Southern New Hampshire University Job Ad for Nurse Manager Paper Writing Assignment Help

Southern New Hampshire University Job Ad for Nurse Manager Paper Writing Assignment Help. Southern New Hampshire University Job Ad for Nurse Manager Paper Writing Assignment Help.

Our job ads are typically 250-350 words and we not only cover the basics of the position, we also sell the city, the lifestyle and the hospital itself. Try to really think about: Why would someone leave their current position for this position? What’s unique? What cool projects might this person lead? Does this hospital offer work/life balance? Free parking? All of these things certainly impact people’s decision making. Feel free to check out some of our ads online.


Southern New Hampshire University Job Ad for Nurse Manager Paper Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Walden University WK 3 Social Planning and Policy Change Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

As a social worker, often you need to use your policy advocacy skills to ensure that your clients are receiving the services that they need. Although you may tend to think of policy advocacy skills as separate from your clinical social work skills, they are very similar. Think of the skills that you would use in working with a client such as Jake Levy. How could you apply these skills to policy advocacy? How will you use these skills to identify the policy and social problems that are impacting these families? In this week’s Discussion, you will continue to follow the Levy, Bradley, Petrakis, and Cortez families to start the process of policy advocacy.

In this Discussion, select one of the four integrated videos and identify the problems experienced by the client(s).……


Laguardia Community College African Economy History Questions Humanities Assignment Help


    1. Discuss the long term and immediate triggers of African Nationalism?
    2. 2Discuss the roles of land and taxation as important components of the colonial economy in Africa? i.)
    3. Define Direct and Indirect Rule and give examples of European nations that practiced both, and the African colonies where each was practiced.ii.) What were the advantages and disadvantages of both direct and indirect rule?
        1. i.) List and explain 2 Social impacts of European colonial rule in Africa?ii.) List and explain 2 Economic impacts of European colonial rule?iii.) List and explain 2 Political impacts of European colonial rule?
          1. e. Discuss the role of Labor and labor exploitation as important components of the colonial economy in Africa?


Publix Low Cost Strategy and Competitive Advantage Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

PLEASE READ COLLEAGUES post and respond with at least 100 words or more each to two both of your colleagues’ postings by doing one of the following:

  • Propose an additional strategy your colleague’s selected organization might use to create and sustain competitive advantage and include a rationale for your suggestion.
  • Critique or provide an additional perspective on your colleague’s recommendations for how his/her selected organization could implement a Blue Ocean strategy or strategic approach.


  • When giving your opinion and ideas it is mandatory to support your response with ‘fact-finding’ and quote any research studies you have access to – including your text.

ALL posts require support for the views expressed by the use of citations and references. In upper level courses, students must be able to (a) display sentence, paragraph, and essay level skills; (b) use evidence to support a claim in an academic argument and give credit to a source; and (c) provide the reader with document ation of research with a reference page.

ALL claims must be supported by scholarly sources

Please keep in mind that…

  • language structure and spelling should be perfectly done (write your answers in MS Word or similar and grammar or spell check);
  • citations and references are required – for ALL posts including responses.
  • demonstration that you understand the content of the discussion topic is required.


  • Use examples from your own company or a company that you are familiar with or relate your topic back to your working environment.
  • Use your textbook to support your thinking by referencing what you have learned (citations please for both your own posting and your responses to others’ postings),
  • Conduct some research on the topic to add to your supporting citations. Make sure you bring your discussions back to the research and text.


Walden University WK 3 Factors that Influence Health Outcomes Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

Week 2 explored the interaction between the “bio” and “psycho” aspects of an illness. The third component of the biopsychosocial model is the focus of this week.

Social factors such as socioeconomic status, educational attainment, social interactions and support, and health literacy independently influence the development and progression of illness and health outcomes. Other social determinants of health or illness are race, ethnicity, occupation, geographic location, and religion. These factors influence health through direct psychobiological processes or lifestyle modifications (Martikainen, Bartley, & Lahelma, 2002).

To prepare for this Discussion:

Review this week’s resources. Consider social factors known to influence health outcomes. Select two factors of interest to you. Consider both macro and micro aspects of medical social work.

By Day 3

Post an explanation of how two social factors influence health outcomes. Describe medical social work interventions that target these factors to improve health outcomes, and explain why you selected these interventions. Explain the tasks a social worker might need to complete in order to reach the desired outcomes.

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the resources and the current literature using appropriate APA format and style.



CMN 2180 University of Ottawa Rap Music of The 90s & Todays Rap Literature Review Writing Assignment Help

I already wrote a proposal and have feedback on it. I need you to write the literature review part for the final project and link it to the research question. The research question is: What are the differences between 90’s rap music and today’s rap music? That is to say, I need you to write both the literature review and research question part, but the research question has been decided, and the research question part can be short.

Your literature review section should:

Define key concept(s)

Summarize concisely at least 15-18 literature items (and explains how they were found)

o Includes at least 10-12 scholarly sources, see more detail in the guideline files.

A literature review is not the same as an annotated bibliography. While it may include summaries of the articles and books that you’ve read, it goes beyond this. Instead of listing the sources one-by-one, the literature review should weave the sources together almost as if they were pieces of a puzzle, that once complete tell the entire picture like a story.

Literature review provides some foundation on what’s been done on the topic that you’re looking. you’re doing is identifying areas of Prior research/scholarship to prevent duplication and to give credits to other authors. looking for inconsistencies or a spot where your research project will fit in. What kind of gaps exist in the research what kind of conflicts are there in previous studies. what open questions have been left.

CMN 2180 University of Ottawa Rap Music of The 90s & Todays Rap Literature Review Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

AU Forex Risks and Other Financial Risks Discussion Writing Assignment Help

Your business is doing well, and you and your partner are investigating the foreign market. Initially, you will not establish any offshore business locations; however, you will use e-commerce to make international sales. Recently you have been seen several articles that mentioned foreign exchange (FOREX) risks. As a start to understanding international business decided to focus on the following initial activity:

Analyze the three major types of FOREX risks. Because of this initial investigation, you and your partner can make an informed decision about the relevancy of the identified FOREX risks to your proposed international e-commerce business segment. This is a good thing because you do not want to spend time and money developing a hedging strategy for risks that do not exist, and your FOREX risk analysis is the major information source used to inform your decision.

You are going to create an initial discussion post that address the following:

  • Risks must be specifically defined and you focus must be on FOREX risks.
  • Think about the relevance of the FOREX risks identified to your proposed e-commerce business. Do any of the identified risks require mitigation strategies?
  • Offer a link or a video to substantiate your response and inform your colleagues.


American University of Sharjah Functions & Logarithms Exponential Functions Problems Mathematics Assignment Help


16 December 2020 at 5 pm to 7 pm UAE time


1.4: Exponential Functions

1.5: Inverse Functions and Logarithms

Chapter 2 Limits and Derivatives

2.2: The Limit of a Function

2.3: Calculating the Limit Using the Limit Laws

2.5: Continuity

2.6: Limits at Infinity; Horizontal Asymptotes

2.7: Derivatives and Rate of Change

2.8: The Derivative as a Function

chapter 3 Differentiation Rules

3.1: Derivatives of Polynomials and Exponential Functions

3.2: Product and Quotient Rules

3.3: Derivatives of Trig Functions

3.4: The Chain Rule

3.5 Implicit Differentiation

3.6: Derivatives of Log Functions

3.9: Related Rates

3.10: Linear Approximations and Differentials

Chapter 4 Applications of Derivatives

4.1: Maximum and Minimum

4.2 Mean Value Theorem (Recitation)

4.3: How Derivative Affect the Shape of a Graph

4.4: L’Hopital’s Rule

4.5: Summary of Curve Sketching

4.6: Graphing with Calculus and Calucators (Recitation)

4.7: Optimization

4.8: Newton’s method (Recitation)

4.9: Antiderivatives

Chapter 5 Integrals

5.1: Area and Distances

5.2: Definite Integrals

5.3: The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

5.4: Indefinite Integrals

5.5: The Substitution Rule

Chapter 6 Applications of Integration

6.1: Area Between Curves

6.2: Volumes

6.3: Volumes by Cylindrical Shells


ll be sending the picture of the first question until you solve it then ill go to the next question because I cant go back to the previous question.(no back tracking)


Relationship Between New Media Technologies and African Popular Culture Analysis Humanities Assignment Help


*Attempt only two questions.
*Question # 1, Section A, is compulsory.
*Choose one more question from Section B.
*Keep your answers clear, concise and analytical.
*Address your responses to the specific demands of each question.
*Limit your answers to 4 (double-spaced, 12-pitch font) pages per question.
*Illustrate your answers with pertinent references, and cite key sources consulted.
*No haphazard submission of papers or excuses for late papers would be accepted.
*Your answer script must include the questions chosen, your name, and be submitted in PDF.



1) Analyze, with subtleties, the cultural, social, institutional, and political networks fundamental to understanding the relationship between new media technologies and African popular culture.


2) With attention to the unique social and critical worlds evoked, analyze the complex interplay between the ‘political’ and the ‘popular’ in contemporary African cartoons and comic strips.

3) Drawing upon relevant scholarship and ‘popular’ sources, discuss how widespread patterns of leisure create critical fields, with respect to gender, culture and class, in African soccer fandom.

4) Examine how Big Brother Africa, astride tensions between ‘realities’, raise issues about ‘entertainment’, shared experiences, fantasies and contemporary African cultural formations.

5) Noting the historical and aesthetic frameworks, explore how the evolution of African studio photography open unique spaces for art, projecting identities, status, dreams and social dynamics.

Again, you may use outside sources, where such would enhance your responses, and, crucially, there are NO specifications about how many sources MUST be cited. In brief, assigned materials and, if pertinent, any other scholarly source that supports your arguments would do.It will be graded for depth and logical flow; particularly, as they integrate assigned readings and other creditable sources. So, overall, qualify your responses, where necessary, to demonstrate finespun understandings of the issues. Good scholarship refrains from sweeping generalizations, bad grammar, and haphazard organization.You may use ALL available, authentic, scholarly, resources in writing but must, as a matter of academic integrity, acknowledge them in your bibliography. Be mindful of plagiarism, very wary of non-academic web sources and, especially, please, keep away from WIKIPEDIA as citations from it are null and void for this class. Please, ensure that your papers are scholarly, well edited, written in the MLA format, and contain full bibliographical references (when applicable). Also, please, collate your order together with the first question from SECTION A on top; that is, before any other chosen from SECTION B.



Museums in Motion To Serve and to Act Book Report Writing Assignment Help

1. Based on Chapter 10 “To Exhibit” in Museums in Motion: An Introduction to the History and Functions of Museums, define the characteristics of three types of exhibitions: permanent, temporary, and online exhibitions, and provide at least one example for each that you feel are interesting and that successfully communicated its theme. You may use different museums for each category.

2. Based on Chapter 11 “To Interpret and to Engage,” in Museums in Motion, cite several elements of good interpretation and visitor engagement offered by Freeman Tilden, Edward Alexander, and/or the American Alliance of Museums to help museum develop standards and best practices. Provide at least two examples of recent museum initiatives that engage audiences in new and exciting ways, especially if you can speak from personal experiences.

3. Based on Chapter 12 “To Serve and to Act” in Museums in Motion, discuss at least 3 examples of how authors, museums, or organizations have acted in socially conscious ways that serve the public, especially underrecognized or underserved audiences, either within their walls or out in the community.

4. Based on Chapter 13 “The Profession and Professional Practices” in Museums in Motion, describe several resources, policies, and publications that are provided by the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) and other professional organizations such as the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH), International Council of Museums (ICOM), and The National Trust for Historic Preservation.

5. We all have experienced radical changes in our lives this semester, affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Museums also have had to adapt quickly, especially after they had to close to prevent community spread. What has your favorite museum done to stay connected? Describe online exhibitions, programs, access to collections, videos, blogs, or other methods the museum has developed. Have you been able to learn new things? Have you been entertained?


Southern New Hampshire University Job Ad for Nurse Manager Paper Writing Assignment Help

Southern New Hampshire University Job Ad for Nurse Manager Paper Writing Assignment Help