Still Life Full Values Drawing. U have to be a good drawer. Humanities Assignment Help

Still Life Full Values Drawing. U have to be a good drawer. Humanities Assignment Help. Still Life Full Values Drawing. U have to be a good drawer. Humanities Assignment Help.

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You Must be good drawer

Requirements of Submission: Students will exhibit their understanding of value, including accurate portrayal of light and shadow and creation of

the illusion of volume and depth. Students will compound their understanding of contours, space, and perspective to create a finished illustration.

The project should meet the following criteria and be rendered in charcoal:

  • A consistent, identifiable light source
  • At least two organic subjects
  • At least one geometric subject
  • A simple background; there is no need for details, but cast shadows should be included. Choose a simple, flat surface.
  • Renditions should be realistic in appearance, drawn from direct observation, and not stylistically rendered. This means literally setting up the
  • composition and viewing it as it is drawn.

    Students will submit their project in Module Four through the use of a digital camera or scan their work either at home or via an outside source

    (e.g., office supply store).

    Along with their project, a self-critique should be submitted explaining the student’s approach and challenges. It should be no less than 250 words.

    Still Life Full Values Drawing. U have to be a good drawer. Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    Craft your Life Writing Assignment Help

    Craft your life vision statement. Assure it is succinct, and no longer than 30 words. (PLEASE USE MY BIO TO CREATE MY VISION STATEMENT)

    Then, after participating in FLIGBY scenes 1-8, and reading the section in Chapter 2 of Blue Ocean Strategy regarding the Eliminate, Reduce, Raise, Create (ERRC) tool, craft an ERRC grid for yourself. Take into consideration your personal and professional life. Have at least two goals in each of the four quadrants.

    Focus on the most important two (out of 8) goals that you inserted into the grid.

    • Are your goals in alignment with your vision? If not, determine what is out of alignment and adjust accordingly.
    • Elaborate on why each of these two goals fits into your life vision statement.

    Here is the grading rubric. Your Assignment must be in a Microsoft Word document, double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font, one-inch margins, and include a cover page and an APA reference page. Be sure to define and cite the definition of what a vision statement should look like, and define and cite the meaning and usage of the ERRC Grid. Your Assignment should adhere to APA guidelines.

    Directions for Submitting your Assignment

    Compose your Assignment in a Word document and save it as Username GB580 Unit 2 Assignment (Example: JSmith GB580 Unit 2 Assignment.doc). Submit your file by selecting the Unit 2: Assignment Dropbox.


    I need one project that include 3 deliverables, businesses management related Writing Assignment Help

    Please read the attachment very carefully


    • The assignments are to be submitted through Brightspace, at or before 11:59 pm Atlantic time, on the specified due date.
    • A penalty for late assignments will be assessed, unless prior permission has been given by the instructor to submit an assignment late, which normally will be for extended illness, medical, or family emergencies only.
    • Late submissions will be assessed a penalty of five percent per day, including weekends. Assignments will not normally be accepted seven days or more after the due date; in such cases the student will receive a grade of zero. Time management should be considered a priority.
    • You must also check your assignments after attaching them – attaching the wrong file is the equivalent of not submitting the assignment. No leeway is given for computer failures, internet problems, ill-tempered pets, and so on.
    • Proper grammar and spelling are strongly considered in the evaluation of every assignment. If your assignment is not readable, this will negatively affect your grade.
    • All material not originating with you must be cited. This applies to direct quotes, paraphrases, and inspiration (basing your own writing on someone else’s ideas). Research cited in your work is to come from verifiable and legitimate sources only. All papers will be examined using Urkund for Academic Integrity. You may examine your Urkund report prior to submitting the paper.
    • The required citation style for this course is the American Psychological Association Publication (APA) Manual (sixth ed. 2010).
    • All assignments must;
      • Be submitted as a “.doc”, “.docx”, or a “.pdf” to be accepted.
      • Be single-spaced, and pages must be numbered.
      • Use 12-point font in either Arial or Times New Roman.
      • Use 1-inch (2.54cm) margins on all 4 sides of the page.
      • Have a cover page including your first and last names, official Dal email, assignment title, and due date of the assignment.


    Week 2 QNT 561 – Wk 2 – Case Study: MBA Schools in Asia-Pacific Mathematics Assignment Help

    Assignment Content

    1. Purpose of Assignment
      The purpose of this assignment is to develop students’ analytical capabilities to evaluate, analyze, and apply descriptive statistics techniques to real-world datasets.
      Assignment Steps
      Resources: Microsoft Excel®, Case Study: MBA Schools in Asia-Pacific
      Review the Case Study: MBA Schools in Asia-Pacific and the Case Study: MBA Schools in Asia-Pacific Data set.
      Prepare a 1,050-word managerial report for your boss.
      Use the following questions for guidelines and directions on what to include in the report:

      1. What is the type of data (Quantitative or Qualitative) for each of the columns (variables) in the dataset? If quantitative, is the data discrete or continuous? Neatly summarize your response in a table for all the columns (variables).
      2. Using Excel®, find the mean, median, standard deviation, minimum, maximum, and the three quartiles for each of the quantitative variables identified in part 1 above. Neatly summarize in a table on this document. Comment on what you observe.
      3. What are the minimum and maximum full-time enrollments? Which schools have the minimum and maximum full-time enrollments?
      4. What is the average number of students per faculty member? Is this low or high? What does this mean to prospective applicants who are interested in pursuing an MBA in one of the leading international business schools?
      5. What are the mean, median, and modal ages? What does this mean to prospective applicants?
      6. What is the mean percentage of foreign students? How many and which schools have 1% and 0% foreign students? Which schools have highest percentage of foreign students? Please state these percentages.
      7. What percentage of schools require the GMAT test?
      8. What percentage of schools require English tests such as Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)?
      9. What percentage of schools require work experience? From this percentage, does this appear to be a significant factor in gaining admissions?
      10. What are the mean and median starting salaries? Which schools have the minimum and maximum starting salaries? How much are these minimum and maximum salaries?
      11. What are the mean tuition for foreign students and for local students? Does there appear to be a significant difference? What is the difference between the two means?
      12. How many schools require work experience and how many of them don’t? What is the mean starting salary for schools requiring work experience? What is the mean starting salary for schools requiring no work experience?
      13. How many schools require English tests and how many don’t? What is the mean starting salary for schools requiring English tests? What is the mean starting salary for schools requiring no English tests?
      14. Comment on the skewness for the data on starting salaries:
      15. Plot a histogram and determine the skewness.
      16. Find the skewness coefficient.
      17. Find the mean, median, and mode for starting salaries and compare the three measures to determine skewness.
      18. Finally, use Empirical Rule on the starting salaries and determine whether the salaries follow the Empirical Rule.

      Format your assignment consistent with APA format.


    Body of text for the paper about medication errors. Writing Assignment Help

    For this assignment, the body must contain three (3) fully developed paragraphs( one per topic) addressing the purpose of the paper (I developed the purpose statement in the attachment). You will need to review the information from scholarly peer-reviewed articles provided on the attachment(use these articles as your references). A paragraph for this assignment is three to four sentences (could be more sentences if need it). Each paragraph should be well thought-out, follow a logical development, and be separated by a level one heading(these are already on the paper). The body of the paper must include two direct quotes, one personal communication, one in-text (in the sentence) paraphrase, and one parenthetical (at the end of the sentence) paraphrase. Cite each according to the correct APA format. A reference page that reflects all the sources used within the body of text will be included in this assignment. when using other sources than the articles, make sure they are on a time frame from 2014-2019, no older than that.

    Using the articles, I retrieved in the library, develop three paragraphs addressing the assignment criteria/directions.

    1. Discuss the importance of the chosen topic in healthcare
    2. Discuss how the chosen topic can improve the delivery of quality patient care
    3. Discuss how the chosen topic can be incorporated into patient education.



    Defining the scope Writing Assignment Help

    In this assignment you further define your PROJECT SCOPE and IDENTIFY DATA SOURCES that help you determine how to address your selected problem.

    1. Determine the scope of your selected problem.


    In patients who goes to the ED for medical care, does the impact of medical waste affect them more, as opposed to not going to ED, and going to their primary care physician?

    2. Consider/Discuss both QUALITATIVE and QUANTITATIVE DATA POINTS in your paper, for example:

    · Leader and peer interviews

    · Patient/customer surveys

    · Quality reports

    · Benchmarking studies/baseline data. If baseline data is available:

    · What are the goals?

    · Are current practices meeting the organizational goals?

    · Are the prescribed practices followed?

    3. Review and aggregate the data.

    4. Determine the level of risk (what is the impact of not addressing your problem?) and frequency of the problem to determine the importance of the project.

    5. Looking at the information you have gathered so far, determine whether the project lends itself to an evidence-based practice approach or a quality improvement project.

    Cite a minimum of three (3) scholarly/peer reviewed articles/sources.

    Format your assignment as the following:

    · 18- to 20-slide presentation with detailed speaker notes in APA format (total slide count does not include the title and reference slide)

    Defining the scope Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    need 1&2 in different copies please min 400-500 words apa 2-3referenceseach with citations and apa Engineering Assignment Help

    1)Week 5: Discussion: Activities Encapsulated by Working With Data

    According to Kirk (2016), most of your time will be spent work with your data. The four following group actions were mentioned by Kirk (2016):

    • Data acquisition: Gathering the raw material
    • Data examination: Identifying physical properties and meaning
    • Data transformation: Enhancing your data through modification and consolidation
    • Data exploration: Using exploratory analysis and research techniques to learn

    Select 1 data action and elaborate on the actions preformed in that action group.

    A quality post is more than stating, “I agree with you.” Maybe you should state why you agree with your classmate’s post. Additionally, post some examples or find a related topic on the internet or University’s library and comment on it in the discussion post.

    Reference: Kirk, A. (2016). Data Visualisation: A Handbook for Data Driven Design (p. 50). SAGE Publications.

    2)For this assignment, you will write an essay on the video for this week:


    In this essay, you will explain how the Enigma machine has changed the world of security to this day. You will provide a timeline of the major milestones of cryptanalysis and the impact it has had on data security over the years. In addition to the video, choose one other scholarly reference to support your discussion.


    • Submit in a Word document.
    • Include cover page
    • Must be a minimum of two pages (excluding references and cover page)
    • Appropriate APA format is required.
    • Properly cite and reference any borrowed resource(s)


    essay is to argue that Ecclesiastes is part of Biblical Canon(supoort) with provided sources. Writing Assignment Help

    1. read requirment,please only use the souces I provided, and cite with specific page number.

    2. doest have to be peofessonal but you need to show your preciseness on the writing requirement.

    3. You have to know the history and origin of the old testament and ecclesiastes.

    4. Your argument in this article is that Ecclesiastes is part of the Bible Canon. You need to find ideas from the original texts of the original text that can prove that the Ecclesiastes is part of the Bible’s canon to help you. I give you an example, just to explain, for example: it is said that Ecclesiastes is not part of the Bible, because it does not mention the name of God, Jehovah. However, this book has content that worships God, and repeatedly uses the word ha·’Elo·him’, which means “real God”.


    Wk 1 – DreamHome Case Study [due Mon] Business Finance Assignment Help

    * Needs to be completed in 2 days already overdue.

    Assignment Content

    1. Resource:

      • Appendix A, “User Requirements Specification for DreamHome Case Study” of Database Systems: A Practical Approach to Design, Implementation and Management(6th edition).

      Review the “User Requirements Specification for DreamHome Case Study” of Database Systems: A Practical Approach to Design, Implementation and Management.
      Design a distributed database for DreamHome and illustrate it in Microsoft® Visio®.
      Include the following in your database:

      • Models representing the conceptual, logical, and physical database designs
      • Annotations identifying the appropriate elements. For example, the Physical Model annotations would include design base relations; identification of primary keys, foreign keys, and alternate keys; some data definitions (NOT NULL); relational integrity constraints; and general constraints

      Note: The results of this assignment will be used in future DreamHome-related Individual Assignments in Weeks Two, Three, Four, and Five.
      Submit the Microsoft® Visio® files.


    Essay Exposition Humanities Assignment Help

    please read carefully the instruction below and see the attashment to know what to do.

    Essay 1 Prompts:

    1.In her essay, “An Inspired Writer vs. The Real Writer,” Sarah Allen admits that she does not have an innate liking to writing and that writing does not come easily to her. Yet, she is “driven by a will to write.”

    Write a five-paragraph essay illustrating how your drive led you to pursue a skill or passion, despite not having a natural liking to it and/or an innate ability. Provide examples from Allen’s essay about “a real writer” to develop your exposition.

    2. In “Wikipedia is Good for You,” James Purdy notes that many of the practices involved in research-based writing are an important part of knowledge creation.

    Write a five-paragraph essay explaining how the activities involved in writing articles for Wikipedia (reviewing, conversing, revising, and sharing) are useful for creating knowledge outside of this classroom, such as on the internet, in other classrooms, or with your family.

    3. In his essay, “Piracy Gave Me a Future,” Daniel Starkey justifies his actions and claims that his negative behavior helped to “level the playing field,” or give him access to things that he did not have because of his socioeconomic position.

    Based on “Piracy Gave me a future,” write a five-paragraph essay explaining how conditions of poverty can lead to non-violent crimes like piracy.


    Still Life Full Values Drawing. U have to be a good drawer. Humanities Assignment Help

    Still Life Full Values Drawing. U have to be a good drawer. Humanities Assignment Help

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