Solve this short homework on Hypothesis Testing. Need it in 3 hours! Mathematics Assignment Help

Solve this short homework on Hypothesis Testing. Need it in 3 hours! Mathematics Assignment Help. Solve this short homework on Hypothesis Testing. Need it in 3 hours! Mathematics Assignment Help.

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I’ll pay good if you manage to do it in time. Example of a problem:

Problem 1. We have two coins, C0 and C1, that looks identical but have different probabilities
:5 and 0:7 respectively) of showing Heads. A coin is chosen at random and then is tossed X
times until a Head comes up. Denote by H0 and H1 the hypotheses that the chosen coin is C0 and
C1 respectively.

Solve this short homework on Hypothesis Testing. Need it in 3 hours! Mathematics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Leadership discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

Answer these questions:

What happens to leadership when the world is no longer predictable but characterized by continual volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity?

The authors claims that we are on the edge of technology tsunami that will be as or more disruptive for us that the Industrial Revolution was for our ancestors. What did they call this emerging era, and what is your opinion about their assertions?

What does the phrase, “…technology will likely dominate operational excellence and make human innovation the strategic value creation differentiator”, mean to you?

In the SMA, small, networked teams will become the dominant organizational model, and decision making will be data driven and based on an idea of meritocracy, not on hierarchy. Data and the quality of thinking will far outrank positional authority. Enablers will role-model and cultivate four core mind-assets/behaviors – called the 4Es of leadership. What are these 4Es, and briefly describe them?

After you submit the answers, I’ll provide you with 2 posts from the my classmates discussion. I’d need you to comment back on them and define my answer with at least 80 words for each of the two posts. (attached is the rubric for the requirements)


​Create the following positions based upon a job analysis: Business Finance Assignment Help

Create the following positions based upon a job analysis:

  1. Mailroom clerk: Entry level for a long-term existing company in San Diego, CA.
  2. Manager in the marketing department: Mid-level position in a start-up company, in Scottsdale, AZ.

Prepare standard job descriptions of 350 words for each of the positions with the following sections:

  • Job Summary
  • Job Requirements (Minimum Education, Experience and Certifications and/or training required)
  • Job Functions (Detailed description of the job duties) Make sure each duty begins with a present action verb
  • Other information (KSA’s, physical requirements, working conditions, reporting relationships, location, travel requirements and working hours)

Prepare a 350-word paper after the job descriptions are created that includes the following:

  • Explain the pay scale appropriate for the each job (local vs. regional vs. national) and why the pay scale is appropriate to ensure market competiveness
  • Discuss direct and indirect compensation plans that match that of the company’s lifecycle for each job

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


Press Statement Writing Assignment Help

When a company, organization or celebrity has information that they wish the public to know they release a press statement that goes into detail about an upcoming change in position. research and look into drafting a change in policy, new product, innovation or career modification. 3 minute statement that contains pertinent facts pertaining to some change in position.

Think of a press release along the lines of Amazon buying Whole Foods. You do not need a current event, you may use your imagination, but the wording should be professional

you can use your imagination and create a statement of policy that may be fictitious; US automakers will switch all production to electric cars is a good example of what you may want to talk about. Perhaps the US will announce plans to put a man on Mars. The US government will make a college education free to all US students if they qualify. The statement should be 2 to 3 minutes long outlining all aspects of the plan.

statements must be grounded in the realm of possibility i.e. “Jennifer Lopez is starting her own record label.”


History Capstone Humanities Assignment Help

Do not answer with any previously used answer. All work must be fresh, and un-plagiarized. Please do not over write the essays, it should appear to be written by a high school student.

Assignment Directions:

Write an essay for each of the following questions or statements. Essays should be a minimum of 1 one single spaced or two double-spaced typed pages and no larger than 12-point font. Be certain to support your ideas with reasons, examples, and citations.

Use the link below to visit the Library of Congress and read the complete drafts of important historical documents. You will also find the time line of the Constitution.

1. Give a brief summary and timeline of the history of the US Constitution from its inception to modern times. Include major historical figures in your summary and describe the role these figures played in the formation of the Constitution. Within the timeline that you constructed, which events do you think were the most crucial in forming the Constitution? Explain your answer.

2. List each article in the Bill of Rights. In your own words, explain what each means. Include the purpose as well as the contents.

3. What is the purpose of the constitutional amendments? How might our government be different if there were no amendments to the constitution? Should amendments be limited? Why or why not?

4. Name the three branches of government and explain the powers of each one. Provide current and relevant examples that illustrate the powers of each branch of the government.

5. How may our government be different if we did not have a national constitution?

Please provide original work, that hasn’t been sent to another student previously. Thanks!



Calculus 2 (My Math Lab) Exam, quiz and homeworks summer class Mathematics Assignment Help

hi, this is my summer Calculus 2 class and i want your help to do my work. There are 4 exam and 4 quiz and homeworks which are due as shown in the attached picture below. You can do the quiz a day before the due date but the exam is open only on the due date. Homework can be done at the end of june and i will help to do homework as well. There is final exam on the first week of july and thats it. There is just 2 attempts for quiz and exams

Calculus 2 (My Math Lab) Exam, quiz and homeworks summer class Mathematics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

I want you to answer the question, do a discussion, and paraphrase 2 answers Engineering Assignment Help

My course is Civil Engineering Project Management

I have assignment include 3 questions

I have the answer of 2 of them and I want you just paraphrese the answer.

I don’t have answer for Q1, so I upload the question in Word Microsoft and the pict of what we need for this Question.

Also I want you to do a discussion, I upload the question in Word Microsoft for the discussion and put the pic that you need in this discussion.

Also I upload the Lecture chapter from my course.

So first thing I want you to paraphrase the 2 answers that I have it, I want you to answer the Q1, and I want you to do a discussion for me.

I upload 2 Word Microsoft one of them about discussion, and the other one about the assignment.

I upload everything


the assignment is pharmacology Health Medical Assignment Help

Medication Teaching Plan Assignment Guidelines


The purpose of this assignment is for the student to synthesize pharmacological knowledge (i.e., core drug

knowledge, core patient variables, and nursing implications) of pharmacotherapeutic agents into a useful

teaching and learning tool for nurses and patients.

Course Outcomes This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes.

  • CO1 Apply the concepts of pharmacotherapeutics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and pharmacogenomics to the use of specific medication classifications in specific health conditions and in consideration of medication side/adverse effects, nursing implications, and medication teaching. (POs 1, 2, and 3)
  • CO2 Apply principles of health promotion, as well as illness and injury prevention, to promote safety and effectiveness of commonly used pharmacologic therapy across the lifespan, taking into consideration sociocultural, genetic/genomic, developmental, and gender implications. (POs 3 and 8)
  • CO3 Utilize the nursing process in understanding the effects of drug therapy on health outcomes across the lifespan within the framework of a diverse population of individuals, families, and communities. (PO 4)

Due Date

Refer to Course Calendar for details. The Late Assignment Policy applies to this assignment.

Total Points Possible

100 Points


  • Choose a pharmacological agent that has been on the market less than 5 years.
  • Research the literature and obtain two to three resources for current, evidence-based information related to the pharmacological agent. You must submit your resources with the assignment. Identify the following key/relevant drug information that will be used to develop a medication teaching brochure:
  • Design a brochure to be used as a patient teaching tool containing the identified relevant/key

ØDrug Class

ØMechanism of Action

ØDrug Administration and Dosage

ØDrug/food Interactions

ØLab effects/Interference

information outlined above and the following important information:

  • Nursing Management

ØPatient Education Considerations

ØPatient Assessment

  • Potential Side Effects/Adverse Effects/Toxicities

ØSpecial considerations

Preparing the Assignment

  • After selecting your pharmacotherapeutic agent, use the Chamberlain online library or other database to research the key/relevant drug information.
  • Create your teaching brochure using MS Word or PowerPoint. Microsoft Word has built-in and online templates for brochures. You may choose one of these for your format. The brochure should be printed on one page, two-sided.
  • Include appropriate images, graphics, bulleted items, and subtitles in your brochure. Choose images that illustrate your points and do not serve as mere decorations.
  • Use no higher than seventh-grade reading level, except for required medical terminology. Microsoft Word will calculate a Flesch Kincaid Grade Level for you. Go to Review > Spelling and Grammar. When the check is complete, Word will give you the statistics. You may need to save your file with a new name and temporarily delete required medical terms and then run the Flesch Kincaid statistics again to get to the seventh-grade reading level.
  • Complete a separate document that contains the following information:
  • Submit the brochure and the one-page document to the assignment by the due date.

ØYour name, date and class

ØA short paragraph describing the intended audience and use for your teaching brochure. For example, is this for teaching a pediatric patient who is newly diagnosed with asthma about the new drug? Is it designed to teach an older adult about a new cholesterol drug?

ØA reference page in APA format

The brochure is not a paper that follows APA format so please use your creativity when developing the

brochure. Consider your audience when choosing font, style and graphics.

Directions and Assignment Criteria





Brochure: Key/Relevant Drug Information



Brochure contains following key/relevant drug information

  • Drug Class
  • Mechanism of Action
  • Drug Administration and Dosage
  • Drug Interactions
  • Lab effects/interference
  • Special Considerations
  • Potential Side Effects/Adverse Effects/Toxicities

Brochure: Patient Education Considerations



Brochure contains the following patient education information

Nursing Management

Patient Education Considerations

Patient Assessment

Potential Side Effects/Adverse Effects/Toxicities

Special considerations

Brochure: Visual Effects/Creativity



Brochure meets all of the following

  • Developed per the required standard
  • Appropriate for the intended audience
  • Flesch Kincaid reading level is not higher than seventh grade
  • Graphics do not distract from the purpose of the brochure
  • Visually appealing

One Page Paper



One page paper is clearly written and contains the following information:

  • Name
  • Date
  • Class
  • A short paragraph describing the intended audience and use for the teaching brochure.
  • A reference page

APA format



Reference page is present and follows APA format. At least two sources are used and submitted with work

Writing Mechanics



Writing follows rules of grammar, spelling, word usage, punctuation, and other aspects of formal written work as found in the 6th edition of the APA manual





make sure to submit the work on time no exceptions Science Assignment Help

Write a one-page paper on the likelihood of another extensive glaciation occurring within the next million years. How about two million years or even 10 million years?

the assignment is broken down in to questions make sure you cover everything in a one page paper like an essay and paragraph form and all questions asked are being answered quote the work and cite resources appropriately

1. Provide three scientific reasons/facts from our textbook reading assignment that can be used to support the idea that another glaciation will happen at either 1, 2, or 10 million years from now. [3 points per scientific reason, Total Points = 9]

2.) 2.Provide three scientific reasons/facts from our textbook reading assignment that can be used to support the idea that another glaciation will not happen at either 1, 2, or 10 million years from now. [3 points per scientific reason, Total Points = 9]

3.) 3.Do you think that there will be another extensive glaciation in next one million years? [Total Points = 2]

4.) 4.Do you think that there will be another extensive glaciation in next two million years? [Total Points = 2]

5.) 5. Do you think that there will be another extensive glaciation in next ten million years? [Total Points = 2]

6.) 6.Below, create the reference list of all sources utilized in completing this assignment. Make sure that the reference list is in APA format. And remember, our e-textbook and lecture materials are considered sources. (3 points total)

7.) 7. Make sure that in every response to questions 1 and 2, all sources utilized are cited in APA format. And remember, our e-textbook and lecture materials are considered sources. (0.5 points per question response; 3 points total)

Written Assignment Requirements

  1. Written Assignments are due Sundays 11:59pm CST.
  2. Use the Written Assignment Questions provided – these allow us to focus on main concepts for this weeks work utilizing the prompt above.
  3. Your main sources should be our course textbook and online material, as they contain everything you need.
  4. Respond fully to each question, in complete sentences, everything spelt correctly and in your own words.
  5. Must include sources used to complete the assignment by utilizing APA format intext citations in every question response and an APA formatted reference list at the end of the assignment.
    1. More information and guidelines on APA are provided in the Rasmussen APA guide
  6. Want to quote from a source?
    1. In the case that you want to quote something from a source, make sure to put quotations “” around the source material COPIED WORD FOR WORD from the source, then put an intext citation after the quoted material in APA format and lastly, include the source in an APA formatted reference list.
    2. If you do not have all three components of APA quoting for COPIED WORD FOR WORD material from a source, then the post can be considered a form of PLAGARISM and can get an automatic ZERO.
    3. Quotations cannot be longer than one or two lines per response, and the quotations must be within the context of your own words, as these written assignments are supposed to be you explaining what you have read and researched.


depression and sociocultural incidence Humanities Assignment Help

a. More young people today are being diagnosed with depression than in previous eras.This seems to be a real, not a spurious (false) increase. In other words, it is not because of an increased awareness or changes in the diagnostic system. Based on your understanding of the factors/ variables which contribute to these mood disorders, what do you think might account for this increased incidence? Pay particular attention to sociocultural variables and the zeitgeist of the last decade or two.. (20pts)

b. Although we must always think of multiple causality, do you think that biological or sociocultural factors are more responsible for the gender difference consistently seen in the incidence of depression? (10pts)

*please refer to text for reference, in addition to other resources.


Solve this short homework on Hypothesis Testing. Need it in 3 hours! Mathematics Assignment Help

Solve this short homework on Hypothesis Testing. Need it in 3 hours! Mathematics Assignment Help

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