See Requirments Writing Assignment Help

See Requirments Writing Assignment Help. See Requirments Writing Assignment Help.

Introductions (Absolutely no plagiarism, education/ professional/ credited sources only!

Prepare a 5-page document that is typed, double-spaced, and grammatically correct in Times New Roman with Font size set at 12 point with margins of 1 inch. Be sure to follow APA (6th ed.) format, including: appropriate cover page header, title, author(s) , in text citation, and reference Page, course information. References cited page must be in APA format.

Read the following excerpt before responding to the questions that follow afterwards.

Brunt Hotels, PLC, owns more than 60 hotels throughout the United Kingdom. They recently acquired a small hotel chain headquartered in France. Brunt’s chief executive decided that half of the new hotels in France would be retained and rebranded as part of the Brunt Hotels Group; the other half will be sold. This will support Brunt’s strategic objective of growing the organization slowly to make sure that new ventures are well supported and opened on time and on budget. Brunt’s hotels are considered budget accommodations; they are functional, clean and reasonably priced.

Most guests stay for one to three nights and are a combination of business and leisure travellers. The hotels are typically situated in downtown locations that are easily accessible by mass transit. Tourists are attracted to these hotels in popular visitor destinations where the many local attractions mean that they will not be spending much time in their hotel rooms.

The organization has decided to use an ethnocentric approach and send some of their existing UK-based managers to France to lead the changeover of the new hotels and then manage them after they re-open. If this new overseas venture is successful, Brunt may decide to acquire other small hotel groups in other European countries. The organization would like to own 150 hotels in the next five years. Their 10-year plan is to own 300 hotels across Europe. This is an ambitious target; so it is important that the organization finds an effective formula to operate successfully in other countries.

The organization has never owned any hotels outside the UK before, and has hired a team of independent management consultants to advise them on how to proceed. They provided the consultants the following information during their initial meeting:

Spring 2020

March 10, 2020

Dr. Barbara Flemming

 A majority of their existing managers said they would like a chance to work abroad.

 None of their existing managers speak French fluently.

 They will allow four weeks to rebrand the hotels. The new hotels must be ready to

open after that time.

 They expect to recruit a large number of staff for the new French hotels, because

more than 70 percent of the employees from the acquired organization left.

 They will require their managers to be flexible and move between countries if any

problems arise.

The management team liked your recruitment advertisement, but realized that they did not consider the salary for these new positions! Since the organization has never hired managers to work outside the UK before, they do not know how to start determining the compensation. They provide you with the following information that they found on the Internet:

 Existing salary for managers is £30,000 (45,000 Euros) plus bonuses.

 Surveys show that the average salary for hotel managers in France is 60,000 Euros

with no opportunity to earn bonuses.

The directors want to have a consistent approach as to how they compensate expatriates because they expect their overseas business to expand in the future. They also want existing employees to be enticed into working abroad and want to have a good range of incentives.

The management eventually approves the advertisement and the compensation package and distributes both internally. Interested candidates are asked to write a letter to the CEO to explain why they think they are the best person for the job. Thirty managers apply for one of the new positions (there are 10 positions available), which means there will be 20 unsuccessful candidates still working for the organization.

The management team acknowledges that the application letters were not helpful with making decisions and that they need a more robust selection process. There must be a strong sense of fairness in the selection process because they do not want to de-motivate any of these existing employees. They want to select the right candidates because it is essential that the new hotels are successful and up and running quickly and efficiently. The senior managers know all of the candidates quite well (personally and professionally). They would like you, as independent consultants, to design an appropriate selection methodology.

The management team advises you that they do not want to take into account the marital or family situation of the expatriate candidates; they are concerned that this may fall afoul of UK equal opportunities legislation.

The management hires six candidates to work overseas because they did not feel that the other candidates were qualified. They feel confident that these six can successfully open the new hotels. The success of these managers is vital to the success of setting up the new business, so management wants to ensure they provide effective support for them in terms of training and development. They believe that the best option is to divide training into two parts: Pre-

departure training and on-the-job training in the new country. Since the organization has never sent employees abroad before, they are not sure about what should be included in these training programs.

The only mandatory area that must be included is an introductory language section (including basic business French) so that the managers have a basic grasp of the French language by the time they open the new hotels. However, they hope that the managers will enjoy their introductory language course and will continue to attend more advanced language classes when the new hotels are open.

The management team decides to select only one of the three proposed training programs, confident that it will be useful and informative for the new expatriates. However, they would also like to provide external support for the new expatriates to make their transition to a new country as smooth as possible. They are aware of some of the services that can be offered to support employees on both a personal and professional level, but do not have a comprehensive overview.


Brunt Hotels, PLC decide to set-up a new hotel in the United States Virgin Islands.

What processes would be involved in the initial set-up of the new hotel?

What should be accomplished to prepare for the new hotel?

Devise a plan for this organization in terms of innovative and exemplary customer service.

What human resource initiatives could be undertaken to achieve maximum organizational performance at the new hotel?

Design an appropriate selection activity which could be used for potential expatriate staff.

Provide an outline of a cross-cultural training program for new expatriate staff. Design a poster which could be used to attract existing staff to apply for expatriate positions. Highlight the advantages of being an expatriate (not just the salary).

Create a checklist that could be used to ensure that expatriates receive the relevant information about the new country in which they are going to work. Also, create a pamphlet (maximum of two pages) that could be provided to the spouse/partners of the expatriates who are going to move to a new country.

Decide the best method of performance management for expatriate staff. Provide as many details as possible.

What skills have you developed and what knowledge have you acquired as a result of this assignment?

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div-assignment Computer Science Assignment Help

For Idea Day, each student must come up with an idea for a product or service that is not currently in the marketplace.

1. The Idea has to be original and feasible (a transporter from Star Trek or an invisibility inducing cologne or perfume are not currently feasible) … do a modicum of research to verify the product/service does not exist. State how you came up with the idea.

2. Write a minimum 800 word paper which is equivalent to about 2 pages of double spaced type written material.

3. Describe the product/service in some amount of detail. You can discuss only the product/service if you chose or any combination of the following in the paper: potential distribution methods, price and pricing strategies, promotional strategies, or any of the environmental factors that may affect the product/service such as political/legal aspects, social/cultural aspects, technological aspects, competitive aspects, and economic forces.

4. You must have a minimum of two references for the paper and the references must be cited in the paper and listed in a REFERENCES section at the end of the paper. The references and in-text citations must be in APA format.

5. The paper must use good grammar and complete sentences except where appropriate.

Assignment must be submitted in Word.


ENT 352 HOMEWORK 4 How green are you Business Finance Assignment Help

After learning about many of the environmental challenges the world is facing in ENT-352, many students start to ask themselves – “how can I help now?” If you’ve had those thoughts or are at least willing to entertain the question, this assignment is for you!

The goal of this assignment is to push you beyond your green comfort zone and to reflect on the experience of trying some new green products or services. Do NOT repeat something you’ve already done or your reflection will lack passion and interesting details (the grade is based on the reflection of the experience more than what you do – i.e. don’t just “check a box”).

Review the paid and/or free options lists below and choose to complete THREE. You will need to document each activity with photographic evidence and write a thoughtful and passionate reflection on each experience. In addition to answering the activity specific questions located in the sub bullet below each activity, students must take pictures of themselves doing the activity (as long as it is safe and not rude to do so) and answer the following questions for each activity they complete:

  • How did you feel before, during, and after completing each activity? For example, did you feel more “green” afterwards?
  • Why did you choose that specific activity?
  • How did completing that activity help the environment and tie into what we’ve learned in ENT-352 so far this semester?
  • How easy or difficult would it be to convince more people to do each activity you chose?
  • How likely are you to continue each new green activity you tried?

Options that will cost a little money

  • Rent and ride around on a blue bike (or any other bike-share) for at least 20 minutes.
    • Why haven’t you used a bike share program before? Describe how hard or easy it was to use. Do you think a lot of people use this service? How could it be improved? Where did you ride to?
  • Buy 2 different brands of vegetarian “hamburgers” in the store and make them for you and a friend/roommate/classmate and conduct a taste test.
    • How easy was it to find these “burgers” in the store? Were they expensive compared to beef and turkey burgers at the store? How did you make your burger? Which burger tasted better? Describe the flavors of each brand.
  • Eat an Impossible Burger or Beyond Meat Burger at a restaurant (ex. Burger King, Walburgers) or at Suffolk.
    • How easy was it to find these “burgers” in a restaurant? Were they expensive compared to beef and turkey burgers at the restaurant? How did the burger taste? Describe the flavors you tasted. Ask the server/cashier how poplar these burgers are – did their answer surprise you?
  • Replace one of your cleaning products with a do-it-yourself DIY cleaning supply and use it.
  • Find one hygiene sustainable product — without microbeads or harsh chemicals, etc. and try it for a few days. Examples could include toothpaste, shampoo bars, etc.
    • Which product(s) did you replace? What did you replace it with (describe and provide the weblink)? Did your green product work just as well as the one you usually use? How does yours smell/feel etc. compared to your usual brand?
  • Visit the Walden Pond/Thoreau Memorial Visitor Center (small parking fee) which was designed by our guest speaker, Haskell Werlin.
    • What do you notice about the design of the building and area? How many EV chargers are there – how many are being used during your visit? Take a picture of the cars charging and of the solar panels on the buildings. Take pictures of the visitor center. Do you find the building appealing? Take a walk around the area – how does it feel? Would you go back or recommend the Pond to others.
    • What would you need to own in order to shop there for most of your purchases? You don’t need to buy anything for the assignment but did you? If so, what? Would you go back in the future? Why or why not?
    • or
  • Go to a vintage or second-hand clothing store that you’ve never been to – take pictures with 3 items you would seriously consider buying (you don’t need to buy anything).
    • What did you think of the store? You don’t need to buy anything for the assignment but did you? If so, what? Would you go back in the future? Why or why not?
  • Take a test drive in an electric vehicle (there are dozens available in the Boston area).
    • Name 4-5 EV cars you considered test driving. What about each of the cars appealed to you before you drove it/them? Why did you select the car you chose (you can test more than one if you’d like!)? What did you like about the car you drove? Describe the acceleration? How many electric miles does it get per a charge? Could you see yourself driving an EV in the future?
  • Borrow, acquire or purchase a metal straw, reusable water bottle, or hot beverage tumbler and the use it every day for at least 7 days.
    • Which beverage-related items did you cut out? How easy was it? How long have you been doing it for (needs to be a minimum of a week to count for the assignment)? What actions did you have to take to reduce your use of single-use beverage containers?
  • Organize a collection for old clothes or technology among your friends/family and then bring them to an organization to donate the items.
    • What did you collect? How many items to you collect? Where did you take the items? Were people surprised by your actions? Did you bring them to a charity? If so, which one?
  • Cleanup the litter on your block, street, park, or other green space.
    • Take a picture of the area before and after as well as a picture of the garbage/litter you collected. What types of items did you collect the most of? How do you think the litter got to be where you picked it up? How will your efforts help the environment?
  • Start cutting out single use plastics (water bottles, to-go cups for cold beverages, cutlery, etc.).
    • Which plastics did you cut out? How easy was it? How long have you been doing it for (needs to be a minimum of a week to count for the assignment)? What actions did you have to take to cut out these plastics (brew coffee at home, buy wooden forks, etc.).
  • Repurpose an item you no longer want/need (or one a friend/family member was going to throw out).
    • Describe the item and take a picture. What options (yes, come up with more than one option) did you come up with to repurpose the item. The repurposing has to be useful – it can’t just be decorative. Describe how long the process took to repurpose and what other materials you needed to buy or use that you already had on hand to make it into something useful. How much did it cost to repurpose? How much would it have cost to buy new? Are you happy with the way it turned out?

Free Options

  • Visit a zero waste (or low waste) grocery store – take note of how many items you could buy that day.


Clinical application project – Downfalls of wound care in nursing Health Medical Assignment Help

Directions: Identify a problem, issue of concern, or area for improvement relevant to your clinical setting. Describe the importance of the area of concern (include facts, statistics etc.). Critically analyze the literature related to the area of concern. Identify possible solutions to the selected area of concern, based on the evidence in the literature. Review each for its strengths, weaknesses, and feasibility. Select one solution. Engage in the necessary work for this quality improvement project (e.g., develop a new form and identify approvals required for its use). Although students may not have enough time to actually implement their entire project or quality improvement activity, the final work product should clearly outline the plan for implementation, including a timeline. Students will provide evidence of the final work product (e.g., educational program outline, instructional pamphlets, nursing form, pocket resource, new policy).


sha-assignment Computer Science Assignment Help


The purpose of this assignment is to prepare you for the dissertation process by developing a plan to collect data for your research paper.


The topic of your data plan is your research paper topic. After completing this week’s Learning Activities, develop a data plan describing possible methods of data collection for qualitative research, specifically a case study. Then, narrow the possible methods to one method for your study. Support your data collection methodology with sources.


    Prepare a 2-3 page (excluding title, reference, and authorship page) APA style Microsoft Word document with at least 2 references that includes:

    • Title page
    • Introduction
    • Data collection plan
    • Conclusion
    • References

    attached the previous completed assignments for your reference to complete this assignment.



    Fundamentals Mineral And Indutry ( MEM 501) Science Assignment Help

    this assignment consists of module 5-1 and module 5-2

    i need minimum 750 words for each module, so minimum 1500 words total!


    MEM 501 – Fundamentals of the Mineral Industry

    Module 5-1 Assignment – Underground Mining (60 points)

    Read the paper, Ernest Henry UG Mine, and answer the following questions.

    1. What do the acronyms “SHUG” and “DUG” stand for?What are they describing and what was the resulting decision made regarding them in the prefeasibility study? (10 points

    2. During the prefeasibility study, the authors determined that a decline would provide early access to necessary infrastructure.What were the other reasons behind constructing the decline? (10 points)

    3. What happened to the project in Q1 2009? (10 points)

    4. What happened in May 2010 and how did it impact the project? (10 points)

    5. How did water impact the underground development?What steps were taken to mitigate or reduce the impact of water on the operation?(10 points)

    6. This paper provides a real-world account of how planning of options can provide flexibility during implementation.What do you think would have happened had they not conducted a study for the “DUG” option?Do you think they would have been able to develop the underground operation? (10 points)

    Module 5-2 Assignment – Underground Mining (60 points)

    Read the paper, Re-Thinking the Underground Hardrock Mining Industry, and answer the following questions.

    1. What do you see as the most important (or difficult) technical, commercial (business) and social challenges facing the mining industry?Do you agree or disagree with the paper?Why? (10 points)

    2. Many predict that we are going to see an increase in metal demand as the population increases and at the same time, we will be mining deposits with lower grades and more challenging conditions.What do you think the industry should be doing now to plan for this scenario? (10 points)

    1. Do you feel we are on the cusp of a new mining era? How so? (10 points)

    # -Scenarios:

    1. The mine that you manage has continued to move deeper and deeper into a massive deposit and you are now mining 200 meters below the initial design.The rock is becoming warmer due to geothermal activity and this is creating warmer and more humid working conditions.How would you tackle this problem?What steps would you take?What solutions would you recommend? (20 points)

    2. An underground mine is wanting to increase production. They recently received a fleet of equipment from a closing operation.Corporate wants to use this equipment to increase the output at the operating mine; however, the ventilation system is currently operating at its maximum and the additional equipment will force them out of compliance with Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM).What recommendations would you give to corporate on how to increase production while not exceeding DPM regulatory limits? (10 points)

    # .Submit your answers by the due date and save the file as a pdf before uploading to the Assignment 5-2 Dropbox under “Module 5” on D2L. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.

    Fundamentals Mineral And Indutry ( MEM 501) Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    People of Irish Heritage. People of Italian Heritage. People of Puerto Rican Heritage. Health Medical Assignment Help

    People of Irish Heritage.

    People of Italian Heritage.

    People of Puerto Rican Heritage.

    Read chapter 23, 33 and 34 of the class textbook and review the attached PowerPoint presentations. Read content chapter 33 and 34 in Davis Plus Online Website. Once done answer the following questions;

    1. Discuss the organization and the family role in every one of the heritages mentioned about and how they affect (positively or negatively) the delivery of health care.

    2. Identify sociocultural variables within the Irish, Italian and Puerto Rican heritage and mention some examples.

    A minimum of 3 evidenced-based references must be used (excluding the class textbook). A minimum of 2 replies to any of your peers sustained with the appropriate references must be posted. Only the assignment must be attached in a word document in the forum, replies do not. References must be no older than 5 years. A minimum of 700 words is required.


    ACCT461: ABC Retailers — Internal Controls Business Finance Assignment Help


    1. According to PCAOB Auditing Standard (AS 2201) (, what factors should auditors consider when evaluating the severity of a deficiency in a control that directly addresses a risk of material misstatement?

    2. PCAOB AS 2201 distinguishes the difference between a deficiency in design and a deficiency in operation. Does the Assistant Controller’s failure to adequately review the Vendor Change Form represent a deficiency in the design or operating effectiveness of the control?

    3. Based on guidance in AS 2201, determine if the failure in the vendor request change form control indicative of a material weakness in internal control over financial reporting.

    4. SEC Regulation S-K requires that management provide a report on a registrant’s ICFR in the company’s Form 10-K. Assuming the company and the auditor concluded that this internal control failure indicates a material weakness in internal control, what information would the company be expected to disclose?

    5. In light of the identified deficiency, auditors should consider a possibility that the deficiency may have an impact on other controls, and/or the similar problem may exist in other controls. What implications does the failure to adequately review the Vendor Change Form have on other controls?


    Tutorial Assignment 2 – Analytics and Visualizations Business Finance Assignment Help

    For this assignment you will have an opportunity to interact with data using one of the industry’s leading data visualization systems, Tableau. The video to the left will introduce how the system is currrently being used in the industry. Please review before beginning the steps associated with this tutorial assignment.

    The steps needed to complete this assignment include:

    1. Installing Tableau desktop (Student Edition) I have secured temporary access for the entire class and all that is needed is for you to download and install a version of the software on your computer.
    2. Connecting to a Data source
    3. Create a meaningful visualization or view of the data.
    4. Create a Dashboard including at least two meaningful visualizations from your chosen data set
    5. Upload as your submission a screenshot of the dashboard, screenshots of each created visualization and the Tableau Packaged Workbook file. (.TBWX)

    Tutorial Assignment 5 (PDF – The license key in the file is not up to date. Please use the license key below.)

    Updated Download Instructions

    • Download the latest version of Tableau Desktop here (Links to an external site.)
    • Click on the link above and select Get Started. On the form, enter your school email address for Business E-mail and enter the name of your school for Organization.
    • Activate with your product key: TC0Z-0257-AE70-C8D4-22F1
    • Already have a copy of Tableau Desktop installed? Update your license in the application: Help menu -> Manage Product Keys

    Students can continue using Tableau after the class is over by individually requesting their own one-year license through the Tableau for Students program here


    2 scenarios to answer that are short Business Finance Assignment Help

    I have to separate scenarios :

    1- Arrow Furniture is a family-owned and operated manufacturer of high-end furniture located in North Carolina. The furniture industry has suffered from foreign competition over recent years. Nationwide, there have been massive layoffs and several large companies have closed. Arrow’s workers are feeling these pressures and have begun displaying counterproductive behaviors. The HR manager recently told Mary Baker, the family member serving as CEO, that employees are threatening to unionize if they don’t get higher pay and more job security. Mary is upset by this comment because the family has supported employees with decent salaries and health benefits. Higher wages are the last thing the company needs if they are to remain competitive.

    The Baker family wants to turn things around. They know they will have to be more competitive price-wise. This might be achieved by finding cheaper suppliers, lowering employee labor costs, or increasing productivity. That said, the Baker’s strongly believe that it is important to “take care of their people,” many of whom are lifelong employees.

    A global car manufacturer is going to open a new facility in the community. It is likely the company will offer higher salaries and better benefits than offered by Arrow Furniture. The firm is known to offer such benefits in an attempt to reduce the need for a union. Jobs at this plant will be more technically advanced than those at Arrow and the company is offering job training to those who are interested.

    The Bakers are aware that the nature of work at Arrow results in moderate levels of hygiene factors and low motivators.

    Using the 3-Step Problem-Solving Approach and the Organizing Framework, what should the Bakers do to motivate their employees and get support for the company’s future plans?

    2- Review the following conversation:

    Marcy: Dana, can I talk to you for a couple of minutes? We’ve been roommates for two years and I think I have a time management problem. I just don’t get enough done in a day. What do you think?

    Dana: Tell me more. How did you decide that you have a problem?

    Marcy: I never get everything done on my to-do list. The more I get done, the more I end up adding to the list.

    Dana: What would solving the problem look like to you?

    Marcy: Well, I’d get everything done on my list.

    Dana: Is that realistic?

    Marcy: It’s not, but what else am I going to do?

    Dana: What else can you do that will help? Can you work with an advisor? Use a scheduling program?

    This is an example of coaching. Describe the process of coaching and explain why is it important for managers to be effective coaches.