School Administration Policy Annotated Bibliography Writing Assignment Help

School Administration Policy Annotated Bibliography Writing Assignment Help. School Administration Policy Annotated Bibliography Writing Assignment Help.

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For this assignment follow the instructions please no plagerism no copy and paste original work . There are 2 parts to this assignment

This is a two-part assignment:

Part 1: Locate five peer-reviewed articles published within the past 5 years related to school administration policy to explore for your dissertation research. Do not include book chapters, books, editorials, white papers, trade magazine articles, or non-peer-reviewed sources. Then, complete the following for each source in the form of an annotated bibliography:

  1. Begin each annotation with an APA formatted reference.
  2. Then, annotate the source with a block paragraph. The annotation should be double spaced, 250 words, including a brief synopsis of the article, the problem, the purpose, a description of the methodology, the findings, the recommendations for future research, and any particular strengths or weaknesses of the article.

Part 2: After reviewing each annotation, describe the topic you wish to explore for your dissertation research. This topic should logically flow from the gaps in the literature noted in your annotations.

Total Length: 7 pages, not including title and reference pages

Your assignment should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.

School Administration Policy Annotated Bibliography Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Auditing Inventory, Warehousing, and Payroll Accounts Business Finance Assignment Help

Assignment Content

  1. Consider and discuss the specific risks and nature of the company you will be auditing and create comprehensive work programs for the Inventory, Warehousing, and Payroll accounts and cycles.
    Submit a 700- to 1,050-word document that includes the following:

    • Audit steps for tests of controls, balances, transactions, analytical procedures, etc. as well as other considerations such as sample size and sample methodology.
    • A brief summary page should be included in this document, 525 to 700 words, for each of the work programs. Include in this summary specific financial information gleaned from the current Form 10-K used to perform an analysis of work program steps. For example, if the team noted significant swings in the Inventory balance year-over-year, identify these swings and how you address them in your work program (this is in essence an audit procedure – analytical review).


Need help with a film essay. Humanities Assignment Help

Chapters we are studying right now are Ch 13: Free Speech at Risk, Ch 12: State Capitalism, Ch 9 Booming Africa, and Ch 13: Free Speech at Risk.

Instructions: Watch Ai WeiWei: Never Sorry about free speech in China.

You are to demonstrate in writing how you have thought critically about narratives or images seen in a film from a global geography/social sciences context. Each essay must have 3 typed pages (double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, with 1”margins on all sides) summarizing new facts gained along with a thought-provoking critique of the film. Essays must include a total word count noted at the end (750 words minimum).

Attached below is a sample essay provided by our professor.


Personality Development Unit 6 discussion Board Humanities Assignment Help

Evolutionary Approach

1. Discuss your understanding of the theory of evolution. Explain how the concept of natural selection might be applied to the development of personality. Explain one emotional response or social behaviors that might be derived from natural selection.

Genetic/biological Approach

2. Develop a treatment plan for a client with ADHD using the genetic and biological theories of personality development.

3. Explain how Eysenck’s approach compares with the other theories related to genetic and biological aspects of personality development. What are the benefits of each of these theories?


Web Resources

Serendip. (n.d.) Brain and Behavior. Retrieved from

Wisconsin Twin Research. Retrieved from

Great Ideas in Personality. (1998, May). Evolutionary Psychology. Retrieved from

Understanding Behavioral Individuality. Retrieved from


Bmedinago. (2007, May 25). Neurons: How they work. [Video file]. Retrieved from


Attachment in Infants


Adult Attachment


College Composition Unit 6 Assignment Business Finance Assignment Help

Expressing Your Ideas for an Academic Audience and Plan for Additional Research

Apply what you have learned about formal language and academic writing to write your own 2- 2 ½ pages draft of an essay that analyzes a relevant change in your field of study. Your paper must analyze either what caused this relevant change or analyze what effect this change has had. It will also create a research plan for further revision, research, and development.

This Unit 6 Assignment essay draft will then be revised to include source information and become your Unit 8 Assignment.

To identify a relevant change in your field of study, consider the following options:

  1. Brainstorm a list of changes in your field of which you are already aware
  2. Talk to others, including friends, family members, classmates, and professors
  3. Do a quick Google search to create a list of changes in the field
  4. Identify topic ideas by reading an article from this list of articles

For a more detailed description of each option, consult this document.

As you identify a change to discuss, be careful with your choice of topic to ensure that you are actually writing about a specific change. Diabetes itself, for example, is not a change. The skyrocketing number of children with diabetes in the last decade is a change. Technology is too broad a topic that includes countless changes and would not work for this Assignment; however, limiting the issue of technology to a specific technological change, like the increased use of cloud computing, will work for this Assignment. Be sure also that the change has occurred and that it is not a change you would like to see happen.

To help you succeed on this Assignment, you will post your prewriting work about the topic that you choose for your essay to the Unit 5 Discussion Board.

You will then use feedback you received on your topic idea to make necessary revisions and then post a rough draft of your essay to the Unit 6 Discussion Board. The feedback you receive on your rough draft will then help you to revise your draft for submission as the Unit 6 Assignment.

You must also include an additional 1 paragraph research plan paragraph at the end of your paper as part of the Unit 6 Assignment. This plan identifies what you specifically think you need to do in Units 7–8 to research your topic, support your ideas, and strengthen your draft.

Be sure your Unit 6 Assignment meets the following requirements:

  • Includes 4–5 fully developed paragraphs
  • Focuses on one specific, relevant change that has already occurred
  • Analyzes either cause or effect and does not take a position or make a recommendation
  • Develops the main point through your own thoughts and observations, not through research
  • Includes an additional research plan
  • Applies APA 6th Edition format
  • Avoids the use of outside sources at this point. However, if you use any source in any way in this draft, you must cite the source both in a references page and in text, whether you are quoting or paraphrasing

Utilize the following 5-minute video from the Writing Center to format the title page of your paper:

APA Formatting Video

Find out how your instructor will grade your Unit 6 Assignment by reviewing the rubric.

Review a sample student Assignment.



Research Proposal Revision Writing Assignment Help

In this document, in 300 words you should propose what you will be arguing in your paper. Introduce your argument by situating it in a specific historical context; present a thesis statement; and suggest the theoretical framework you will be using (Theoretical framework: mention the kind of theories and/or theorists you will be drawing upon to build your argument). A sample sentence would be: “In examining this issue, I will be using Edward Said’s theory of Orientalism, and argue how …[and you can make your claim]”

Haoyu, you use a good theoretical framework, but the focus of your analysis is not territorially situated within Asia. Either you need to make an argument as to how Iraq can be located within an Asian American debate, or you need to concentrate on a topic that relates to an “Asian/Asian American” space.

Research Proposal Revision Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

application security Writing Assignment Help

Locate a peer-reviewed article related to application security from the UC virtual library. Summarize the main points of the article and explain how what you have learned could be applied to an organization you work for or an organization you have deep knowledge of. Use specific examples to highlight your main points were possible. Include a link to the article in your paper.


Provide the link of the peer-reviewed aritcle.

Provide a 500 word (or 2 pages double spaced) minimum summary.

Use of proper APA formatting and citations. If supporting evidence from outside resources is used those must be properly cited.


Quantitative Methods Health Medical Assignment Help

Theoretical Topic: Parental-Decision on vaccinating or non-vaccinating their child

Complete the following steps:

  1. Using the Doctoral Library, locate 4 peer-reviewed (journal-length) sources that report empirical studies associated with your selected theoretical topic (from Phase 2 Task 1).
  2. Download the articles.
  3. Prepare descriptions for each that indicate the value of the study in understanding your own dissertation research ideas.

In 3–6 pages, address the following:

  • Title indicating the selected theoretical topic
  • Complete reference of each source in APA format
  • Study author’s abstract (copy and paste directly from the source into your paper).
  • Your description regarding the value of this empirical study for your own dissertation research process

(Below are the jounral – length sources to choose from that you will have to show how it assists in understanding my topic which is: Parental-Decision on vaccinating or non-vaccinating their child)

  • Disaster Management: Lettieri, E., Masella, C., & Radaelli, G. (2009). Disaster management: Findings from a systematic review. Disaster Prevention and Management, 18(2), 117–136. doi: 10.1108/09653560910953207. ABI/INFORM Collection
  • Adult Learning: Roessger, K. M. (2012). Toward an interdisciplinary perspective: A review of adult learning frameworks and theoretical models of motor learning. Adult Education Quarterly, 62(4), 371–392. doi: 10.1177/0741713612436598. Academic Search Complete
  • Commitment: Sleesman, D. J., Conlon, D. E., McNamara, G., & Miles, J. E. (2012). Cleaning up the big muddy: A meta-analytic review of the determinants of escalation of commitment. Academy of Management Journal, 55(3), 541–562. Business Source Complete
  • Diversity: Stahl, G. K., Maznevski, M. L., Voigt, A., & Jonsen, K. (2010). Unraveling the effects of cultural diversity in teams: A meta-analysis of research on multicultural work groups Journal of International Business Studies, 4(41), 690–709. ABI/INFORM Collection
  • Manager Integrity: Davis, A. L., & Rothstein, H. R. (2006). The effects of the perceived behavioral integrity of managers on employee attitudes: A meta-analysis. Journal of Business Ethics, 67, 407–419. Business Source Complete
  • Power and Influence: Elias, S. (2008). Fifty years of influence in the workplace: The evolution of the French and Raven power taxonomy. Journal of Management History, 14(3), 267–283. Emerald Management
  • Virtual Teams: Martins, L. L., Gilson, L. L., & Maynard, M. T. (2004). Virtual teams: What do we know and where do we go from here? Journal of Management, 30(6), 805–835. SAGE Journals (do not include the question mark when searching for this title in Sage)
  • Information Systems: Weigel, F. K., Hazen, B. T., Cegielski, C. G., & Hall, D. J. (2014). Diffusion of innovations and the theory of planned behavior in information systems research: A metaanalysis. Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 34, 619–636. Retrieved from
  • Interpersonal Trust: Lewicki, R. J., Tomlinson, E. C., & Gillespie, N. (2006). Models of interpersonal trust development: Theoretical approaches, empirical evidence, and future directions. Journal of Management, 32(6), 991–1022. SAGE Journals
  • Market Orientation/Market “Driving”: Hills, S., & Sarin, S. (2003). From market driven to market driving: An alternate paradigm for marketing in high technology industries. Journal of Marketing Theory & Practice, 11(3), 13–24. Business Source Complete
  • Network: Nah, S. (2014). A theoretical and analytical framework toward networked communities. Journal of the European Institute for Communication and Culture, 17(1), 23-36. doi: 10.1080/13183222.2010.11009024. Academic Source Complete
  • Organizational Change: Armenakis, A. A., & Harris, S. G. (2009). Reflections: Our journey in organizational change research and practice. Journal of Change Management, 9(2), 127–142. Business Source Complete
  • Organizational Consciousness: Pees, R. C., & Shoop, G. H. (2009). Organizational consciousness. Journal of Health Organization and Management, 23(5), 505–521. Emerald Management
  • Organizational Culture: Büschgens, T., Bausch, A., & Balkin, D. B. (2013). Organizational culture and innovation: A meta-analytic review. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 30(4), 763–781. doi: 10.1111/jpim.12021. Business Source Complete
  • Organizational Justice/Fairness: Colquitt, J. A., Conlon, D. E., Wesson, M. J., Porter, C. O. L. H., & Ng, K. Y. (2001). Justice at the millennium: A meta-analytic review of 25 years of organizational justice research. Journal of Applied Psychology, 86, 425–445. Business Source Complete
  • Organizational Knowledge Leadership: Lakshman, C. (2007). Organizational knowledge leadership: a grounded theory approach. Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 28(1), 51–75. Emerald Management
  • Terror Management: Pyszczynski, T. (2004). What are we so afraid of? A terror management theory perspective on the politics of fear. Social Research, 71(4) 827–848. Biography in Context (remove the question mark and put quote marks around the title when searching).


Medical Office Management II H02V Health Medical Assignment Help


Question 1 (2.5 points)

The amount of time it takes to get a patient’s laboratory results back and into the patient’s record is known as

Question 1 options:

Question 2 (2.5 points)

Which one of the following choices is the smallest known infectious organism?

Question 2 options:

Question 3 (2.5 points)

Which of the following would be an ideal location for a capillary puncture?

Question 3 options:

Question 4 (2.5 points)

a(n) _______ laboratory, a physician may receive the results faster,
but it may require the physician’s office to have more employees.

Question 4 options:

Question 5 (2.5 points)

In general, what is the minimum amount of urine a patient should provide for testing?

Question 5 options:

Question 6 (2.5 points)

Renal dysfunction, preeclampsia, CHF, and glomerulonephritis all have what symptom in common?

Question 6 options:

Question 7 (2.5 points)

A decrease in the amount of urine production is known as

Question 7 options:

Question 8 (2.5 points)

Blood in the urine may indicate which of the following conditions?

Question 8 options:

Question 9 (2.5 points)

Which one of the following choices is formed in bone marrow and contain hemoglobin?

Question 9 options:

Question 10 (2.5 points)

Which one of the following choices was created in 1970 to help keep U.S. workers safe?

Question 10 options:

Question 11 (2.5 points)

When testing a urine sample, which one of the following factors could indicate uncontrolled diabetes?

Question 11 options:

Question 12 (2.5 points)

Which of the following is the most commonly used site for venipuncture?

Question 12 options:

Question 13 (2.5 points)

Which one of the following choices appears as gram-positive, grapelike clusters?

Question 13 options:

Question 14 (2.5 points)

Which one of the following choices enforces CDC regulations for laboratories?

Question 14 options:

Question 15 (2.5 points)

Which one of the following choices is one of the most frequently requested specimens in the POL?

Question 15 options:

Question 16 (2.5 points)

In general, what is a medical assistant’s role in hematology?

Question 16 options:

Question 17 (2.5 points)

Which one of the following choices is a major cause of food-borne illnesses?

Question 17 options:

Question 18 (2.5 points)

Which of the following mandates that all labs testing human specimens be regulated?

Question 18 options:

Question 19 (2.5 points)

The butterfly is the most expensive form of

Question 19 options:

Question 20 (2.5 points)

Which one of the following choices would be used for tuberculosis?

Question 20 options:

Question 21 (2.5 points)

Organs like the lungs are softer and allow greater penetration of X-rays. This characteristic is called

Question 21 options:

Question 22 (2.5 points)

patient calls the office. She’s having a radiological procedure
tomorrow and is told she must adhere to an all-liquid diet prior to the
exam. She wants to know which one of the following choices she can
consume. What do you tell her?

Question 22 options:

Question 23 (2.5 points)

patient believes he has torn a knee ligament. Which one of the
following choices might the physician use to help diagnose the issue?

Question 23 options:

Question 24 (2.5 points)

On an ECG reading, when QRS complexes occur without P waves, it may indicate which one of the following choices?

Question 24 options:

Question 25 (2.5 points)

On an ECG, normal cycles and a heart rate less than 60 bpm indicates which one of the following conditions?

Question 25 options:

Question 26 (2.5 points)

physician wants to determine if a patient has had an aortic aneurysm.
Which one of the following choices might the physician use?

Question 26 options:

Question 27 (2.5 points)

A patient has a pacemaker that spikes on the QRS wave. What does this tell you?

Question 27 options:

Question 28 (2.5 points)

On an ECG, which one of the following choices appears as broad and deep Q waves?

Question 28 options:

Question 29 (2.5 points)

Which one of the following conditions can cause death in as little as four minutes?

Question 29 options:

Question 30 (2.5 points)

Which one of the following choices should you instruct patients to do before an ECG?

Question 30 options:

Question 31 (2.5 points)

Which one of the following choices can be used to destroy body cells?

Question 31 options:

Question 32 (2.5 points)

A physician has ordered a “DXA” for a patient. The medical assistant tells the patient that the designation refers to a

Question 32 options:

Question 33 (2.5 points)

Which one of the following choices is a common arrhythmia that’s seen in young people with a normal heart?

Question 33 options:

Question 34 (2.5 points)

On an ECG reading, a pattern that looks like teeth on a saw indicates which one of the following conditions?

Question 34 options:

Question 35 (2.5 points)

On an ECG, waves that are rounded and irregular with uncoordinated contractions indicates which one of the following conditions?

Question 35 options:

Question 36 (2.5 points)

Which one of the following tests would be used to detect gallstones?

Question 36 options:

Question 37 (2.5 points)

patient has multiple radiographic procedures scheduled for the same
day. Which one of the following exams should be scheduled last?

Question 37 options:

Question 38 (2.5 points)

A patient has a spinal cord irregularity. Which one of the following diagnostic imaging procedures might be scheduled?

Question 38 options:

Question 39 (2.5 points)

Which one of the following choices helps convert an opaque area so that it can be better seen on an X-ray?

Question 39 options:

Question 40 (2.5 points)

What purpose does a dosimeter serve?

Question 40 options:

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Final Project Writing Assignment Help

Please read each instruction carefully. Please include all parts in one document.

This final project aims to put together all of the elements of this course and is divided into three sections. Please include all parts in one document.

  • 1) Please write a three page double-spaced review that chronicles your reaction to watching the videos and listening to the recording of Hamilton. Please make sure to examine within your critique the collaborative success of designers, director and actors. Please also defend or deny that this musical is a milestone in musical theatre history based on your understanding of the term “milestone” in the first section. (Use your experience with critiquing “West Side Story” and the live musical theatre production to help you on this part.)
  • 2) Choose ONE of your adaptation pieces from either the movie inspiration or the musical from a unique source. Then please create a mood board of images for your chosen project, as well as the premise and support for your images. (Use your experience working on Phantom orLes Mis to help with this part.)
  • 3) When you have completed part 2 of this project: Write a short scene and song from your original musical (the one you used to create your mood board and premise for in the final project). The scene and song must have at least two characters. (Use your experience on the Scene and Song Project to help you with this.)

Rubric is also provided.


School Administration Policy Annotated Bibliography Writing Assignment Help

School Administration Policy Annotated Bibliography Writing Assignment Help

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