Select 3 out of the following 5 essay questions to answer in one or two comprehensive paragraphs each. Please

Select 3 out of the following 5 essay questions to answer in one or two comprehensive paragraphs each. Please note that 150 words is the minimum per answer.
When completed, submit answers in a document to Turnitin via the appropriate Brightspace link
Though you may consult the textbook, Lesson Notes, and videos when composing your answers, the paragraphs must be completely your own work and will be checked for plagiarism.
• Run your answers through Grammarly or another grammar/spelling checker.
DO NOT SUBMIT THE QUESTIONS WITH YOUR ANSWERS! Include only the appropriate exam question number next to your original paragraphs. Points will be deducted if you include the questions.
Exam Questions:
1. Argue for or against Machiavelli’s belief that if a ruler “succeeds in establishing and maintaining his authority, the means will always be judged honorable and approved by everyone.” In other words make a case for or against the idea that if an outcome is good, whatever it took to achieve it is acceptable (‘the end justifies the means’). (150 words)
2. Name and discuss five works (‘landmarks”) from art, music, literature, architecture, etc., that you consider most important to the phenomenon known as the Protestant Reformation. Why and hon were these significant? (I’m using “landmarks” the way the textbook uses it; please reference the Letter from the Author on page xiii for an explanation). (150 words)
3. Describe the ways in which the Northern Renaissance differed from that of Italy, making comparisons between specific works of art, music, literature, architecture, etc. that characterized each region.
(150 words) (They may all come from the same category, such as architecture, for example, but do not have to).
4. Compare and contrast the epic heroes Beowulf and Odysseus citing at least 2 SPECIFIC traits and/or motivations they share and 1 they do not (50 words). Then, prove how Beowulf reflects Anglo-Saxon culture and its values and how Odysseus reflects Greek culture and its values (100 words)
5. Approximately 80% of the people killed for suspected witchcraft were women, particularly older
women, midwives, and healers (country nurses who used herbs and plants as medicine). Why might this have been? Fully develop your answer. (150 words)

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