seeking help with APA style 6th edition Business Finance Assignment Help

seeking help with APA style 6th edition Business Finance Assignment Help. seeking help with APA style 6th edition Business Finance Assignment Help.

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i already done my part all i need is :

1- proof read what i wrote make sure its done as APA style 6th edition

2- let me know if you rephrase something by typing in the color red

3- for the power point: please see how my friend monica did hears and follow (the situation…..ect )

4- please read what the teacher is requesting for both word and power point and make sure i have done it right

note : she will be checking electronically .. so make sure there is no playgiresiom in my work

seeking help with APA style 6th edition Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

See reference below Writing Assignment Help

Central Americans, in many ways, are a “transnational” people: their cultural, political, social, and economic practices, and the families and communities of the population itself, reach across international borders. What kinds of cross-border attachments, exchanges, and cultural practices or understandings connect people in Central America with people of Central American heritage in the United States? How do such connections operate, and what are their effects in Central American people’s lives in Central America and in the U.S.? Drawing from multiple sources of course material you may choose to discuss the transnational characteristics of Central American political or economic activities, family dynamics, racial or ethnic stereotypes or generalizations, and/or the social reproduction of Central American “places” outside of Central America itself.

This short paper should be between 750 and 850 words.




part 4 budget part and discussion Writing Assignment Help

kindly check it. Finish the part 4 based on the info part1-3 , part3 is what was done earlier. Kindly refer to the attached files

Here Is the Discussion

1. Operations management techniques during all stages of production can be used by managers to increase the quality of an organization’s products, the efficiency of production, and the organization’s responsiveness to customers. Many say manufacturing in America is a dead end…Watch the following video …

Why manufacturing industries have declined in America and why? What arguments are made for effective ways to increase manufacturing in America?



Why is it important for managers to pay close attention to their organization’s production system if they wish to be responsive to their customers? [LO 14-1]

When marketers and suppliers cooperate as partners, Just In Time inventory methods (JIT ) has often worked well. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is widely cited as one of the best practitioners of inventory management. Wal-Mart will take an electronic inventory of its shelves nationwide every Sunday night and automatically notify the distributor, which will then place an order early Monday morning to manufacture the replacement product for delivery to stores on Thursday. What is efficiency, and what other techniques are there that managers can use to increase it? [LO 14-4]


Peer review Humanities Assignment Help

Paper to do peer review on is below

Instructions below

Here are some guidelines and tips for reviewing your colleague’s final proposal:
1. I want you to give them feedback as if you were me. Based on your experiences with my feedback on your assignments, what kind of things do you think I would point out?
2. Focus first on higher order issues (organization, clarity, structure, does their argument make sense? In the Lit. Review, are they using clear thesis statements with each section and providing clear supporting evidence? Are they using APA subheaders? Do they use effective transition sentences and phrases? Does the wording of their research questions match their proposed methodology? etc.), before you focus on lower order issues (proofreading, editing, etc.).
When you go to upload your paper and the comments you gave to your colleague, I want you to upload your peer review in the format of a scholarly article review, an example of which I’ve provided via attachment. USE MY EXAMPLE AS A TEMPLATE. That will help me see quickly all the feedback you gave for each section of the proposal. (1) Start with a summary of their stated purpose and be sure to highlight what they did well first. (2) Then, give a broad overview of the areas that need work, (3) before finally giving specific critiques that give detail to the broad overview of what needs work. (4) Include page numbers, and separate comments by section of the paper.
Attached File


Network Management Computer Science Assignment Help

Task 2. The student needs to conduct a research on Telecommunication Management Network with reference to at least two published research papers (preferably from the ACM DL or IEEE CSDL) and prepare a study report of 3 to 4 pages which covers the following parts:

a. Presentation of Telecommunication Management Network. The following points must be covered: Framework, Functional model and Technologies used.

b. A reflection including the Network Management design adopted by TMN, its advantages and/or its disadvantages.

c. A proper referencing

Task 3. :

The students are required to read carefully the case study presented below and answer accordingly the questions. In order to successfully complete this task, the students need to do the following:

  • Conduct a research on RMON groups and objects as well as its implementation on Cisco switch. The student can benefit from his e-library account and get access to a large number of open journals and publications on this subject. A clear documentation with well-commented examples can be also accessed by borrowing the book: “Network Management: Concepts and practice: a hands-on approach” by J.Richard Burke, from MEC library (11 hard copies are available). The cisco website ( will be also helpful for the students to show them how to configure RMON commands on a Cisco switch.

Answer the questions of the case study by configuring the necessary RMON commands on Cisco switch 2960- S series.

Write a report on Task 3 by providing the screenshots of the different configurations executed with clear description.

Case study:

“As a network manager, you are responsible for monitoring the network performance in order to guarantee a good working environment for the users.

Configuring the notifications that will be sent to the network manager is an essential part of his mission. It requires to set first the thresholds for all the critical values under/above which an alarm must be sent.

This will help the network manager to be informed immediately whenever unwanted cases occur and rapidly intervene to fix them.

The alarms raised must also store the event details in log files for later analysis.”


a. Start by configuring the ip address in the PC and for the management vlan on the switch. Configure SNMP and then RMON in promiscuous mode on the monitoring device (the switch).

b. Create an event that save the alarm details in the log file and send a trap to the administrator.

c. Set an alarm that monitors the MIB variable ifInErrors once every 30 seconds and checks the change in its value. If the change is more than 10, a trap message will be sent and saved in the log file. (Hint: link with task 3.b)

d. Send a trap and save in log file when the number of bytes going into interface 10 during the last two minutes is above 10000000 or below 10. (Hint: link with task 3.b)

e. Create a history collection on the active Fast Ethernet 10 interface every 300 seconds. Display the RMON history for that interface in the switch.

f. Collect statistics on the Fast Ethernet 10 interface. Display RMON statistics which shows the summary of data received on that Fast Ethernet.

g. Display RMON alarms and RMON events on the switch.

* 0% similarity and kindly use easy language



Annotated Bibliography Business Finance Assignment Help

Need 30 Annotated Bibliography about change management, innovation, leadership empowerment to employees within the business sector based on the problem statement attached.

The business environment today is
constantly changing with changing demands of employees especially the entry
level position employees that are costly demanding for more salaries/wages and
improved services (Atmojo, 2015). Many organizations sometimes fail to recognize the signs that are
associated to low motivation as a result of unfilled demands due to lack of
transformational leadership within the organizational framework. As such the
new hires accounts for the highest employee turnover rates within most
organizations. The general business problem is organization have a high
turnover rate for entry-level employees that are a misguided by leadership. The
high turnover rates are costly to the organization since it hurts productivity,
as it is difficult to maintain the same level of productivity when the new
employees are constantly leaving the organization (Choi et al., 2016). The specific business
problem is the lack of the leadership strategies to educate and retain
entry-level employees.

Atmojo, M. (2015). The influence of transformational
leadership on job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and employee
performance. International research journal of business studies, 5(2).

Choi, S. L., Goh, C. F., Adam, M. B. H., & Tan, O. K.
(2016). Transformational leadership, empowerment, and job satisfaction: the
mediating role of employee empowerment. Human resources for health, 14(1),

Annotated Bibliography Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Professional Dispositions Business Finance Assignment Help

As you get further into your degree program, you probably are thinking more and more about your future career once you graduate. Luckily for you, Ashford University has a wonderful Career Services department that is full of resources to help you find the perfect fit once you graduate. In this journal you will have the chance to explore your own professional dispositions and how you can use the resources available through the Career Services department at Ashford University to help you on your career journey.

To prepare for this journal,

Degree Program

Disposition Resource

Bachelor of Arts in Child Development

Dispositions and Examples

Bachelor of Arts in Cognitive Studies

Counselor Dispositions

School Psychologist (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Gifted and Talented Educators (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Code of Ethics

Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Development with Differentiated Instruction

Dispositions and Examples

Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education

Dispositions and Examples

Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education Administration

Dispositions of School Leaders (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Bachelor of Arts in Education Studies

Dispositions and Examples

Bachelor of Arts in Library Science and Media

ALA’s Core Competences of Librarianship (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Bachelor of Arts in English Language Learner Studies

TESOL Standards for K-12 ESL Teachers (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Standards for ESL/EFL Teachers of Adults (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

In your journal,

  • Describe which dispositions from your assigned article you perceive are your strengths and which ones are areas of opportunity for growth.
  • Explain which resources from Ashford Career Service website (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and the video Discover Career Services at Ashford you think will highlight your strengths and enhance your areas of growth.
  • Discuss how reflecting on these ideas at this point in your degree program will help contribute your success in the program as a whole.

Suggested Assignment Length:

  • One to two double-spaced pages (not including title and reference pages).

Research and Resource Expectations:

Writing and Formatting Expectations:

  • Syntax and Mechanics: Writing displays meticulous comprehension and organization of syntax and mechanics, such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation.


Business intelligence and statistics Business Finance Assignment Help

your analysis should take on a 3-paragraph format; Define, explain in detail, then present an actual example via research. Your paper must provide in-depth analysis of all the topics presented:

  • Understand the nature of data as it relates to business intelligence (BI) and analytics
  • Learn the methods used to make real-world data analytics ready
  • Describe statistical modeling and its relationship to business analytics
  • Learn about descriptive and inferential statistics
  • Define business reporting, and understand its historical evolution
  • Understand the importance of data/information visualization
  • Learn different types of visualization techniques
  • Appreciate the value that visual analytics brings to business analytics
  • Know the capabilities and limitations of dashboards
  • Understand the basic definitions and concepts of data warehousing
  • Understand data warehousing architectures
  • Describe the processes used in developing and managing data warehouses
  • Explain data warehousing operations
  • Explain the role of data warehouses in decision support
  • Explain data integration and the extraction, transformation, and load (ETL) processes
  • Understand the essence of business performance management (BPM)
  • Learn balanced scorecard and Six Sigma as performance measurement systems


Module: Information System Management Business Finance Assignment Help

I need Proposal Submission: 12/12/18

Report Submission: 3/1/19

Learning Outcomes:
1. Formulate the business rationale for an information system.
2. Explain how organizations’ can be managed better by intelligent use of information systems.
3. Understanding information system security and reliability of the organization.
Instructions to student:
 You can make use of the library resources to find information
 Internet resources can also be used to search for information
 Present the relevant references/citation at the end of the document
 Marks will be awarded for the content written in your own words
 If two or more documents contain duplicate information, marks will be deducted

given 5 case studies. You are required to work on the case study as a team of three members and
work by dividing the tasks. Each case study has 5 questions, each one carries 15 marks. For more
information about marks, please refer to the marking grid at the end.


Developmental Lifeline Humanities Assignment Help

Developmental Lifeline Assignment Guidelines

It is recommended that students choose approximately 10 significant milestones in their life and write a brief paragraph for each one explaining: 1) why the milestone was important to your life, 2) how the milestone relates to developmental theory and research. Each student’s timeline is expected to be presented in a creative format (poster, powerpoint presentation, book, etc) that best represents themselves and their identity.

Examples of milestone descriptions:

First Word – One of the most exciting times for parents during the infancy of their child is getting to hear their first word.At thirteen months old while playing at my grandparent’s house one day, I produced my first real word, “kitty.” My mom who was playing with me was thrilled to see that I accomplished such a huge milestone in social and cognitive development, and in my life.Because comprehension precedes production, I was able to understand some of the language that adults and other people used around me, and was beginning to produce some of my own for more effective communication.Now, along with my prelinguistic communication and babbling, I was able to start rapidly understanding and producing more and more words on my own by fast mapping.

Birth of Siblings – When I turned three and a half, my life forever changed as my brothers, yes, two of them, were born.My parents tried to accustom me to the idea of sharing their attention and prepare me for their presence in the house before their birth.At the age of three and a half I was well on my way through Erikson’s childhood psychological stages.In the initiative versus guilt stage, the desirable outcome was to be able to initiate one’s own activities and become autonomous and independent of my parents.This, combined with the secure attachment that I had formed with my mother during the trust versus mistrust stage, made my parents unsure of how I was going to act upon the arrival of my brothers.When they were born, I quickly learned that I was my own being, and did not need the constant attention of my mother and/or father.I initiated my own activities and often entertained myself when my parents were busy taking care of the twins.Another social factor that I was encountering was gender development.When I was home with my mom watching her take care of the babies, I learned gender related behavior from observing her.Oftentimes she would let me help with feeding, changing, holding, or entertaining one baby while she did the same to the other.I formed gender schema’s about the role of the female as a mother.

student identified/ described the developmental milestone in adequate detail.






Communication Skills Feedback:


The student responded to the questions described in the instructions and identified issues related to the different areas of development (physical, psychosocial, moral, intellectual, cognitive, etc.)








The student was able to adequately demonstrate mastery of material by applying class concepts and developmental theories to each milestone and providing depth of knowledge.







Project was formatted appropriately based on instructions and was organized; easy to follow with appropriate flow of content. Demonstrated creativity and reflected the identity of the student.







Student was able to appropriately communicate message through his/her writing. Assignment was proofread and had appropriate grammar, spelling, and appropriate writing style.

[supanova_question] created by the Writing Center.

Writing and Formatting Expectations:

  • Syntax and Mechanics: Writing displays meticulous comprehension and organization of syntax and mechanics, such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation.