Solar Energy Engineering Fundamentals Engineering Assignment Help

Solar Energy Engineering Fundamentals Engineering Assignment Help. Solar Energy Engineering Fundamentals Engineering Assignment Help.

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1. A. How many photons are contained in a 100 mW beam of blue (λ=420 nm) light?

B. How many photons are contained in a 100 mW beam of red (λ=630 nm) light?

C. What is the power in a beam of 1015 photons of blue (λ=420 nm) light?

D. The beam from C has a diameter of 1 mm, what is the power density (W/cm2 )?

E. How does this power density compare to the terrestrial solar power density (100 mW/cm2 )?

2. Make an area chart of the electricity generation sources in the United States over time. These data are available on the web with sufficient searching. Cite your sources! Try to include some data from a future projection.

3. Calculate the AM0 solar constant for Earth. Calculate the solar constant for all the planets in our solar system.

4. Calculate the power density of the AM1.5G solar spectrum via numerical integration. You’ll need to integrate Wm-2nm-1 over wavelength. Tabular data is available at the linked site ( ). Answer should be very close to 1000 W/m2, provide the excel sheet

Solar Energy Engineering Fundamentals Engineering Assignment Help[supanova_question]

ece497 week 5 final project Writing Assignment Help

Child Development ePortfolio

Imagine you have recently been contacted to interview for employment in the field of child development. To prepare for your interview, the interview committee has asked you to create an ePortfolio that contains specific artifacts so that they can determine whether or not you would be a good fit for the position. Below are the requirements for your ePortfolio that will need to be added to the ePortfolio site shell you created in Week One of the course.

  1. Homepage
    Your ePortfolio’s homepage is your potential employer’s first impression, so it is important that your homepage is welcoming and capture’s a sense of who you are. Your ePortfolio’s homepage must include:
  • Your name.
  • A picture of yourself.
  • A biography that explains a little bit about who you are. You can choose to include a written biography or create a YouTube video introducing yourself. If you choose to create a YouTube video, you can use the directions on this Webcam Quick Start GuideView in a new window to help you.
  • Upload your picture and biography to your homepage.
  1. Philosophy Subspace
    As a professional ready to enter the field of child development it is important that you know where you stand regarding how children grow, develop, and learn. To help your potential employer know what you believe, you will need to create a philosophy statement. Remember that you should use the theorist/philosophy chart you created for the Week One, Discussion One to help guide you as you create your philosophy. Your philosophy statement must:
  • Include your beliefs regarding how children grow, develop, and learn including typical and atypical development, as well as children with exceptionalities.
  • Be grounded in research and supported by theory.
  • Be a minimum of 500 words.
  • Be uploaded to the Philosophy Subspace.
  1. Periods of Development Subspaces: One subspace for each of the five periods of development (Prenatal, Infancy and Toddlerhood, Early Childhood, Middle Childhood, and Adolescence for a total of five subspaces).
    In Week Two of the course, you began creating Periods of Development Fact Sheets, either as PDFs or Glogsters, that included information on physical, language, and cognitive development. For your ePortfolio, add additional information to these sheets to demonstrate your comprehensive knowledge of child development domains. On the main page for Periods of Development, include a brief introduction that explains what you can find on each of the subspaces. Update your Periods of Development Fact Sheets so that each sheet:
  • Explains at least two milestones that typically developing children should achieve in this stage of development for EACH developmental domain (e.g., two physical milestones, two cognitive milestones, two social-emotional milestones, two language milestones, two moral reasoning/self-regulation milestones). For preconception, you need to include all of the developmental milestones except moral reasoning/self-regulation.
  • Explains at least two signs that may signal atypical development during this developmental stage.
  • Identifies at least one social factor that influences this stage of development.
  • Identifies at least one cultural factor that influences this stage of development.
  • Describes (for each fact sheet, with the exception of your prenatal fact sheet) at least two play-based strategies (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.that families can use to influence their children’s learning and development at this developmental stage. Please include your own unique example for each period of development fact sheets.
  • Includes a combination of at least three videos or graphics that enhance the content presented on each page.
  • Includes at least one reference on each page.
  • Make sure to upload each of your PDFs or Glogster pages to the appropriate Period of Development Subspace.
  1. Family Communication Subspace

    Working with families will be a large part of your job as a child development professional. There are different ways in which you will be working with families. For this subspace in your ePortfolio, you will include two different artifacts that demonstrate your ability to work with families in different modalities. Also, on the main page for Family Communication, include a brief introduction to what can be found on each of the Family Communication subspaces (Parent Presentation and Self-Regulation Newsletter).

  • In Week Three of the course, you created a parent presentation that focused on parent involvement. Using the feedback that you received from your instructor, revise your parent presentation. After you have revised your presentation, you will need to do the following:
    • Write a paragraph explaining how you revised your presentation from its original version.
    • Upload your revised parent presentation and paragraph to your Family Communication Subspace.
  • Create a self-regulation newsletter for one period of development (infancy, early childhood, middle childhood, or adolescence). You can present your newsletter either in written format or as a YouTube Video. If you need help creating your YouTube video, use this Webcam Quick Start GuideView in a new window. Your newsletter/video will need to include the following information:
    • A paragraph about the emotional development of children within this stage of development. (e.g., after age two, children talk about their feelings or preschoolers typically pick up strategies for regulating emotion by watching adults). Make sure to include emotional understanding, empathy, and the role that temperament plays with children this age.
    • At least four specific tips for how you can help to promote emotional self-regulation at this stage of development (e.g., redirect the infants attention or parents/teachers or caregivers of preschoolers can use warm, patient verbal guidance that includes strategies to handle stress).
    • At least two behavioral strategies that can be utilized to assist a child who is struggling with self-regulation.
    • A concluding paragraph that outlines why good emotional self-regulation is vital for empathy to result in sympathy and prosocial behavior.
    • Make sure to upload your newsletter or your video with a transcript of your talking points to your Family Communication Subspace.
  1. Professional Library Subspace

    Part of being a child development professional is being able to locate resources to share with families. For this subspace in your ePortfolio, you will create a professional library. Please make sure the following is included in your library:

    • At least five websites, videos, or books that are research based and could be easily shared with parents, families, or caregivers.
    • For each of the resources, include two or three sentences that explain the developmental stage the resource most benefits and briefly summarize the resource.
    • Review the references and sources you used in your discussions and assignments throughout the course. These may be good resources to include in your professional library.
    • Make sure to upload your resources and your descriptions to your Professional Library Subspace.
    1. References Subspace

      Use this subspace to create your references page for all of the different resources you used throughout your entire ePortfolio site. You must document all sources in APA style, as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Your reference subspace should include at least four resources in addition to the textbook . These sources should come from the assignments that you completed and uploaded to your ePortfolio. For example, the resources that you used to create your Periods of Development Fact Sheets should be included here.


    hum111 week 1 discussion Writing Assignment Help

    “Writing and Record Keeping in Mesopotamia” Please respond to the following, using sources under the Explore heading as the basis of your response:

    • Describe the “envelope”, the seal, and the early Mesopotamian writing process, and discuss expectations of record-keeping. Identify the issue being kept “on file,” and comment on what this reveals about Mesopotamian society in 1500 BC and the primary ways it compares to modern society in these respects.



    • Chapter 2 (pp. 34-43), early Mesopotamian writing; seal
    • University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute: Tablet and envelope at; scroll down to the item called “Clay Tablet and Envelope”. Click on the color and black and white images and read the captions and information.


    Collect And Analyze Compare and Contrast Writing Assignment Help

    For this assignment, interview a building-level school administrator and a classroom teacher. During the interview, be sure to gather the following information:

    • Identify the school vision, school climate, and mission.
    • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the school’s culture by collecting data on various aspects of the school such as educator morale, attendance, school safety policies and practices, stakeholder expectations, student achievement, leadership efficacy, and school community relations.
    • Utilize your research and your interview to gather information about key components of a learning-oriented school culture and climate.
    • Identify strategies your interviewees use to communicate their school vision and mission to staff and students.

    Analyze interviews
    Next, write a paper that compares and contrasts the two interviews. Include the following in your analysis:

    • Display the data collected from your two interviews.
    • Include a summary of the interviews and specifically address the four bullet points covered during your interview.
    • Determine factors that might result in improvements in one or more aspects of school operations.
    • Relate the information you have discovered back to research in the field, and then present a synthesis of their findings.

    Length:7 pages, not including title and reference page.
    References: A minimum of five scholarly resources.

    Please label the title page

    Lackey IL-7001

    Week 7

    North Central


    Economic of the US discussion board question (3-4 paragraphs in length minimum) Economics Assignment Help

    Describe the American system of private property rights and how they evolved from their English origins. Discuss the relationship between the importance of this evolution and decisions to be productive in the long and short run. Describe the property rights held by colonists in North America and link these rights to motives for using resources productively, advancing technologically and accumulating wealth.

    No plagianism

    Must include an in-text citation and reference in APA formatting

    The book we use is “American Economic History” by Jonathan Hughes but you could use any book with similar info. Thanks



    SCAPS solar cell simulation problems Engineering Assignment Help

    Using “SQ Limit Def File.def” resolve the following problems.

    1. In the CdTe-base.def model, make a contour map of the efficiency versus shallow uniform acceptor density and Defect 1 total density, both on a logarithmic scale. What is the maximum efficiency of this device stack based on these calculations? Be sure to keep the ranges of values that you use physically relevant. Save a new def file with the optimized acceptor and defect1 densities.

    2. Taking your optimized device from #1, now look at the effect of the back (left) contact work function. Is the performance affected by work function? If so, can you find a metal with a work function that matches your best device? Set the best left contact work function in the model and save it to the def file from #1.

    3. Run a batch calculation for the CdTe_base.def device measured over a logarithmic range of light intensities and a linear range of temperatures (see batch example in the lecture). Plot the open circuit voltage versus temperature for each light intensity. Perform a linear fit through the Voc(T) data and extrapolate to 0K. What is the value of the voltage intercept at 0K? Is it light intensity dependent?

    4. Take the optimized device that you saved in #2. Change the absorption model to “from model” instead of “from file”. This will allow you to run batches as a function of the band gap of the device. Run a batch calculation over the band gap energy from 0.4 eV to 3 eV in 0.05 eV steps. How close do you come to the SQ limit curve for efficiency vs band gap?

    5. Take the optimized device that you saved in #2. Change the spectrum from AM1.5G to a monochromatic (e.g. 800nm) spectrum and rerun the batch from #4. What is the peak efficiency you achieve? Comment on why this is.

    Use excel for all calculations and for graphs, and provide the file.

    Download the latest version of the SCAPS solar cell simulation program along with the manual. It is available for free from the University of Gent, although they do require an email to get the link. Here is the home page: However, clever googling turns up the SCAPS Download page directly. Install and send a screenshot (not a phone picture of your monitor omg). Play around with it.

    Please look for help in the SCAPS Manual (uploaded).

    I attached the excel file and the program as well and the SQ limit def file.def

    SCAPS solar cell simulation problems Engineering Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    its a 2 part papers to this assignment Business Finance Assignment Help

    The first assignment is called a Case Studies in Intercultural Conflict and Conflict Management

    In a total of 750-1,000 words, explain how someone from the culture
    you have been studying is likely to handle interpersonal conflict
    (according to cultural conflict ethics).

    • Create a hypothetical conflict or describe a recent conflict
      situation in which an individual or group from the culture you have
      been studying was involved.

    Be sure to write out the details of the conflict as communicated by
    the source of the story and give a consultation for how to
    resolve/manage the conflict.

    • Based on your research in intercultural conflict and the
      conflict ethics/styles of the cultural group, explain why the
      conflict arose. Explain how the ethics or expression of conflict was
      influenced by the individuals’ culture/worldview.
    • Write out a consultation outlining what the communicators in the
      conflict scenario need to know, or do, to best handle the
    • Also include one recommendation that comes from the
      Christian Worldview, or scripture.

    Be specific in your recommendations and justify them with scholarly
    evidence (when you justify, explain what ethical considerations should
    be taken into account when handling the situation described in the
    case study). Two academic sources are required for the consultation.

    The second assignment is called Financial Ratio analysis and I only need 250 words and its about Pepsi Company Corporation. I am only needing information on Debt Ratio and Equity Multiplier for the Pepsi Company Corporation. I only need at least 250 words With references. This is what the assignment say but only do the part that I need completed.

    Students should understand how to use the financial information and tools learned in the class on a public company, obtain public company SEC reports, and use that data to calculate a company’s financial ratios and their comparison to industry or competitor standards.

    Assignment Steps

    Resources: Tutorial help on Excel® and Word functions can be found on the Microsoft® Office® website. There are also additional tutorials via the web that offer support for office products.

    Select one of the publicly traded corporations listed below and obtain the most current SEC Form 10-K (annual financial report) from the company’s web site (Do not use the Annual Report that is sent to shareholders):

    • Lowes Corporation
    • Kroger Corporation
    • Harley Davidson Corporation
    • Apple Corporation
    • Intel Corporation
    • Marriott Corporation
    • Berkshire Hathaway Corporation
    • PepsiCo Corporation
    • Procter and Gamble Corporation
    • General Electric Corporation

    Calculate and analyze the following ratios for your selected company for the last two years from the SEC Form 10-K:

    • Current Ratio
    • Inventory Turnover
    • Debt Ratio
    • Time Interest Earned
    • Gross Profit Margin
    • Equity Multiplier
    • Return on Assets
    • Net Profit Margin
    • Return on Equity (Use three ratio DuPont method)

    Compare and contrast your company’s ratios to industry and competitor standard ratios obtained from Yahoo Finance, Morningstar, MotleyFool, Macroaxis or other Internet sources, and provide a detailed answer and analysis as to why your company’s ratios are different than the industry/competitor standard.

    Prepare your analysis in a minimum of 875 words in Microsoft® Word. The use of Microsoft® Word tables is encouraged.

    Cite the source of the industry/competitor ratio information.

    Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.


    Argument Mini essay Humanities Assignment Help

    Please choose one of the following essays in your textbook: (1) “Military Women in Combat: Why Making It Official Matters?” by Jena McGregor (28), (2) “A First Amendment Junkie” by Susan Jacoby (48), (3) “Executions Should Be Televised” by Shemtob and Lat (53), (4) “Why the Pledge of Allegiance Should be Revised” by Gwen Wilde (56), (5) “Let’s Put Pornography Back in the Closet” by Susan Brownmiller (61), (6) “On Racist Speech” by Charles Lawrence (64), or (7) “Protecting Freedom of Expression on the Campus” by Derek Bok (69). Afterwards, please do the following assignment:

    After actively reading and critically thinking about the essay you have chosen, take a side on the issue, and present your position in a mini essay. Make sure your thesis statement is clear in your introductory paragraph. Your thesis, or main argument, should firmly and clearly state your position on the issue and is well-located at the end of the introductory paragraph. Try to do so by using 3rd person point of view rather than 1st person. Note that you can state your position without using phrases such as “I believe,” “I think,” or “In my opinion,” etc. Notice the difference below:

    • 3rd person point of view: Flag burning is an assault on our nation’s grandest symbol.
    • Unnecessary 1st person point of view: I believe flag burning is an assault on our nation’s greatest symbol.

    Drawing on your own experience, as well as evidence from the textbook, argue for or against the issue you have chosen. Again, state your thesis clearly and firmly and support it with persuasive evidence. Please incorporate at least one piece of supporting evidence (direct quote) from the essay you have chosen and apply MLA documentation: signal phrase + direct quotation + parenthetical citation.

    Format: Use a formal heading and please include a title (see MLA Manuscript Format in Lecture Notes for help).

    Integrating Quotes: When you integrate a direct quote from the text to support your argument, introduce it with a lead-in (or signal phrase) that refers specifically to the author, place the quote inside quotation marks, and after the quote put the page number in parentheses. See related MLA Documentation Notes in Lecture Notes.

    Example MLA Documentation: According to Susan Brownmiller, “Free speech is one of the great foundations on which our democracy rests” (61).

    Since this is a brief or mini essay, please respond with several well-developed, coherent, unified paragraphs: review paragraph notes in last week’s lecture notes folder for more information on coherency and unity. Spend time prewriting to generate ideas. Aim for concise, precise, accurate prose. Your overall goal is to persuade your audience of your argument.


    • Locate five articles on the following topic ( Parenting and childhood obesity)— Health Medical Assignment Help

    • Locate five articles on the following topic ( Parenting and childhood obesity)—one quantitative research articles, two qualitative research articles, and two mixed methods research articles—published in peer-reviewed journals.
    • Prepare an annotated bibliography that includes the following:
      • A one-paragraph introduction that provides context for why you selected the research articles you did.
      • A reference list entry in APA Style for each of the six articles that follows proper formatting. Follow each reference list entry with a three-paragraph annotation that includes:
      • A one-paragraph conclusion that presents a synthesis of the five articles.
    • Format your annotated bibliography in Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced. A separate References list page is not needed for this assignment.


    research paper Computer Science Assignment Help

    Importance of a Robust Software Testing Process in the IT Industry for Delivering a Successful Project

    Description of research project:

    Conducting research to find Solution for all the problems faced by IT industry to safeguard the reputation of an organization. The testing conducted in IT industry will help to improve reliability, performance and as well as help in delivering the project on time.

    Purpose: Delivering a bug free software by conducting robust Software Testing in the IT industry.

    Issue: The problems faced by the IT industry in the present world are not delivering the project on time, exceeding the budget, issues in the application, functional and non-functional requirements missing in the project.

    Problem statement development paper and introduction paper. Look into the attached document for all the requirements.

    Note: APA format

    pages each, so the total is 10 pages


    paper should have 5 peer-reviewed references published within the past 5 years.

    in-text citation (each and every paragraph need to be cited)

    quality work needed

    I need to get 2 different attachments


    Solar Energy Engineering Fundamentals Engineering Assignment Help

    Solar Energy Engineering Fundamentals Engineering Assignment Help

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