scope statement and wbs structure Computer Science Assignment Help

scope statement and wbs structure Computer Science Assignment Help. scope statement and wbs structure Computer Science Assignment Help.

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Instructions: Continuing to use the Week 2 Business Case project the exercise this week will require you to complete a scope statement similar to the Exhibit 7.4 on page 219 of the textbook.

Copy and paste the Business Case you completed on Week 2 into the section below.

Draft a one or two sentence scope description for this project.

Provide six (6) key deliverables that are required to consider the project to have been completed successfully. Then state what the Acceptance Criteria entails to consider these Key Deliverables completed.

The final step will to be to define and identify Exclusions, Constraints and Assumptions. First, briefly define what these concepts are and then identify these within the scope of your project.

Business Case (copy and paste):

Business Case

City: American City

News source (APA reference): Genter, JT. (2019, August 21). American Airlines Confirms Improvements to Project Oasis Retrofits But only in First Class. Retrieved on 10th May 2020 from:

Web address:

Elevator Pitch : First class passengers are discretionary spenders from whom we get high revenue per customer. Under ‘Project Oasis’ we need to address the complaints of our first class passengers by adding amenities, some of which are already available for the economy class, such as tablet holders, USB ports, and an extra drink holder, and improve the under-seat stowage. These modifications would allow us to mitigate the negative perception created due to economic measures taken under the project and make our planes more attractive to first class passengers while at the same time helping us save costs and increasing revenue.

Review this link for scope statement

scope statement and wbs structure Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Skill based resume Humanities Assignment Help

I need someone expert in technical writing and expert in skill based resume to do for me a skill baed resume

While most of us are familiar with resumes, as a genre, we normally only see them in one form, where qualifications are organized around specific positions (usually called chronological). For this class, you will create a different type of resume, called a skills-based resume, where your qualifications are organized around what you identify as your major skills.

Your resume should:

  • Display relevant education, work, and volunteer experience;
  • Be organized according to major skills not positions, with appropriate descriptions under each skill/strength;
  • Feature detailed, quantified/qualified descriptions that reference where/how they were gained;
  • Utilize active, vibrant, and precise language;
  • Be easy to peruse, with good design choices that create a cohesive document; and
  • Have zero obvious typos or errors.


Experience plus portfolio Writing Assignment Help

HSCO 508 Portfolio for Studies in Interpersonal Communication.

Measurable Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate familiarity with the various aspects of the interpersonal communication process.
  2. Critically evaluate self-assessments and examine the impact of personal strengths and weaknesses on interpersonal communication in a variety of contexts.
  3. Apply active and empathic listening to engage in authentic conversations.
  4. Identify appropriate and effective communication skills for developing and maintaining healthy, healing, and helping relationships in both personal and professional arenas.

Steps to complete this process:

Please read every essay question carefully before answering to make sure you have acquired the necessary experience/knowledge/skills needed to meet the stated learning outcome.

Pay particular attention to how you attained knowledge, reflected on this knowledge acquisition, and then applied this knowledge to help address new challenges.

You must provide examples and relevant documentation (certificates of completion, letters of recommendation, training records, etc.) to support your accumulation, reflection and application of this knowledge.

All answers should be presented as an original work of the student and represent college-level writing. All essay answers will be run through Safe Assign to check for plagiarism.

In order for you to receive approval for credit, each essay question should be answered in its entirety. In order to increase your chances of approval, please be thorough in your answers.

Each question contains an opportunity to attach one supporting document, but the last question gives you opportunity to attach additional documents at once.

Please Label each response and provide relevant reference under each response. I do not need a full reference page. Provide in-text citation, APA style (peer review journal article dated within 5 years) to support each essay response. Please incorporate my work experiences as listed on resume and my trainings in each response. Refer to the grading rubic that is attached to verify that all requirements are met at the MASTERY level.

Portfolio for Studies in Interpersonal Communication

An interactive learning experience designed to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of self and the “listening-to-understanding” skills which facilitate improved interpersonal communications in establishing and maintaining relationships with God and others.

One of the goals of formalized training is to provide students with information and training and to have them apply this learning both inside and outside the traditional classroom environment. Through your life experience, you have essentially completed the same process, but in reverse. Keep this in mind as you answer the following question for each learning outcome.

  1. Critically evaluate self-assessments and examine the impact of personal strengths and weaknesses on interpersonal communication in a variety of contexts.
  2. Demonstrate familiarity with the various aspects of the interpersonal communication process.
  3. Apply active and empathic listening to engage in authentic conversations.
  4. Identify appropriate and effective communication skills for developing and maintaining healthy, healing, and helping relationships in both personal and professional arenas.


both question 1 and question 2 are in separate docs APA format please add resources follow instructions Engineering Assignment Help

1)Prior to reading this DQ, please read the CLA1 assignment and understand what the assignment is asking you to complete. Once you have an understanding of the CLA1 assignment, please continue to the paragraph below to complete DQ1.

Using the Library Information Resource Network (LIRN), JSTOR, or any other electronic journal database, research eight (8) peer-reviewed articles that can be used to answer your upcoming CLA1 assignment. Your discussion should summarize the articles in such a way that it can justify any arguments you may present in your CLA1 assignment and should be different from the abstract. In addition to your researched peer-reviewed article, you must include an example of the article researched as it is applied by industry (company, business entity, and so forth).

Please note: This article summary should not be the only article researched for your CLA1 assignment. You may (and should) have several other articles researched to fully answer your CLA1 assignment. The concept of this DQ is to allow students to be proactive in the research necessary to complete this assignment. You may use your article summary, partially or in its entirety in your CLA1 assignment.

Important: Please ensure that your reference for the article is in correct APA format, as your reference in your discussion post. Depending on which electronic database you use, you should see a “Cite” selection for your article. In addition, there should be a variety of articles summarized and as such, students should have different articles summarized. Your summary MUST include ALL of the following in your DQ post (include every item in the bullet list below, or you will not receive full credit):

Do these in order:

  • In correct APA format, write the Reference of the article.
  • Clearly state what the article is about and its purpose.
  • Describe how you will use it in your upcoming assignment.
  • Repeat for a total of eight (8) peer-reviewed sources.

2)CLA 1 Comprehensive Learning Assessment – CLO 1, CLO 2, CLO 3

This CLA1 requires that you define what are the systems of resistance, and provide some understanding by answering the following questions:

  1. What symptoms of resistance to change have you experienced? Have you experienced both active and passive forms? Have you experienced them as a resistor yourself (as a recipient of change)? Have you experienced them as someone responsible for the management of change (as an initiator of change)?
  1. Which of the various reasons for resisting change do you believe to be the most common? What are your “top three” in this regard?
  1. Which of the various reasons for resisting change do you believe to be the most difficult to deal with (as a manager)? What are your “top three” in this regard?
  1. When senior managers resist change at the strategic level, they are in a position to cause more damage than employees resisting changes at the operational level. Have you worked in a company where you believe that management resistance to change may have existed? As a manager yourself, what would you try to do to prevent this from happening?
  1. Which approach to the management of resistance attracts you? What is the reason for your choice? For example, is it because you think it to be the most effective or does it also relate to a view that you have about how people should be managed?

*Please refer to the Grading Criteria for Comprehensive Learning Assessments (CLAs) on page 18 of the University Policies for specific guidelines and expectations.


Play, Transitions, and Disruptions Rubric Humanities Assignment Help

This week we have learned about incorporating play into the classroom and planning for disruptions and transitions in the classroom. These ideas are connected to the second pillar of becoming theWhole Teacher, incorporating developmentally appropriate practice. How will you know if the teachers you work with are able to effectively implement developmentally appropriate strategies in the classroom for play, transitions, and disruptions? One way to know for sure is to utilize a rubric as a tool for evaluating teachers and providing constructive feedback. Rubrics provide clarity regarding what is expected and therefore are commonly used tools for providing feedback in education.

Assignment Directions:

For this assignment, you will be creating a rubric that you will use to evaluate your staff based on how they are incorporating play into their classroom and how they handle transitions. Before creating your rubric, it is suggested that you read the article, “How to Create Rubrics” to ensure that you understand how to develop an effective rubric. You can create your rubric using a table in a Word document or by using the rubric generator Rubi Star (Links to an external site.). Your rubric must contain the following:

  • Performance Level Titles (.5 points): Includes four performance levels titles (emerging, progressing, partial mastery, mastery, etc.) to describe each characteristic.
  • Characteristics (.5 points): Includes at least five characteristics (skills, knowledge, or behaviors) to be rated on the rubric. Three of these characteristics must be related to play (see Figure 3.1 of text for ideas), one must be related to transitions, and one must be related to disruptions.
  • Performance Level Descriptors (2 points): Creates a performance level descriptor for each characteristic.

In addition to creating your rubric, address the following:

  • Defend your decision to include the characteristics you did on your rubric. Support your defense with current research. (1 point)
  • Explain how using this rubric will encourage the 21st-century skill of collaboration. Support your explanation with scholarly or credible sources. (1 point)
  • Summarize how you would use this rubric to foster the knowledge and skills of your staff regarding play in the classroom, transitions, and disruptions. Support your summary with scholarly or credible sources. (1 point)
  • Explain how you might utilize this rubric to encourage self-reflection in your staff and ways in which self-reflection foster’s professional growth. Support your explanation with scholarly or credible sources. (1 point)

Research and Resource Expectations:

  • Source Requirement (.75 points):

    • At least two scholarly peer-reviewed sources
    • At least one professional credible source

Writing and Formatting Expectations:

  • Title Page: Must include a separate title page with the following:

    • Title of paper
    • Student’s name
    • Course name and number
    • Instructor’s name
    • Date submitted
  • Academic Voice (.25 points): Academic voice is used (avoids casual language, limited use of “I”, it is declarative).
  • Purpose and Organization: (.25 points): Demonstrates logical progression of ideas.
  • Syntax and Mechanics (.25 points): Writing displays meticulous comprehension and organization of syntax and mechanics, such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • APA Formatting (.25 points): Papers are formatted properly and all sources are cited and referenced in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center (Links to an external site.).
  • Suggested Assignment Length (.25 points): This assignment should be three to four double-spaced pages in length (not including title and reference pages).



HIM 650 Grand Canyon University Database Schema Project Computer Science Assignment Help

Design a database schema for the proposed Database Design Proposal in Module 1.

Identify and list all relevant entities and their relationships:

1) Select no less than five entities.

2) Provide a diagram.

3) Map this to a database schema.

4) Provide a data dictionary for all entity attributes.

Focus on one or two areas of your design that seemed especially difficult to develop and provide a brief assessment of the difficulty you encountered in modeling or mapping to the schema. In addition, provide the rationale for the design chosen, its limitations, and its possible extensions.

Tip: If you do not have access to ER modeling software or a diagramming tool like Visio or OmniGraffle, you can simply create diagrams in a presentation tool like PowerPoint. This is an essential skill which is used in the field.

This assignment uses a grading rubric. Instructors will be using the rubric to grade the assignment; therefore, students should review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the assignment criteria and expectations for successful completion of the assignment.

Please utilize the uploaded file for guidance to complete this assignment. Please FOLLOW THE RUBRIC. I need 100% quality work.

HIM 650 Grand Canyon University Database Schema Project Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Assessing Human Resource Management Practices within a Global Organization Writing Assignment Help


For this assignment, you will write an essay that assesses the role of culture in human resource management practices within a global organization. Give examples of how cultural differences may affect at least two human resource (HR) functions. Examples of these functions may include recruitment and hiring, employee and/or management development, performance reviews, promotions, compensation, and benefits, but you are not limited to these functions.

Your essay should follow the guidelines below.

Writing should include proper grammar, sentence structure, and writing mechanics.

The organization of the paper should be logical, and you should include an introduction section with a clear thesis statement as well as a conclusion section.

Your paper should be at least three pages in length.

You must use a minimum of two outside sources.

All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations in APA format.

Your paper must be formatted in APA style to include a title page, running head, and reference page.

There are two additional references identified below that you may find helpful when completing this assignment, but you are not required to use them.

In order to access the following resources, click the links below:

The Economist Intelligence Unit Limited. (2015). What’s next: Future global trends affecting your organization: Engaging and integrating a global workforce. Retrieved from

Von Glinow, M. A., Drost, E. A., & Teagarden, M. B. (2002). Converging on IHRM best practices: Lessons learned from a globally distributed consortium on theory and practice. Human Resource Management, 41(1), 123. Retrieved from


Wk2 Your Idea Supervisor Humanities Assignment Help

Wk-2 paper instructions .

Assignment Content

  • It is important to understand the difference between an effective and ineffective supervisor to make sure you receive the most out of your clinical supervision experience and set proper expectations. This assignment will help you identify the characteristics of effective supervisors so you can set proper expectations in your supervision relationship.
  • Write a 350- to 700-word paper describing your ideal clinical supervisor.
  • Include the following:
    • Describe the supervisor’s personality traits that make them an ideal supervisor.
    • Describe the behaviors and demeanor this supervisor exudes.
    • Describe the different functions and responsibilities of this supervisor.
    • Contrast what an ineffective supervisor would look like compared to your ideal supervisor.
    • Explain why this supervisor embodies the characteristics of an ideal supervisor.
  • Include a minimum of 3 sources.
  • Format your paper according to APA guidelines.


Exercise Scenario for Team B & Delegating ICS Roles Business Finance Assignment Help

A fire has broken out on the top floor of Happy Times Nursing Home. (See Liberty County Appendix H4). Establish an EOC that will oversee the immediate response from Fire Services, care of the injured by EMS, evacuation and temporary (72 hour) placement of residents who do not require transport to local hospitals. Of the 80 current residents, the 18 on the top floor all suffer from smoke exposure, but no one has thermal burns. Address this contingency from the Central City EOC perspective. Take into consideration appropriate core capabilities and emergency support functions. Begin with a seminar among key municipal, fire, EMS, healthcare and public health officials. Alternatively, your seminar could segue into your TTX by assembling an EOC in anticipation of the storm’s arrival. Build up to a tabletop exercise. You should include all agencies that may need to play a role.

So far, I got this information from the ESSD down below:

Nursing Address County Bed Doctors # FTN #PTN #CNA HR Construction

Home Capacity EPA

Happy Times

N & 1st Streets


100 – 25% available on short notice

5 – 1 on call at all times





Un-reinforced masonry

– my Part in the group

Roles and Responsibilities:

Administration/Finance : provides grant
management and administrative support throughout exercise development. This group is
also responsible for the registration process and coordinates schedules for the planning
team, the lead exercise planner, participating agencies, and the host community or

  • Task: Review the ESSD and provide policies of the capabilities and limitations of financing EOC.

– Exercise Simulation System Document (ESSD) sections


Analyzing and visualizing Data Writing Assignment Help

Create summary tables that address patient descriptions related to COVID-19.

APA style 15 page document 10 reference.

12-15 slides ppt with bullet points.

Needed a unique document with 0 plagiarism.

my topic is above but below will be the complete question for your references.

COVID-19 Open Research Dataset Challenge (CORD-19)

An AI challenge with AI2, CZI, MSR, Georgetown, NIH & The White House


Dataset Description

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the White House and a coalition of leading research groups have prepared the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19). CORD-19 is a resource of over 44,000 scholarly articles, including over 29,000 with full text, about COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, and related corona viruses. This freely available dataset is provided to the global research community to apply recent advances in natural language processing and other AI techniques to generate new insights in support of the ongoing fight against this infectious disease. There is a growing urgency for these approaches because of the rapid acceleration in new coronavirus literature, making it difficult for the medical research community to keep up.

Call to Action

We are issuing a call to action to the world’s artificial intelligence experts to develop text and data mining tools that can help the medical community develop answers to high priority scientific questions. The CORD-19 dataset represents the most extensive machine-readable coronavirus literature collection available for data mining to date. This allows the worldwide AI research community the opportunity to apply text and data mining approaches to find answers to questions within, and connect insights across, this content in support of the ongoing COVID-19 response efforts worldwide. There is a growing urgency for these approaches because of the rapid increase in coronavirus literature, making it difficult for the medical community to keep up.

A list of our initial key questions can be found under the Tasks section of this dataset. These key scientific questions are drawn from the NASEM’s SCIED (National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s Standing Committee on Emerging Infectious Diseases and 21st Century Health Threats) research topics and the World Health Organization’s R&D Blueprint for COVID-19.

Many of these questions are suitable for text mining, and we encourage researchers to develop text mining tools to provide insights on these questions.

In this project, you will follow your own interests to create a portfolio worthy single-frame viz or multi-frame data story that will be shared in your presentation. You will use all the skills taught in this course to complete this project step-by-step, with guidance from your instructors along the way. You will first create a project proposal to identify your goals for the project, including the question you wish to answer or explore with data. You will then find data that will provide the information you are seeking. You will then import that data into Tableau and prepare it for analysis. Next you will create a dashboard that will allow you to explore the data in depth and identify meaningful insights. You will then give structure to your data story by writing the story arc in narrative form. Finally, you will consult your design checklist to craft the final viz or data story in Tableau. This is your opportunity to show the world what you’re capable of – so think big, and have confidence in your skills!

Kaggle Website:…

Assignment Length (word count): 10-15 pages.

References: At least 10 peer-reviewed, scholarly journal references.


Assignment Length (word count): 10-15 pages.

References: At least 10 peer-reviewed, scholarly journal references.


Assignment Length (word count): 10-15 pages.

References: At least 10 peer-reviewed, scholarly journal references.


Assignment Length (word count): 10-15 pages.

References: At least 10 peer-reviewed, scholarly journal references.


scope statement and wbs structure Computer Science Assignment Help

scope statement and wbs structure Computer Science Assignment Help

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