Sound Design and cinematography for the film Ready Player One

Write a three-page essay, double-spaced, about how the greatness of a favorite film of yours is due, at least in part, to TWO of the following topics covered in class: cinematography, editing, mise en scene, and sound design. Perhaps you have never thought too critically about why it is that you love this particular film, but if you take a moment to consider what you think works well about it, you will likely realize that these filmmaking departments played key roles.

You must quote the textbook directly and cite at least FOUR specific examples from the film (two for each of the two topics you chose). Use proper MLA format (Links to an external site.) to cite your source.

Put your last name and page numbers on the upper right corner of each page. Be sure to include a works cited page, in addition to the three pages of the essay (your sources will be the text book and the film). Remember to give your paper an original title.

Please upload your paper as a pdf, doc, or docx file ONLY.

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