SFTY 410 ERAU Welding and Health Disscussion Writing Assignment Help

SFTY 410 ERAU Welding and Health Disscussion Writing Assignment Help. SFTY 410 ERAU Welding and Health Disscussion Writing Assignment Help.

Post in this discussion forum on two of the three topics listed below. Choose the one that you think is the most important or that interests you the most. Begin your post with the topic you are addressing and then post your response. After you post, review the messages posted by your classmates and reply to at least two messages that are of particular interest to you.

Discussion Topic 1: Welding

  • What are two ways that welding can be safely conducted on containers that cannot be fully cleaned?
  • How safe are these procedures compared to welding on fully cleaned containers?
  • Under what circumstances would you authorize these special procedures?
  • Why? In your answer, use an example from your own experiences or from research.

Discussion Topic 2: Health

Metalworking equipment presents many of the same physical hazards as woodworking equipment, so measures like blade guards and hearing protection are required for both.

  • What are some of the health hazard differences you might find when machining metals vs. wood and how personnel can be protected?
  • In your answer, add an example from your own experiences or from research.

Discussion Topic 3: Metalworking Tools

Pick one of the following metalworking tools: kick press, metal shears, or press brake.

  • Explain the point of operation guarding options for your selection, and then, from the operator’s viewpoint, state what guarding method you would prefer, and why.

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Making a Car Brand Guessing Game Exam Labview Version Engineering Assignment Help

Must have labview to do this

Please making a car brand guessing game.

If you choose a right car brand, you will have a pop-up window to show “**** is my car!

If not, “**** is not my car“.

1. use Enum to have some options (Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, GMC, Ford, BMW)

2. use property node to change to value of Enum

3. use One Button Dialog to have popup window

4. use sequence structure to put “wait.vi” at second window for giving you 3 second to choose car brand. (first window is for “One Button Dialog.vi”)

please make sure to send me labview version 2017 that is the only version my teacher want. version 17


Southeastern Community College Statistics Confidence in Banks Word Problem Mathematics Assignment Help

Section 9.4 #14abc


Confidence in banks: A poll conducted by the General Social Survey asked a random sample of 1325 adults in the United States how much confidence they had in banks and other financial institutions. A total of 149 adults said that they had a great deal of confidence. An economist claims that less than 15% of U.S. adults have a great deal of confidence in banks.


State the appropriate null and alternate hypotheses.


Compute the test statistic z.


Using α = 0.05, can you conclude that the executive’s claim is true?

Section 9.3 #8

8. The number of degrees of freedom for the Student’s t-test of a population mean is always 1 less than the .


Agile Project Management Methodology Paper Business Finance Assignment Help

Describe how agile methodolgy impacted regulatory compliance, organizational culture, and processes in business organizations. Also, provide examples of the differences between agile and the other PM methodologies (based on your readings).

The length of each paper must not exceed two (2) pages (Plus a cover sheet). Must be in a PDF format.

I will upload class course under here


Each written assignment must be word processed, have a 11pt-12pt font size, double spaced and submitted on the scheduled due date. Reports and/or papers that are submitted after the due date (within one week period from the due date) will be automatically reduced in score by twenty percent (20%) before they are read. All written reports must be submitted with a cover sheet (Please see the following template). Failure to include a cover sheet will result in an automatic reduction in points. The cover sheet must include the following information:

  • Student Name:
  • Course Name:
  • Course ID Number:
  • The Assignment Name:
  • The Date:


BBA 3626 Columbia Southern University New Coke Success Project Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help


Search the CSU Online Library and find a project that was not completed successfully. Write a three-page summary of the project, including the reasons why you think this project failed. Also, include project lessons learned and record how lessons learned were used to inform projects. How does this compare to what was discussed in this unit?

Be sure to use APA format and cite your work. Your summary should be at least three pages in length and will include a title and reference page which are not included in the page count.



University of Miami Walmart Process of Innovation & Company Issues Essay Writing Assignment Help

Innovation is not just a buzzword it should be thought of as a core competency for all organizations especially in this changing climate.Innovation is more than inventing, but in many ways it is continuing to reinvent yourself over time. In the literature it has been referred to as a mindset. Many companies spend millions and billions of dollars each year on innovation. If organizations do not exhibit the ability to innovate then they will not be able to compete in this economy. People who set themselves apart are those who can assist organizations gain leverage through being innovative.

  1. Name the company and identify the industry.
  2. Provide some background about the company.
  3. What are the major issues?
  4. What innovative strategy do you recommend to keep the company viable? Why should leaders believe your innovative strategy will work?
  5. Discuss the relationship between the innovative process and assisting the organization to gain a competitive advantage.

Conduct a google search for companies that have either closed or are in distress. Write a 3-4 page assessment of the company to the CEO and Board of Directors. The goal of the paper is to write an argumentative essayargumentative essay (Links to an external site.) convincing the leaders to keep the company open.

  • This is a 3-4 page synopsis.
  • Your paper should flow. It should not be written with the numbered bullets points that were outlined in the recommended questions above. However, use those questions to help guide your thoughts.
  • This will be presented by the CEO to the Board of Directors
  • Make sure you do not have grammatical errors.
  • You can use references, but make sure they are APA formatted.

University of Miami Walmart Process of Innovation & Company Issues Essay Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

North Carolina State University Templatized Version of A Linked List Class Project Programming Assignment Help

Write the member function to search() the linked list for a particular piece of information. The search function

takes a const T& as its parameter and it returns a boolean result. This member function should also be declared

as a const member function, as it does not change the list if it is called. An example implementaiton for this function

is actually given in our textbook, though you may need to change it slightly to work with our assignment code.

2. Also add/write the deleteNode() member function, which is also given in our textbook implementation. This

function takes a const T& as its parameter, which is the value of an item to search for and delete. Thus the

first part of this function is similar to the search() function, in that you first have to perform a search to find

the item. But once found, the node containing the item should be removed from the list (and you should free

the memory of the node). This function is only guaranteed to find the first instance of the item and delete it, if

the item appears multiple times in the list, the ones after the first one will still be there after the first item

is removed by this function. This function should return a LinkedListItemNotFoundException if the item

asked for is not found. The LinkedListItemNotFoundException class has already been defined for you in the

starting template header file.

3. Write a member function named findItemAtIndex() for the LinkedList class. This function will be given a

single integer parameter called index. It will search through the linked list and return a reference to the info of

index’th node in the list. It is important that you return a T& (a reference to a type T) from this function.

This function works using 0 based indexing (like arrays), thus if we ask for index 0, the first or head node info

should be returned. If we ask for index 1, the info in the node after the head node is returned. If the list only

has 5 nodes (indexes 0 to 4) and we ask for index 5 or greater, you should throw a LinkedListItemNotFound

exception. (This exception class has already been defined in the LinkedList header given to you, you simply

need to throw it). For a little extra credit, you can add the overloaded operator[] to define indexing operations

on your LinkedList which just uses your working findItemAtIndex() member function.

4. Write a member function named deleteItemAtIndex(). This function will perform similar to the previous one,

but instead of returning the info in the index’thed node, it will simply delete the node. Thus your logic will be

similar to task 3, you will need to search till you get to the index’thed node in the list. But at that point you

should remove the node (and don’t forget to delete it, to free up its memory). If the asked for index does not

exist, as usual you should throw a LinkedListItemNotFound exception.

5. Extra credit: you can write this recursive member function for a little bit of additional extra credit. Write

a member function named toReverseString(). There is already a string function, that creates a string

representation of the items in the list and returns the string. Your method will create a string of the items in



University of Miami Importance of Environmental Scanning Essay Business Finance Assignment Help

When developing your products or services, it is crucial to identify the external factors or forces that are either opportunities or threats. As a reminder, the macro factors discussed in this module are political-legal, economic, social, and technological. For instance, when considering political factors, be sure to think about policies, environmental issues, and laws or regulations. For economic factors, consider the impact of globalization, taxes, and the current state of the economically. Social factors are determined by the people. You’ll be considering how your customers, target market, and buying habits affect profits and purchases. Lastly, technological questions focus on technology related to your business, such as the tech you use daily, and how advancements provide a competitive edge.

For this discussion forum, discuss why environmental scanning is important. Then, select one question from each of the four external environment factors below. (In other words, you will only be answering four questions rather than all twelve, one question from Political, one question from Economic, one question from Social, and one question from Technological factors). Answer the questions as if you were the manager of the company. It can be a made up company or one that you have a particular interest, but either way, please be sure to mention the industry.

Answer only one of these Political questions :

  1. What trading policies impact business?
  2. What regulations must you follow, and have they changed in the last 5, 10, 20 years?
  3. What environmental issues, if any, should be addressed (i.e eco-friendly resources/products, natural disasters, pandemics, etc)
  4. Has new legislation passed that affects your organization?

Answer only one of these Economic questions:

  1. How much does globalization affect your market share?
  2. What taxes must you follow, and how does it affect your service offerings (if at all)?
  3. Is the economy stable, unstable, or growing for your industry?
  4. How does the current economic climate affect your consumers and their spending habits?

Answer only one of these Social and Cultural questions:

  1. Who is your target market?
  2. How are consumer opinions changing regarding your product or service?
  3. Is the population demographic growing or slowing down and if so, how is it affecting your business?
  4. Have you documented changes in how and when your customers purchase your products?

Answer only one of these Technological questions:

  1. What technology is critical for your day-to-day operations?
  2. What new technology is available that could streamline decision-making and product development?
  3. Do you depend on 3rd parties for any tech support or solutions?
  4. Are you using technology to stay ahead of the competition and if so, how?

Choose total 4 question, one from each section and then answer it separately along with the question.

A paragraph minimum 6-7 sentence in each paragraph.


CHEM 221 SBCC Isolation of Caffeine from Tea Using Sublimation Lab Report Science Assignment Help

Below is the link to this weeks lab video. I extracted caffeine from
TEA!!! Watch it! You don’t technically have a home lab or simulation,
but you will need to watch this video as if you, yourself, performed
the experiment and then write up a full length lab report as laid out in
the syllabus. Please let me know if you have any questions!


The following is an outline of what your instructor expects to see in your lab reports. As long as the order and main titles (presented below in bold type) are present, the style is completely up to each student. A carbon copy laboratory notebook is required, and all work should be recorded directly in the notebook, not on scratch paper, as the work is performed. The written laboratory report includes the following areas:

  1. Name, Lab section or day/time and the complete title of the experiment should be written in the provided section on the top of each page.
  2. The Objective should indicate the purpose of the experiment in 1 to 2 sentences be clear and concise. If the experiment involves synthesizing a compound, meaning you make something new, please include a reaction scheme.
  3. A reagent table labeled as Physical and Chemical Properties of Reagents. Within this table should be the appropriate physical and chemical properties such as molar mass, melting point, boiling point, density, refractive index, amount needed, and at least one hazard and safety precaution for each substance. You can find this information in the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics or online at a credible website, such as sigmaaldrich.com or https://sdbs.db.aist.go.jp and the proper reference should be indicated below the table. Calculations of theoretical yield and limiting reagent should be written below this table if the experiment is a synthesis.
  4. Equipment/Apparatus section will include a list of common glassware or equipment needed, such as spatula, Erlenmeyer flask etc. OR you may be required to draw and label the apparatus primarily used in the experiment of the day unless the apparatus had been used in a previous experiment, such as distillation.
  5. Since you will be observing the experiments in a video format I want you to write the Procedure according to your observations and my narration. This way, it will be in your own words and in a manner that you understand! Yay! It should, however, be written such that any organic chemist can perform the experiment when using these procedures. It may be a flow chart, paragraph, or bullet point as an example. The first time you perform a certain technique, for example, a distillation, you must describe how to set up and perform the distillation. If a subsequent experiment requires a distillation, you may simply state that the liquid was distilled.

The above 5 sections are called the “pre-lab” and would typically be due upon entering the lab, but in this online format will be submitted with the below sections, called the “post-lab” and will include the following:

  1. Data and Results section is completed during the lab. Include all data obtained, observations (color changes, emulsions forming, liquid disappeared, melting point, crystallization), measurements (including tared masses), and results. Analytical results, such as an NMR spectra or IR should be attached at the end of the report.
  2. Calculations including items such as percent yield, or Rf values etc should be written out completely

The Conclusions section should be used to interpret the data obtained. You should summarize your results of the experiment, including data such as yields, mp, bp, purity and how you came to this conclusion, % error, spectral analysis, literature values as well as any other necessary information needed to identify if the objectives of the experiment were achieved. You may also state whether or not the procedure was a good method for making the desired compound and any suggestions on improving the methods for future experiments. Possible sources of error, and how that error would affect the overall yield are extremely important to comment on.


New England College the Surveillance State Research Paper Computer Science Assignment Help

Your Research paper on the surveillance state:

750 word research paper with at least 3 sources. There should be no lists. Write in essay format not outline format. Include a meaningful title.

You must include at least 3 quotes from your sources enclosing the copied words in quotation marks and cited in-line.

There should be no lists – bulleted, numbered or otherwise.

Write in essay format with coherent paragraphs not in outline format. Distribute your quotes among the paragraphs.

do not cite your source or you use word replacement software.

Find a topic that we covered in the course and dig deeper or find something that will help you in your work or in a subject area of interest related to the course topic. Use academically appropriate resources which you can find in the Danforth Library Research Databases.


SFTY 410 ERAU Welding and Health Disscussion Writing Assignment Help

SFTY 410 ERAU Welding and Health Disscussion Writing Assignment Help