Solve the following engineering questions, engineering homework help Engineering Assignment Help

Solve the following engineering questions, engineering homework help Engineering Assignment Help. Solve the following engineering questions, engineering homework help Engineering Assignment Help.

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It is required that two intersecting straights are joined by a circular arc and transition curves. Use the
following data to select a suitable
The minimum
radius (
) which can be used is 420m
Rate of change of radial acceleration,
r= 0.3m
Deflection angle between 2 tangents,
I= 43
Equation relating length of transition curve to angle;
so that total length of curve
Design Speed of Road, V= 80km/hr
length of
central circular arc
3.Calculate total
arc length
if curve totally transitioned

Solve the following engineering questions, engineering homework help Engineering Assignment Help[supanova_question]

1500 Word Assignment Humanities Assignment Help

Topic: You may choose any of the following topics as it relates to the literature selections you have read or will have completely by the end of this semester. Whatever your choice of subject, your paper must focus on an analysis of the literature in your book as it relates to that subject. You may not do a biography of an author. 

1. Ancient World- Definition and Discovery / The Ideal Hero / A Woman’s Life

2. The Middle Ages- (610-1450)- Exile and Journey / Family and Friendship / The Quest

3. The Renaissance- (1300-1674)- Religion and Worship / Argument and Authority

Length: Your final paper should be about 1500-2000 words. 

Sources: You MUST have all three of the following: (1) 4 journal/magazine/periodical sources from the AVL, (2) 1 book other than your textbook. You will need a minimum of five sources that are sufficiently varied in type and author to show breadth and depth. Remember also to keep in mind the validity or credibility of your sources, whether these are well-researched works by unbiased authors as discussed in class. Failure to have the minimum number and types of required sources will result in an automatic deduction of five points off the top of your research paper grade. 

Format: Your manuscript should be in MLA (Modern Language Association) format, and a portion of your grade will be based on your strict adherence to those requirements. Everything MUST be typed. 

What you will turn in when your final paper is due: 

1. Manuscript- that’s the paper itself

2. Work cited page attached to the manuscript

3. Printed copies of all your sources with the information which you used highlighted. This is not the Works Cited page but literal copies of the pages of sources you cited on the WC page. 

Literature Criticism Resources 

AVL Alabama Virtual Library-


Education in the United States 3 to 4 pages Humanities Assignment Help

Write a paper on the problem of education in the United States. In your paper, address the following:

  1. Does every individual have the right of access to education? Explain why or why not?
  2. Do you think every individual has the right to the same kind of education (i.e., academic versus vocational)? Explain why.
  3. Who should be responsible for the provision of education, the federal or local government, or individual citizens? Explain why.
  4. In your opinion, what needs to be done currently to improve our educational system?
  5. Discuss one policy that you feel has been
    instrumental in making positive changes in the provision of education
    either nationally or locally and explain your position.

Your paper must be three to four pages in length. Begin your paper with
an introduction, including a succinct thesis statement. Respond to all
questions with critical thought. Conclude with a summary of your thesis
and findings. Conclude summarizing your perspective and findings.
Incorporate three to five scholarly sources. All
sources must be properly cited in text, and your paper must include a
separate title page and reference page.


Need Someone to complete Statistics Homework Mathematics Assignment Help

13-7.  Klein Industries manufactures three types of portable air compressors: small, medium, and large, which have unit profits of $20.50, $34.00, and $42.00, respectively. The projected monthly sales are: 

   Small  Medium  Large 

 Minimum  14,000   6,200  2,600 

 Maximum  21,000  12,500  4,200 

 The production process consists of three primary activities: bending and forming, welding, and painting. The amount of time in minutes needed to process each product in each department is shown below: 

   Small  Medium  Large  Available Time  
Bending/forming      0.4  0.7  0.8  23,400 

Welding  0.6  1.0  1.2  23,400 

Painting      1.4  2.6  3.1  46,800 

How many of each type of air compressor should the company produce to maximize profit? 

 a.  Formulate and solve a linear optimization model using the auxiliary variable cells method and write a short memo to the production manager explaining the sensitivity information. 

 b.  Solve the model without the auxiliary variables and explain the relationship between the reduced costs and the shadow prices found in part a. 

Solution Tip: You must use Solver tool in Excel. Set your constraints right, and fill in the solver dialogue box properly. Be sure to review links provided in the last lesson, or in one of the announcements in the first week of class. Here is a You Tube link you could view: 
Also additional slides to explain basics and a basic example is attached. The example and slides are for demonstration and illustration purpose only to help practice how to use solver tool.


Organization Behavior, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

In the near future, your company will be expanding its customer service
department and you will be hiring 50 new employees. As HR manager, you have read
about other companies using a personality framework for hiring. You are aware of
the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and the Big Five Model used for identifying and
classifying traits. Your Director has asked you to research the two frameworks
and create a presentation. You need to address the following:

Based on your research, choose a framework and explain how applying it to
the hiring process can be used to select a candidate?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the framework you chose
for hiring?

Create a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation (not including a title slide
and a reference slide). Please use the notes section to explain the slides in
more detail.



Designing a medical supply drop box, engineering homework help Engineering Assignment Help

Designing a medical supply drop box

You have be hired as a consultant on a design
challenge. Your job is to create and analyze the best design for a medical supply
drop box. Each person in the group will design, build and test their own design
and then the group will come together as a team to create a single technical
report and poster to analyze the data and come up with the best final design.
Remember, this medical supply drop box is just a rapid prototype of a much
larger scale design that will be used to safely deliver medical supplies into
hostile territory from a plane.


The drop box must not be more than
6 inches in height, width or depth.

You may use any materials you wish.

You cannot buy a kit, you must
design from scratch.

You must be able to easily place a
raw egg into the drop box and it must not be cracked, broken or compromised in
any way when you drop it from a height of 7 feet.

Designing a medical supply drop box, engineering homework help Engineering Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Help with points and segments Mathematics Assignment Help

Find the length of stack A B with bar on top if ​A​ = (-3, 5) and ​B​ = (2, 1). Round to the nearest tenth, if necessary.

a. 6.4

b. 4.1

c. 8.1

d. 5

Find the length of stack P Q with bar on top if ​P​ = (8, -­4) and ​Q​ = (­-3, ­-4). Round to the nearest tenth, if necessary.

a. 13.6

b. 11

c. 5

d. 9.4

On the number line below, find the coordinates of point ​U​ such that the length of stack R U with bar on top is bevelled 2 over 3 the length of stack R T with bar on top from ​R​ to ​T​.

a. 8

b. -2

c. 2

d. 0

On the number line below, find the coordinates of ​P​ such that the length of  ​stack L P with bar on top is bevelled 4 over 5 the length of stack L N with bar on top  ​from ​L​ to ​N.

a. -2

b. 1

c. 8

d. 4

Points ​X​(6, 4) and ​Y​(-4, -16) are the endpoints of stack X Y with bar on top. What are the coordinates of point ​Z​ on stack X Y with bar on top  such that ​XZ ​is bevelled 4 over 5 the length of stack X Y with bar on top?

a. (-2, -12)

b. (14, 20)

c. (4, 0)

d. (-12, -32)

Find the coordinates of ​O​ on the number line below such that ​O​ partitions stack M N with bar on top  such that ​MO​:​MN​ is in a 3:4 ratio.

a. 3

b. 2

c. 8

d. 5.25

On the coordinate plane below, find the coordinates of ​S​ such that stack V S with bar on top ​is 1 fourth the length of stack V U with bar on top


a. (3,2)

b. (-3, 4)

c. (0,3)

d. (9,0)

Find the coordinates of ​P​ along the directed line segment of ​AB​ so that the ratio of AP​:​PB ​is 3:2. 

a. (1.4, 1.2)

b. left parenthesis bevelled 5 over 3 comma bevelled fraction numerator 5 over denominator 3 right parenthesis end fraction

c. (0.6, -0.2)

d. left parenthesis bevelled 1 third comma bevelled 2 over 3 right parenthesis

On the coordinate plane below, find the coordinates of ​R​ such that stack Q R with bar on top  ​is bevelled 1 fifth the length of stack Q T with bar on top  from ​Q​ to ​T​.

a. (-1, -1)

b. (3.2, 1.8)

c. (-2.2, -1.8)

d. (-5.8, -4.2)


Talking Points on Inclusion (early childhood special education) Writing Assignment Help

Students will review the benefits of inclusion and will compile empirically supported talking points in defense of inclusion with references. Consider the audience to be skeptical parents and caregivers who do not want to send their children to inclusive settings.

  • Students should provide at least 5 talking points in support of inclusion.
  • Each talking point should be approximately one paragraph in length. The first sentence should be a strong statement about inclusion. In the sentences that follow, support the statement with data, policy, research, and/or examples.
  • Each talking point is worth up to 20 points for the following criteria:
    • Talking point is accurate and reflects current knowledge in the field. If relevant, data is provided.
    • Talking point is supported by research or recommended practice, and a reference is provided.
    • Talking point is written in a conversational (but professional) tone and is free of spelling and grammatical errors.
    • Talking point is convincing and thoughtful.
    • Talking point is respectful of differing viewpoints.


I need an English essay of 3 pages. Humanities Assignment Help

English 205

Media Analysis

Fall 2014

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.”—George Orwell

What is journalism?  In Bill Moyer’s “Journalism and Democracy,” and his interview of Communications professor Marty Kaplan on an episode of Moyers and Company, we find a provocative discussion about the current state of journalism as well as various definitions of what journalism should be. In contrast, if you look at a newscast or a mainstream media news web site, you will be deluged with what Kaplan calls “infotainment.”  This, of course, resonates with David W. Orr’s description of the American voter as existing in a “perpetual state of infantile self-gratification” and “distracted by consumption.” How does mass infotainment affect the citizen’s   

As you analyze your example, ask what is its meta-narrative? “Meta-narrative” means literally “outside the narrative.” So, in the example of major news networks showing only a few seconds of the president’s speech on climate change before switching to commentary, the narrative is the president is giving a speech; the meta-narrative is the ongoing commentary on climate change, the “some say” game, in which it doesn’t matter what’s in the president’s speech because if you’re a democrat (liberal), you’ll like it, if you’re a republican (conservative), you won’t; no one ever asks about the truth.  Think on these things and answer: when does the meta-narrative become censorship?

Are facts enough? How do journalists tell the truth?

Your thesis should respond to: 

Use these concepts and questions to analyze how effectively the media has covered climate change. 

Your audience will be the educated public interested in media coverage of climate change.

MLA format 3-5 pages

3-5 sources



I need help with an essay about tennis. Writing Assignment Help

4 paragraphs 

the introduction : introduce + explain my topic {given contact}  

the second paragraph :describe a scene or moment in my research experience 

for example who the people are?where is it ? how is the place?

two paragraphs have to take one page 

the third and fourth paragraphs 

analysis: 1-in my experience did tennis do what it want ?

2- what does my group do well?

3- what does it not do well? or what are the possible limitions I  see based on my experience ?

 4- what are the limitation or shortcomings?why?

5- what do other members have to do or be to achieve personal and organizational goals ?

6- now think about the context what do you know about its context?how does the context help you understand my topic

you can make up and write any information also I want it high school leveal


Solve the following engineering questions, engineering homework help Engineering Assignment Help

Solve the following engineering questions, engineering homework help Engineering Assignment Help