SCSU Wk 1 Eddie Embezzler & Anrun Corp Legal Ethical & Social Environment Essay Business Finance Assignment Help

SCSU Wk 1 Eddie Embezzler & Anrun Corp Legal Ethical & Social Environment Essay Business Finance Assignment Help. SCSU Wk 1 Eddie Embezzler & Anrun Corp Legal Ethical & Social Environment Essay Business Finance Assignment Help.

Week 1 – Short Essays

Question I- Eddie Embezzler has worked for Betty Boss for many years as an accountant. During his employment, Eddie has taken thousands of dollars from Betty’s business. As a result, Betty has suffered. Did Eddie violate a criminal law, a civil law, or both? Explain.

Question II – Two (2) high ranking managers of Anrun Corp. know that the company’s revenue is rapidly declining. However, at a recent shareholder meeting, they tell the shareholders to expect record profits in the next quarter. Explain the three Blanchard and Peale questions that these two managers should have asked themselves before the shareholders’ meeting.

Question III – The appellate court decides that the trial court committed reversible error by including evidence found by law enforcement. Law enforcement discovered this evidence when committing a Fourth Amendment violation, which should have been excluded at trial. This inadmissible evidence was the lynchpin of the prosecutor’s case, which resulted in a conviction. Where does the case go from here? Is the Defendant free to go? Does it go back to the trial court? Does it go all the way up to the Supreme Court?

Questions IV – During the course of a divorce proceeding, the judge orders the husband and wife attempt to settle their custody dispute through the mediation process. During the course of the mediation, the husband tells the mediator that he has secretly been selling marijuana to their children’s friends. Ultimately, the mediation breaks down and the parties cannot come to a settlement. During the divorce trial, can the wife introduce the mediator’s testimony as evidence?

SCSU Wk 1 Eddie Embezzler & Anrun Corp Legal Ethical & Social Environment Essay Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

HRMT 600 American Public University System Trade Union Paper Writing Assignment Help

Based upon research into the CIVIL SERVICE field, discuss the changing role of unions in the American workplace. Discuss current events surrounding this issue and the role government should play in the process, if any. Do you believe the role of unions in the U.S. should increase or decrease? What role should HRM personnel play in employee relations within ALL Organizations? Use at least the two references attached to support your opinion you can use other PEER REVIEWED articles as well.

Use at least 3 Key Terms written below as a reference:



























ECE 353 Ashford Roles of Families & Community in School Aged Children Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

I have a version of this assignment completed. My instructor gave me feedback asking for a more focused thesis. I have attached the template in which the paper is supposed to be written. I will also attach Week 2’s Flyer that is being referenced in the assignment description.

Roles of Families and the Community

One responsibility of professionals when working with children is offering support for families by sharing information with them about developmentally appropriate strategies for their children and the availability of resources in their community. Recall that during Week Two you developed a flyer that taught the families that you work with about the role of working memory, attention, and executive function in learning and development. Now, imagine the principal of a local school district saw your flyer and has invited you to submit a proposal for an upcoming district-wide professional development conference. Your proposal will need to analyze the role that families and communities play in promoting optimal cognitive development for a specific age group of children. Before starting your assignment, review the Week Three Instructor Guidance for additional information, resources, and support. Additionally, review the Grading Rubric for this assignment to understand how you will be evaluated and contact your instructor using the “Ask Your Instructor” discussion before the due date with questions.

Your proposal will focus on:
School-Aged (6-8 years)

Then, complete The Role of Families and the Community Proposal Template to address each of the following:

  • Influence of Theory (2 points): Explain how theory can influence the choices families make when promoting their child’s cognitive development abilities for your chosen age group. Use specific examples from one theory of cognitive development that has been discussed thus far in the course.
  • Home Environment (1.5 points): Explain how the environment that families create at home helps promote optimal cognitive development for your chosen age group. Provide at least two strategies that you would encourage families to use to foster this type of environment.
  • Families and Executive Functions (2 points): Discuss the role that family plays in developing executive functions for your chosen age group. Provide at least two strategies that you suggest families use to help foster the development of executive functions.
  • Families and Memory Development (2 points): Examine the role that family plays in memory development for your chosen age group. Provide at least two strategies families can use to support memory development.
  • Families and Conceptual Development (2 points): Examine the role that family plays in conceptual development for your chosen age group. Use ideas from your response to the Week Three Discussion 1 forum to provide at least two strategies families can use to support development in this area.
  • Community Resources (1 point): Explain at least two community resources that you would suggest families use to support the cognitive development of their children for your chosen age group.
  • Supporting Families (2 points): Analyze the role that you would play in helping to support families within your community to promote optimal cognitive development for your chosen age group.

The template:

  • A title page is not necessary for this assignment due to the layout of the required template.
  • Length (.25 points): Your completed The Roles of Families and the Community template must be 6 to 8 double-spaced pages in length (not including the reference page).
  • Source Requirement (.75 points): Reference at least two scholarly sources in addition to the text.
  • APA Formatting (.25 points): Use APA formatting consistently throughout the assignment, which includes citations in the body of the assignment and references list.
  • Syntax and Mechanics (.25 points): Display meticulous comprehension and organization of syntax and mechanics, such as spelling and grammar.

Instructor: I saw your Week 3 assignment and read the first paragraph. In that paragraph, you need to identify WHICH theory you are going to discuss. The rest of your proposal needs to be aligned with THAT theory. I can’t grade your paper unless you have identified a theory (for example, Piaget or Theory of Mind or…) and then relate all of the other parts of the proposal to THAT theory. Please revise your paper as soon as you can so I can grade it and email me when you’ve submitted the revision so I can take a look. Thanks,


SU Defense in Depth a Chicago Corporate Site Network Representation Essay Writing Assignment Help

Oftentimes, the process of implementing security opens one’s eyes to other forms of security not previously considered. Well, in this assignment you should experience just that. This assignment focuses on a model of implementing security in layers which in many cases requires a network that is designed accordingly. In this assignment, you are to design a network to incorporate the following:

Corporate Site (Chicago)

  • All servers exist here (Web server, file server, print server, mail server, ftp server)
  • Connection to the Internet (50mbps)
  • 300 employees who only need access to local corporate resources and the Internet

1 Remote Site (8 miles away)

  • 20 employees who need access to all resources at corporate plus the Internet
  • Connection to the Internet (3mbps)

Write a paper in which you:

  1. Using Microsoft Visio or its open source alternative, design a network diagram, particularly with defense in depth in mind which depicts:
    • All network devices used (routers, switches, hubs, firewalls, VPNs, proxies, and/or others)
    • The interconnections between network devices
    • The end user (client) devices (desktops, laptops)
    • The Internet cloud, generically, to represent your network’s interface to the Internet
  2. Describe the flow of data through your network, and explain how your network design provides multiple layers of security.
  3. Use at least four(4) quality resources in this assignment. (Note: Wikipedia and similar websites do not qualify as quality resources.)
  4. Include charts or diagrams created in Visio or an equivalent such as Dia. The completed diagrams/charts must be imported into the Word document before the paper is submitted.


HUM 106 Strayer University The Virgin Of The Rock Discussion Questions Humanities Assignment Help

  1. Select one of the Renaissance masterpieces and its artist from the National Gallery’s Tour: Renaissance Masterpieces and include a rationale for your selection (1/4 page).
    • Be sure to copy and paste an image of your selected Renaissance masterpiece into your paper. The image is not included in the required page count.
  2. Detail three major characteristics of Renaissance art according to the article, “What Are the Characteristics of Renaissance Art?” (1/2 page).



Seattle University Autobiography of A Face Discussion Writing Assignment Help

Here are three discussion posts sent in from other classmates. Rely to one of them and talk about the reading of this autobiography. Create a discussion and flush out what it is the author is talking about.

Here are the full directions!!!!!!!!


Use this Discussion Board to work through thoughts, reactions, and questions in informal, low-stakes writing as you read Autobiography of a Face. In your posts (due by Monday at midnight), you may find that you raise more questions than you answer in these posts. You’ll also find that your classmates’ ideas and interpretations can serve as catalysts for your own analysis later in your own Body Stories.

Your posts should be 300 words minimum and should close-read a passage (or passages) from the memoir and from a theoretical essay (or essays); begin to “put them in conversation” as you did for your Short Analysis Essay.


Students post #1

Lucy Grealy’s memoir “Autobiography of a Face,” explores Grealy’s experience grappling with her identity and self-worth. In her analyzation concerning self-consciousness, Grealy says beauty is “defined by society at large, seemed to be only about who was best at looking like everyone else” (Grealy 186). This quote allowed me to finally sit with the fact that in our society, self-worth is directly linked to beauty. I was able to analyze what I consider to be beauty ideals, and not-surprisingly I found that what I value has been submersed in socially constructed standards. Grealy analyzes her self-image in junction with identity. Beauty ideals are socially constructed and enable a disabling environment. Sieber’s theory of complex embodiment aligns well with Grealy’s experience navigating her identity. Using Sieber’s complex embodiment theory to analyze Grealys lived experience reveals the impacts of a disabling environment; she says, “the hospital is the only place on earth where I didn’t feel self-conscious” (Grealy 186). Grealy prefers the hospital because it is the only place she can escape disabling environments. Her disabling environment gave her a false reality of her self-worth. Grealy was embodied by social standards and, in turn, associated her plastic surgery with a chance to finally be of value. Grealy’s reflection of her operations reveals how deeply impacted she has been by the implications of her disfiguration, “I knew there would always be another operation, another chance for my life to finally begin” (Grealy 186). The relationship she has with appearance and self-worth is encompassed with toxicity. Her environment impacted how she perceived herself and equated that with her own self-worth. Grealy later chose to create an abling environment for herself. She is later able to find self-acceptance with her body after dismantling her personal beliefs on beauty. Grealy’s memoir not only acted as the catalyst for me to question what I consider to be ‘worthy,’ but it also shed light on my internalization of socially constructed beauty ideals.


Students post #2

I really enjoyed reading Lucy Grealy’s Autobiography of a Face. At one point, Grealy says, regarding her hair covering her face, “…certainly no one there was going to make fun of me, but I was beyond that point. By then I was perfectly capable of doing it all to myself” (185). Her self-policing and self-consciousness are prime examples of both Foucault’s panopticism and DuBois’ double consciousness.

For Grealy, she knows that others are watching her, that she is constantly, unless in the hospital, being seen and being judged. Like we know from panopticism, this leads her to begin to do it to herself. She is so used to this surveillance of her physical self that she internalizes it and acts upon it, policing her own body, changing how it is seen by others, and even herself. Even if, as she says in her quote, others are not watching at the moment, she is. Grealy’s use of the word “to” just exemplifies this. It is something done to her, by her. Different from an experience that she partakes in, it is something that happens to her, repeatedly, because of others, and now because of herself.

This also relates to themes of double consciousness in that she is aware of how others see her in relationship to how she sees herself. For the majority of her life, she wrestles with this, thinking about beauty and desirability. She questions how much weight she should give to the views that other people have about her, trying not to feel the pain of their words. As she grows up though, her reconstructions serve as ways for her to pass as “beautiful”, so that she may be lovable. She laments on this saying that she thought after her reconstructions, “wasn’t someone supposed to fall in love with me, wasn’t life supposed to work now?” (204). This is a different type of passing than we have seen before, as it is not for direct safety or survival, but at the heart of it, it is still Grealy altering herself in order to achieve a version that is more acceptable, so that she may move through and with the world in a different way. Here, these changes are (supposed to be) permanent, changing more of her internal identity and prolonged view of her own body and self. They, along with her other comments about what beauty is, should serve as points for us all to begin to reflect on what we believe beauty is, and why.


Students post #3

Lucy Grealy’s moving memoir Autobiography of a Face portrays a story of a body in pain – one which Grealy experienced physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

Having undergone extensive chemotherapy, Grealy writes, “I identified the problem as my baldness, as this thing that wasn’t really me but some digression from me, some outside force beyond my control. I assumed that once the problem was solved, once my hair grew back in, I would be complete again, whole, and all of this would be over, like a bad dream” (p. 99). As I read this particular passage, I was reminded of Vivyan Adair’s Stigmata and her discussion on disheveled bodies. Adair writes, “As children, our disheveled and unkempt bodies were produced as signs of our inferiority… [and] were read as signs of our inner chaos, immaturity, selfishness, and indecency” (p. 1). I am intrigued by Adair’s idea of her “disheveled bod[y]” functioning as a sign, one that portrayed primarily negative traits in the eyes of others, placed in relation to Grealy’s sentiments about her feeling incomplete – not “whole.”

To speak on Adair’s experiences is to dually speak on Foucault’s Panopticism. Grealy experienced immense pain not so much from the medical procedures operated on her but rather from the inherent and ever-present “social gaze” of the doctors and nurses in the hospital, the other kids in school, and society as a whole interconnected being. Like Foucault posits, the contemporary society is a panoptic one, where individuals both self-police as well as police others. The “others” are inherent via the strange gazes and the merciless commentary directed towards Grealy, while the self-policing function is inherent in the aforementioned passage. Grealy equates the loss of hair with being incomplete, further driving her insecurity and feelings of shame and guilt for her “incomplete” body. And akin to Adair’s experiences, Grealy is in a constant tug-of-war with her own body and subsequently with her own self in part of the disabling environments in which both women lived.

Seattle University Autobiography of A Face Discussion Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

American Commercial College of Texas Hydrogeology Slug Tests Lab Report Science Assignment Help

During lab we conducted slug tests on wells located at Miles Crossing near Ramsay. For this lab you will need to use the data from the well you tested and determine the hydraulic conductivity of the aquifer surrounding the well.

  1. Labs must have names! Labs without names will be deducted 2 points (If you chose a digit submission via Moodle, make sure you name in both in the actual document and in the document submission name)
  2. Include all graphs and/or data tables you make.
  3. Include symbolically represented equations and define your variables. Please label each equation.
  4. You do not need to include a calculation for every iterative process. However, you should have at least one sample calculation for each equation you use.
  5. This is a very calculation heavy lab assignment so please be neat/organized. Use as much scrap paper as you need (the trees will forgive you, I promise).

everything is attached.


Solving Capital Budgeting in Excel Exam Practice Business Finance Assignment Help

Follow this instructions to solve the problem:

IBM is considering a new expansion project and the finance staff has received information summarized below.

  • The project require IBM to purchase $900,000 of equipment in 2013 (t=0).
  • Inventory will increase by $175,000 and accounts payable will rise by $75,000.
  • The project will last for four years. The company forecasts that they will sell 2,685,000 units in 2014, 2,600,000 units in 2015, 2,525,000 units in 2016, and 2,450,000 units in 2017. Each unit will sell for $2.
  • The fixed cost of producing the product is $2 million each year.
  • The variable cost of producing each unit will rise from $1.018, 1.078, 1.046 and $1.221 from 2013 to 2017 respectively.
  • The equipment will be depreciated under the MACRS system using the applicable rates of 33%, 45%, 15%, and 7% respectively
  • When the project is completed in 2017 (t=4), the company expects that it will be able to salvage the equipment for $100,000, and it expects that it will fully recover the NWC.
  • The estimated tax rate is 40%.
  • Based on the perceived risk, the project’s WACC is estimated to be 10%.

Should this project be accepted? Use the NPV and IRR to evaluate



Calculate the following:

  1. Net income for each year
  2. Operating Cash Flow (OCF) for each year

ðOCF = EBIT + Depreciation – Taxes

  1. After tax salvage value

ðSalvage value – Tax on Gain

ðGain = Salvage value – Book value

  1. Calculate initial investment
  2. Construct projected Free Cash Flow Table
  3. Use NPV and IRR to evaluate the free cash flows



Harvard University Divine Command Theory of Ethics Philosophy Questions Writing Assignment Help

The following 4 assignments are different and each one should be answered separately:

1st assignment: you need to read Article 1 (in the attachment) then answer the question bellow following these steps:

1.How does Rachels define the Divine Command Theory of ethics?

The answer must be at least 5-6 sentences.

2.What are the main problems with the Divine Command as outlined by Rachels?

The answer must be at least 5-6 sentences.

3.Your Perspective: Does a person have to believe in God in order to be ethical? If so, why? If not, why not? What is the foundational source of your own ethical views?

The answer must be at least one full paragraph in length.


2nd Assignment: You need to read the philosophical note below then answer the question on Bold

Do We Have Free Will?

Also called the dilemma of determinism, we do not know if our actions are controlled by a causal chain of preceding events (or by some other external influence), or if we’re truly free agents making decisions of our own volition. Philosophers have been debating this for millennia, and with no apparent end in sight. If our decision making is influenced by an endless chain of causality, then determinism is true and we don’t have free will . . .

But if the opposite is true, what’s called indeterminism, then our actions must be random — what some argue is still not free will. Conversely, libertarians (no, not political libertarians, those are other people), make the case for compatibilism — the idea that free will is logically compatible with deterministic views of the universe. Compounding the problem are advances in neuroscience showing that our brains make decisions before we’re even conscious of them . . .

But if we don’t have free will, then why did we evolve consciousness instead of zombie-minds? Quantum mechanics makes this problem even more complicated by suggesting that we live in a universe of probability, and that determinism of any sort is impossible. And further, consciousness seems to be intimately and inescapably tied to the perception of the passage of time, and indeed, the idea that the past is fixed and perfectly deterministic, and that the future is unknowable. This fits well, because if the future were predetermined, then there’d be no free will, and no point in the participation of the passage of time . . .

Answer this question . . .

So, what do you think? Do we have free will? What are your reasons for your thinking on this?

The answer must be at least 5-6 sentences.


3rd assignment: you need to read Article 2 (in the attachment) then answer the question bellow following these steps:

1. Does Kant have any good reason to reject the “scrpent-windings of utilitarianism”

The answer should be at least one-half of a page, double-spaced

2. is death always a just punishment for murder? can you think of any exceptions

The answer should be at least one-half of a page, double-spaced

The total for this assignment should be one page double-spaced


4th Assignment: You need to read the scenario below then answer the question on Bold:

“Topping Our News Tonight . . .”

There is much debate over whether the news should be unbiased or allow commentary. Newspapers, radios, and news television stations are businesses, just as much as a grocery store or online retailers. They need customers to survive, and that means appealing to what their customers want to hear or see. Slanting reports toward popular opinions could increase ratings and readership, in turn saving newspapers and news shows, as well as jobs.

But is this practice ethical? What do you think?

The answer must be at least 5-6 sentences.

Should News Stories Slant Toward What People Want to Hear? Explain.

The answer must be at least 5-6 sentences.


Technologies & Strategies Adopted by Amazon & Uber to Thrive in The Market Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

Choose two different online companies and for each, try to identify the social, mobile, and local marketing efforts the company has implemented. Do they use social plug-ins on their websites? Do they have a Facebook page? If so, visit those pages to see how they are using them. How is the Facebook page different from the company’s website? Can you identify how the firms use mobile marketing? Use your smartphone or tablet to access their apps, if they have one, and websites. Are their websites designed specifically for each platform?

In conclusion, compare and critically contrast these firms, and make recommendations for how you, as a marketing manager, would improve their effectiveness.

[supanova_question] as you write your paper.