Southern New Hampshire University IT201 Computer Software Essay Computer Science Assignment Help

Southern New Hampshire University IT201 Computer Software Essay Computer Science Assignment Help. Southern New Hampshire University IT201 Computer Software Essay Computer Science Assignment Help.

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You have determined the hardware needs based on the organization’s profile, production, and tasks to be completed. Now you must determine the software applications and suites to best meet the company’s needs. Consider how the software will integrate with the hardware you have chosen in Milestone Two. As you complete this module, recall the material discussed in last week’s module.

The purpose of the milestone activities is to scaffold learning and ensure quality final submissions. You will receive feedback from your instructor based on the rubric. Be sure to incorporate your instructor’s feedback into your final project.

Note that you will not require feedback on previous milestones to complete the next one. However, for your final project, you will need to incorporate all instructor feedback that you have received. Also note that you will cover most of the final project’s critical elements in the milestones, but there are two sections of the critical elements that you will not address until your final project submission in Module Seven.

Overview: Basic knowledge of computers is practically essential for productively engaging in twenty-first-century life. Working knowledge of computer platform
technologies impacts everyone from help desk personnel and field technicians to project managers and business executives. In order to make sound business
decisions, one must have the ability to analyze business needs and compare available computer technology options for effectively meeting those needs.
Scenario: You have been hired as an IT consultant by an entrepreneur starting a small advertising company called MilleniAds. As a start-up, your client’s
company is relatively small and has a limited budget. There are only 10 employees, including a few creative directors, graphic designers, sales staff, a financial
accountant, and an office administrator, with the entrepreneur acting as CEO. The current IT budget cannot exceed $25,000 and ideally should come in as far
under that number as possible. MilleniAds will produce customized sales flyers, brochures, and other branded items, such as letterhead and business cards, that
apply a youthful, fresh perspective targeting millennial demographics. Therefore, the company needs the ability to store and manipulate digital images and to
produce physical copies of their products for their clients. The CEO wants to keep track of inventory, sales, and expenses digitally, but she does not anticipate
having very complex records for the first year. She projects having only a dozen or so accounts but hopes to scale up in the coming years. It would be ideal to
have a simple and user-friendly system for sharing information and files between employees. Many of the employees are millennials themselves who have
indicated that their current desktop PCs are limiting their capabilities and that they prefer using their phones and other mobile devices for their professional and
personal responsibilities. Two of the 10 employees will operate primarily outside of the office, soliciting business from regional firms, and they will need to
access company information while on the road, in their home offices, and at customer sites.
Beyond the specific information given above, you have the ability to fill in the gaps with assumptions or additional details that will make your final project unique
and meaningful to you. If you have any questions, reach out to your instructor for guidance.
Prompt: Given the scenario above, what are the best hardware, software, networking, and information security options for addressing your client’s business
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
III. Software Applications
A. Examine the business’s issues to determine specific software requirements. What are the types of software applications that should be
considered? Identify multiple possible options within each category, being sure to cite specific examples wherever appropriate.
B. Then, compare and contrast the options you have listed. Be sure to cite specific evidence that supports your evaluation. What are their
functional strengths and weaknesses? How do they compare in terms of cost, vendor credibility, multiuser access, technical support, and
C. Compose a final list detailing all of your specific software recommendations for your client. Be sure to logically justify your proposal as the best
possible choice for meeting the business requirements.

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power point: Your Lot in Life Writing Assignment Help

  1. Explain a life span development event, or issue (i.e., child rearing practices, marital considerations, elder care, dementia, reproductive technologies, healthcare policies);
  2. Apply the concepts and major theoretical approaches to the assigned case in resolving a life span development situation, i. e., mental or developmental disorder, psychosocial change or trauma, or a moral dilemma;
  3. Use research to evaluate and distinguish the influences of heredity, environmental context and cultural values in their case scenario;
  4. Apply ethical principles to “best” resolve or alleviate the problem in their assigned case;
  5. Use information literacy skills to locate appropriate research and other relevant community resources and materials to create an informative class presentation.

Product: A PowerPoint/Prezi presentation that summarizes the above elements.

Grading: This assignment is worth 100 points

Rubric: See attached

Directions: Choose your “lot in life” condition from the list of suggested topics. Your task is to prepare a PowerPoint/Prezi presentation for the class that comprehensively addresses “your lot in life” event/issue using a theoretical approach(es) and research findings. Your PowerPoint/Prezi presentation must include the following elements:

  1. Introduction of topic.
  2. Description and definition of the condition.
  3. At least one major theoretical approach to explain and resolve the life span development situation (i.e., mental or developmental disorder, psychosocial change or trauma, or a moral dilemma).
  4. Research findings from one professional journal article, one national organization Website, one governmental agency, and one additional source to reference in the presentation (references must be done APA style).
  5. Research method used in the journal article to study the condition.
  6. Your individual recommendations that you believe will best resolve/alleviate this condition based on research and the ethics and values as expressed in the “standard of care” practiced in this community.
  7. The impact of this condition on the physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development of those affected by this condition.
  8. Local community resources, and or national resources, such as phone numbers and contact information, and program details that are available to support an individual or family in your “lot in life” situation.
  9. Any additional information relevant to the topic for informational purposes (i.e., brief video clip, brochure) may be included.

List of Suggested Topics

  1. Your spouse of fourteen years says he wants a divorce because he no longer loves you. He wants to start a “new life” with his student.
  2. Your spouse of twenty nine years says she wants a divorce because she is a lesbian and she can no longer pretend to be a “good wife and mother.”
  3. Your 7-year-old son has been diagnosed with ADHD.
  4. Your sweetheart is of a different race and culture. Your parents do not approve of the upcoming marriage.
  5. Your fourteen year-old son/daughter wants to begin preparation for gender reassignment surgery.
  6. Your partner has been diagnosed with colon cancer
  7. Your partner has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.
  8. Your child was born normal, but at age 3 he has been diagnosed as having autism.
  9. You and your spouse are 4 months into your first pregnancy and you learn you are having quadruplets
  10. You and your spouse of ten years are having difficulty conceiving a child. You both desperately want to have a biological offspring.
  11. Your 17-year-old son has been arrested for a DWI last Saturday night on the Beltway.
  12. Your 65-year-old mother/father was recently diagnosed with dementia.
  13. Your baby’s father is no longer paying you the monthly non-court ordered amount he agreed to pay you after your baby was born.
  14. You are pregnant. You have been living with your boyfriend for the past 7 months, but you are not sure about your baby’s paternity.
  15. Your 17 year –old son/daughter wants to carry a gun to college this fall because he is fearful of being shot on campus by a random shooter.


please follow instructions and complete the work on time APA Engineering Assignment Help

Complete the following assignment in one MS word document:

Chapter 12 –discussion question #1-3 & exercise 1 & 12 & 16

When submitting work, be sure to include an APA cover page and include at least two APA formatted references (and APA in-text citations) to support the work this week.
All work must be original (not copied from any source).

  1. Some people say that chatbots are inferior for chatting. Others disagree. Discuss.
  2. Discuss the financial benefits of chatbots.
  3. Discuss how IBM Watson will reach 1 billion people by2018 and what the implications of that are.

12. Research the role of chatbots in helping patients with dementia.

16. Microsoft partners with the government of Singapore to develop chatbots for e-services. Find out how this is done.


Earned Value Problem Business Finance Assignment Help

From Chapter 13 of the Gray & Larson textbook (7th edition), complete Exercise 4 that starts on page 489 and continues to 490. To submit your answer, utilize the provided worksheet in Excel that matches those found on pages 489-490 in Gray & Larson and enter the missing data based on the material provided.

Include an “Assessment” section either at the bottom of your table that refers to your calculations, especially your EACf and VACf calculations: what is your assessment of the current status of the project?At completion?

  • Status Summary
  • Projected Status at Completion (include estimates for cost and budget; to go above and beyond, include details about various tasks that may impact projected status)

Complete all calculations in the designated cells within the spreadsheet.


Select one idea of particular interest or relevance to you that you encountered in your reading about Discrimination or a hands-on class experience. Humanities Assignment Help……

Watch these video and read these articles and if neccesary watch others video and articles about discrimination and answer the questions below:


1. Select one idea of particular interest or relevance to you that you encountered in your reading about Discrimination or a hands-on class experience. Identify the idea or issue for others in your message. What is it? Why did it strike you as interesting or important? Please provide a full and reflective description of the issue or idea. [Present the idea in your own words.]

2. Expand on this issue by considering these two questions:

a. How does this issue apply to your major? (my major is pharmacy)

b. What are the implications of this issue for your specific area of interest?


write a paragraph or two on your reflections on the two videos you chose (you have to pick two of these videos or article about discrimination). (one or two paragraph for each videos).

NB: include references



Answer below Computer Science Assignment Help

There are two parts to your first assignment.

Part I

You will install the Postgres database and load the Microsoft Northwind database. When completed, you will take a screen shot showing the table structure of your Northwind database.

Detailed instructions on how to install the Postgre database and load the Northwind database is located in module 1 folder.

Part II

Assignment Instructions:

Employee Table The EmployeeID is the primary key The fields (columns) in the table are: LastName FirstName Title TitleOfCourtesy BirthDate HireDate Address Region PostalCode Country HomePhone Extension Photo Notes ReportsTo Order Detail Table The OrderID and ProductID are the two primary keys The fields (columns) in the table are: UnitPrice Quantity Discount Orders Table The OrderID is the primary key The fields (columns) in the table are: CustomerID EmployeeID OrderDate RequiredDate ShippedDate ShipVia Freight ShipName ShipAddress ShipCity ShipRegion ShipPostalCode ShipCountry Products Table The ProductID is the primary key The fields (columns) in the table are: ProductName SupplierID CategoryID QuantityPerUnit UnitPrice UnitsInStock UnitsOnOrder ReorderLevel Discontinued Shippers Table The ShipperID is the primary key The fields (columns) in the table are: CompanyName Phone Categories Table The CategoryID is the primary key The fields (columns) in the table are: CategoryID CategoryName Description Picture Customers Table The CustomerID is the primary key The fields (columns) in the table are: CompanyName ContactName ContactTitle Address City Region PostalCode Country Phone Fax Suppliers Table The SupplierID is the primary key The fields (columns) in the table are: CompanyName ContactName ContactTitle Address City Region PostalCode Country Phone Fax Homepage Relationships One-to-many relationship between Employees:EmployeeID and Orders:EmployeeID One-to-many relationship between Orders:OrderID and Order Details:OrderID One-to-many relationship between Products:ProductID and Order Details:ProductID One-to-many relationship between Customers:CustomerID and Orders:CustomerID One-to-many relationship between Shippers:ShipperID and Orders:ShipVia One-to-many relationship between Suppliers:SupplierID and Products:ProductID One-to-many relationship between Categories:CategoryID and Products:CategoryID

In a short paper, briefly describe each of the tables in the Northwind database, as well as their primary and foreign key relationships, including cardinality. Describe the business process(es) this OLTP system operationalizes. Finally, select the business process and grain you recommend as the starting point for a dimensional model, and explain why you recommend this process and grain.

Assignment Deliverables:

  • Part I: Upload your screenshot, similar to the screenshot in step 7 of your detailed instructions, showing the table structure of your Northwind database.
  • Part II: Your paper should be between 2-3 pages in length, organized and well-written in conformity with the CSU Global Writing Center (Links to an external site.).

In support of your response, cite and integrate at least one credible outside source, which can include your textbook. Place this in a reference page formatted in accordance with APA style. This reference page does not count toward the total page requirement. The CSU Global Library is a great place to find these resources.

Answer below Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

– Malware Analysis & Mitigation Writing Assignment Help

Hands on Assignment 5

Attached Files:

Hex-Rays IDA Pro is the most powerful and popular commercial disassembler/debugger (; it is used by reverse engineers, malware analysts, and vulnerability researchers. IDA can run on various platforms (Windows, Linux, and macOS) and supports analysis of various file formats, including the PE/ELF/Macho-O formats. Apart from the commercial version, IDA is distributed in two other versions: IDA demo version (evaluation version) and IDA Freeware version; both these versions have certain limitations. You can download the freeware version of IDA for non-commercial use from

You will need to download the free version in your Ubuntu Linux VM and install. You will also need to read the two attached and then complete the Lab 5. The file you need for Lab 5 can be found from your hands on assignment #3 when you downloaded files from Practical Malware Analysis. You will find the file in Chapter 5. This is a little more challenging assignment so I dont expect you to know everything just try your hardest. I would like you to provide screenshots of everything you do as usual. You will have to do some searching for some extra tutorials on IDA Pro if needed. remember when doing the lab, the more detail and screenshots the better so I can follow what you did.


Japan history writing paper Writing Assignment Help

Research Paper

Your paper should be 5-7 double-spaced pages in length (Times New Roman, size 12 font). Your
research paper should include:

1) A thesis

➢ A thesis focuses your ideas for your readers. It is an argument that furthers
readers understanding of your subject. A thesis should not be a statement of fact-

if a thesis states the obvious, or if nobody would rationally disagree with the
statement, it is not a thesis.

  1. 2) Supporting body paragraphs
  2. 3) A conclusion
  3. 4) A works cited page

➢ Your thesis is supported by your body paragraphs. In these paragraphs, draw on
evidence to support your argument.

➢ A conclusion reiterates your ideas, discusses the significance of your points or
argument, and potentially addresses the future of your subject.

➢ Be sure to cite ALL sources, including online sources. If you choose to use
internet sites as sources, please check with me ahead of time. For the latter,
simply provide a subject line, the URL, and the date you visited the website. Do
not cut & paste from the sources you consult; instead, be sure to quote and/or
paraphrase key sources appropriately. Do not succumb to the cardinal sin of
plagiarism! Failure to cite information will result in a failing grade.

I’ve provided an example of an A research paper from a different course. See the “Research
Paper Example” in the “Discussion Boards, Weekly Exams, and Research Papers” module.
Although the subject is not related to A Geek in Japan, you can see what this kind of research
paper should look like.

Evaluation of Research Paper:


Does the paper have a clear, well-formulated thesis statement? (Think of
the answer to your research question and that is your thesis) Does the
evidence match and support this thesis?

Evidence and


The paper should support your thesis with appropriate and accurate
evidence drawn from primary and secondary sources (also lectures and
course readings). Analysis should bring the reader to a deeper appreciation
of the evidence, revealing connections that go beyond superficial


How well organized is the paper? Do ideas build and develop in a logical,
comprehensible way? Do paragraphs break thoughts into manageable
portions for the reader? Do topic sentences help guide the reader? Imagine
you are writing for someone who is not an expert – Will they be able to
follow the argument?


Is the paper free of grammar/spelling issues? Does the paper use academic
language instead of colloquial/casual language? Are sentences well-written
in the appropriate tense and of appropriate length?


Do the citations fulfill the basic requirements of giving credit to the
sources? Are the citations in Chicago or MLA style?


Does the development go beyond just repeating information from lectures
and readings? Does the paper contain innovative connections and/or


Research Draft Paper Law Assignment Help

The final research paper consists of:

Title page






The abstract is a short (about 100-500 word) summary of the entire paper. It should include: goals and objectives, results, and conclusions. It is usually one of the last parts of the paper to be written.


The introduction also has three main purposes. First, it provides background and motivation for your topic (usually includes a review of current literature on the topic). Second, it describes the focus and purpose of the paper you are writing. Third, it gives an overview of what is contained in the paper’s various sections.


This section describes what you did, how you did it, gives strategies, sample calculations, diagrams and circuits, and descriptions of equipment. The goal here is to give the reader sufficient information to be able to repeat your work if desired. (Of course some “standard techniques” can be simply referenced).


This section is where you prove your point with the data. Give graphs and tables of costs, profits, whatever your data is. Also give some description or guide to help the reader recognize your important points.


Here you state what you learned or proved. What are the “take home messages” or major accomplishments of this work? You may also describe interesting observations, new questions, and future work here.


A list of the references you used in the work & writing the paper.

Examine the following areas within our criminal justice system and select one of these topics as a basis for your final research paper. The topics are meant to provide an axis or direction to for you to explore in your research. Contact your instructor if you have any questions, or need assistance in determining the topic for your paper.

Juvenile justice system

  • Explain the history and different stages of the juvenile justice system
  • What exactly is police discretion and how influential is it concerning the decision to arrest a juvenile?
  • What are the laws constraining police in searches and seizures of juvenile suspects?
  • Describe the alternative dispositions available to the juvenile court.
  • Explain the waivers by which a juvenile from juvenile to criminal court for prosecution as an adult

Criminal Justice and Policing

  • Identify and correlate the various theories in policing
  • Examine the various policing approaches currently being used in law enforcement
  • Agencies along with traditional policing, to include community policing, problem-solving policing, intelligence-led policing, and evidence-based policing, among others.

Explain how, as a supervisor or manager in law enforcement, you would lead your agency in contemporary policing approaches.

Criminological theories: How they work in today’s law enforcement

A strong theoretical infrastructure is vital in the discipline of criminal justice. Theoretical research support all facets of our criminal justice system, to include academics, students, and learned practitioners as well. Many decisions and established laws derived from a theoretical lens, and disciplined review. Criminal justice theory is essential in examining the why of criminal justice behavior and to bring about substantive change in our criminal justice system.

  • What are the varieties of criminological theories relative toward the causation of crime. Be specific in your explanation of each theory.
  • Identify and explain the theories that you believe are influential in enhancing or deterring recidivism.


SFTY 345 Assignments 1.4 – Assignment: Critical Thought Exercise Science Assignment Help

Review the module material, and respond to the following prompt and questions using the written format included in the instructions and support pages.

Writing Prompt and Questions

It has been said that history is a good teacher. How has the concept of aviation safety changed over the past 100 years? What are some of the realizations about loss and the idea of safety that are prevalent today?

Your short papers must demonstrate a comprehension of the issue based on facts, not opinion. Facts may be from the course material or other stated references. Use terms associated with aviation safety and program management, associate any concepts behind System Safety Management (SMS), and relate any basic safety management concepts to safety programs while answering the question.


The length of the paper will be 1-2 pages long, double-spaced, 400-words (+ -, 10%). Critical thought of the issue must be and derived from the course, with references, and written in a manner that demonstrates a mastery of the issue, with an effective analysis that incorporates the proper subject matter vocabulary, that clearly explains the issue, and includes writing style that reflects the conduct of APA. No title page is required. A reference page should be included after the 1-2 page or approximately a 400-word response.


Southern New Hampshire University IT201 Computer Software Essay Computer Science Assignment Help

Southern New Hampshire University IT201 Computer Software Essay Computer Science Assignment Help

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