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Soc Sci 5B test Humanities Assignment Help. Soc Sci 5B test Humanities Assignment Help.

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Part 1









The letters A-D on the left columns refer to the positions of the earth in its revolution round the sun as indicated in the attached diagram. E and F refer to the positions of the earth on the date shown in their columns. Complete the table on the left b answerin for each of columns A-F, uestions 1-10 below.





The data is:

  • Jan. 4
  • March 21
  • June 21
  • July 4 (e) Sept. 21

(f) Dec. 21

The sun’s ray is overhead at:

  • The Equator
  • The Tropic of Cancer
  • Tropic of Capricorn
  • The Arctic Circle
  • The Antarctic Circle

(0 North Pole

(g) Betweenand The sun’s ray is overhead at:

  • 0 0 lat
  • 23 oN

(C) 23 0 S

  • 66 N
  • 66 S
  • gooN
  • goo S
  • betweenand

The season which is beginning in

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter e None of these

(insert letters above)

_{insert letters from above) N. Hemisphere is:


The season which is beginning in S. Hemisphere is:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter
  • None of these



The northernmost tangent rays strike the earth at:

  • The Equator
  • The Tropic of Cancer
  • The Tropic of Capricorn
  • The Arctic Circle
  • The Antarctic Circle
  • North Pole
  • South Pole
  • Betweenend(insert letters from above)

The above point in #6 in on:

  • the far side of Pole.
  • the near side of the Pole c the Pole.


The southernmost tangent rays strike the earth at:

  • The Equator
  • The Tropic of Cancer
  • The Tropic of Capricorn
  • The Arctic Circle
  • The Antarctic Cirde

(0 North Pole

  • South Pole
  • Between and (insert letters from above) The above point in #8 is on:
  • the far side of the Pole.
  • the near side of the Pole.

(c the Pole,

10. This date is also called:

(a) equinox (b) solstice.

  • perihelion.
  • apheli’on.

Part 2

1 .Which of the following 4 spheres is made up of solid earth?

  • biosphere
  • lithosphere
  • hydrosphere
  • atmosphere
  • Theencompasses all living organisms of the earth.
    • biosphere
    • lithosphere
    • hydrosphere
    • atmosphere
  • Which of the following represents the lowest thermal layer of the atmosphere?
    • thermosphere
    • mesosphere
    • troposphere
    • stratosphere
  • The highest atmospheric temperatures occur at:
    • the earth’s surface.
    • the troposphere.
    • the stratosphere.
    • top of the thermosphere.
  • The relationship that temperatures decrease with altitude is found in which of the following atmospheric layers?
    • the troposphere only
    • troposphere and mesosphere
    • troposphere and thermosphere
    • stratosphere and mesosphere
  • That an iron heated at one end will burn its holder exemplifies which of the following processes of energy transfer?
    • radiation
    • conduction
    • convection
    • all of the above
  • Lines connecting places that have the same temperatures are termed:
    • contour-lines.
    • isotherms.
    • isobars.
    • isochrones.
  • The ground can only radiate long wave radiation but the atmosphere radiates long wave radiation a. upwards, downwards
    • upwards, in all directions
    • downwards, upwards
    • upwards, at right angles to the upward flow
  • 20 degrees C. is equivalent to degrees F.


    10.The distribution of atmospheric pressure is shown on maps by:

    a. isoquants.

    b. isobars.

    • isohyets.
    • contour lines.

    1 1 .The solar constant:

    • is highly variable.
    • has a value of about 1370 W/m2
    • is measured at the earth’s surface.
    • is not affected by the earth’s atmosphere.

    12.What properties of the earth’s atmospheric mass is accoutned for by the troposphere and the stratosphere?

    • exactly 50%
    • about 50%
    • 75%
    • 99%

    1 3.The troposphere is shallower at the poles because of:

    • the rotation of the earth.
    • the low temperatures there.
    • the absence of greenhouse gasses at high latitudes.
    • none of the above.
    • Why is it summer in N. Hemisphere in June?
      • Earth is closer tot the Sun in June.
      • Sun’s altitudes are highter and days are longer.
      • Sun sends out giant solar flares in June.
      • N. Hemisphere is tilted away from the Sun.
    • The ocean, land and atmosphere all emit long wave radiation.
    • As latitude increases away from the equator solar insolation value drops.
    • The intensity of insolation having angle of inclination 30 0 is 50% of the direct vertical insolation.
    • The highest diurnal temperature is reached at noon.
    • Rural temperatures tend to be lower than urban because urban pavement reflects off much of the heat.
    • Temperatures close to the ground are heavily influenced by the rapidity with which the surface both heats up during the day and cools at night.

    TRUE/FALSE (15-21)

    21.The March Equinox is much warmer than the September Equinox.

    Part 3

    • The major problem common to all maps is:
      • distance projection.
      • distortion.
      • lack of uniform scale.
      • none of these.
    • The transformation of a geographic grid to a flat grid is:
      • cartography.
      • remote sensing. c. map projections. d. area enlargement.
    • The projection is centered on the North or South Pole and displays the meridians as lines.
      • Mercator, curved
      • Goode, straight
      • conical, curved
      • Polar, radial
    • A major difference between the solar year and the sidereal year is that solar year = 366.25 days whilst sidereal year = 365.26 days.
      • true
      • false.
    • A cylinder is a developable surface.
      • true
      • false.
    • When is it 9AM Friday CST at Memphis (90 0W), it is also 9AM Friday at Nashville (360 N 87 0W).
      • What is the local time at Nashville?
      • Why is local time = standard time at Memphis?
      • What is the local time at Little Rock (350 N 92 0W)?
    • A flight from Tokyo (135 0 E) to Honolulu (150 0W) departs Tokyo Thursday 11:55PM and arrives Honolulu at 12:25PM (25 mins afternoon on the same day, i.e. 11.5 hours before departure). Compute the exact flight duration in hours and minutes.
    • Read the following quotation and answer the questions below:
      • With suitable diagrams, prove the assertions.

    Clearly state your work and reasoning.

    “The sun’s altitude at local noon at 40•N latitude increases from 26.5 0 angle above the horizon at the winter solstice to a 73.5 0 angle above the horizon at the June solstice, a range of 47 0 .”

    a.Clearly restate the 3 assertions in the quotation.

    9.1t is June 21 in New York City ( lat 40.5 N ) what’s the noonday altitude of the sun ? Draw appropriate diagrams and show your reasoning

    Soc Sci 5B test Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    looking at the history of a Chinese ​people in Chicago and how it has adapted to changing (political, social, economic…) contexts over time. ​ Writing Assignment Help

    I am looking at the history of a Chinese people in Chicago and how it has adapted
    to changing (political, social, economic…) contexts over time. And as the research gap I am comparing the the experiences of Chinese and Indians in Chicago. How as they adapted in different ways based on particular aspects of their experiences.

    These paper is for multiculturalism, so write in that source.

    All the sources must be cited in MLA format. NO PLAGIARISM.

    I need a literature review and the method done for my research paper. I have write down key points about what it should include but it is not limited.

    Literature Review (4 pages)

    • Explain the relevance( why you mention the paper or the book)
    • Start with big theory first, then go down with the precise theory of your won
    • At the end research gap
    • Secondary sources
    • Resources
    • Their connection to your argument
    • Research question

    Method (2 to 3 pages)

    • What you did (primary Sources)
    • What you saw
    • Who you interview
    • Why these methods


    Information Design Project Business Finance Assignment Help


    For this project, you will select a data set from the ones listed below and create a short informational report that includes at least three data visualizations that you create and that you feel best communicates the data you select from your data set in a form that maximizes the impact of the data to suit a specific audience and purpose.

    To create your visualizations and informational report, select one of the following data sets:

    Ill attach the data set i choose.

    Once you have selected a data set, spend some time with the data. Identify the trends that jump out at you as most significant. As you identify your audience, think about who would want to know about the data and the point you’d like to make. You will not be able to visualize or discuss all the data in your data set. Your job is to select and visualize the data that is most relevant to your audience and the point you are making.


    Document 1: Visual, Informational Report

    A one-page, informative, visually interesting report that makes a point about your subject using the data in your data set. This report should incorporate at three visuals that you have created along with a discussion/analysis of the data in your figures. The text in your report should

    • introduce the topic and its importance
    • explain the meaning of the visuals
    • point to the conclusions suggested by the data.

    You should think through and identify a clear audience. Your understanding of the audience informs how the data is presented, the form the visualizations take, and the point you use the data to make, as well as the overall purpose of the document.

    Document 2: Reflective Analysis

    A short 250- to 500-word note that explains the following (use headings to identify each of the topics listed below):

    • How and why you selected your data set
    • How you selected which data to visualize and why you visualized it in the form you did
    • Who was your target audience and what was your overall goal/purpose
    • How you ensured that your visualizations of the data were fair, accurate, and clear
    • The raw data set used to create the report (with a citation for the data)


    oop Multi class Programming Assignment Help

    Need help with this code… class ‘Baggage’. will track inventory items added to or removed from it. Inventory items will be represented by
    inventory item objects created using the ‘InventoryItem’ class. When an attempt is made to add an inventory
    item to a Baggage object, the number of items in the Baggage object is compared with maximum capacity and
    allowable items. If space is left and the item is allowed, the item is added, otherwise, the class returns a response indicating failure with a short reason why.

    Bellow is what I have so far.

    class Baggage:

    # Constructor – sets initial values for all object attributes.

    def __init__(self, capacity=5, inventory=[], allow_items=()):

    self.inventory = []

    self.capacity = 5

    self.allow_items = (
















    # Displays all items contained in a Baggage object

    def print_item(self):

    print(“n”.join([str(n) for n in self.inventory]))

    # Adds an item object to the Baggage object after checking that the mx capacity has not been reached (i.e. 5 items)

    def add_item(self, item_object):

    if len(self.inventory) <= self.capacity:

    if item_object.__str__() in self.allow_items:


    print(item_object.__str__(), “has been added!!”)

    return True

    else: # lif item_object.__str__() not in self.allow_items:

    print(item_object.__str__(), “Item is restricted from list”)


    print(“Reached max capacity”)

    return False

    # Checks of an item is in the Baggage object

    def has_item(self, item_object):

    for n in self.inventory:

    if item_object.__str__() == n.inventory:

    return True

    return False

    # Removes an item from the Baggage after checking its presence using has_item method

    def remove_item(self, item_object):

    if item_object.__str__() in self.inventory:


    print(item_object.__str__(), ” has been removed”)

    return True


    print(“Item not found!!”)

    return False

    class InventoryItem:

    def __init__(self, item_name):

    self.item_name = item_name

    def __str__(self):

    return “:”.join([str(self.item_name)])

    It1 = InventoryItem(“Umbrella”)

    It2 = InventoryItem(“Coat”)

    It3 = InventoryItem(“Book”)

    It4 = InventoryItem(“Pen”)

    It5 = InventoryItem(“Cap”)

    backpack = Baggage([It1, It2], 3)




    satche1 = Baggage([It2, It3], 4)





    In this assignment you will be given a scenario in which you are the Director of Information Technology in a mid-level health system, BestHealth Inc. You have been asked by the CEO to create a Value Proposition Powerpoint to be presented to the executive Business Finance Assignment Help

    In this assignment you will be given a scenario in which you are the Director of Information Technology in a mid-level health system, BestHealth Inc. You have been asked by the CEO to create a Value Proposition Powerpoint to be presented to the executive committee. The presentation will summarize for the execs your Release of Information Tracking System Value Proposition. The purpose of this assignment is three-fold:

    • Explore the impact of informatics in the business of healthcare
    • Discuss the financial implications of healthcare informatics
    • Demonstrate an understanding of how informatics fits within a healthcare organization

    As with all assignments, the work you submit must be your work only; this is an individual assignment. While we understand that students discuss assignments, collaborating or incorporating the work of others will negatively impact your grade. Your scenario follows in the form of an Executive Summary. You will use course materials and other scholarly supporting materials to assist you. Formatting and document organizational requirements appear below.

    To help you prepare, review this video on How to Record Narration for a PowerPoint Presentation.

    Your scenario follows in the form of an Executive Summary. You will use course materials and other scholarly supporting materials to assist you. Formatting and document organizational requirements appear below.

    Executive Summary

    Recent regulations and business practices such as billing require BestHealth Inc. to Release Information to patients and other approved entities.

    BestHealth Inc. is a mid-level health system that consists of a 100-bed regional hospital and a 300-bed tertiary care center. BestHealth also recently concluded a merger with All Docs Co. and added four outpatient clinics to its system. With the merger, BestHealth now serves a catchment area that covers the northern half of the state of Pennsylvania. Both hospitals have an average daily census of 80%, and the outpatient clinics have an average of 300 patient visits weekly. Staffing at the regional hospital and the tertiary care hospital are within industry averages, and each outpatient clinic staff consists of four physicians, four advanced practice nurses and support staff.

    However, BestHealth currently does not have consistent processes around ROI and also does not have the ability to track and document ROI across the enterprise. The CEO has asked you to review some third-party software they are considering and to develop a Value Proposition around purchasing and implementing this type of information system. She feels this is crucial to protect BestHealth from inappropriate releases and to ensure HIPAA compliance. She is also interested in understanding how much data is being released, to who and for what purpose. Several software packages they are considering are:

    Criteria for Evaluation

    1. Demonstrate an understanding of the ROI tracking system and the organization

    • Define and describe the organization’s need
    • Define and describe ROI and ROI tracking systems
    • Describe basic ROI tracking system features and functions
    • Describe the primary stakeholders

    60 points

    2. Review the processes around choosing a ROI tracking system vendor

    • Explain the ROI tracking system (information system) Life Cycle
    • Develop a Goal Statement
    • Describe standard processes for dealing with vendors
    • Describe the implementation plan standard processes

    60 points

    3. HIPAA and ROI

    • Define and describe the HIPAA Privacy Rule
    • Define and describe the HIPAA Security Rule
    • How does a ROI tracking system support HIPAA compliance
    • Describe ROI tracking system benefits and barriers

    60 points

    5. Presentation Quality: readability and clarity

    20 points

    Total Points




    Reflection Business Finance Assignment Help

    Here is my story:

    Last year I got a fight with another student and he went to our college to make a complaint against me.

    After probably 4 months the school made their discussion and asked me to do 20 hours as a community serves, write a paper reflecting on this incident and put me under probation until I graduate.

    Now please read the following required and write three pages showing them what I learned from this matter and how I’ll be dealing in the future with something like this if it happened again.

    You must write a paper reflecting on this incident and deliver it to Adam copy.

    The paper must be typed, double-spaced, with a 12-point font and one-inch margins and be at least 3 pages in length. It is expected that you will take time to reflect on this incident and will discuss the following in your paper: what you have learned; how your behavior in this instance impacted The Hail University community; what (if anything) would you do differently if you were faced with this situation again; what are the positive take- aways from this situation? This paper should be focused on your behavior and what you’ve learned. It should not be used as a vehicle to complain about the law or university policy.

    Some information about me:

    I am an international graduate student and I have my wife and 4 kids at school. So you can mention some points about how this matter affects my family and my academic studies if that necessary.

    Kindly you need to use your own words and thoughts.

    Reflection Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    Medical ethics Health Medical Assignment Help



    the paper has to be minimum 900 words

    add in text citations and references page (minimum 3 sources)

    make sure to include a minimum of four body paragraphs, and a conclusion (as in the template)

    This is a paper about phyician assisted suicide please create an outline and rough draft

    Your term paper should:

    • Discuss the technical aspects of your topic in general terms.
    • Discuss the public policy debates relevant to the topic you choose. This section should cover arguments that are in favor of and opposed to the use of the techniques or products.
    • Express your personal opinion regarding the importance of the topic and the validity of the pro and con arguments.


    • Your submission must include an introduction, body, and conclusion sections in outline format.
    • Each section of your outline should include topic sentences and paragraph transitions that help tie your major points together.
    • Your outline must follow current APA style formatting.
    • Refer to the writing resources below to get started.


    The following components must be met:

    • The rough draft includes an introduction, a minimum of four body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
    • A minimum of three references are incorporated as supporting evidence.
    • Use the outline you posted as a guide. As you draft you may find that changing some pieces is necessary for the paper to make sense.
    • Be sure to follow APA style formatting for your paper and cite your sources.


    Can you help me to write the essay? Writing Assignment Help

    We need a book The Power of Habits by Charles Duhigg to write quotes for the essay .

    Please when you write Quotes , you should write which member page . You can find Quotes from chapter 1 , cahpter 2 , chapter 3.

    STEP 1

    Creating the Hook

    Create 4 different kinds of hooks about the subject of this introduction:

    1. Is there an interesting statisticabout this subject that most people do not know?


    2. Is there a quotation which may apply to this subject? ______________________________________

    3. Is there an important question that we might ask about the topic? ______________________________________

    4. Is there a particular bit of wisdom you know that is suggested by this subject? ______________________________________

    STEP 2


    Answer the following questions.

    1. What is the title of the book.


    2. Who is the author of the book.


    3. What is the book about?


    4. Why is the book important?


    5. How can reading this book change someone’s life?

    Now use the above information to create the BACKGROUND INFORMATION for your introduction.

    ______________________________________Thesis statement about how using the information learned in the text can help us improve our personal lives.

    STEP 3

    Your habit loop [Body Paragraph 1]

    Think about your personal habits, what are one habit you’d like to change?



    Write down the cue, routine, reward

    (The cue , routine, and reward is the habit loop that you do it daily)


    Create your topic sentence to include the idea that the first step in changing a habit is the identification of the habit loop:


    Now complete the following for your idea

    idea #1: ____Your habit Cue___________________________________________________________

    Quote from text supporting the idea that the cue begins a habit loop:_____________________

    Explanation of the cue in terms of your habit: ____________________________________

    idea #2: ___Routine and your habit_________________________________________________

    Quote from text supporting the idea importance of routine in habit formation:

    Explanation of routine in terms of your habit: ______________________________________

    idea #3: ____Reward and your habit______________________________________________________

    Quote from text supporting the idea reward in habit formation:_____________________

    Explanation of reward in terms of your habit: ____________________________________


    [Body Paragraph #2]

    A] Think about your bad habit – What do you think you might actually be craving?


    B] Think about your cue, routine, and reward – How could you change your routine in a way that still took into consideration the cue, kept the same reward AND met the craving?


    C] What Outside resources might help you make this change?


    Create your topic sentence to include the idea that changing a routine requires accurately identifying the craving, changing the routine that satisfies craving, and uses outside resources for support:


    Now complete the following for your idea

    idea #1: ____Your habit craving___________________________________________________________

    Quote from text supporting the idea of craving in habit formation:_____________________

    Explanation of the craving in terms of your habit: ____________________________________

    idea #2: ___Changing the routine but meeting the craving_____________________________________

    Quote from text supporting the idea importance of routine change in habit change:

    Explanation of routine change in terms of your habit: ______________________________________
    idea #3: ____Outside Support______________________________________________________

    Quote from text supporting the idea of using outside support in habit change:_____________________

    Explanation of outside support in terms of your habit change: _________________________________

    STEP 5

    Paragraph 3 -Personal Experience Paragraph Building

    Over the weekend you have tried to change a routine while meeting a craving to alter a habit – was it successful or not?

    1. Create a topic sentence agreeing or disagreeing with the author’s main idea that through altering a routine to still meet a habit craving and accessing outside sources, one can effectively change a habit or not.


    2. Explain what you did this weekend to change your habit.

    o Who?

    o What?

    o Where?

    o Why?

    o When?

    Explain the experience in vivid detail:

    ______________________________________3. Did you feel the habit shift or not? How does this support or negate the author’s claim OR do you think you misidentified the craving, cue or reward? Do you think with additional changes it will work in future?



    Choose an ending transition and connect it to a restatement of your thesis in different words:


    Summarize the main ideas in first body paragraph in 2 sentences:


    Summarize the main ideas in second body paragraph in 2 sentences:


    Summarize the main ideas in third body paragraph in 2 sentences:


    Choose 2 of the following and then pick the one you like best for your paragraph

    Write a suggestion/advice you might make for the readers:


    Talk about your hook again and relate it to habit change:


    Make a prediction about habit change for you or readers:


    Use a new quote, question , or anecdote relating to the topic


    culture and food test 3 Humanities Assignment Help

    Format: The format will be the same as the previous tests: a few essay questions, multiple choice, and short answer. You will be allowed to use the articles and other materials for reference.

    In reviewing the articles, it’s a good idea to review the reading questions and make sure you understand the answers.

    Food, Class, and Health

    1. Documentary A Place at the Table

    Themes explored:

    1) How poverty perpetuates hunger

    2) Food insecurity (know what this means)

    4) Health effects of food insecurity

    5) Food deserts (know what this means)

    5) Food and charities—charities are insufficient for eliminating food insecurity

    6) Need for government to step up and help ensure everyone has access to adequate healthy food.

    7) Government agricultural policy and subsidies—support high yield crops that go into junk food

    2. R. Albritton article “Between Hunger and Obesity: The Capitalist Food Industry”

    Using a conflict theory approach, Albritton addresses the obesity epidemic that we face in the U.S. but not from a biomedical perspective. He also explains how capitalism results in hunger, particularly in developing countries.

    • Albritton makes an argument that the American way of doing business has led to the spread of obesity. If you want to understand the obesity epidemic, you first have to understand the political economy behind our food industry. This is where the solution lies. Americans, eat and eat poorly (sugars, fats, and salts…..lots of junk food), because this is pushed by the food industry and the capitalist economic, profit driven, system that drives that industry. Albritton argues that there is enormous profit to be made from obesity. If you want proof of this, just look at the packaged foods in your kitchen. Look at the list of ingredients and the nutrition facts. Notice how many are high in salt, sugar, and fats, and how many contain ‘artificial ingredients’ or ingredients that you don’t recognize.

    In regard to hunger, Albritton, like Poppendeick, argues that hunger is a problem arising from poverty. Poverty in the developing world is result of capitalism (and colonialism, imperialism, racism, and patriarchy). For example, he explains how the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank attached requirements to loans to developing


    Option 1: We live in an increasingly diverse world and our personal success as well as the success of our society in general depends on our ability to be responsive to ourselves and to the people around us. A key to this responsiveness is developing an un Business Finance Assignment Help

    Option 1: We live in an increasingly diverse world and our personal success as well as the success of our society in general depends on our ability to be responsive to ourselves and to the people around us. A key to this responsiveness is developing an understanding of ourselves and how our experiences have shaped who we are and how we move in the world. Your assignment (due on February 25) is to write an autobiographical essay which you analyze significant life experiences that have, in part, shaped your perceptions and how those experiences can be used in a future context.

    For more information about this assignment option click here and here.

    Social Identity Theory suggests that experiences of in-group or out-group status have an effect on people’s identities. Toward that aim, create an outline (due on February 25th as your “ticket to the stage”) and deliver a 3-4 minute formal presentation in which you share your experiences of inclusion and exclusion in groups and how that affects identity.

    For more information about this assignment option, please click on this link.






    Soc Sci 5B test Humanities Assignment Help

    Soc Sci 5B test Humanities Assignment Help

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