Solar cell simulation program Engineering Assignment Help

Solar cell simulation program Engineering Assignment Help. Solar cell simulation program Engineering Assignment Help.

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Using “SQ Limit Def File.def” resolve the following problems.

1. In the CdTe-base.def model, make a contour map of the efficiency versus shallow uniform acceptor density and Defect 1 total density, both on a logarithmic scale. What is the maximum efficiency of this device stack based on these calculations? Be sure to keep the ranges of values that you use physically relevant. Save a new def file with the optimized acceptor and defect1 densities.

2. Taking your optimized device from #1, now look at the effect of the back (left) contact work function. Is the performance affected by work function? If so, can you find a metal with a work function that matches your best device? Set the best left contact work function in the model and save it to the def file from #1.

3. Run a batch calculation for the CdTe_base.def device measured over a logarithmic range of light intensities and a linear range of temperatures (see batch example in the lecture). Plot the open circuit voltage versus temperature for each light intensity. Perform a linear fit through the Voc(T) data and extrapolate to 0K. What is the value of the voltage intercept at 0K? Is it light intensity dependent?

4. Take the optimized device that you saved in #2. Change the absorption model to “from model” instead of “from file”. This will allow you to run batches as a function of the band gap of the device. Run a batch calculation over the band gap energy from 0.4 eV to 3 eV in 0.05 eV steps. How close do you come to the SQ limit curve for efficiency vs band gap?

5. Take the optimized device that you saved in #2. Change the spectrum from AM1.5G to a monochromatic (e.g. 800nm) spectrum and rerun the batch from #4. What is the peak efficiency you achieve? Comment on why this is.

Use excel for all calculations and for graphs, and provide the file.

Download the latest version of the SCAPS solar cell simulation program along with the manual. It is available for free from the University of Gent, although they do require an email to get the link. Here is the home page: However, clever googling turns up the SCAPS Download page directly. Install and send a screenshot (not a phone picture of your monitor omg). Play around with it.

Please look for help in the SCAPS Manual (uploaded).

I attached the excel file and the program as well and the SQ limit def file.def

Solar cell simulation program Engineering Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Complete Business Discussion and Consumer Math Discussion NO PLAGIARISM Business Finance Assignment Help


Reflecting on Our Strengths and Weaknesses


In the book Pour Your Heart Into It, in chapter 11, Schulz talks about how businesses fail because leaders cannot execute. Perhaps this is because they are not aware of their own strengths or weaknesses.


Please respond to all the following items in your initial post by Sunday. In addition, engage with your classmates by making comments and/or asking questions that build upon your peer’s posts.


  • What are three strengths/skills you would have to offer in a service-learning activity?
  • Describe how each would benefit the community.
  • What are three areas you would improve before performing service-learning in the community?
  • Describe steps you would take to improve.
  • Compare and contrast your answers with your classmates’ posts.

Each week, you will be asked to respond to the prompt or prompts in the discussion forum. Your initial post should be 75-150 words in length



Congratulations! You are a proud owner of an engraving business. However, you are using an aging rotary engraver to engrave plaques and trophies. The machine has been reliable, but does require regular maintenance and periodic replacement of parts. You have just found out that this engraver will no longer be supported by the manufacturer. This means that service and parts will be hard to get in the future, and if it breaks it could take up to three weeks to get a new one up and running. You keep this machine running almost 8 hours a day, every day. Every day that engraver is down will cost around $975 in lost income.

If you have to buy a new engraver, it would cost around $25,000.

You can get a one-year loan at 12% to buy a new engraver, but you worry that this is a lot of money to spend, especially since the old engraver is still working fine. You have to make a decision.

In this discussion, pose your argument on whether you should purchase a new engraver now or wait until the old engraver breaks before ordering a new engraver.

To help you construct your argument answer the following steps:

  1. The local bank will loan you $25,000 for 1 year at an interest rate of 12% with only one payment due at the end of the year. If you borrow the full $25,000 for the new engraver, what will the total cost of the loan be?
  2. Calculate the total amount of revenue (gross profit) that will be lost if the engraver breaks and is down for 18 business days.
  3. If the engraving business makes $975 per day in revenue and generates a net profit of 25%, how much profit is generated per day?
  4. Given a 25% profit margin and $975 per day in revenue, how many days would it take for the new engraver to earn back the total cost of purchase, if the entire net profit were allocated to pay for the unit?
  5. What other factors should you consider in order to make a good business decision?


Effective leaders can use their emotions in a positive way to benefit their organization. Health Medical Assignment Help

Effective leaders can use their emotions in a positive way to benefit
their organization, their employees, and stakeholders. Dye and Garman
(2006) state, “The most effective leaders have a deeper understanding of
their emotion” (p. 18), in their discussion of emotional intelligence
(EI) and why it is important.

Over the last several years, organizations that are actively engaged
in leadership development have expressed keen interest in understanding
EI. Research suggests that EI may be more important than intellectual
intelligence in determining leadership success, and leadership
development programs may offer better outcomes if EI is better
understood (Sadri, 2012).

  • Write a paper that defines and describes emotional intelligence.
  • Additionally, detail the value of EI possession among health care leaders.
  • Provide at least 1 example, real or hypothetical, of how emotional intelligence has been or can be used by effective leaders.

5-7 pages not including abstract page.


An easy and straightforward question. Programming Assignment Help

Those answer are pretty much straightforward and can be answered easily. Attached is the database you will be testing and analyzing.

You DON’T need to edit the database, just answer the questions below and give some solutions after you test and analyze the database. Just so you know, the content of the zip file is the database and the sample paper. Thank you so much.


  1. Test the table. Can answers to the desired question be obtained using the planned table structure?
  2. Analyze the table. Are there fields or relationships that need to be changed?
  3. Eliminate repeating groups of fields.
  4. Create a data entry form. Consider how the data will be entered. Are there fields or relationships that need to be changed?


  1. Test the table again—can answers to the desired question be obtained using the planned table structure?
  2. Analyze the table—how will the data be viewed?
  3. Eliminate record modification problems (such as redundant or inconsistent data) and record deletion and addition problems.


  1. Test the table again. Can answers to the desired question be obtained using the planned table structure?
  2. Identify and implement security measures to restrict access to the database.
  3. Create a query that answers your question.


  1. Analyze the results of the query. Did it answer the question? Did it give you the results you expected? What changes do you need to make, if any?
  2. Create a report to communicate the query results.


What specific changes need to be made? Writing Assignment Help

I would like for this paper to be addressed with the corrections indicated. Two papers have been attached, please take a look at them and make to create a more understanding paper. Thx.(comparative analysis, address all of the worldview questions in detail for Christianity and your selected faith. Refer to chapter 2 of the Called to Care for the list of questions. Be sure to address the implications of these beliefs for health care).

*Source support needed throughtout

*Identify and develop specific elements of the belief system (use a chart with sources cited in the chart)

*Be specific on component/practices of healing and are for Christian and Buddhism. (These are key elements of the assignment)

*Use major headings, as well, to identify more clearly and sufficiently the key assignment elements.

*religious beliefs need to be clearly and fully developed with the paper

*Perspectives and components of healing of Christianity and chosen other religion identified? Needs to be significantly identified. Few general spiritual perspectives discussed. What are specific components/practices of healing and care a Christian or a Buddhist patient would draw upon while under care in a local hospital?

*Perspectives and components of healing of Christianity and chosen other religion compared and/or contrasted? Needs to be significantly developed.

Discussion of being cared for by HCP of different faith? Yes.

A description of what was learned from research? *Needed to be addressed.

Abstract? No. An abstract should be brief statement to include purpose/thesis, methodology, observations, and results/outcomes. Review APA guidelines (see Student Success Center>Writing Center; or, google Purdue Owl). Separate page, after title page.

1500-2000 words?



​Read through the study instructions, Engineering Assignment Help

Read through the study instructions, play with the examples, do a practice run of the study and then run yourself in the Müller-Lyer illusion study.


  • Use a browser other than Google Chrome
  • Make sure you are using the most recent version of Java
  • Make sure you have added the website to the Java security exceptions site list


Read all the instructions before beginning.

Open the site:

Once you access the site, read through the study instructions, play with the examples, do a practice run of the study and then run yourself in the Müller-Lyer illusion study. You will need to capture your data as screen captures of the “Four Conditions Results” and the “More Detailed Results”. Also capture the information you will need for your report. The bulk of the report contents is already provided on the website. (You are both the participant and the investigator conducting a study.)

Document your work in a report using the full scientific paper format (found in module 2G) that includes:

  • Abstract & keywords
  • Background (literature search and your hypotheses, including the null hypothesis),
  • Methods (variables; participants; materials; procedures),
  • Results (both screen captures of the results; separate graphs of the results, e.g.,main and interactive effects and results details in a bar graph)
  • Discussion that includes an interpretation of the findings
  • Conclusions (address your hypotheses, provide your observations, and discuss an application of visual perception principals and theories).
  • References in APA format

In your report identify the independent, dependent and confounding variables. Present the findings and assess your results. Document main effects and interactions. Identify an application of the illusion – what are the potential impacts in system design?

Don’t forget to:

  • Assure you properly cite references
  • Submit your work in Word or PDF

​Read through the study instructions, Engineering Assignment Help[supanova_question]

chem,bio and be question Science Assignment Help

  • 3.56 (Put at maximum 3 directions in any unit cell, clearly labeled. Also make it so that all directions lie in the unit cell like in 3.57)
  • 3.57 (Notice that they do label some of the ends)
  • 3.67 (Put at maximum 3 planes in any unit cell)
  • 3.68

You may want to use the “VMSE” to help, but note to put everything inside the unit cell not behind etc. like it sometimes does with negatives in “VMSE”.

If you want to use my pre-drawn unit cells here you go: cubicUnitCells 001.


AMU COLL100 Assignment 2 Humanities Assignment Help

Concept Map & Short Paragraph (FBI) PART 1: Choose a career interest topic for your final project due later in the course. Your career interest topic should be realistic and one that you are actually interested in learning more about. The career interest might be a field in which you could become employed after completing your APUS degree program or additional training.

Using your career interest topic, create a concept map or outline to define the task in your research process. Use the process of outlining or mapping the topic for your final project so that you can focus your topic and determine the nature and types of information you will need later in our course. This assignment is a brainstorming activity, not a research task.

In your outline or concept map, include the following:

  • 1 Sentence stating which career interest you will explore
  • 4 or more specific questions about your career interest that can be later answered through source searching and presented in your final project
  • For each question, two or more detail statements that describe the type of information needed to answer the question (the actual answers are not yet needed)
  • For each detail statement or statement pair, a description of what kinds of sources might be helpful in providing the information you need
  • Format appropriately for either an outline or concept map

An outline can be easily created using a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word. Formal, detailed outlines are useful organizational strategies–the more detail you include, the easier the final project will come together. If you choose to use an outline, it must be very detailed. Consider searching outlining strategies and designs.

Concept maps can be developed through one of several available websites or drawn by hand and scanned for submission:

PART 2: Write one paragraph (5-6 sentences) describing the information you listed in your concept map. Your paragraph should describe the career interest topic you chose, the questions you will answer in your project, the types of information needed to answer those questions, and your predictions of source types you might need.


Discussion 3 Business Finance Assignment Help

Revenge Porn and Invasion of Privacy – With the rampant use of smart phones and other devices to take and send pictures and videos, many couples immortalize private, intimate moments using their digital devices. Problems arise when the couple split and one side decides to get back at the other and post the intimate pictures and videos online for the world to see. In some instances detailed information, such as name, address, online social media information and phone numbers are also posted. These situations can result in simple embarrassment to severe injuries, including loss of reputation, stalking and harassment by other people, and even loss of a job. In 2014 a group of women filed a class action lawsuit against GoDaddy- an internet hosting site for intentional infliction of emotional distress and invasion of privacy as revenge pron was posted on its domain and not removed. GoDaddy was successful in having the suit dismissed arguing that it did not create the material posted on its domain. Another women in Texas, however was successful in suing her ex-boyfriend and Youtube for the posting of revenge porn, receiving a $500,000 judgment.

Should internet hosting sites like GoDaddy, Facebook, Youtube


​Documentation and Employee Terminations Business Finance Assignment Help

Please respond to the following: textbook required for study for relevant response – Human Resource Management in Health Care: Principles and Practice: Chapters 16 and 17, Study case is located in chapter 16

  • From the case study “Relax, It’s Only a Little Paperwork”, propose an HR strategy that would help ensure managers know what type of information they should document and what information they should avoid putting in an employee file. Justify your recommendations.
  • From this week’s assigned reading, choose one (1) type of employee termination and discuss the legal ramifications that may occur if termination procedures (voluntary or involuntary) are not followed properly.


Solar cell simulation program Engineering Assignment Help

Solar cell simulation program Engineering Assignment Help

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