finance Assignment Help

Design your own start-ups, or to interview one of the local business at Troy. As we go through the chapters, you are required to complete the following component in your group presentation.

  • Brief description of your organization (e.g., what product/service does it provide)
  • External environment analysis (Chapter 2)
    1. Elaborate each player in the task environment
    2. Highlight the dimensions of general environment that are more relevant to your organization (e.g., how the sociocultural environment impacts your organization’s performance)
  • Internal environment analysis (Chapter 2)
    1. Which of the four organizational cultures described in the textbook fits your organization best, explain
    2. What management practices would you adopt to maintain such culture?
  • SWOT Analysis (Chapter 5)
    1. List the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats of your organization
    2. Be specific, provide sources of strengths, weaknesses etc.
  • Porters’ Five-Force Analysis (Chapter 5)
    1. Drawing on Porter’s model, examine the attractiveness of industry your organization is competing in, from threats of new entrants, bargaining power of buyers, bargaining power of suppliers, threats of substitutes as well as competition rivalry.
    2. After thoroughly examined the five dimensions, you and your group members will give a rating for each of the five dimensions, whether it is low, moderate, or high.
  • Design an Organizational Structure (Chapter 7)
    1. Work specialization high or low in your organization?
    2. Span of control? Tall structure or flat structure?
    3. Centralization or decentralization?
    4. Choose departmentalization that fits best to your organization

You only need to do the last part:

  • Design an Organizational Structure (Chapter 7)
    1. Work specialization high or low in your organization?
    2. Span of control? Tall structure or flat structure?
    3. Centralization or decentralization?
    4. Choose departmentalization that fits best to your organization

I will give you PPT later. And you must have this textbook below.


Learning Activities ( Discussion) Writing Assignment Help

Learning Activity #1

Driving on the Internet Express

In an interesting video embedded here, the presenter, A.C. Markkula, Jr., a co-founder of Apple, takes the position that access to the internet is a privilege and not a right. To curb some of the abuses and harmful effects Markkula suggests (perhaps tongue in cheek or perhaps seriously?) a drivers’ license approach to the internet. In essence to obtain and maintain your ability to use the internet you would have to go through a process similar to obtaining and retaining your drivers’ license. What do you think of Markkula’s idea and why in your opinion would this work or not work? What are some of the ethical implications of such an approach?

Learning Activity #2

Dewey’s Prescription for Success

Dewey Cheatham is the new Vice President of Marketing for a large online search engine company, Pottstown Innovative Enterprises (AKA, PIE). Dewey has been doing some research into how he can increase the Company’s revenues and thereby really impress the Company brass. During his research he came across an article about Brazilian pharmacies looking for an advertising vehicle to tap into the U.S. consumer market. Further research reveals that this could be a billion dollar venture and if PIE plays its cards right, it could make a substantial amount of money given its extensive advertising network. Dewey is super ecstatic about the possibilities and is salivating over what this could mean for his career with PIE.

Before Dewey pulls the trigger on this, he decides to consult with his legal department. The legal department tells Dewey the following:

1.The shipment of prescription drugs from pharmacies outside the United States to customers in the United States may violate the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and in the case of controlled prescription drugs, the Controlled Substances Act.

2.The FDA cannot ensure the safety and effectiveness of foreign prescription drugs that are not FDA-approved.

3. Imported drugs typically do not meet FDA’s labeling requirements and may not have been manufactured, stored and distributed under proper conditions; and may not have been dispensed in accordance with a valid prescription.

4.The government has historically been very lax in enforcing the laws in this area and legally there are a few gray areas; therefore, the risk of any prosecution may not be significant.

After the consultation with Legal, Dewey is confused as to what his decision should be. If you were advising Dewey on the ethical implications presented by this case, what would you say to him? Specifically, what ethical problems and issues do you see?


volcanoes virtual Science Assignment Help

To prepare for this discussion, please visit the Sunset Crater Volcano lava flow presented in Volcanoes Online.

After visiting and taking notes on the volcano, discuss with your classmates why certain volcanic features may be present while others are absent. What interests you about these features? Explain.

Please make your initial post by midweek, and respond to at least one other student’s post by the end of the week. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.

Pay special attention to why certain volcanic features may be present while others are absent. Take notes to share with classmates in this week’s discussion.


Scavenger Hunt Humanities Assignment Help

Scavenger Hunt Humanities Assignment Help

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