Social Problems Throughout the World, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Social Problems Throughout the World, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help. Social Problems Throughout the World, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help.

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Social Problems Throughout the World

You have covered many different social problems that occur here in the United States and throughout the world (domestic violence, homelessness, child abuse, addiction, etc.). For this assignment you will chose a social problem that is covered in your text, and find 2 websites that address that problem. One website should cover the problem here in the United States and one website should cover the problem globally.

Begin your paper with a brief summary of the social problems we’ve covered. Then provide a description of the social problem chosen for this assignment.

Next you will write a 1-2 paragraph summary about each website, totaling 3-4 paragraphs. Discuss how multiculturalism and diversity impacts the social problem you suggested. Be sure to include what influences that social problem in both countries.

What, if anything is being done about it and what do you think could be done differently?

Possible resources:

Requirements for this assignment paper:

You should create your assignment in MS Word. Save your assignment and submit it to the Unit 4: Assignment Dropbox.

When you are ready to submit your assignment, click on the Unit 4 Dropbox and complete the steps below:

  1. Click the link that says “Submit an Assignment.”
  2. In the “Submit to Basket” menu, select Unit 4: Assignment.
  3. In the “Comments” field, include at least the title of your project.
  4. Click the “Add Attachments” button.
  5. Follow the steps listed to attach your Word document.
  6. To view your graded work, come back to the Dropbox or go to the Gradebook after your instructor has evaluated it.
  7. Make sure that you save a copy of your submitted assignment.

Be sure to use specific information from the text and web resources to support your answers. (APA formatting and citation must be used.)

The viewpoint and purpose of this assignment should be clearly established and sustained. The assignment should follow the conventions of Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.). Your writing should be well ordered, logical and unified, as well as original and insightful. Your work should display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics.

Information regarding APA formatting and citation style APA formatting can be found in the Writing Center and should be reviewed thoroughly. Below is a link to the document:

Social Problems Throughout the World, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Google’s Organizational Culture, management assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help


For this please select a topic. While you may select your own organization/department, keep in mind that this is graduate level work and, as such, does need to be scholarly in nature. Projects need to be unbiased and written in the third person. Consider yourself examining the compensation system as a 3rd party outsider without prior knowledge of the system.

In all cases, the topics should be legitimate and not fictitious. As you consider what topic to select, consider how you will be able to gather information on the topic. Sources should be scholarly in nature and might include journal articles, interviews of professionals, organization documents. Personal experience does not count as a scholarly source – remember, you should be using this project as an opportunity to broaden your perspective.

Post your topic that includes the organization that you will use for the project this term. Also include at least 2 scholarly sources that you plan to use for this assignment.

Please select a topic and a thesis statement about the organization. Thanks


policy measures to reduce the frequency of banking and financial crises , economics homework help Economics Assignment Help

Hi, I need help for my economic of money and banking research question.

“National and international policy makers should try to reduce the frequency of banking and financial crises. Argue for three different policy measures that would be helpful to reduce the frequency of banking and financial crises. In each case indicate whether the measure you propose requires international coordination or could be implemented in individual countries even if other countries declined to implement the same measure.”

Please go straight into explain each points in 150-200 words. Please provide graph and diagrams if necessary.


Fake interview of two people , writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

In this assignment, you will design an interview schedule and then use it to conduct interviews with two individuals about their perceptions of the juvenile justice system. As part of your interview, you will show the respondents a PDF of your fictionalized learner rap sheet avatar.

This assignment will enable you to see how interesting and informative it can be to tap into the attitudes of respondents regarding how they view the juvenile justice system. By obtaining such data, we can learn how to create educational and informational programs to help the public understand what really goes on in the system, so that there will be greater support for improvement.

Focus your questions on how ordinary people perceive the juvenile criminal justice system. Please make sure that your study focuses on views toward the juvenile justice system, rather than on juvenile offenders themselves. Choose any two people to interview for this assignment who represent distinct social, ethnic, racial, or gender categories, so that you might be able to compare views.


Here are some possible questions to use for your interviews:


What do you do for a living?

How would you describe your “social standing” or class background?

How would you describe your political views?

What values are most important to you?

What do you think are society’s biggest problems?

Have you had personal experiences with the juvenile justice system?

Ask additional questions that delve into the backgrounds of the interviewees.

Juvenile Justice System:

Is the juvenile justice system effective and fair? If so, how?

Are there flaws in the system? If so, what are they, and how do you think they could be fixed?

How do you believe victims of juvenile crime are treated by the system?

How do you think our society in general views the juvenile justice system?

How do you believe people in your community typically feel about the ways that juvenile offenders are treated by the juvenile justice system?

Ask additional questions that delve into the perceptions of the interviewees.

In addition, show a PDF of your learner rap sheet avatar to the people you interview. Ask how the respondents feel the juvenile justice system should deal with this individual and whether this would be done effectively and appropriately.


Analyze, compare, and contrast the views of your two respondents with regard to their perceptions and evaluations of the juvenile justice system. In addition, analyze, compare, and contrast the respondents’ perceptions of your learner rap sheet avatar.

Contextualize your respondents’ views in relation to their political orientations, personal and occupational circumstances, prior experiences, and social statuses.

Assess what you feel is the impact of your respondents’ perceptions on the juvenile justice system. How do you think the public perceptions and related political ideologies you encountered during your interview affect the actual system?

In your analysis, you must apply concepts from your readings and at least one additional peer-reviewed scientific research article from a scholarly journal in the Capella University Library. These sources must be quoted, cited, and referenced. Use these sources to penetrate beneath the statements of the respondents to analyze the foundation of their views.

Submission Requirements

Written communication: It should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.

APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style and formatting.

Length of paper: 1,000–1,200 wor


Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), sociology homework help Humanities Assignment Help

I need three responses to the question below.

Page 204:

“Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), a diagnosis frequently given to children who have suffered severe early neglect and/ or trauma… It is marked by a lack of empathy and an inability to connect with others, often accompanied by manipulative and antisocial behavior. RAD can occur when infants don’t receive enough rocking, cuddling and other nurturing physical and emotional attention. The regions of their brains that help them form relationships and decode social cues do not develop properly, and they grow up with faulty relational neurobiology, including an inability to derive pleasure from healthy human interactions.”

Now research Charles Manson. What happened in Manson’s childhood that contributed to his abnormal development. Do you think Charles Manson had RAD? Why or why not? Watch this:



Cancer treatment review, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Each student is required to write a 5 page research paper on a health topic assigned by the Professor (All members in each group will be assigned the same topic) but are to write their own individual paper. This research paper should include an overview of the topic, background, key aspects of the topic, impact on specific populations (African Americans, College Students, Women, Men etc.). The paper should demonstrate the students understanding of the issue/topic/disease state. The research paper should consider/discuss the impact of social determinants on this topic. This paper should cite all sources used, the title page and reference page are not considered in the 5 page requirement Times New Roman Font (12), double spaced, pages should be numbered. References should be in APA format.

Cancer treatment review, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Finance is an exciting field in need of intelligent, skilled people, homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Careers in Finance
Finance is an exciting field in need of intelligent, skilled people. The job opportunities range from corporate finance; financial planning; investment banking; insurance; and real estate from individuals, institutions, government, and businesses. Finance managers acquire, spend, and manage money and other financial assets.

Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you:

  1. Describe two (2) financial career options that an individual with a finance education might pursue and explain the value that such a position adds to a company.
  2. Explain the essential skills that would make a person successful in each of the described positions.
  3. Recommend one (1) of the career options. Identify the most attractive features of the position.
  4. Format your assignment according to the following formatting requirements:
    1. Typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides.
    2. Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page is not included in the required page length.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Describe the forms of business organizations and the role of financial managers within an organization.
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in finance.
  • Write clearly and concisely about finance using proper writing mechanics.


Contract Legal Relationship, assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help

This project requires that you complete a real estate transaction from
start to finish, including the documentation. For this project, you will
locate a piece of real estate that you want to purchase. This can be
your “dream home,” and dollar figures don not matter, since this is a fictitious
transaction. You will be provided with some fictitious information to
prepare some of the documentation for the transaction. After locating
your dream home, you will go through the steps as you learn them in
class for the purchase of the piece of real estate.

If possible, please submit one complete document, in either PDF or
Word format, for grading. If you are unable to combine documents into
one submission, please submit each portion separately for grading.

The project pieces include the following:

  • Property to Purchase
  • Offer to Purchase
  • Title Commitment
  • Deed
  • Settlement Statement


Civil Litigation, law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Many times a party feels as though the court was wrong, whether
through the verdict at trial, or a case being dismissed before trial.
When this occurs, a party is able to appeal the case to another court.

The trial of Billy Bob v. Widget World Co. ended in the jury
finding for the Defendant, Widget World. Your supervising attorney Suzy
Cue, at Alpha & Beta LLC, 432 Brown Ct, Whiteacre, would like to
appeal this case. She needs a little information about the appeals
process to be able to fully inform the client what he should expect.
Please prepare a Legal Memorandum to Suzy, in which you explain:

  1. The local appellate court for your hometown, along with its name and address
  2. Any filing fee for appealing a decision of the court below
  3. The deadline for filing an appeal
  4. The requirements for filing an appeal in your local court
  5. The process that will occur after filing a Notice of Appeal
  6. Whether the court has a specific form it prefers to be used for filing an appeal

Then, prepare a Notice of Appeal for Billy Bob’s case and attach it to the memorandum. Suzy has provided a sample Notice for you.

For assistance with a Legal Memorandum, see the Legal Memorandum PowerPoint presentation here.


Individual Project, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help


The purpose of this project is to use TOC to analyze a process and make recommendations for improvements. The process must be repetitive and have an internal constraint.

Outline of your paper

  • A detailed description of current process.
  • A flow chart (diagram) showing the different steps
  • A detailed explanation of the application of the first three steps
    1. Identify
    2. Exploit
    3. Subordinate
  • A comparison of the before and after.


At least 6 double-spaced pages

Flowchart diagram should not be more than half a page

Times New Roman 12

All margins 1”

The following link is an example of a project:

Example Project.rtf在新窗口中查看


Social Problems Throughout the World, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Social Problems Throughout the World, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help