Shorts answers Writing Assignment Help

Shorts answers Writing Assignment Help. Shorts answers Writing Assignment Help.

Answer these following questions:

In seven to ten complete sentences, explain your reason for selecting the secondary resource you chose as support for your comparison/contrast essay in Module 4.

In seven to ten complete sentences, explain the connection between development of themes in literature and the time period the literature represents as explained in your comparison/contrast writing in Module 4.

In three to five complete sentences, explain the use of one literary device in support of theme in the novel you chose for your comparison/contrast writing in Module 4

These questions are regarding to the previous assignment you did.

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Project Assignments 1. FTSE-NAREIT All REIT Business Finance Assignment Help

Assignment 1: Due Date February 8, 2019

Assignment 1 has two parts:

PART 1 :Update the master database with monthly opening or closing values of the relevant index for each month of 2017 and 2018. Provide a citation (that I will check) for your data.

PART 2: Double check the accuracy and consistency of the existing monthly data.

In doing so, please be careful that the data are for the index itself and not one of possibly many open-end mutual funds and/or exchange traded funds that track the index.

Take the time to check the existing data from December 1995 through December 2016 for your securities market asset class to ensure there are no errors. Provide a citation (that I will check) for your data.

Locating the data is an easy to straightforward task for several of the asset classes, but an ongoing challenge for others. Data sources include but are certainly not limited to:

The business and economic online databases available on the Barry

Library website.

Be sure to explore the S&P site. An extensive economic and financial database provided by

the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Morgan Stanley Capital International website. Goldman Sach’s website. National Association of Real Estate Investment Trust


Bloomberg Terminal.

I. Purposes of the Project: How to Build a Portfolio and How to Analyze a Market

The purposes of the project are to develop the student’s knowledge, skills and ability in the processes of designing, building, and managing portfolios of securities by:

1. Having the student acquire an in- depth knowledge and understanding of one particular securities market.

2. Providing the student valuable, relevant, knowledge – building experiences in identifying, locating, organizing, analyzing, assessing and evaluating data and information on securities markets.

3. Develop the student’s knowledge and skills in and understanding of:

a) Measuring return, risk, and distribution characteristics of a securities market.

b) Identifying, analyzing, and evaluating the inter-relationships among securities markets returns.

c) Assessing the usefulness of an asset class in enhancing portfolio return and diversifying portfolio risk;

d) The pricing efficiency of the market represented by the asset class;

e) The valuation of the market represented by the asset class.

f) Using statistical tools to evaluate a range of characteristics of securities markets.

g) Using Excel and other statistical software.

h) Writing precise, concise, clear and informative reports and making clear, concise and informative oral presentations.

The project is a series of related assignments. The assignments are straightforward, and except for assignments 3 and 4 are not time intensive.

Basically, each assignment replicates an activity a portfolio manager does in building a portfolio for a client.

The typical assignment requires some measurements, followed by analysis, assessment, evaluation, reflection, and a little writing. A few of the assignments will require the student to work collaboratively with all other students in the class.

This is the market that should get the data base : FTSE-NAREIT All REIT


Erin Andrews invasion of privacy case Writing Assignment Help


Find out the results of the Erin Andrews invasion of privacy case that the Craig discusses in the assigned text. Write a commentary on your thoughts on the case.


Need minimum 250 words

Need 3 APA references

No plagiarism please

Need 1 Response to below discussion:

Erin Andrews, who presently works for Fox Sports and co-has “Hitting the dance floor with the Stars,” stood firm, mournfully portraying the embarrassment of knowing a great many individuals had viewed the recordings — and of being badgering on the web and in broad daylight.

Erin Andrews was granted $55 million in her lodging stalking case. … to endeavor sensible endeavors in ensuring the protection of visitors. … mutilated or crippled by the intrusion of protection, and she endured no substantial … As talked about in a past article, one of their strategies was to… No group results found.

In this explicit case, Erin Andrews won 55 million dollars for her naked video that was transferred on the web. Nashville Marriott lodging was discovered liable for the attack of security just as embarrassing and Andrews.

This case set a rule at a lawful dimension for the lodgings that must be actualized. It gave a pattern to the inns to be progressively mindful of the intrusion of protection just as to execute better methodologies to conquer this sort of issues. It certainly put the security worries in the Limelight for remaining in inns. Given remuneration to the embarrassment of Erin Andrews and set a case of the reasonable choices made by Court against such episode. Michael David Barrett was considered responsible for abusing the protection of Eric and audits and for embarrassment by transferring the video of the web for 28 million dollars.





Need minimum 100 words

Need 1 response to below discussion:

For quite a while since Erin Andrews discovered that a man had secretly taken a video while she was bare in a room, she was forced to remember her memory day by day, Fox’s sports director told a Nashville court this week In testimony before the court on Monday and Tuesday, Ms. Andrews declared the infraction of Michael David Barrett, the Illinois man who granted and served more than two years in prison for crossing state lines to film his numerous circumstances in 2008, had produced a daily flow of comments about his appearance in the video. “I feel so embarrassed,” he said in the statement communicated by some news agencies, Brijbag, B. S. (2015). “It happens every day of my life: You can get a tweet, or someone makes a comment in the newspaper, or someone sends me an image of the video on my Twitter, or someone shouts at me on the back also ideal to this “. A look at Ms. Andrews’ online network accounts provided the illustrations on Tuesday. In a message he submitted on Twitter about hockey on February 21, a man asked him if he knew that the video taken by Mr. Barrett is still widely accessible. Another person, using the handle, highlights the workshop, he advised on Instagram: “Everyone knows that the video was a trick reputation created by you #ESPN #staged # radiosity public.”. On Tuesday, Ms. Andrews said the consideration scared her of meeting new people or going to town. Before leaving, he asked: “Have you seen the video?” Ms. Andrews said that she trusts the provocation with which she could have been fired and sued Mr. Barrett and the owner and organization of the Nashville Marriott where he was registered, for $ 75 million. He said that the Marriott workers should have let him know that a man had asked him if he had stayed at the house.

This may have been interrupted. “Nashville Marriott could have called me recently and said,” We are asking this man to come with you, okay? “And I would have called the police and we would have gotten it. angry. ” As reported by court reports, Ms. Andrews is accusing West End Hotel Partners and the Windsor Capital Group, the organizations that own and process the Nashville Marriott, for their carelessness resulting in pain and enthusiastic security attacks. Mr. Barrett is also nominated as a defendant in the lawsuit and is accused of attempted protection, neglect and intentional curse of passionate unhappiness. Marriott International, who was expelled a month ago as one of the parties, told a Nashville member of ABC that she was considered with Ms. Andrews, but that the organization was not responsible for what had happened to her. Ms. Andrews, an ESPN columnist when the illegal movie was released on the web, said people blamed her for releasing the recordings to get attention. He said ESPN requested to have a sit-down meeting to deny the charges before they were allowed to report in real time one more time. Ms. Andrews said she met Oprah Winfrey in light of the fact that the moderator had been open about her past as a survivor of sexual abuse. “I talked to their creators, I told them I did not want to do it,” said Ms. Andrews. “And yet, this was the main way I would be back in the air, so we went to Oprah.” Continue reading the main story Since the common process started a week ago, Ms. Andrews’ people said that the scene was disconcerting for the people. Ms. Andrews, who works for Fox Sports and as host of the television series “Striking the dance floor with the stars,” said she was hysterical after discovering that the video had a bee, Diamond, R. (2005).


Brijbag, B. S. (2015). Southern Chivalry: Perception of Health & Environmental Justice in a Small Southern Neighborhood. The University of South Florida.

Diamond, R. (2005). Advancing Public Interest Practitioner Research Skills in Legal Education. JL & Tech., 7, 67.


Need minimum 100 words


Business News Article Business Finance Assignment Help

You are responsible for writing and submitting a paper that analyzes a specified business ethics news item from the perspective of the ethical decision rule identified by your instructor.

The instructor will distribute the two best business ethics news items submitted by you or your classmates in response to the news-item submission assignment. You may choose one or the other for your paper topic. Only that article should be used in fulfillment of the assignment—the use of any outside sources without citation (which will not be accepted) constitutes plagiarism.

The instructor will also specify which of the six decision rules you must apply to the article. If you have kept up with the course content, absorbing the readings, videos, and class discussions, you will be able to write the paper effectively and efficiently. If you have not, you will need to become well versed in the selected theory before writing (without the benefit of class discussions), which will reduce the amount of time that you have available to craft an excellent paper. Identify the article’s major and its minor ethical issues, and analyze them from the perspective of that decision rule—as if you are “trying it on” as the decision rule that you might live by.

The paper must be between 275 and 300 words (absolutely no more); place your name and word count in the upper right-hand corner of the paper. You should think in terms of writing a 350-400 word paper, and then paring it down and crafting it into a very tight, brief paper that fits into the required word range. Do not write a “short” paper and then engage in puffery. The paper must be double spaced in Times New Roman 12-point font, and uploaded as a Microsoft Word attachment by the date and time listed in the course schedule. This time is a cutoff—you are welcome to submit the paper early. Papers that miss the cutoff will lose 25% of their points if submitted any time in the foloowing 24 hours, and will not be accepted after that time.

Your grade will be determined based on how closely your paper matches the above requirements, along with the depth of your analysis and the accuracy of your application of the decision rule. Invest sufficient time into thinking through, drafting, and refining your paper: It accounts for 20% of your course grade.


ethical considerations as they pertain to the role and responsibilities of the Behavior Analyst supervisor Humanities Assignment Help

Learning Activity Assignment: Ethics in Behavior Analyst Supervision

The purpose of this Learning Activity is to discuss ethical considerations as they pertain to the role and responsibilities of the Behavior Analyst supervisor. Guideline 5 of the BACB Guidelines for Responsible Conduct for Behavior Analysts covers the responsibilities of the Behavior Analyst as teacher and/or supervisor. In the Learning Activity, you will consider a scenario in which you will evaluate the appropriateness of feedback provided to a BCaBA by her BCBA supervisor.

Submitting Your Assignment

  1. View the Ethics in Behavior Analyst Supervision Case Scenario and complete the Unit 8 Learning Activity Template located below

This week’s Reading will cover considerations for maintenance and generalization of behavior change. The Reading will also cover ethical considerations as they pertain to supervision.

Read the following chapter in your Applied Behavior Analysis text:

  • Chapter 28: “Generalization and Maintenance of Behavior Change” (pp. 614–635)

Cooper, J. O., Heron, T. E., & Heward, W. L. (2007). Applied behavior analysis (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Merrill Prentice Hall.

Read the following chapter in your Ethics for Behavior Analysts text:

  • Chapter 10: “The Behavior Analyst as Teacher or Supervisor” (Guideline 5)

Bailey, Jon, Burch, Mary. Ethics for Behavior Analysts: 2nd Expanded Edition. [Purdue University Global Bookshelf]. Retrieved from…



need help with a presentation. Business Finance Assignment Help

Please read the case and understand it well.

Answer the assignment questions from the case and support them with numbers.

I don’t want you to talk about case’s background or to repeat information from the case. What I want is to talk directly about the issue and bring more information from other sources related to the case. Also, analyze the financial statement and compare it to the recent financial statement for the same companies.

* please footnote information in every slides.

Finally, please explain to me what to say in each slide. if you could write bullets in the slides only, would be great.

need help with a presentation. Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Six Sigma DMAIC – The Analyze Phase of My Project Writing Assignment Help

Week 7 Assignment Prompt – CE Diagram

For your project (see project charter attached):

  • Select a likely subset of theories (potential Xs) from the CE diagram that you want to test & validate with data using hypothesis testing.
  • You will then develop a data collection plan for the Analyze phase (for hypothesis testing).
  • Write out the hypothesis tests.
  • Use the data (real or created) to run the hypothesis tests.

For additional details, please refer to the Process Diagrams Rubric document (attached).

I am adding the information below in a effort to make this assignment easier:

—> Please use my Project Charter & Measure Phase papers (also attached) – which is needed to complete this assignment.

—> All notes for this assignment are included in the attached word.doc “Week 7 Assignment Prompt Notes_Analyze Phase“. This document includes this week’s Module Overview, all web links needed for the assignment, Instructor Notes, & My Notes. In the section “My Notes” there is a link to the FireBrand Training Manual which provides a step-by-step slides for the full Analyze Phase on pages 193-262. I have simplified parts of the section in the attached word.doc “Week 7 – Example of a Cause Effect Diagram and Hypothesis Testing” Here is the link:…

—> This is more so a Cause & Effect Diagram (Fishbone Diagram) using the 4 Input Variables outlined in the word.doc “Week 6 Assignment – The Measure Phase“, performing a hypothesis test, writing it out, and running it. Does not have to be a long paper but diagrams must be include within the paper.

—> Add scholarly sources for citations & references.


essay and analysis Other Assignment Help

Paper should be at least 750 words and try to keep it under 1000 words (The Word Count DOES NOT INCLUDE the Question Section #6, these would be additional.) Present a short formal analysis of deChant’s Primer. Students with last name between A – L were assigned Chapter 3 entitled, Secularization and students with last name between M- Z were assigned Chapter 4 entitled, The Secularization Dispute and Beyond: Religion and Western Culture Today). The paper must do the following:

  1. Offer a brief sketch (summary/overview) of the reading, including note of topic, major sections, and subsections.
  2. Specify the primary focus of the chapter and how it is addressed. Think about this as the question the author is trying to answer, problem to be solved, issue to clarified.
  3. Identify at least three key terms and concepts (other than religion) used by the author, note their meaning, and explain how author uses them to develop the Chapter.
  4. Specify the author’s most important points (at least two) and explain why they are important.
  5. Explain what the author is saying about religion and secularization.
  6. Create ten different original questions with answers related to the Chapter material BUT DO NOT PRINT ANSWERS – you will use them to grade student responses from Peer Review.


econ 202 RGDP question Economics Assignment Help

Use the data in the Table below to answer the questions asked in a and b on each of the 3 variables for the US economy:

a. Calculate the changes in inflation rates, unemployment rates and the RGDP growth rates for the years from Year 2007 through 2016 and show them in a new column next to each of the values of the three variables (a template of the table is given below). 5 pts


Real GDP

RGDP growth rate in %

Unemployment Rate

Change in U rate in %

CPI Indices

Inflation rate in %


















































































Source: for CPI and U-Rate date:; For RGDP data:

b. Based on those calculations, briefly analyze the overall economic performance over the last 9 years (2007-2017) and critically predict about these three macroeconomic variables for 2018-20. 5 pts

Hint: While predicting the trend for 2018-2020 (based on the growth rates and trend you estimated in the table above), it is imperative to observe the most recent data on these three variables.


Business & Functional Strategies Business Finance Assignment Help

I wanted to address the “Real Time” requirement in the Case Summary section so that you don’t lose points unnecessarily. Here is a rule of thumb to work with: If the issue did not occur after January 2018, it should not feature in your case summary. The Case Summary should not repeat issues discussed in the case in the textbook on pg.336, which is (uploaded). This means your Case Summary essay should be an update of what has occurred over the past 12 months.

In addition, don’t quote scholarly journal articles in the Case Summary. Typically, scholarly journal articles will not be “real time.” Moreover, quoting scholarly journals in the Case Summary tends to make students stray into analysis and application, rather than remaining focused on summary. The scholarly journal references should be reserved for your analysis and application essays. References for the Case Summary section should be current online sources. RESEARCH: You need to cite at least three Scholarly Journal articles in addition to citing the course textbook.

Case Summary

1. In a narrative format, discuss Papa John’s from a strategic perspective. Information concerning recent changes in the firm is readily available online and should be accessed. Strategic issues should be discussed in “real time.” Which real time is the most current events and facts today.

Case Analysis

2. How would you describe Papa John’s competitive strategy along the lines of the Porter and the Miles and Snow typologies? Support your response.

3. Do Papa John’s marketing and production (service) strategies support its competitive strategy effectively? Provide examples to support your answer.


4. Suppose you are the CEO of Papa Johns, and McDonald’s just announced that it would begin to serve pizza in and deliver from all of its restaurants in the United States. Would you make any changes to your competitive strategy? What additional information would you like to have before you make your decision? Explain.


b. Based on those calculations, briefly analyze the overall economic performance over the last 9 years (2007-2017) and critically predict about these three macroeconomic variables for 2018-20. 5 pts

Hint: While predicting the trend for 2018-2020 (based on the growth rates and trend you estimated in the table above), it is imperative to observe the most recent data on these three variables.